Katie, We Hardly Knew Ye

Gary Fouse

Katie Porter (D-CA)
Doing the math for a non-existant bank employee

This morning, while driving to the gym, I was listening to the John Phillips Show on KABC (Los Angeles). Phillips, a conservative talk show host, was going off on Katie Porter (D-CA), our local House of Representatives congresswoman in Orange Country. Katie is a former law professor at The UC Irvine School of Law, which is little more than a legal training ground for leftwing activists. She is now running for the Senate seat being vacated by Diane Feinstein. (Porter announced her candidacy even before Feinstein announced that she was retiring. Porter will be opposed by Adam Schiff and Barbara Lee, both Democratic Congress persons. Between the three of them, they are all awful.

It seems that the Daily Mail, a noted UK tabloid, had gotten ahold of divorce papers from when Katie and her former husband, Matthew Hoffman, split up a few years back. In the court documents, Hoffman alleged that Katie had a ferocious temper and would scream, drop f-bombs, and physically abuse him. (Porter denies all this).

Below is the Daily Mail article about Porter. The article is based on court documents. To my knowledge, DM has not interviewed either Porter or Hoffman.


To be clear, Porter and her ex-husband are giving diverging accounts, and I cannot say who is telling the truth. As the DM article describes, others have come forward to complain about how Katie treats people. The only thing the DM left out is when Katie was grilling the JP Morgan bank president in Congress in 2019 and made up a fictitious woman named "Patricia", who was supposedly a struggling single mom working as a teller in the JP Morgan branch in Irvine and making a very low salary. Only later, did Katie admit in an interview that she had made Patricia up. 

Will this latest flap hurt Katie's political career? Who knows? After all, she is a Democrat. But if it does, the UC Irvine School of Law can keep that seat warm for Katie.