The Latest Outrage From Portland

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Legal Insurrection

What is happening in Portland and other cities is past the point of saying, "Enough is enough"! Now we see the sickening video of a Black Lives Matter/Antifa  mob in Portland, dragging a white couple out of a truck and beating the man senseless, perhaps even killing him. You can read all about it and watch the sickening video at the below link from Legal Insurrection. It is graphic.


Keep in mind that the editor of the above blog, Professor William Jacobson of Cornell University is under intense fire for his past criticisms of BLM.

I am sick and tired of seeing this senseless violence in our cities while police are told to stand down and are being defunded and even abolished as we speak. It is time for the police, National Guard, and military, if needed, to go in there are take back our streets-by any means necessary. These are people who need to be put away for a long time.

Make no mistake: If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected, these forces of anarchy will take over our entire country. If Biden and Harris are elected, and the Democrats keep the House and take over the Senate, it's goodbye to our democracy.

And the rest of the world will quickly follow. Just look at Europe today.

Vote. Vote like the survival of our county depends on it-because it does.

Pittsburgh: 8 Indictments in May Riot

Gary Fouse

Note the Palestinian keffiya

Eight people have been indicted on federal charges stemming from their participation in a May riot in Pittsburgh. This is what we need to see more of. All over the country, while thousands protested the George Floyd incident lawfully, others used the occasion to launch violence. These people must be prosecuted, not just because they may have gotten carried away and threw a brick, but there are many people who organized this violence across state lines. That is why this particular case is being prosecuted federally. It's my bet that the feds have quietly identified a lot of these people that for one reason or another were not or could not be arrested when they were committing their mayhem.


Hopefully, we will see more indictments coming down-especially in Seattle and Portland.