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Cair is loaded with leaders with ties to terrorism

To those who are well aware of the threat we face from islam and the implementation of islamic sharia law, the following post comes as no surprise to us. This may come as a surprise to the millions of ignorant, clueless Americans when it comes to knowing and understanding the REAL islam and sharia law.

Cair is a vile, ruthless muslim organization that works very hard to wage jihad, much of the time as stealth jihad. This does not matter. jihad is jihad and the ultimate goal of islam is establishing a global islamic caliphate, ruled and governed by sharia law. Kafirs or infidels(you and me) will have to convert or be killed. I will fight this perversion until I draw my last breath.

I am only posting part of the article and the link to the complete article can be found at the end of this post.


Rogues gallery of terror-tied CAIR leaders
By Art Moore

As former FBI agent Mike Rolf acknowledges in "Muslim Mafia," "CAIR has had a number of people in positions of power within the organization that have been directly connected to terrorism and have either been prosecuted or thrown out of the country." According to another FBI veteran familiar with recent and ongoing cases involving CAIR officials, "Their offices have been a turnstile for terrorists and their supporters."

A review of the public record, including federal criminal court documents, past IRS 990 tax records and Federal Election Commission records detailing donor occupations, reveals that CAIR has been associated with a disturbing number of convicted terrorists or felons in terrorism probes, as well as suspected terrorists and active targets of terrorism investigations. The list is long and includes:

Ghassan Elashi: One of CAIR's founding directors, he was convicted in 2004 of illegally shipping high-tech goods to terror state Syria and is serving 80 months in prison. He was also convicted of providing material support to Hamas in the Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial. He was chairman of the charity, which provided seed capital to CAIR. Elashi is related to Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook.

Muthanna al-Hanooti: The CAIR director's home was raided in 2006 by FBI agents in connection with an active terrorism investigation. Agents also searched the offices of his advocacy group, Focus on Advocacy and Advancement of International Relations, which al-Hanooti operates out of Dearborn, Mich., and Washington, D.C.

Al-Hanooti, who emigrated to the U.S. from Iraq, formerly helped run a suspected Hamas terror front called LIFE for Relief and Development. Its Michigan offices also were raided in September 2006. In 2004, LIFE's Baghdad office was raided by U.S. troops, who seized files and computers. Al-Hanooti is related to Sheik Mohammed al-Hanooti, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

"Al-Hanooti collected over $6 million for support of Hamas," according to a 2001 FBI report, and was present with CAIR and Holy Land officials at a secret Hamas fundraising summit held in 1993 at a Philadelphia hotel. Prosecutors added his name to the list of unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land case.

Although Al-Hanooti denies supporting Hamas, he has praised Palestinian suicide bombers as "martyrs" who are "alive in the eyes of Allah."

Abdurahman Alamoudi: Another CAIR director, he is serving 23 years in federal prison for plotting terrorism. Alamoudi, who was caught on tape complaining that bin Laden hadn't killed enough Americans in the U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, was one of al-Qaida's top fundraisers in America, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Siraj Wahhaj: A member of CAIR's board of advisers, Wahhaj was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The radical Brooklyn imam was close to convicted terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and defended him during his trial.

"Muslim Mafia," citing co-author's Sperry's previous book "Infiltration" as well as terror expert Steven Emerson's research, reports that Wahhaj, a black convert to Islam, is converting gang members to Islam and holding "jihad camps" for them. With a combination of Islam and Uzis, he has said, the street thugs will be a powerful force for Islam the day America "will crumble."

Wahhaj was a key speaker at CAIR's 15th annual fund-raising banquet in Arlington, Va., in 2009.
Randall "Ismail" Royer: The former CAIR communications specialist and civil-rights coordinator is serving 20 years in prison in connection with the Virginia Jihad Network, which he led while employed by CAIR at its Washington headquarters. The group trained to kill U.S. soldiers overseas, cased the FBI headquarters and cheered the space shuttle Columbia tragedy. Al-Qaida operative Ahmed Abu Ali, convicted of plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush, was among those who trained with Royer's Northern Virginia cell.

Bassam Khafagi: Another CAIR official, Khafagi was arrested in 2003 while serving as CAIR's director of community affairs. He pleaded guilty to charges of bank and visa fraud stemming from a federal counter-terror probe of his leadership role in the Islamic Assembly of North America, which has supported al-Qaida and advocated suicide attacks on America. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison and deported to his native Egypt.

Laura Jaghlit: A civil-rights coordinator for CAIR, her Washington-area home was raided by federal agents after 9/11 as part of an investigation into terrorist financing, money laundering and tax fraud. Her husband Mohammed Jaghlit, a key leader in the Saudi-backed SAAR network, is a target of the still-active probe.

Jaghlit sent two letters accompanying donations – one for $10,000, the other for $5,000 – from the SAAR Foundation to Sami al-Arian, now a convicted terrorist. In each letter, according to a federal affidavit, "Jaghlit instructed al-Arian not to disclose the contribution publicly or to the media."

Investigators suspect the funds were intended for Palestinian terrorists via a U.S. front called WISE, which at the time employed an official who personally delivered a satellite phone battery to Osama bin Laden. The same official also worked for Jaghlit's group.

In addition, Jaghlit donated a total of $37,200 to the Holy Land Foundation, which prosecutors say is a Hamas front. Jaghlit subsequently was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.

Nihad Awad: Wiretap evidence from the Holy Land case puts CAIR's executive director at the Philadelphia meeting of Hamas leaders and activists in 1993 that was secretly recorded by the FBI. Participants hatched a plot to disguise payments to Hamas terrorists as charitable giving.

During the meeting, according to FBI transcripts, Awad was recorded discussing the propaganda effort. He mentions Ghassan Dahduli, whom he worked with at the time at the Islamic Association for Palestine, another Hamas front. Both were IAP officers. Dahduli's name also was listed in the address book of bin Laden's personal secretary, Wadi al-Hage, who is serving a life sentence in prison for his role in the U.S. embassy bombings. Dahduli, an ethnic-Palestinian like Awad, was deported to Jordan after 9/11 for refusing to cooperate in the terror investigation. (An April 28, 2009, letter from FBI assistant director Richard C. Powers to Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz. – which singles out CAIR chief Awad for suspicion – explains how the group's many Hamas connections caused the FBI to sever ties with CAIR.)

Awad's and Dahduli's phone numbers are listed in a Muslim Brotherhood document seized by federal investigators revealing "important phone numbers" for the "Palestine Section" of the Brotherhood in America. The court exhibit showed Hamas fugitive Mousa Abu Marzook listed on the same page with Awad.

Omar Ahmad: U.S. prosecutors also named CAIR's founder and chairman emeritus as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land case. Ahmad, too, was placed at the Philadelphia meeting, FBI special agent Lara Burns testified at the trial. Prosecutors also designated him as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's "Palestine Committee" in America. Ahmad, like his CAIR partner Awad, is ethnic-Palestinian.

(Though both Ahmad and Awad were senior leaders of IAP, the Hamas front, neither of their biographical sketches posted on CAIR's website mentions their IAP past.)

Nabil Sadoun: A CAIR board member, Sadoun has served on the board of the United Association for Studies and Research, which investigators believe to be a key Hamas front in America. In fact, Sadoun co-founded UASR with Hamas leader Marzook. The Justice Department added UASR to the list of unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land case. UPDATE: In 2010, Sadoun was ordered deported to his native Jordan. An immigration judge referenced Sadoun's relationship with Hamas and the Holy Land Foundation during a deportation hearing.

Mohamed Nimer: CAIR's research director also served as a board director for UASR, the strategic arm for Hamas in the U.S. CAIR neglects to mention Nimer's and Sadoun's roles in UASR in their bios.

Rafeeq Jaber: A founding director of CAIR, Jaber was the long-time president of the Islamic Association for Palestine. In 2002, a federal judge found that "the Islamic Association for Palestine has acted in support of Hamas." In his capacity as IAP chief, Jaber praised Hezbollah attacks on Israel. He also served on the board of a radical mosque in the Chicago area.

Rabith Hadid: The CAIR fundraiser was a founder of the Global Relief Foundation, which after 9/11 was blacklisted by the Treasury Department for financing al-Qaida and other terror groups. Its assets were frozen in December 2001. Hadid was arrested on terror-related charges and deported to Lebanon in 2003.

Hamza Yusuf: The FBI investigated the CAIR board member after 9/11, because just two days before the attacks, he made an ominous prediction to a Muslim audience.

"This country is facing a terrible fate, and the reason for that is because this country stands condemned," Yusuf warned. "It stands condemned like Europe stood condemned because of what it did. And lest people forget, Europe suffered two world wars after conquering the Muslim lands."

Sunday morning music

While many of the people I knew were totally taken in by the Beatles, Stones and other such groups, myself and and a handful of friends got hooked on West Coast sound. I was a 'dead head' long before the term came out to label those who followed the Grateful Dead. My first Dead concert was in 1967 with a cousin from the bay area. It lasted over six hours. I have been to at least 25 Dead concerts and the last one was in the early 80's as the band had too many personnel changes and the group was not what they once were which just happens over time.

Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Marshall Tucker, Doors, Airplane, Hot Tuna, Canned Heat were the groups I cut my musical teeth on. I NEVER liked the Beatles at all save for a song or two. Before some of you want to tar and feather me for that last statement, the Beatles did a lot for music and the lyrics to many of their songs were cutting edge and quite profound. I just never cared for their sound.

So with the above in mind, here is Sunday morning music.

The first few cuts are Dead and some of the finest versions of these songs that they did. Perhaps of all time. Not fade away/ Going down the road feeling bad, China cat sunflower/I know your rider are the stuff of legends in the musical world. There are a couple of other cuts tossed in.

FYI, I like all sorts of music EXCEPT rap and hip hop.


Sunday morning music.

Grateful Dead - Not Fade Away--Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad (4-5-71)

Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower /I Know You Rider (5-3-72)

Playing in the band-Bob Weir/Grateful Dead

The Wheel- Jerry Garcia

The Outlaws-Green Grass and High Tides

Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower - ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEO

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child(Slight Return)

The Decemberists - Down By The Water

Marshall Tucker-Can't you see


One Way Out-The Allman Bros. Band

Allman Bros-Blue Sky

Persecution Update 30 October 2011

Persecution Update 30 October 2011

The return of Operation Youtube 'islamism' SmackDown

Lady Raven has set up a new site over at Wordpress, continuing the fight against Youtube's promotion of pro jihadi videos.

Earlier this month she stopped using her site on Goggle/Blogger after a superb blogger Flippin, of 'Flippin The Raya' was given the boot by Blogger.

Please do your part and subscribe to Lady Raven's awesome and worthy site. Help send pro jihadi videos to the garbage disposal for good. It is very easy to SMACKDOWN the video Lady Raven notifies us about.

I am Honored dear friend, Lady Raven to support your most worthy cause and fight!.


The Koran “is a profoundly mediocre book.”
Posted by Lady Raven on 10/29/2011

Islamism – Every comment section of every article, every video, has someone doing the moral equivalent thing – “yeah but the Christians” or “yeah but the Zionists” or yeah but yada yada. This is all fine and dandy, knowing history is extremely important to an overall picture, but we need to be talking about the here, and about the now.

So much said or written will have a statement that is patently false and like anything, say it enough times and it becomes near universally accepted and sets the standard for a particular subject. Example – Islam is the religion of peace. Perhaps we can get Sam Harris’ line – (the Koran) “is a profoundly mediocre book” (video) – to become as verbally iconic?

What I am leading up to is – words influence, and, often enough they are just words, often not vetted. But pictures? Pictures are the frozen in time here and now. Follow mindlessly your guru – or – see for yourself.

This is an excerpt from Sam Harris’ book “The End of Faith.” I suggest you turn off the audio and just look at the pictures. They are horrific visuals, the frozen in time here and now of the so called religion of peace. Listening to the audio after is worthwhile but there are those who would peg Mr. Harris an islamophobe. That’s fine. What one cannot deny is the reality of the pictures.

Real Americans MUST stand up to Islam and sharia law.

What else do we need to know about islam and sharia law before we really wake up and take up the charge to eliminate this from the global scene, once and for all?

Every muslim country that has been 'freed' from some version of islam and crazed muslim rulers has gone the way of radical islam backed by one of the worst and most notorious muslim organizations, the muslim brotherhood. obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus has held talks with the mb and is trying to convince many ignorant Americans that we have nothing to fear from islam, the mb or islamic sharia law. Tunisia IS NOT a moderate muslim country after the most recent election. That is what the LSM and obama want you to believe.

NOTHING could be farther from the truth as the danger to the United States from islam, jihad and stealth jihad is higher than at any time in our short history. While many, many Americans are rightfully distracted by high unemployment and an immensely corrupt and Constitution circumventing administration, islam continues to be an extremely grave threat to the United States and the entire free world.

The following article by Dr. Laurie Roth leaves no doubt to what is at risk if we do not take down islam, completely and for good.


Real Americans must stand against Muslim Brotherhood, radical Islam and Sharia Law
By Dr. Laurie Roth

The insertion of radical Islam, largely Muslim Brotherhood is happening throughout the Middle East and in parts of Africa. The latest method of intrusion and radical Islamic take over is with ‘Arab Spring’. Those Islamics marching for democracy were simply used and muted by the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans for total take over.

Things are going as planned and Obama and his handlers couldn’t be happier. Global controls, regulations and rules combined with encroaching Fundamentalist Islam is the double barrel shot gun that threatens to take down America, Israel and the West. Right now, it is attempting to transform the Middle East into an Islamic radical, Muslim Brotherhood zone.

I recently interviewed Rev. Lainie Dowell, (voiceink.blogspot.com) an author and political activist who has studied in depth Barack Obama, Islam and the African nations push to create the United States of Africa. She said from her research that this had been going on since the 1960s and she believed that Barack Obama wanted to be the head of this after he destroyed America. Kadafi, who we assassinated recently was the known pick to run this 55-state confederation and emerging super power.

Interestingly, Sher Zieve, another hard hitting commentator also told me that she had seen an interview on You Tube with Van Jones, talking to school kids. When asked by a child what Obama would do after he was done being President, Van Jones said Obama might rule the world. This was quickly scrubbed but not before many heard those words from his own lips. So…..is America simply a stepping stone to worldwide control? 

What have we seen from Obama

It is not a paranoid ‘tin helmet’ or racist moment that I have noticed Obama’s submission and devotion to Islam. Almost immediately when getting into office Obama gave Islamic radical and terrorist group Hamas over 900 million dollars. We saw Obama’s first trip to Saudi Arabia, where he bowed down low to the Saudi King. We then saw Obama stand against Israel and for Turkey when Israeli commandos confronted the Turkish armada taking supplies to the Gaza. Israel had intelligence that the Turkish ships weren’t just delivering food and medicine but also weapons and potential terrorists. They were right. Terrorists on their list and weapons were discovered yet the sold out news and Obama looked the other way as they rebuked Israel….again.

The attacks and insults have continued against Israel as the kiss up to Islam has grown. We saw Hillary and Biden practically get their knickers in a twist when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planned to go ahead and build homes on their own sovereign property. These weren’t remote ‘settlements’ as the media and Obama manipulated, but 5 minutes from downtown Jerusalem. There was nothing ridiculous, extreme, or remote about their building projects. It was simple anti Semitism and Islamic controls that couldn’t possibly have this. Obama played it perfectly… for a Muslim that is.

Just when the insults against Israel about blew me down, it got even more arrogant. Obama started pressuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to go back to the 1967 borders. That was not just absurd of Obama but also would expose Israel to deadly attacks and make them indefensible. Thankfully, Israel said no thank you.

Bringing it all the way home with Arab Spring, Libya, Egypt

What was touted by Obama as an American duty to defend desperate freedom fighters in Libya, transformed quickly into an illegal war, breaching the 1973 war powers act. Obama bypassed our congress, bowed down to the UN and started spending billions while putting our troops in harms way. Soon we learned the freedom fighters were linked with al quaeda, so it was in large part, bad guys fighting bad guys. Kadafi had not been attacking America, or our interests. We didn’t even get oil from him, so why in God’s green earth did Obama put us there? I think it was to establish more rigid Muslim controls world wide. He knew once Kadafi was gone, rigid sharia would rule and it has. Oh….but first we had to get rid of Kadafi, so we found him and assassinated him.

Interestingly, from Rev. Lainie Dowell’s research on the emerging United States of Africa, she found that Kadafi was to be the first President of this new super power, now he is gone. Gee…..isn’t it convenient that Kadafi is gone. I wonder who might end up being the President of the United States of Africa now?????

Obama has quickly supported the Muslim Brotherhood, why?

Just as soon as Egypt and President Hosni Mubarak’s rule was being challenged by protestors as Arab Spring unfolded, Obama immediately backed the Muslim Brotherhood which had been circling their radical wagons to control what was moderate Egypt. Now the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over, dozens of Coptic Christians are being threatened and murdered, Christian churches are being burned to the ground and Sharia controls are growing. Oh yes, threats to Israel.

Through out the Middle East, the financed and organized Muslim Brotherhood is taking over, using the planned ‘Arab Spring’ to push their dominating Islamic force forward. This whole thing was long ago planned.

According to Jihad Watch, President Obama’s own father, Barack Obama senior was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood for 30 years. Bringing it home even further, Obama has at least 3 high level Muslim Brotherhood members working for him. One is a key speech writer for Obama and another, Azizah al-Hibri heads the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.

With all this emphasis on come together, Muslim brotherhood, Arab spring democracy values, I just had to review what Muslim Brotherhood stood for and their beliefs.
Muslim Brotherhood in a snapshot

They were started by Hassan al – Banna in 1928 after the collapse of the Ottman Empire. They oppose secular behaviors in Islamic nations, huge supporters of strict Sharia law. Their motto: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

They sanction, even demand jihad from their followers. In 2004 a fatwa was put forth by Sheikh Yousef Al-Quradhawi saying it was the obligation of all Muslims to abduct and kill U.S. citizens in Iraq.

They are known to work in all schools, colleges, run for office and infiltrate themselves into Government. Well, they are certainly doing well aren’t they? They are working for our President in influential positions.

Counter-Intelligence expert, Prof. Clare Lopez stated that Islamist allied operatives appointed by Obama are undermining U.S. security policy. This is aimed at co-opting America’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

From 1928 on the Muslim Brotherhood has formed and financed many Islamic terror groups including al Qaeda. Their dream is a world wide caliphate.

Obama is a useful pawn playing right into their hands. Our Republic is in danger. There should be zero Islamics working in high level positions anywhere near the President and authority because if they are traditionally Islamic they must submit first to Sharia law and the Qur’an, not the constitution. That isn’t Islamaphobia or persecution. That is a fact. It should even be more of a no brainer for a U.S. President to not even consider hiring someone who is a member of an Islamic terrorist group like Muslim Brother. Apparently, like Father like son.

Dr. Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in counseling and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is happily married and currently resides in Washington State. She is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit. She plays the piano, keyboard, and violin and has a voice that can penetrate your very soul. Dr.

Laurie is also an accomplished Author, Cartoonist, and Artist.

Taliban Bomber Kills 13 Americans

This is via one of the BEST SITES FOR NEWS AN ACCURATE PREDICTION, Foreign Confidential(FC was previously China Confidential).

I know this had been reported by many other sites but Confidential Reporter's introduction is perfectly stated and worded. The disaster of obama and his appeasement of islam has pushed the world towards the abyss of a total global holocaust fueld by muslim radical wahhabi based terrorism, fueled by islamic sharia law where everyone must bow to bow to islam or ultimately be killed. islam leaves NO OTHER alternatives to us infidels and kafirs.

I am trying to catch up after a brutal week. Some of the posts are from last week but why I am posting them will be clear to all.


By Confidential Reporter

J'accuse Obama--and Bush.

The Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan should have been obliterated within days of 9/11 by any and all means necessary, including use of tactical nuclear weapons to eradicate easily targeted bases and installations. From an American point of view, annihilating the enemy--pursuant to a formal declaration of war--was the only morally acceptable response to the Afghan/AQ massacre of 3,000 Americans on American soil. Instead, Bush and his crackpot advisors allowed the clerical fascist filth to flee into neighboring Pakistan, which, with Saudi support, had created and sustained the Taliban and had also aided Al Qaeda (along with Iran).

Obama ... of "the Muslim World" ... has made matters much worse. His appeasement of Islamism, undermining and assassination of secular Arab leaders, support for Islamist Turkey, and failed attempts to align with nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran have taken historical pro-Islamism--the old Anglo-American strategy of trying to ride the Islamist tiger without being consumed by it--to an entirely new level.

A decade into the disastrous and deliberately misnamed "War on Terror," ordinary Americans are disgusted and demoralized, dazed and confused, clueless, still, about the real root cause of the long nightmare--namely, decades of covert and overt American support for rightwing political and overlapping state and organized Islam. The awful truth is all too apparent: the United States has been and continues to be Radical Islam's best friend--not by backing beleaguered, little Israel in its struggle to survive in a sea of barbarism, as the Left would have you believe, but by supporting Islamists and their state sponsors.


Suicide bombing of NATO convoy kills 17uicide bombing of NATO convoy kills 17

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – A Taliban suicide bomber rammed a vehicle loaded with explosives into an armored NATO bus Saturday on a busy thoroughfare in Kabul, killing 17 people, including a dozen Americans, in the deadliest strike against the U.S.-led coalition in the Afghan capital since the war began.

The blast occurred on the same day that a man wearing an Afghan army uniform killed three Australian soldiers and an Afghan interpreter in the south — attacks that show the resiliency of the insurgency and are likely to raise new doubts about the unpopular 10-year-old war and the Western strategy of trying to talk peace with the Taliban.

A spokesman for the fundamentalist Islamic movement, which was ousted in the 2001 invasion for its affiliation with al-Qaida, claimed responsibility for the Kabul attack, saying the bomber had used 1,540 pounds of explosives.

The Taliban and related groups have staged more than a dozen major attacks in Kabul this year, including seven since June, in an apparent campaign to weaken confidence in the Afghan government as it prepares to take over its own security ahead of a 2014 deadline for the U.S. and other NATO countries to withdraw their troops or move them into support roles.

Underscoring the difficulties ahead, the brazen assault occurred just hours after top Afghan and Western officials met in the heart of Kabul to discuss the second phase of shifting security responsibilities to Afghan forces in all or part of 17 of the country's 34 provinces. Afghans already have the lead in the Afghan capital.

Heavy black smoke poured from the burning wreckage of an armored personnel carrier, known as a Rhino, in Kabul after the bomber struck. The bus had been sandwiched in the middle of a convoy of mine-resistant military vehicles when it was hit along a four-lane highway often used by foreign military trainers in the southwestern part of Kabul.

The landmark Darulaman Palace, the bombed-out seat of former Afghan kings, was the backdrop to the chaotic scene: Shrapnel, twisted pieces of metal and charred human remains littered the street.

U.S. soldiers wept as they pulled bodies from the debris, said Noor Ahmad, a witness at the scene. One coalition soldier was choking inside the burned bus, he said.

"The bottom half of his body was burned," Ahmad said.

NATO said five of its service members and eight civilian contractors working for the coalition died in the attack.

A U.S. defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity to release the information before a formal announcement, said all 13 were Americans. However, Lt. Col. Christian Lemay, a Canadian defense spokesman, told the Associated Press that one Canadian soldier was among the troops killed. The discrepancy could not immediately be reconciled.

It was the deadliest single attack against the U.S.-led coalition across the country since the Taliban shot down a NATO helicopter on Aug. 6 in an eastern Afghan province, killing 30 U.S. troops, most elite Navy SEALs, and eight Afghans.

The Afghan Ministry of Interior said four Afghans, including two children, also died in Saturday's attack. Eight other Afghans, including two children, were wounded, said Kabir Amiri, head of Kabul hospitals.

In all, there were three attacks Saturday against NATO and Afghan forces across the country.

A teenage girl also blew herself up as she tried to attack an Afghan intelligence office in the capital of Kunar province, a hotbed of militancy in northeast Afghanistan along the Pakistan border, the coalition said. Abdul Sabor Allayar, deputy provincial police chief, said the guards outside the government's intelligence office in Asad Abad became suspicious and started shooting, at which point the bomber detonated her explosives, killing herself and wounding several intelligence employees.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammad Zahir Azimi said officials were investigating whether the man who opened fire on a joint NATO-Afghan base in the restive southern Uruzgan province was an actual soldier or a militant in disguise.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. said the attack occurred during a morning parade at a forward patrol base in southern Kandahar province, and the gunman wearing an Afghan army uniform was later killed. The discrepancy in the location of the attack could not immediately be clarified.

In Canberra, the Defense Department said three Australlian soldiers and their Afghan interpreter were killed in the attack, and seven Australian soldiers were wounded.

"It's a huge loss," said U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker. "Our deepest sympathies go out to their comrades and families, but it will not deter us from our mission. It's a shock, but we will not let these guys win."

Just a day earlier, the Pentagon issued a progress report saying that the number of enemy-initiated attacks in Afghanistan was trending downward. Since May of this year, the monthly number of these attacks has been lower than the same month in 2010, something not seen since 2007, it said.

However, the Pentagon also noted that the insurgency's safe havens in Pakistan and the limited capacity of the Afghan government could jeopardize efforts to turn security gains on the battlefield, primarily in the south, into long-term stability in Afghanistan.

Saturday's attack broke a relative lull in the Afghan capital, which has experienced a number of attacks in recent years that are often blamed on the Haqqani network, an al-Qaida and Taliban-linked movement that operates out of Pakistan.

The most recent attack in Kabul was the Sept. 20 assassination of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani by an insurgent who detonated a bomb hidden in his turban. The attacker was posing as a peace emissary coming to meet Rabbani, who was leading a government effort to broker peace with the Taliban.

That occurred about a week after teams of insurgents firing rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons struck at the U.S. Embassy, NATO headquarters and other buildings in the heart of Afghanistan's capital, leaving seven Afghans dead.

On Saturday, NATO and Afghan forces sealed off the blast area as fire trucks and ambulances, sirens blaring, rushed in. Coalition troops carried a badly burned body on a stretcher and several black body bags to two NATO helicopters that landed nearby to airlift casualties from the scene.

The Taliban identified the bomber as Abdul Rahman and said he was driving a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV containing 1,540 pounds (700 kilograms) of explosives and targeting foreigners providing training for Afghan police. The Taliban, who frequently exaggerate casualty claims, said that 25 people were killed by the blast.

A similar attack occurred on the same road in May 2010 when a suicide bomber struck a NATO convoy, killing 18 people. Among the dead were five U.S. soldiers and a Canadian colonel.

Maurice Sklar in Argentina

I visited London a while ago, and when I was down there I spent a morning in the Imperial War Museum. On the top floor is the Holocaust Exhibition. I would encourage anyone who visits London to go and see this. My words here cannot do the experience justice. To see the evil that walked among us; to see that and know that the Nazis were real, that their effort to extinguish God's chosen people was real, to realise that men and women walked the earth who had given their souls over to evil - seeing that that can change your life, my friends.

Lately, I've been listening to the music of Maurice Sklar, and I came upon something on TV the other night that I thought I would share. This is from a programme called "Jewish Voice" which airs on occasion on satellite TV in the UK. They recently had a festival in Argentina, and the clip shown in the programme is from that. Maurice Sklar is playing on stage; they have a dancer who works with them called Oksana Pavlova who has created a routine where she begins wearing clothing from the camps, and ends by casting that off and, wearing white, she stands holding the flag of Israel. It's a very moving, very powerful moment.

Halloween Burka- New video by Pat Condell

Five problems with wind power

As one of the star poster children in the first muslim illegal alien potus green agenda, wind power is no star or poster child worthy of mentioning except to rip it apart for the folly that it truly is.

I will not go into some of the problems with wind generated power as these will be covered in this next post. Let me just leave you with this; Wind power SUCKS!


Five Problems with Wind Power
by Frank York

Five Problems with Wind Power

There are a few major problems with wind power, which proponents of this technology don’t want you to know about.

Problem with wind power #1. It isn’t that environmentally safe, at least according to environmentalists

This first major problem with wind power is exemplified by recent news.

We posted a story on our web site today on 35 windmills that have been shut down at night in western Pennsylvania because an “endangered species” bat was found dead at the base of one of the wind turbines. The wind farm can’t operate at night now until the bats go into hibernation later this year.

This is madness. If wind farms are one of only two sanctioned sources of energy by eco-freaks – the other is solar – then our nation is going to be in serious trouble in the future. But, even wind farms aren’t popular among the animal rights zealots because the turbines routinely kill birds and bats. In addition, those turbines require those “unsightly” power lines to transmit the electricity to homes, businesses, etc.

Problem with wind power #2. The technology contradicts itself

Brian Sussman, author of Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes The Global Warming Scam, points out that wind farms are fragile and must be shut down when there are high winds. Why? Because the turbines will bend inward and snap. When there is no wind, there’s no power generated. So when production could be highest, the technology can’t work.

How’s that going to work in the long run?

Problem with wind power #3. Wind Power takes up excessive amounts of land

If these problems with wind power weren’t enough, the turbines take up vast amounts of land compared to regular power plants. Brian Sussman notes, for example, that the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant outside of Dallas produces 2,300 megawatts of power – more than needed to service 1.3 million homes. It fits into 8,000 acres of land. In contrast, the failed Pampa Wind Project promoted by T. Boone Pickens, was going to require 400,000 acres of land to produce the same amount of power. The Pampa Wind Project would also have required the construction of massive power lines and service roads. Pickens eventually dumped the project.

Problem with wind power #4. Wind Power isn’t cheap and never will be

Oh, but there’s more problems with wind power. James Delingpole, author of Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors, describes the madness in Denmark. In that climate-alarmist paradise, there are 5,200 wind towers – one for every 1,000 residents. Is their electricity cheaper? No, Danes pay one of the highest electricity bills in Europe. Why? Because the government subsidizes it through a 50% tax on every kilowatt hour. The Danes don’t even fully benefit from these wind farms because Denmark exports 50% of its wind power to Sweden and Norway.

Why does this happen? Is it because Danish power companies hate Danes? No, this happens because wind power is unreliable. Denmark either has too much power or too little so these other nations must absorb their power surges. When wind isn’t blowing, the Danes pay for hydroelectric power from these other nations. They get taxed at outrageous rates for an unreliable power source and then have to get electricity from other nations as well.

Problem with wind power #5. Wind Power pollutes more than a coal plant.

Find that hard to believe? Watch this video by the American Traditions Institute about how wind power actually ends up causing greater pollution than a coal plant all alone.

The problem is that wind power doesn’t retain a steady rate of energy production, and relies on coal plants to fill in the gaps. But just like a car on the freeway gets better gas mileage and pollutes less than a car in the city, coal plants when running intermittently pollute much more. All because of wind power.

 The madness must stop

The problems with wind power are many. Yet, the eco-freaks within the EPA and environmentalist activists continue to push for wind power as the solution to our nation’s energy problems. If this isn’t madness, what is? This craziness must stop.

Fossil fuels and nuclear power are reliable sources of energy – but not if the misguided eco-zealots at the EPA are successful in shutting down every energy source but wind or solar. Our civilization is doomed if they succeed.

Democrats Shamefully support Occupy Wall Street

This includes the unions like the evil SEIU

One of the OWS who cannot find work

                                                             Can she say DUH?
Hat tip The Last Refuge Treehouse and Moonbattery.

Olive Tree Initiative Sticks it to Israel

Gary Fouse

As my readers know, I have written many critical articles about the UC-Irvine-based Olive Tree Initiative. This year, another OTI trip was conducted to Israel and the West Bank. Last night, there was a welcome home event held at UC-Irvine for the students to report on the latest trip. I went to the event to listen and to learn. Since it was their event, I had no intention of being the skunk at the garden party especially since it was centered around the students, Jewish, Muslim and other who went on the trip and were presenting their views and experiences. I went as one who is critical of the OTI. I left even more cemented in my views. This was another diatribe against Israel disguised as a striving for peace.

After introductory speeches by OTI founder Daniel Wehrenfennig and UCI Vice Chancellor Thomas Parham, there were a series of presentations by pairs of participating students. There was also an introductory video. When I saw the Al Jazeera logo on the screen, I should have been able to predict the content. This was not going to be fair and even-handed no matter how they might try and present it as such.

What followed the video was an historical recount by a Muslim and Jewish student of the series of meetings and agreements that had fueled an expectation of a final peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that never panned out. There were images of Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, Yassir Arafat, Yizhak Rabin, and other leaders who had entered into negotiations. There were few if any words of praise for Israel, but there were plenty of criticisms.

There were images of Jordan's King Hussein and his son, the current king, representing a nation that has no proud history of how it has treated Palestinians living in its territory. (Remember Black September?)

We were told how the OTI trip had started with a stop in Washington where the students and organizers were briefed by Dennis Ross, the chief US negotiator between the Israelis and Palestinians. That is how far this venture has succeeded in gaining official support.

There was a scripted debate between two student-participants who argued the point about whether the UN should grant nationhood-recognition to Palestine or whether that should be accomplished by negotiation between the Palestinians and the Israelis. (That was the strongest support of Israel I heard last night.)

The principle theme last night was a message of peace, reconciliation and the hope that Israelis and Palestinians would live in peace. A wonderful ideal, indeed. Yet, there was another theme that cropped up from time to time. Israeli intransigence and Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. One student speaker introduced an account from an Arab of Israeli citizenship who stated that while he was glad to have Israeli citizenship, he was not proud of his nationality. There were a couple of negative references to Bibi Netanyahu and his followers who "were not interested in peace." There was a reference to the First Intifada, which was "peaceful".

About two-thirds of the way into the program, there was an emergency alert and we were instructed to leave the room and go to the nearest exit. Was it a bomb threat? A fire? We proceeded outside and waited for about 20 minutes. A fire truck passed by. Finally, we were informed that it was a false alarm and people proceeded back inside. I and three like-minded friends decided we had heard enough. We left.

This was not a balanced presentation. I have come to my final decision on the Olive Tree Initiative.

I offer this for consideration. One of the contacts of OTI, which was described is an group called Parents' Circle Family Forum. This is a group founded by one Yitzhak Frankenthal, an Israeli whose son was shot and killed by Palestinians while serving with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). The group consists of families of Palestinians and Israelis who have died in the conflict including families of suicide bombers and their victims. We learned how they have come together and exchanged accounts of their grief and desire for peace. On the surface, it sounds wonderful. What could be better than reconciliation and a desire for peace between those who have lost family members on both sides? Indeed, this group has been recognized by meany international bodies including the EU.

When you look deeper, it gets murky. Mr Frankenthal also blames his nation's policies for the death of his son. Below is an article he wrote in the Guardian:


So just what is the principle guiding the Parents' Circle? Below is an article written by Lee Kaplan in Frontpage Magazine. It concerns two of their activists who have spoken in the US:


Here is what was not discussed last night (at least before we left in disgust):

There was no mention of Palestinian terrorism other than oblique references to the suicide bombings in connection with the Parents Circle Family Forum.

There was no reference to the Itimar Massacre of the Fogel family.

There was no reference to the issue of Jew hatred among the Palestinian population, the Hamas charter that quotes the hadith of hate, whereupon on the Day of Judgement, the Jews will hide behind trees, which will call out to the Muslims to "kill, the Jew hiding behind me". Indeed, the word Hamas was barely mentioned.

Here is the key, which all of us need to understand. There are now hundreds of organizations out there all over the world that proclaim that they are dedicated to bringing peace to the Middle East. They talk about reconciliation between Palestinians and Jews and the desire that they will learn to live in peace. Yet, the overwhelming majority of these so-called peace organizations are solidly on the Palestinian side of the issue. They believe that Israel is an occupying power and that the Palestinians are victims-no matter how many terrorist acts against innocent civilians the Palestinian terrorists of Hizbollah and Hamas commit. They believe that Israel is a human-rights violator. In fact, many of them believe that Israel has no legitimacy as a sovereign state. Israel must eventually cease to exist. They may or may not state it, but that is what they want.

That is the desire of the International Solidarity Movement, founded by Palestinian activists and now international in scope. They declare that they are for peace, but they have links to Hamas. Their mission is to work toward the dissolution of Israel by deligitimization of her in the eyes of the world. They are tied into the world-wide movement of Boycot, Divest and Sanctions, which is active in the US and Europe-especially on university campuses.

The International Solidarity Movement has also wrapped its tentacles around the Olive Tree Initiative. How else does one explain the involvement of George S Rishmawi, a co-founder and his cousin George N Rishmawi?

There are also links between the ISM and the Parents Circle Family Forum. They are all birds of a feather flying together. You will find their names both linked on various sites dedicated to "peace in the Middle East." For example, let's look at the Holy Land Task Force:


Note the following links:

Friends of Sabeel
The Electric Intifada
Stop the Wall
Breaking the Silence
Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
If Americans Knew
Israel Committee Against House Demolitions
Website of Norman Finkelstein
Boycott Israel
Muzzle Watch-From Jewish Voice for Peace
Global BDS Moveme
International Solidarity Movement
Parents Circle

Get the message?

Below is the link for the Michigan Peace Team:


Recommended resources:

US Campaign to end the Israeli occupation
Jewish Voice for Peace
International Solidarity Movement
Parents Circle

Now let's go to the webpages of the Parents Circle itself:


"Yehuda Shaul, "Breaking the Silence"

Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that collects testimonies of soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories during the Second Intifada.

Until today, Yehuda Shaul and" Breaking the Silence" interviewed hundreds of soldiers who served in the territories, and they continue to interview soldiers daily. The organization also has lectures and tours to Hebron. The testimonies are published with minimal editing and with complete confidentiality, in order to protect the soldiers and to encourage them to speak."

Ayed Ahmad Morar –

"Ayed, a father of six from the village Budrus near Ramallah, is an enthusiastic supporter of nonviolence resistance in Palestine. Ayed Ahmad Morar established the first popular committee against the wall in 2003 and led over 60 non violent demonstrations together with the residents of Budrus. Ayed Ahmad Morar advises on non-violence in Palestine and is a member of the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian movement for non violence."

Also note on the right margin the list of activities and events in which they include a Mavi Marmara event and a meeting with Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht. Below is the Wikipedia entry for Mr De Gucht.


Get the message?

The Parents Circle Family Forum is one of the planned activities of the Olive Tree Initiative. They were also on the 2010 itinerary. They are a pro-Palestinian organization that believes Israel is an occupying power. Their program was part of last night's presentation.

Here is a salient point: For those of you old enough to remember the Cold War with the Soviet Union, you may recall that a major part of the Soviets' propaganda revolved around the international peace movement, which argued that only the US was a war-like, imperialistic country that should dissarm. The USSR stood for peace. Never mind their invasions of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan.

That tired old tactic is at work again when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel is the aggressor and peace means that Israel must make all the concessions, give up land and ultimately give up its very existence. That is the tactic, and many of the old Soviet-sympathizers of the Cold War in the West are using the same tactics today to destroy Israel.

And today, I firmly believe this is what is happening with the Olive Tree Initiative. It is all in the name of peace. Young students are being manipulated by older, experienced left-wing activists in and out of academia along with some misguided life-long peace activists (who do more harm than good) and led to believe that they can help bring peace to the Middle East. It is an illusion. In this spirit, dozens of college students are being led over to the Middle East. There they meet with a few Israeli officials and many Palestinian activists, combined with selected Israeli peace activists who are hostile to their own country.

What transpired last night (in the time I was there) was a pathetic travesty when it came to being even-handed in this complex issue. We heard a lot of pompous talk about the need for young people to have the courage to open their minds to both sides. Yet, it was not a balanced event. That's because this is not a balanced venture.

This is part and parcel of the International Solidarity Movement's effort to bring about the dissolution of Israel by convincing the international community that Israel is a racist, occupying state that has no legitimacy.My anger is not toward the students. Most genuinely believe they are advancing peace. My anger is to the adults who are manipulating them.

Shame on the University of California system for advancing this cynical and fraudulent program.

Shame on the UCI Department of Social Sciences and the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies for spearheading this program.

And more than that, shame on the Jewish Federation of Orange County and their suspicious financial operation called the Rose Project for supporting the anti-Israel indoctrination of Jewish students with their funding. It is beyond disgrace.

The good with the bad: Official PatriotUSA update

First the somewhat good news as there seems to be so much bad news and so much wrong in our world today.

My position at work is going to be picked up by another agency through the end of the current fiscal year. I should and I say should, have work until the end of June 2012. Hopefully before then a more secure funding stream can be secured for the program I administer and we all know with the economy of today, that is no small task. I also have begun to look for another job due to internal changes within the agency where I work. I am unable to say anything else about where I am employed. I should know more by November 14th in regard to the continuation of my employment.

Now to the bad and pretty grim news concerning Scott and Vanessa. Vanessa has been in a coma for almost ten days with declining amounts of brain activity. As Scott and Vanessa have no other family and their two kids are absolutely worthless, I am continuing to do whatever I can for them. Scott, myself and their Pastor met with her doctors and discussed ending life support for Vanessa. It is up to Scott as Vanessa has a signed Advance Directive in place giving him permission to do this. He is not sure what he is going to do and is in deep prayer with the Lord. Barring a miracle from God. Vanessa's outlook is extremely bleak and both Scott and I know she would not want to continue in her present state. Of course being there for them drastically reduces what little time I have for Patriot's Corner. Again, my deepest apologies for that but when your friends need you at this level, you just have to be there for them.

Please continue to pray for them as that is the BEST thing we can do for these two wonderful people.

Herman Cain is smokin' hot! This is America, not amerika

Here is Herman Cain's latest ad. 

Now is the time for action!

"Chief of Staff Mark Block talks about Herman Cain's Presidential Campaign and urges people to act because together we can elect Herman Cain!"

Why all the uproar over this ad? Mark Block is smoking a cigarette! Good for you Mark Block and Herman Cain.

Wow, that is so wrong, so evil, so not politically correct?

Got a problem with this? Too stinking bad. This is still America, not amerika, not the United Union of Communist States. While the LSM, union goons, far left traitors like obama, soros, moore and others of such ilk bond lovingly with the OWS losers, look the other way as drug use, rapes and other crimes go unpunished, these alinskyites are all bent over a spot that shows a CONSERVATIVE speaking the truth, smoking a cigarette. Did not the first muslim illegal alien potus smoke cigarettes not too long ago? Has he quit? Who cares and so what.

Hide the children and kill your televisions. Better burn those Bibles and other evil books. While we are at it, better collect and destroy all our guns.

Think I will watch this a few more times but first let me get a cigar, my whiskey and check my guns. Never know when there will be a knock on my door.....

Fjordman lives on

Fjordman, the Norwegian blogger who as attacked and vilified last summer when he was wrongly accused and erroneously linked to horrendous murders last July has a new post up at Gate of Vienna.

As one who is completely in agreement with Fjordman and I will do my part to help him get his works out and make sure people read his essays and know the TRUTH about him.

If we let the likes of the far left LSM define what we hear, read and see than we are indeed doomed and it will no one's fault but our own.

This is straight from Gates Of Vienna and not one word has been altered or redacted.


Fjordman Lives On

Today’s edition of the Norwegian newspaper VG published an essay by Fjordman. The text, however, had been significantly redacted by the editors of VG without the author’s consent. To set the record straight, the complete article is reproduced below in English, followed by the original Norwegian.

Just as we did several weeks ago, we aim to overcome the stifling censorship imposed by the Norwegian media by spreading this essay as widely as possible. To help the cause of free speech, please mirror it on your blog or website.

We intend to demonstrate once again to the Norwegian newspapers that we can reach a wider readership than they can.


Introductory note from Fjordman:

This is my most recent Norwegian article as it should have appeared in print. Today VG, the largest national newspaper in Norway, published this article in the paper edition, but they also cut out a couple of vital paragraphs without my knowledge or approval. My essay was not over-long, and I stayed within their normal limits.

The missing paragraphs referred to the fact that Mohammed had sex with a nine-year-old child (Aisha) and that modern Islamic theologians such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi support this policy today because it is a part of Mohammed’s Sunna, his personal example. Journalist Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen and others deleted this, accidentally-on-purpose. They also deleted my suggestion that NRK TV dare not show a drooling Yusuf al-Qaradawi in a wheelchair telling Muslims that pedophilia is OK, in contrast to the parody of me they have been broadcasting.

Why did they cut this out? Fear, plain and simple.

I composed this essay in response to Anders Giæver, who writes regular commentary for VG and has slimed me several times for my alleged “paranoia” about Islam and Muslims. So VG can harass me for having paranoia about pro-Islamic censorship, and when I reply they censor me with pro-Islamic censorship.

Fjordman Lives On
by Peder Jensen, also known as Fjordman

Translation: Cecilie, aided by Fjordman.

A commentator at VG (Verdens Gang, Norway’s largest national newspaper), Anders Giæver, has attacked me multiple times in his columns in that newspaper. On the one hand he describes me disdainfully as an average Norwegian, but also adds that I am “one of the most central promoters of Islam-hatred and Muslim-paranoia in Europe.”

Who has decided what constitutes paranoia? Mr. Giæver has read hardly any of the writings of Bat Ye’or about Eurabia, nor Robert Spencer’s website Jihad Watch, and has probably not understood what little he may have read. He is incapable of disproving a single factual piece of information I have published, nor my statement about Islam being impossible to reform or fit in with Western civilization. The only thing he has to show for himself, therefore, is personal attacks.

It is true that after the terrorist attacks of July 22nd I was exhausted. When I appeared in VG under my real name I seriously contemplated giving up my career as a writer. However, after the situation has calmed down a bit and I could think things through, I have decided to continue with undiminished force.

Right from the beginning I have been saying that terrorists, whether they come in the shape of Islamic Jihadists or Anders Behring Breivik, should not be allowed to decide what a free society can or cannot discuss, and I meant that. If that is the case, they should not to be allowed to dictate to people who are critical of Islam and mass immigration, either.

I will definitely not accept that the mass media should be allowed to threaten or harass me to make me shut up.

If one day I should stop my activities it will be through my personal choice, not one dictated by Anders Giæver, Marie Simonsen or other media bullies.

In its ethical guidance the “Vær Varsom” (“Be Careful”) poster, the Norwegian Press Association gives a person the right to reply to statements uttered about him in the press. I will in the future actively exercise this right, which means I will be more visible than ever.

If Norwegian newspapers refuse to publish my essays I will publish them on the Internet at Gates of Vienna, both in English and in Norwegian, as examples of press censorship. My book The Curious Civilization will also be published as planned in 2012.

The Islamic Council of Norway, which is coercively sponsored by native, non-Muslim Norwegian taxpayers, receives guidance from the European Council for Fatwa and Research about whether they should be for or against the death penalty for homosexuals.

The Council is headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qaradawi has among many other things boasted openly that Muslims will soon conquer Europe, and has praised the Nazi Holocaust.

Representatives for Jonas Gahr Støre’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs have met members of the Brotherhood for talks in Oslo.

The author Walid al-Kubaisi describes al-Qaradawi as being “more dangerous than bin Laden” and describes how he issues fatwas ruling that it is allowed (halal) to marry children. I refer to the article “Islam and marriage with minors.” Muhammed himself married Aisha when she was only six, and consummated the marriage when she was nine and he was 54 years old (Bukhari 7.62.64). This has become part of his Sunna, or personal example, to be followed for all time.

In February 2006 a delegation was sent from Norway to the Middle East to beg for mercy from the mighty Yusuf al-Qaradawi because of the Mohammed cartoons. This was supported by the Norwegian government of PM Jens Stoltenberg.

Qaradawi then demanded a legal ban on criticism of Mohammed, the founder of Islam. This would imply submission to sharia law and that Europe and the Western world would from now on be under Islamic rule. That is what the international conflict over the Danish cartoons was really about.

Thomas Seltzer, a host of NRK3, has shown a caricature of me as a paraplegic writer in a wheelchair. I suppose this makes me Norway’s answer to Stephen Hawking, which I take as a compliment. Alternatively, one could be lead to believe that people in wheelchairs are slavering idiots, which is not particularly tasteful.

The difference between a humorist and a bully is that a true humorist makes fun of the powerful, not the weak. Seltzer does not dare to show a drooling Qaradawi in a wheelchair telling Muslims that pedophilia is OK.

I don’t take this very personally, given that Mr. Seltzer can scarcely be taken seriously. However, it does annoy me that he can force others to sponsor this through TV licensing, whether they want to or not.

Among the most important things one can do to get a more open debate in Norway today is to cancel all public funding for the press, as well as put an end to NRK [the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation] in its present form.

OWS is not the Tea Party!

This is a letter that was in our daily fish wrapper. I have left it completely alone and it is short and very true. The connections to many nasty unions, far left traitors and haters of the United States are vast and too numerous to ignore.

Move along people, nothing to see or hear here, and by the way, there is no class warfare form the OWS scums.

NO class warfare here, move along, move along........Image from Conservative Treehouse

Occupy not like tea party

This is in regard to Bend’s Wall Street protests and others around the U.S. I wish to make it clear who you are standing with. All the facts mentioned can be found on NakedEmperorNews.com in the organizers’ own words on tape.

Occupy Wall Street was organized from day one by the Working Families Party. The breakdown of the connections between the WFP are: SEIU, ACORN, the New Party, the Democratic National Convention, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides foundation, George Soros, the Obama administration and a coalition of other labor unions and community organizers. This is not a spontaneous grass-roots movement, as they would like you to believe. WFP Leader Nelini Stamp confirms this as well in her own words on a video interview. Her hope is a collective vision and to “change the capitalistic infrastructure system,” but she does not know what it should be changed to.

I am deeply offended when the media compares these people with the tea party. The tea party is not in favor of tearing any system down. There are people in Wall Street and government — e.g. Fannie Mae — who need to be prosecuted. The tea party does not get arrested, defecate on police cars, leave trash behind or stand by watching racist statements being made.

The current administration is strongly encouraging class warfare and these demonstrators are falling for it. Please be informed before joining and supporting this movement.

This type of government does not work; look at what is happening in Europe.

Arab spring turning into islamic sharia nightmare

There was NEVER any doubts where the countries in the grip of the 'arab spring' would end up, under the control of sharia driven muslims. We can now add Libya to the list of arab countries that will soon be under the control of islamic sharia law. The winners in this soon to be global nightmare are the likes of iran, turkey, syria. You can add iraq to the list because as soon as we pull all our troops out, iraq will fall under the control of iran.

Those of us in the counterjihad saw this coming with the election of the first muslim potus.

obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus will have 'kept' his campaign promise from 2008. What he did not mention to the ignorant masses drunk from the elixir of 'dope and change' was that he was going to be 100% pro muslim and pro islam, at the cost of many long time U.S. allies. How's your vote for obama working for all of you morons, now? Feeling pretty smug about your muslim potus, the death and persecution of anyone who is not muslim in any of these countries? Not to mention how all of this emboldens the muslim brotherhood, one of the nastiest muslim terrorist groups in the world who obama is now loving and embracing more and more with each passing day.

After the article from Fox News please be sure to continue reading Diana West's take on the elimination of Qaddafi. This man was no saint and the libyans suffered for over 40 years under his rule but he was one who had stayed true to his allegiances late in life, to the USA and obama, among others.Now libya will become one more sharia ruled, islamic hell hole. Thanks obama.


Religious Violence, Uncertainty in Post-Mubarak Egypt Threatens Ties to Israel, U.S.
By Leland Vittert

In the eight months since the Egyptian Revolution, radical Islamic groups are rising to power, the army seems unwilling or unable to stop a growing rash of sectarian violence and the long-standing friendship between the U.S., Israel and Egypt is in serious question.

“I am the enemy of democracy,” Hesham al Ashry said in an interview with Fox News in his Cairo tailor shop. The devout Muslim is a main organizer in a group called the Salafists, which is working to bring Shariah law to Egypt. They, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, have risen quickly in the past eight months to fill the power vacuum left in post-Mubarak Egypt.

The massive change has billionaire tycoon and financier of the revolution Naguib Sawiris now calling Egypt’s future "dim ... bad."

Mubarak’s heavy handed security apparatus kept groups like the Salafis on a tight leash; now free to organize and recruit the Salafists and Brotherhood have quickly climbed to the top of the political food chain with organizational help and financing from supporters in the Gulf states.

“This is a big opportunity and it's not going to go back. This was mentioned by the Prophet Mohammed. Peace be upon him. He said this was going to happen,” al Ashry said, speaking of the Arab Spring and the opportunity for groups like his to organize.

The past eight months have given a scary preview of what al Ashry’s opportunity might mean. It was a Salafy Cleric who called for the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cario, the rocket and suicide bomb attack on a southern Israeli highway which killed 8 and injured more than 40 was launched from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, and it was the Army which intervened in a peaceful Coptic Christian protest killing more than two dozen.

“They (the army) are completely frantic, they are (overwhelmed) by these every week demonstrations…the country is going bust. The economy is going down. They are unable to get it to rest (stop),” Sawiris, who says there is only a 20% chance of next month’s election producing a liberal or secular Muslim government, said.

Egypt’s first parliamentary elections are scheduled for late-November and many have warned they will become a flash point for the type of sectarian violence that left more than two dozen Coptic Christians dead. While al Ashry blames the Coptics for burning their own churches down in a sympathy ploy, it's widely accepted that fundamentalists from the Muslim Brotherhood or Salafists are responsible for burning down a number of a Coptic churches. The church burnings have brought the Christians out in force beginning a cycle of violence which the army seems unable, or unwilling, to stop.

“It is madness to hold elections in that short of a time. No security in the country. Anybody can do anything in Egypt with impunity,” said Coptic Christian politician Michael Muenier.

Egypt received $1.5B in foreign aid from the United States, making it one of the largest recipients in the world.

Much of the aid comes in the form of military hardware and training.

Since Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel and the rise of President Mubarak, Egypt has functioned as a key U.S. ally in the region and has done much of Washington’s bidding, but the recent developments have put the special relationship into serious question.

The Army has yet to arrest anyone for the string of Church burnings or punish any of the soldiers involved in the Coptic massacre in early October.

Despite pleas from the United States, Egypt has continued to hold an American/Israeli citizen accused of spying, and the Army leadership has failed to secure arms smuggling/militant activity in the Sinai Peninsula.

This combination creates a new dynamic in the Middle East as Egypt no longer walks in step with her Western benefactors.

For example, democratic elections long promised by the military already have Christians crying foul. "You are telling me the military just ran over 30 people with their tanks and we are going to feel comfortable going to elections," Muenier who also predicts a win by the Muslim Brotherhood, said.

As for what’s next if al Ashry and his followers get their way, "instead of one Iran …you have two."


Qaddafi's Death Leaves Me Cold: Why?
Written by: Diana West

Timing is everything. Qaddafi was not killed in retaliation for his attacks on American servicemen in Berlin in 1986, or the downing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie in 1989. He was not killed for his central role in the USSR's terror networks going back to the 1960s and 1970s. He was killed after coming over to our side of George Bush's "war on terror" in the final phase of a civil war in Libya in which his regime fought al Qaeda affiliates.

Horrific as it sounds, Qaddafi was killed because we and our NATO allies joined the other side -- the al Qaeda affiliates.

Lawrence Auster elaborates on why the event rankles:

Kaddafi never violated his agreements with us and never became a threat to us or our allies. He spoke in the warmest terms of the United States and of Obama. Yet the instant that people whom we chose to call democrats rose up in rebellion against him, our ideology and what we perceived as our political self-interest required that we side against him. We attacked his country, bombed his military and his government, bombed his residence, drove him from power, and now we have killed him.

This video was filmed right after Qadaffi was captured.

I will not become a moral relativist and make the despicable statement, which some commentators on the anti-war right have made, that the U.S. is as immoral as the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, there is now significant and terrible overlap between the behavior of the U.S.S.R and the behavior of the United States. We are not a moral state; we are not a state under the rule of law. We are, as Solzhenitsyn said of the Soviet Union, an ideological state, a state that will do anything, violate any agreement, betray any ally or friend, tell any lie, cover up any truth, in order to advance its ideology and its power that is associated with that ideology.

In betraying and killing a foreign leader with whom we had made peace, we have taken on terrible karma. I tremble to think of how that karma will manifest itself against us in the years to come.