"You're a Friggin' Jew-er-Sorry, You're a Zionist"

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

This video comes to us from London, via Vlad Tepes, where a demonstration was held outside St James Church. You will see an argument among 4 people, one of whom is pro-Israel and identifies himself as an Arab. (He apparently produced the video because in the captions, he is identified as "me".) He is engaging mostly with a grey-haired man labeled as "useful idiot". Early in the video, a woman identifies herself as Palestinian, asks him to turn his back, leave, and tells him she can tell by his features that he is Israeli, which the young man denies.  Most tellingly, at the 4:15 mark, another man (labeled as "barbarian"), who is pro-Palestinian, heatedly tells him that he is a "frigging Jew". He then catches himself and says, "Sorry. You are a Zionist."

This exchange is about 16 minutes long and is rather tedious after the above-mentioned portion.

To me, the comment by "barbarian" calling the man a "frigging Jew", is instructive. He then catches himself and changes it to "Zionist". That is the code word, but the man made a slip of the tongue.

You see, it is not so much about the land as it is about religion.

*Update: Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

Why St James Church in London? Here is some necessary background.


DOJ Charges "Knockout" Hate Crime

Gary Fouse

It was so predictable. After a wave of "knockout" incidents in East Coast cities by blacks  targeting whites and Jews, the Eric Holder Justice Department has charged a 27-year-old white thug for carrying out a similar crime against a 79 year-old-black man.


Let me be clear: I have no sympathy whatsoever for Conrad Barrett, the man charged with carrying out the crime. Depending on his previous record, I hope he gets a long term in prison to think about his deed.

Yet the obvious question must be asked: Why now? Why hasn't the Justice Department stepped in in all these previous cases which involved black on white "knockout" assaults? Aside from whites in general, Jews have been specifically targeted. Where was the Justice Department?

The conclusion that must be drawn is that this Justice Department does not consider black on white assaults to be hate crimes no matter how clear it is they were racially motivated. Thus, only certain "victim groups" are protected. That apparently does not include whites or Jews (the largest victim group among religiously-motivated hate crimes according to the last several years of FBI statistics). Can we add Asians to that mix? In recent years, there have been many complaints of Asian students being assaulted in Philadelphia schools by black students.

It is undeniably true that blacks were routinely victimized by violence at the hands of whites up until a few decades ago in the South. It was wrong then, and it is just as wrong now when blacks target whites for assault. Furthermore, as we become an increasingly diverse population, and whites are transitioning from being the majority to only a plurality among several groups of "people of color" (a fashionable term that is used to divide us), the rationale for only recognizing particular ethnic groups as perpetrators or victims becomes less justifiable. Hate is wrong and acting out on that hate is wrong.

If we are going to have hate crimes on the books, then they must be applied equally across the board. We can not expect that from Eric Holder and his Justice Department.

How Will Obama Respond to Egypt?

Gary Fouse

Now that the Egyptian government has called a spade a spade and labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, isn't President Obama put in a bind? Surely, the Egyptians will arrest more MB members for being active in a terrorist organization. How will Obama and his inept secretary of state, John Kerry, respond? After all, the Brotherhood is the bunch that they prefer to see in power.

So now will Obama condemn the action? Will the US cut aid to Egypt?

In spite of the thousands of protesters that the MB is sending out into the streets to battle the police, the coup was supported by the majority of the Egyptian people, who had taken to the streets of their cities by the millions to protest the Morsi regime's heavy-handed tactics. They wanted the military to restore order to the country. We hear a lot of lip service from Obama and Kerry that "the Egyptian people must decide". But if the majority of the Egyptian people support the coup and the taking down of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is Obama to complain?

The fact of the matter is that despite all the protestations of innocence from Ikhwan Web, the MB's English-language web site, the Brotherhood has engaged in massive violence. Today, it stands accused by the government of the bombing of police hqs in Mansoura. Just since the military coup, They have driven their followers to destroy over 80 Christian churches.

It will indeed be instructive to see how Obama responds to this latest development. If he takes the side of the Brotherhood, it will be one more indicator that he does, indeed, prefer Islamists to rule Middle Eastern countries as opposed to more friendly and secular governments. We see it also in Syria. We have seen it in Libya, with tragic results. We see it in Turkey. Coupled with his antagonism toward Israel, it is troubling to say the least. Meanwhile, in the face of massive persecution of Christians from one corner of the Islamic world to the other, Obama and his administration are silent. Troubling, indeed.

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all. Especially to all of our troops who are serving away from their loved ones and their homes. PatriotUSA

Thanks to Alan Caruba for this image

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Poverty With A View-An answer to liberal gun hatred

Welcome to Poverty With A View

Commentary, opinions pulled from the local daily fish wrapper, other sources from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. With additional commentary from yours truly, the one who has the affliction known hereabouts as 'permagrump', PatriotUSA. 
Call this an opinion from the RIGHT side of the Cascades. 

Where great jobs are scarce but taxes and government overreach, are high. 


I rarely use anything from such a liberal rag as The Source but there are always exceptions. The letter that follows is one of these exceptions. The Source is completely and totally far left, uber regressive progressive regime based brainwashed stupidity. I read it every week NOT for news but strictly to get a pulse on what the oh so politically correct, excessively diversified, multicultural, and beautiful sheeple are spewing in Bend. Not Central Oregon mind you, but the Bend area. 

The letter that you will read next is in response to the the hatred of all things pro second amendment, pro-gun, freedom that the Source and MOST of its readers hold dear. They refuse to see, accept that it is people who are almost always mentally retarded, I mean challenged, almost always LIBERALS or criminals that commit crimes with guns. But to these morons, ALL guns are bad, period, unless held by the government.

So you want to call 911 and wait 15-20 minutes for LEO or the SWAT team to get there?
While you are waiting, maybe these liberals will be singing "If I had a Hammer" and be sitting in a drum circle under a full moon, while they are sitting ducks in the cross hairs of some nut or criminal with a gun?  It is a mental health issue and liberalism is one of the major problems here. Mental health and Obamacare. How is this dopey changey working out for you sheeple, brainwashed Kool Aid drinkers now?

I leave you to read this excellent letter and I must tip my hat to the Source for publishing it. PatriotUSA


In reply to, "A Year Later, and Only More Guns" (The Boot, 10/10)

So a deeply liberal anti-gun tirade. I have been in law enforcement ten years. First and foremost Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws on the books and some of the nations worst gun violence. People, i.e. the person who wrote the article and apparently the entire Source Weekly staff, seem to think taking away gun rights and legislating away our rights is the answer to gun violence and the Sandy Hook tragedy. It is not a gun control issue and the Source staff seem to miss the reality here. It is a mental health issue, we had a very obviously mentally ill person who needed help and did not get any. I know evil exists, I have seen it first hand. The article says rely on neighborly sentiments?? I am sorry when faced with a crazy person with a gun, you can't rely on neighborly sentiment, but a well practiced and lethal response to take them down before more tragedy can be dealt out, is an option. You reason with them and tell them to be neighborly and see where you get, while they are busy targeting you , I will take aim and take them down.

Gun control does not work. Most guns like the one at Sandy Hook were obtained from other than legal sources. You advocate making things more difficult for law abiding citizens through gun control and legislation, when it does nothing to stop the person intent on doing harm. Disarming people, and legislating over burdened people even more makes no sense. We have legislated ourselves into a hole, we have more laws about how we do things than any other nation on this planet. What we don't have is a government that has its priorities in order. We have no real health solution for the poor and the mentally unstable. Obamacare simply forces people to buy insurance; it does not unburden taxpayers, or for that matter, create any viable solution for people. You want to see less violence, then try allowing people to have a living wage and get people off the government tit, because they have to be there to survive. Allow people to keep more of what they earned and protect the poor instead of heaping more legislation and tax burden upon them. Until we stop being a cold everyone for himself, greedy, step on and step over society with disconnected politicians who have no clue what its like to struggle to buy groceries, nothing will change. People will not get the care they need, crazy people with guns will commit acts of evil. We decided as a nation to have the right to bear arms, so now we must understand that, cherish our constitution and work within our society for change instead of forcing laws and control that will not work down our throats. I will stand right beside you while you appeal to someone's neighborly sentiment while they are shooting, I'll shoot back, let's see which one is more effective.


Source is here.

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Susan Rice Calls Benghazi "False Controversy"

Gary Fouse

National Security Adviser Susan Rice went on 60 minutes and told Lesley Stahl that Benghazi was a "false controversy", which she doesn't have time to think about.


Where does one begin? A US ambassador and three other embassy employees murdered by an attack on our consulate. Pleas for help denied during the attack. A false narrative about what the attack was all about. Subsequent revelations about previous requests for more security denied by the State Department. Survivors held incognito. Lies before Congress. A president and secretary of state who were missing in action.

And this woman has the gall to call this "a false controversy". How dare she? I want her to look the families of the four killed in that attack and tell them that this is a "false controversy."

The cold war no one will discuss...

Perhaps this is because Obama was torched by Putin regarding Syria? Maybe it is about how the Obama regime has weakened the United States and how the Russians have remained COMMITTED to their foreign policy plans and goals?

Russia 'preserving power' while the United States flails about, bleeding to death from a thousand tiny cuts and failures.

This is from Foreign Confidential.


Most Unreported 2013 Story: a New Cold War … or Worse … Looms

Worsening Relations, Rising Tensions and the Risk of a Boiling Point

The Cold War (1947-1991) ended more than two decades ago. But the big, unreported (by mainstream media) story of 2013 was the resurrection of Cold War-like tensions and the specter of global conflict.

From Syria to the South China Sea, from the mean streets of Kiev to the blood-soaked streets of Cairo, the United States seems locked in an escalating power struggle with post-Communist Russia and its ally, Communist-in-Name-Only China, the reasons for which elude almost all Americans, including, even, veteran observers of international affairs.

U.S.-Russia relations are especially bad--mysteriously so. Moscow's foreign policy clearly isn't  imperialist (and arguably hasn't been since Stalin's death). In contrast with the dictator who was bent on  increasing the power of the Soviet Union, Russian President Vladimir Putin is committed to preserving his country's power. There is a huge difference between pushing back--in Syria, say, or in Ukraine-- and overturning the status quo.
But Washington inexplicably acts as if Putin is another Stalin (with whom the U.S. allied in World War II in order to defeat the common fascist foe) and countries like Ukraine are still in need of liberating from Communist rule.

That none of this--neither the steadily worsening relations with China nor the steadily worsening relations with Russia--is debated or seriously discussed in the U.S. boggles the mind. So-called liberal media outlets simply accept the dangerous downward slides as inevitable or unworthy of critical examination. Press release rewrites and talking points parroting pass for reporting.

In August, 2014,  the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, a horrific waste of human life that defies understanding to the present day. What caused the conflict? Was it imperialism? A system of alliances? None of the answers offered up by historians over the years makes much sense. What matters most is that great power relationships reached a boiling point, resulting in some 10 million deaths on the battlefield and the loss of 20 million people to hunger and disease caused by the war.
Must another boiling point be reached?

Time will tell.

-André Pachter

Related: Chinese Space Promo Shows Nuking of Eastern Europe

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Bluejays and Heroin

There are bluejays flittering around in the cold sunshine gracing my back yard this morning. Squirrels race as best they wobbly can across the power lines. My little dog stands on guard hoping his Christmas stocking will be filled early were they to plummet to the ground within his reach. Spouse will spend most of the day raking the leaves that are unending. Ah, the injustice of the division of labor in this household. He rakes, I watch and think of a book that has helped me get thru death – The Fall Of Freddie The Leaf. My children travel to grandmothers house – I send prayers for safe flights and putter on the puter. 

Life has it’s bright, normal moments. And some, not quite so normal, become everyday occurrences. Must they “she” wails. MUST they?

FromLC IB CiSSnarl5.7 Imperial Foreign War Correspondent at The Anti-Idiotarian RottweilerThe new and improved ObamaCare – Now even more addictive!!

You just can’t make this stuff up… One has to wonder – is this damn law so unpopular that even drug dealers are making mock of it now?

Bags of Heroin labeled “Obama Care"

Random Thoughts on “Obama Care”:

Damn, can’t a body even get high anymore without King Bammy sticking his nose in?
Obama Care – Now with even more addiction !
Obama Care – That shit will kill you man!!
Obama Care – Now with a death panel in every bag !
Obama Care – The Horse with a Jackass Name
Obama Care – Recommended by 4 out of 5 Junkies!
Obama Care – Wrecking lives since 2010!
Obama Care – The opiate of the masses!

Just saw that over at FoxNews.com Thought it was funny- in a sad sort of way I suppose. But anyhell- its the weekend, and after the last few day’s battles, I thought I’d put up an open thread. Have at it.

Definitely to be filed in “You Just Can’t Make This S*** Up Folks!”


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"It" isn't about government...

Bottom line it hasn't been from the beginning. "It" being government running every facet of our lives and destroying our country. 

It "is" about we, the people. We slept. Once awakened some tried and are still trying to correct the mess, to bring awareness. But the operative word here is "some." As a people we have failed to do what is required to remain a healthy, vibrant, free nation. Meantime, with each new assault, the deer in the headlights thrashes around desperately to find a way out. 

Ann Barnhardt, not one to mince words, believes it is too late. That a good portion of the 317 million people in America are still sitting on their butts waiting on John Wayne.

RED ALERT: Obamacare allows FEDGOV to back-bill and levy your estate to pay for "healthcare expenses".

Even I didn't see this one coming. In excess of 90% of Obamacare "enrollees" are being shunted onto Medicaid. Beyond the simple explanation of the Cloward-Piven strategy to overload the FEDGOV, now we see the full, satanic picture: Obamacare specifically enables the FEDGOV to back-bill and levy your estate after you croak to "pay" for "healthcare services rendered".

Make no mistake, this is a de facto seizure of the probate estates of the vast majority of Americans. Period.

I eagerly await with bated breath the response of the "enraged and engaged" American populace, who are "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore".

Ah, who am I kidding. We all know that you're not going to do a damn thing except shake your head and ask, "When is someone going to do something about this?" Flip the channel. Maybe they're showing re-runs of the ballroom dancing contest somewhere.

Story here.

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Saturday music mix-Rock heavy and of course, some blues

I will be traveling all day today so I leave you with a ROCK HEAVY mix of tunes for your Saturday. Enjoy, or not and I do not care. Road music you know. I know Nick will! PatriotUSA

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Steppenwolf-Hermann Hesse

I am reading Steppenwolf again for the second time. I first read this book in 1970 for an upper level English class in high school. Pretty heady reading for a 17 year old young man and I was one of three students who questioned this book and I thought it was a anarchist's 'wet dream'.

Some things have not changed. I do not care for Hermann Hesse and his style of writing but now that I am almost 61, there is much more to this book than the first time I read it. I think there is a bit of The Steppenwolf in all of us. I have been called a lone wolf many times in my life, told that I should be living alone with just a few dogs, that I would be 'happier' on my own. I can sum this up by saying I was born about 200 years too late. Some, the very very few who know me well, know that this is true. I do not share willingly nor trust very many. You know who you are. This book is way beyond the lone wolf thing.

Do not worry, faithful readers who tread here. I AM NOT going to bore you with a lengthy review or my thoughts on Steppenwolf but I will share this from the book:

"He never sold himself for money or an easy life or to women or to or to those in power; and had thrown away a hundred times what in the world's eyes was his advantage and happiness in order to safe guard his liberty".

Page 50 from the edition I am reading from 1961, printed by Buccaneer Books, Cutchogue, New York.

Image source is here

I remain your most obedient and humble servant. In SPIRIT, MIND and BODY, I will never submit. Make of this what you will. PatriotUSA

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Celebrating diversity-Pat Condell

Pat Condell's latest video and it is a good one.

Horrific animal cruelty that shames China. Dogs beaten to death by laughing mob.

Live animals used as keychains in China

China's angora fur trade horror

China dog meat festival targeted by activists

Chinese dog meat festival where 10000 are slaughtered will go ahead

Theatre of the absurd: Human and religious rights at the UN

United in Tyranny: The United Nations Human Rights Council

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NDAA 2014 – On it’s way to BHO for signature.

At the same hour the Senate bill passed, Phil Robertson’s We Stand With Phil facebook page hit 1.2 million likes. That took about 24 hours.

What if 1.2 million Americans had stood up against NDAA 2014?

ACLU on NDAA 2014

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a federal law specifying the budget and expenditures of the United States Department of Defense (DOD). Each year’s act also includes other provisions, some related to civil liberties.

In December 2011, President Obama signed the 2012 NDAA, codifying indefinite military detention without charge or trial into law for the first time in American history. The NDAA’s dangerous detention provisions would authorize the president — and all future presidents — to order the military to pick up and indefinitely imprison people captured anywhere in the world, far from any battlefield.

2014 NDAA piled more on. 1105 pages to be exact. Should be fun when we find out what’s in it but specifically – from Bunkerville -

Section 1071(a) authorizes the secretary of defense to “establish a center to be known as the ‘Conflict Records Research Center.’” According to the text of the latest version of the NDAA, the center’s task would be to compile a “digital research database including translations and to facilitate research and analysis of records captured from countries, organizations, and individuals, now or once hostile to the United States.”

After being seized by the NSA (or some other federal surveillance apparatus), the materials would be processed by the Conflict Records Research Center created by this bill. This center’s massive database of electronic information and its collaboration with the NSA converts the United States into a constantly monitored holding cell and all its citizens and residents into suspects.

WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, released the following statement regarding today’s final vote on the National Defense Authorization Act:

“Today I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act. I am deeply concerned that Congress still has not prohibited President Obama’s ability to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens arrested on American soil without trial or due process.“The Constitution does not allow President Obama, or any President, to apprehend an American citizen, arrested on U.S. soil, and detain these citizens indefinitely without a trial. 

When I ran for office, I promised the people of Texas I would oppose any National Defense Authorization Act that did not explicitly prohibit the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. Although this legislation does contain several positive provisions that I support, it does not ensure our most basic rights as American citizens are protected.


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PajamaDouche-you are NOT cool

I had to steal this from The Liberty Zone.

Picture credit goes to salgak. Please read the post over at Liberty Zone. Link is below for the story/picture of PajamaDoucheboy. PatriotUSA

Source is here from Liberty Zone.

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Hatem Bazian: Professorial Conspiracy Theories

Gary Fouse


"Although recent French medical reports suggested otherwise and that he died of natural causes, yet we are left to ponder the reasons and the hands that carried out the murder not whether it was a murder."

-Hatem Bazian
Al Jazeera 

Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian is a two-trick pony who divides his time trying to delegitimize Israel and pushing the Islamophobia line that Muslims are being persecuted notwithstanding the fact that Muslims are the world's greatest practitioners of religious persecution in the world today. In this article written recently for Al Jazeera, Bazian tries to make the argument that:

1 Yasir Arafat really was poisoned-even though the French just announced from their forensic tests that he was not.

2: The Israelis ordered it.


Rather than try to argue all the conspiratorial arguments as to why the Israelis had a motive to kill Arafat, let me cut to the chase on a couple of points.

First of all, it has not been proven that Arafat was murdered. The French report refutes it (Huffington Post/Reuters).


Of course, the Israelis had a motive to kill Arafat. He was a terrorist responsible for the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of innocent human beings. Were I in charge of Israel, I would have ordered his death decades ago.

However, with Bazian's "evidence" you couldn't put a dog in the pound.  All he has is his suspicions. When you have as much blood on your hands as Arafat, it may be surmised that a lot of people might have had a motive. Maybe some Palestinians were upset at the millions Arafat and his wife stole. At the time of Arafat's death, his wife was living in luxury in Paris.

Until Bazian can produce real proof, this belongs right up there with claims that LBJ had JFK assassinated and the white "establishment" had Malcolm X murdered.

Hopefully, Professor Bazian is not spouting this black helicopter stuff in his classroom.

The techi face of evil – part one

From Examiner.com12/09/13 Top tech firms balk at feeding info to secretive underground gov’t – Four excerpts -

The nation’s top Internet technology firms have joined together to pressure Barack Obama and Congress to significantly roll back the government’s massive, all-encompassing surveillance program.

The Hill reports that Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, AOL, and Linkedin have banded together to demand the president and Congress to enact sweeping reforms that would totally revamp and spell out in no uncertain terms the limitations of the power of the underground agencies. The tech companies want these agencies to be restricted by clear limitations on their power, spelled out by law.

But in the world of “top secret America," as the Washington Post has dubbed it, the normal rules do not apply. The personnel operate by their own rules. The Constitution is a non-entity. Laws are ignored as a matter of course. But those who have the authority to rein it in do not know enough about what is going on to demand accountability.

The tech companies have been reluctantly cooperating with the underground government by feeding them truckloads of information on their customers. But as this practice has expanded and as more and more pressure has been placed on the tech firms, a line was crossed at which point the tech companies said, “No more.”

Read the whole piece here.

That "line" wasn’t that what they had been doing (helping our government spy on American citizens) was wrong and a crime against their fellow man. It wasn’t that they had grown a conscience.

From The HillTech giants unite against NSA

If users begin to get skittish about sharing information online, it could stop the booming business of Internet advertising dead in its tracks.

The line that was crossed was the fear of the loss of the almighty dollar and the mind numbing power that goes with it.

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Limousine liberals-literally

I can't remember the last  time I shared a anything from PMSNBC or MSN, same thing actually.

I found this while surfing MSN, which I do on occasion. This is usually out of wanting to be entertained about the what the beautiful people are doing about saving the sea slugs, spotted frogs, doing all they can to support an administration that wants to really make the American people slaves.

I was not disappointed and you just have to read this. These earth friendly, never met a tax they did not like, closet environazis who support UN Agenda 21(do they even know what this is?), do they really think they are making a difference by the 'cars' they drive? Before you take a look at this, remember some are vegans (nothing wrong with this but to wear it on your forehead and to try to force it on others is wrong), most live in mansion and have more than one residence and many of them have more than one car. It is all about saying look at me, always look at me. It is about keeping up appearances and being so politically correct, it smells and looks really bad. Get a bucket because a barf bag is not going to big or deep enough.

Here you go. PatriotUSA

Stars and their eco-friendly cars.

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Swarthmore College and the Question of an Open Hillel

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to JJ and the Huffington Post

Aryeh Younger, Editor-in-Chief of The Beacon, has written an op-ed in the Huffington Post supporting the Hillel chapter of Swarthmore College in defying the new national leadership of Hillel when it comes to being open to anti-Israel points of view and inviting anti-Zionist speakers.


Fousesquawk comment:

Mr Younger,

While I applaud your openness to viewpoints counter to yours, I would like to raise a point you may not have considered. As a non-Jew who supports Israel, fights against anti-Semitism, I have had a fair amount of experience with the Hillel chapter at the University of California at  Irvine, where I teach part-time. At times, they have stepped up and said the right things in the face of anti-Semitism, and at times, they have been disappointing.

When it comes to the question of Israel, I wonder if you have considered whether Hillel's willingness to invite speakers who oppose Israel has ever been matched by any chapter of the Muslim Student Association-at any university-willing to invite a pro-Israel speaker. I suspect it has not.

You see, Sir; it is not a fair fight. As you well know, Jewish students are very diverse when it comes to their degree of faith, political orientation, or devotion to Israel. They are up against Muslim Student Association chapters and Students for Justice in Palestine chapters who are not so diverse-at least when it comes to Israel. At UC Irvine, Jewish students have reached out to the Muslim Student Union on several occasions in an effort to have a respectful dialogue-only to be rebuffed.

Every year at UCI, as on many campuses, the MSU puts on a week of events in May dedicated to bashing Israel. Some of the invited speakers, like Amir Abdel Malik Ali and Mohammed al-Asi, have made out-and-out anti-Semitic statements on our campus. In 2011, Ali told Jews in the audience that they (the Jews) were "the new Nazis". In 2001, Al Asi said that, "You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the Jew". They are readily available on YouTube.

So you can continue to be fragmented and inclusive all you want. Israel's enemies on college campuses are not so divided.

Tu-Tu HaZ a Sad-I was not invited but I was?

The fall out from the #Celebratemandela global orgy is continuing to entertain me and make me almost ill at times. Maybe it is just me that I am finding so much 'humor' in the wreckage from paying homage to a murdering communist who embraced necklacing as a national pastime in South Africa.

This was posted up over at the Treehouse and I almost cracked a few a ribs I sniggered so hard. The title to the post and then the picture used are just perfection, at least to me this is. PatriotUSA


Tu-Tu HaZ A Sad – Not Invited To Private Mandela Funeral

Yes Alice, they are still having funerals on the traveling tour.

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Another snag hit South Africa’s long goodbye to anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela on Saturday when his longtime ally Desmond Tutu said he had not been accredited as a clergyman at the funeral by the government so would not attend.
[...]  Tutu has preached at the funerals of most major anti-apartheid figures, including Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Walter Sisulu and others.  (read more)

Source is here.

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NDAA 2014 vs "manger danger"

Yesterday morning, noon, and night the "waves" were filled with Megan Kelly. My first inkling was an email from the Kool-Aid drinker amongst my siblings. Subject "The war on Christmas (manger danger)" - Text: "Evidently there is no room for a black or Hispanic Santa at Fox News. Megan Kelly tells kids watching her show that Santa and Jesus can only be white." Then there was the shooting at the Colorado high school. And so it went all day.

What a score by those who practice - look at my right hand, not at the one behind my back!

So what was in the hidden hand? You better read this folks. Read it and spread it like a viral video! It is about YOU.

From Bunkerville - Congress rushing to approve even worse Defense bill Excerpt -

Finally, there is in the NDAA for 2014 a frightening fusion of the federal governments constant surveillance of innocent Americans and the assistance it will give to justifying the indefinite detention of anyone labeled an enemy of the regime.

Section 1071(a) authorizes the secretary of defense to "establish a center to be known as the 'Conflict Records Research Center.'" According to the text of the latest version of the NDAA, the center's task would be to compile a "digital research database including translations and to facilitate research and analysis of records captured from countries, organizations, and individuals, now or once hostile to the United States."

In order to accomplish the center's purpose, the secretary of defense will create an information exchange in cooperation with the director of national intelligence.

Key to the functioning of this information exchange will be the collection of "captured records." Section 1071(g)(1), defines a captured record as "a document, audio file, video file, or other material captured during combat operations from countries, organizations, or individuals, now or once hostile to the United States."

When read in conjunction with the provision of the AUMF that left the War on Terror open-ended and the prior NDAAs' classification of the United States as a battleground in that unconstitutional war, and you've got a powerful combination that can knock out the entire Bill of Rights.

Finally, when all the foregoing is couched within the context of the revelations regarding the dragnet surveillance programs of the NSA, it becomes evident that anyone's phone records, e-mail messages, browsing history, text messages, and social media posts could qualify as a "captured record."

After being seized by the NSA (or some other federal surveillance apparatus), the materials would be processed by the Conflict Records Research Center created by this bill. This center's massive database of electronic information and its collaboration with the NSA converts the United States into a constantly monitored holding cell and all its citizens and residents into suspects. All, of course, in the name of the security of the homeland.


I do not believe the House got to this issue this last week which means we "may" have time to do something about it!
Thursday - Eric Cantor GOPLeader 12 Dec - UPDATE: Upon passage of the Budget agreement this afternoon, no votes are expected in the House tomorrow.
Daily Legislative Schedule
S. 1197: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014
H.R. 1960: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014

The House and Senate Armed Services Committees have reached an agreement on the fiscal year 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

As approved by the committees, the text of the latest iteration of the bill is derived from H.R. 1960, which passed the House on June 14 by a vote of 315-108 and S. 1197, a version passed by a Senate committee by a vote of 23-3, later that same day.

House and Senate leaders hurried to hammer out a mutually acceptable measure so as to get the whole package passed before the end of the year.

This woman was speaking for the people of Nevada voices fears certainly I feel and many, many more would if they understood what this administration is up to!

H/T By The Blood Of The Lamb - Obama Administration issues Martial Law Directive
Is This the REAL Reason for the Government Spying On Americans? - June 10, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog 

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Breaking news....Obama admin hires Mandela interpreter to sell Obamacare

Need something to cheer you up?

What's his name almost looks like he is doing the tomahawk chop. How totally insensitive to the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, and so very politically incorrect. Sorry about the weird formatting and text.

This should do the trick from The People's Cube.


Obama admin hires Mandela interpreter to sell Obamacare

According to the White House sources, the Obama administration has just hired world renowned sign interpreter and part time schizophrenic, Thamsanqa Jantjie, to help sell Obamacare and other stumbling initiatives to the American people

As early reports have placed the interpreter alongside White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, a high level source relayed the President's confidence that "Mr. Jantjie's ability to bullshit his way through a performance, doing so much yet saying so little, will serve to make Mr. Carney's unintelligible briefings accessible to a whole new constituency."

Other likely uses of Mr. Jantjie's talents will be to serve alongside the President when making Obamacare proclamations and possibly serving with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during congressional testimony.

On a side note, given that Mr. Jantjie is not an American citizen (although he claims to have been born in Hawaii), he most assuredly will qualify for an Obamacare subsidy, with his schizophrenia being a pre-existing condition.

ccording to the White House sources, the Obama administration has just hired world renowned sign interpreter and part time schizophrenic, Thamsanqa Jantjie, to help sell Obamacare and other stumbling initiatives to the American people. - See more at: http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/obama-admin-hires-mandela-interpreter-to-sell-obamacare-t12563.html#sthash.CuMLBt9Q.StBTWy0d.dpuf
According to the White House sources, the Obama administration has just hired world renowned sign interpreter and part time schizophrenic, Thamsanqa Jantjie, to help sell Obamacare and other stumbling initiatives to the American people. - See more at: http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/obama-admin-hires-mandela-interpreter-to-sell-obamacare-t12563.html#sthash.CuMLBt9Q.StBTWy0d.dpuf

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