USC in the News-And It Has Nothing to Do With the New Football Coach

Gary Fouse
http: garyfouse.blogspot.com

The big news at the University of Southern California isn't-or at least, it shouldn't be-the hiring of some big-time coach to lead the football team. Of more importance to the reputation of USC as an institution of higher learning is the fact that once again, anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head on the USC campus.

 It is not just some dopey student going off on hateful rants-several, in fact- against a specific group of people (in this case, Jews). The student had a position in student government. In fact, the student who was posting vile, anti-Semitic rants on social media was a "diversity, equity, and inclusion" senator. 

Here you can view the Twitter rants of "Senator" Yasmeen Mashayekh.

As most universities do when anti-Semitism takes place on their campuses, as is frequently the case, USC has responded to the incident by condemning anti-Semitism but adding a few qualifiers.

As I always do when following campus issues, I check in with the campus newspaper, in this case, the Daily Trojan, to see how they are covering the matter-if at all. Thus far, I see no coverage of this matter on the Daily Trojan. (It is possible I have missed some article or op-ed posted on the DT and now no longer appearing on today's page.)

Like so many other American universities, this is hardly the first incidence of anti-Semitism at USC. Last year, we were talking about Rose Ritch, a Jewish student at USC, who was driven from a position in student government because she was Jewish and a supporter of Israel.

Referring back to the Daily Trojan, they are currently running the second of a two-part series on a recent interview with USC president Carol Holt on November 19. The subject was how she is responding to a series of campus scandals. There is no mention of the Rose Ritch incident or any other reference to campus anti-Semitism. Of course, there is no end of articles amply demonstrating the leftist bent of the newspaper-like virtually all campus newspapers.