This is what islam does-so get over it!

Here is a fine response to those who might have been offended by the images of U.S. Marines urinating of the bodies of some dead Taliban cowards.

This was done by dear friend and counterjihadist to the core, LadyRaven who has the most excellent site that I enjoy stealing from, Operation YouTube "Islamism" Smackdown. Please check out her site and you will find no fluffy foo foo there, or libtards.

Enjoy and please stealing is ALWAYS permitted here as long as your give proper credit(s) and leave a link back to here.

Graphic and proper words are below so be careful who might reading over your shoulder.


islamic Equivalent of Marine’s Peeing on Terrorists
By LadyRavenSDC

Back to the subject – Ann Barnhardt was asked -

Q: Ann, What do you think of the Marines who peed on the dead Taliban?

A: I have little sympathy for men who live their lives wiping their anuses with their bare hands after bowel movements, and who view as the pinnacle of human pleasure inserting their genitals and depositing their semen into the feces-laden rectums of boys and other men, who suddenly get squeamish about dead bodies being sprinkled with a bit of urine – which is sterile by the way. Those dead Taliban were probably the cleanest they had ever been in their adult lives after being showered with the righteous tinkles of those Marines. Ooh-rah. That is all. Carry on.


A new video (view with CAUTION) was posted on YouTube yesterday. The islamic equivalent of Marine’s peeing on terrorists.

“The video shows the bodies of US soldiers from 101st airborne, responsible for the rape and murder of an Iraqi child, the murder of her parents and siblings. Qatalahum Allah.”

’nuff said.

Original post is here.

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I told you so! Foreign Confidential is validated over Iran

I am just smashed for time tonight but I want to get a couple of posts up for those who have no life and end up here. I know there are a few of you and it is about getting the word out and educating people if they have not gone brain dead from too much Kool Aid and obama.

Just in case anyone doubts how good Foreign Confidential is, here is some proof and validation for you. I have been following Foreign Confidential for over two years, going back to the days when it was formerly known as China Confidential.

Confidential Reporter has superb sources and and insight. They rarely are off target and to my knowledge, they are batting close to 1000 in predictions and calls such as you will read below.
FC has been spot on target with North Korea so this is no surprise to me.


Validation for Foreign Confidential™ Reporting and Analysis: Islamist Iran Willing to Attack the United States On its Own Soil
By Confidential Reporter

The U.S. Director of National Intelligence today warned the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran is willing to launch terrorist attacks against the United States on its own soil. Click here to read the report.

Scroll down or click here and here for Foreign Confidential™ coverage of the Iranian threat--to the U.S. 

Original post is here.


Iran Starts Spanish-Language TV Channel
By Confidential Reporter

 Ahead of attacking the United States with missiles and terrorists, the Hitlerian monster Ahmadinejad has inaugurated a Spanish-language, satellite TV news channel aimed at the Americas. Click here for the story.

Iran's Latin American strategy speaks volumes about the ways in which weakness invites aggression and appeasement of an imperialist power--meaning, a country bent on overthrowing the status quo, or power relations among nations--makes war with that power inevitable. The longer the appeasement continues, the more likely it is that the war will be fought on the aggressor's terms. That happened during the 1930s, in the lead-up to World War II, and it is happening now in the case of nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran. The Bush administration, foolishly focused on Iraq, failed to attack Iran, an implacable enemy that aided Al Qaeda before the September 11 attacks (and, like Pakistan, has aided AQ since the attacks). The Obama administration appeased and tried to "engage" (code for collaborate and align with) Iran in a failed attempt at a Grand Bargain for regional pacification. Wishy-washy condemnations and economic sanctions have not slowed Iran's atomic advance to any significant degree; thanks to Obama (of "the Muslim world"), a clerical fascist regime that denies the Holocaust while plotting a new one is closer than ever to possessing the ultimate weapons of mass destruction--and the means of delivering them.

After taking office, Obama also tried to engage Iran's most important Western Hemisphere ally, Venezuela's virulently anti-American strongman, Hugo Chavez (click here for a handy recap of Obama's Latin America Apology Tour). Obama's efforts to win this enemy over have clearly backfired.

The new Iranian TV channel, which will also distribute its programming across the Internet, will work to condition Latin American (and U.S. Hispanic) public opinion before the coming conflict, and to shape perceptions and influence opinion during the conflict. No doubt, there are plans afoot to use video images of Iranian casualties from U.
Original post is here.

If you want to learn more about Iran in South America, it is right here:
Iran’s Gambit in Latin America « Commentary Magazine

As always, a big cup Cafe Bustelo and a true Cuban cigar for Confidential Reporter.

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Bulletin of Christian Persecution Dec 27, 2011 to Jan 28, 2012

Here is the latest Bulletin of Christian Persecution from Political Islam.

I admit I did just a quick copy and this is one Post I cannot cut short.


                            Bulletin of Christian Persecution

December 27, 2011 - January 28, 2012
December 27, 2011
Those who murdered Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, a Catholic, belong to Sipah-e-Sahaba, a Muslim terrorist organisation, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said during a Christmas event at Islamabad's Fatima Church.
In cooperation with Interpol, Pakistani authorities are making all possible efforts to bring them back to Pakistan after they fled to Dubai. Paul Bhatti, brother of the slain minister and national harmony advisor to the prime minister, praised the Interior minister's statement. "Rehman Malik`s statement will bring an end to the rumours that have been surfacing regarding Shahbaz Bhatti`s murder," he said.
Iran (hat tip to JihadWatch)
Iranian authorities raided a church that was celebrating Christmas and detained everyone in the building, including children attending Sunday school, a U.K.-based Christian charity said. While the majority of the members were "interrogated, threatened and eventually released," the church's senior pastor, identified only as Farhad, remained in detention, along with his wife and some church leaders, at press time.
December 28, 2012
Islamic extremists threw acid on a church leader on Christmas Eve shortly after a seven-day revival at his church, leaving him with severe burns that have blinded one eye and threaten sight in the other. Bishop Umar Mulinde, 37, a sheikh (Islamic teacher) before his conversion to Christianity, was attacked on Saturday night (Dec. 24) outside his Gospel Life Church International building in Namasuba, about 10 kilometers (six miles) outside of Kampala.
December 29, 2011
Egypt (hat tip to JihadWatch)
An offshoot of Egypt's top religious institution, Al Azhar, has called on the government to take a Christian television station off the air, allegedly for offending Muslims, the semi-official Al-Ahram newspaper reported Thursday.
Nigeria (hat tip to NewEnglishReview)
Nigeria's Christians are losing faith that the government will protect them from attacks by Islamic extremists and will "respond appropriately" to future killings, the country's leading church group warned Wednesday. In a public message to President Goodluck Jonathan, the Christian Association of Nigeria called the Christmas Day targeting of churches in several cities "a declaration of war on Christians and Nigeria as an entity."
A Christian couple and their one-year-old son have been shot dead by Muslim gunmen in a 'religious attack' in Nigeria, police said today. he family were in a village near the the city of Jos on Tuesday evening when the killers - believed to be Muslim herdsmen - opened fire.

December 30, 2011
Egypt (hat tip to JihadWatch)
Dozens of residents of the village of Baheeg in Assiut, Upper Egypt, burnt three houses owned by a Christian family after a Christian villager allegedly published cartoons mocking Islam on his Facebook account.

A number of Muslim students attacked their Coptic classmate for posting the cartoons, a Muslim student told Al-Masry Al-Youm.
The Muslim students attacked the Coptic student on Thursday at Monqebad Secondary School in Assiut. Eyewitnesses said the military intervened to break up the fight and escorted the Coptic youth and his family away from the village. Later, Muslim villagers set fire to the family's houses.
Iraq/Afghanistan/Egypt (hat tip to AtlasShrugs)
Christianity in Afghanistan and Iraq could be eradicated in our lifetime, partially as a result of the US troop withdrawal, says Leonard Leo, chairman of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.

"The flight of Christians out of the region is unprecedented and it's increasing year by year," Leo said, concluding with a grim prediction that Christians might disappear altogether from Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt.
Dubai (hat tip to AtlasShrugs)
A principal and his wife have been sacked from a college whose stated aim is to promote multiculturalism because they are white Christians, they claim.

Professor Malory Nye says he was dismissed from the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee, Scotland, because his race and religion were seen by his superiors as a threat to its core Muslim values. He says the college's claims to pursuing multicultural values were a charade and that he was dismissed so he could be replaced by a Muslim.
December 31, 2011
Iran (hat tip to thereligionofpeace)
According to reporters of Iranian Christian News Agency, Mohabat News, concerns are growing over the unknown conditions of four of the people arrested during the attack on the AOG church of Ahwaz which took place almost one week ago.

Germany (translated JLH and published by GatesofVienna blog)
An interview with Christian convert and Islamic apostate Sabatina James from Germany.
January 1, 2012
Nigeria's president has declared a state of emergency in areas of the country hit by a growing Islamist insurgency, amid escalating violence in Africa's most populous nation. The move came in response to dozens of attacks blamed on Boko Haram, an Islamist group that claims ties to al-Qaeda, most recently a wave of bombings over Christmas that killed nearly 50 people.
Egypt (hat tip to thereligionofpeace)
An ultraconservative Egyptian Islamist group says sending Christmas greetings to Christians is "against our beliefs," a position immediately rebuked by other Muslims.
Nadar Bakar, spokesman of the hard-line Al-Nour party, said Wednesday that Muslims should give greetings to Christians only on "personal occasions," not religious ones.
January 2, 2012
Christians face waves of persecution in the Mid-East after the "Arab Spring."
January 3, 2012

This is a short "must-see" video of a Catholic nun who works with Iraqi Christian girls who have been raped and tortured by Muslim men. The title is "This Is What Islam Does" [to Kafir women].
January 4, 2012
The militant Islamist group Boko Haram issued an ultimatum on Sunday 1st January giving Christians living in northern Nigeria three days to leave the area. This followed a number of attacks by the militants on churches and other targets over Christmas leaving more than 40 people dead. Update HERE.
For information on a talk about Muslim/Christian violence in Nigeria by the Archbishop of Jos Province at the Westminster Institute on January 22, 2012 go HERE.
Acts of violence and intolerance against Christians in Indonesia almost doubled in 2011, with an Islamist campaign to close down churches symbolizing the plight of the religious minority. The Indonesian Protestant Church Union, locally known as PGI, counted 54 acts of violence and other violations against Christians in 2011, up from 30 in 2010
January 5, 2012
(hat tip to JihadWatch)
An Egyptian cleric talks about Islamic beliefs: "I do not believe that Jesus was crucified. I believe in what the Koran says: 'They killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them.'
Nigeria (hat tip to thereligionofpeace)
Gunmen have attacked a church in north-east Nigeria, killing at least six people, the church's pastor says.
"The attackers started shooting sporadically. They shot through the window of the church, and many people were killed including my wife," Mr Jauro told Reuters news agency. Update HERE.
January 6, 2012
Pakistan (hat tip to JihadWatch)
A Pakistani Christian editor has said he receives hate mails and death threats on a daily basis from Pakistan for carrying reports on the persecution of Christians in the South Asian country.
January 9, 2012
A prominent Christian Egyptian media mogul faces trial on a charge of insulting Islam, lawyers said Monday, based on his relaying a cartoon on his Twitter account.
January 10, 2012
A Somali convert from Islam was paraded before a cheering crowd last month and publicly flogged as a punishment for embracing a "foreign religion," sources said. Sofia Osman, a 28-year-old Christian from Janale city in Somali'as Lower Shabelle region, had been taken into custody by Islamic extremist al Shabaab militants in November; the public whipping was meant to mark her release. She received 40 lashes on Dec. 22 while jeered by spectators.
January 11, 2012
Nigeria (hat tip to JihadWatch)
Suspected members of Islamist group Boko Haram on Wednesday shot dead four Christians who were believed to be fleeing violence-torn Maiduguri, residents said.

"Their car had just pulled up at a filling station outside the town to refuel when suspected Boko Haram gunmen in another car also pulled up and opened fire on the Igbos, killing them on the spot," said a resident of the city of Potiskum who sells groceries nearby.
Pakistan (hat tip to JihadWatch)
The National Commission of Justice and Peace (NCPJ) has accused the Punjab government of illegally demolishing a welfare centre allegedly without a notice. The centre, Gosha-e-Aman,, was a property of the Catholic Church. Father Emmanuel Yousuf Mani, the NCPJ national director, told a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Tuesday that the demolished compound was home to three families and worth billions of rupees. He said the property was registered as the Lahore Charitable Association and was managed by CARITAS Pakistan.
January 13, 2012
Sudan (hat tip to CenterForSecurityPolicy)
At least 57 people, most of them women and children, were killed in tribal clashes on Wednesday in South Sudan's vast Jonglei state, the latest deaths in a cycle of ethnic violence displacing 60,000 people, the government said Friday.
Iran (hat tip to thereligionofpeace)
Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has rejected an offer to be released from prison if he publicly acknowledges Islam's prophet Mohammed as "a messenger sent by God" well-informed Christians and rights activists said. Iranian authorities reportedly summoned lawyers for Pastor Nadarkhani to his home city of Rasht on December 30, to explain the deal. Local officials indicated they would release the pastor if he agreed to make the statement about Mohammed, Christians with close knowledge about the situation explained.
India (hat tip to JihadWatch)
All India Christian Council in New Delhi on Friday feared backlash against Christians in the country due to incrimination of pastors Jim Borst and CM Khanna by Srinagar's self-styled Islamic Shariat court.
The self-proclaimed Supreme Court of Islamic Sharia headed by Mufti Bashir-ud-din on Wednesday indicted Pastor C M Khanna and Dutch national, Jim Borst for their alleged involvement in luring Kashmiri Muslims to convert to Christianity.
Far from the world media's gaze in remote islands off the eastern coast of Africa, church buildings are razed and Christians are ostracized and imprisoned for their faith - leaving one with a skin disease.
Pakistan (hat tip to thereligionofpeace)
A group of people praying in a mosque were so irked by the voices of children singing carols at a nearby church that they decided to silence them-by attacking their house of worship.
The World
Muslim nations make up nine out of the top ten countries where Christians face the "most severe" persecution, and 38 of the top 50, reports U.S.-based Open Doors in its 2012 World Watch List.
January 16, 2012
Israel (Hat tip to AtlasShrugs)
A pro-Israel Christian pastor from Uganda is receiving free medical treatment in Israel after being attacked with acid in Kampala on Christmas Eve. Umar Mulinde, 38, converted to Christianity from Islam when he was in university. Since then, he has openly criticized Islam, and his ministry has included public debates with Muslims. His wife is a popular gospel singer.
"I was attacked by a man who called out to me shouting 'Pastor, Pastor' and I turned to see who he was," said Mulinde. "Then he poured acid which burnt part of my face. As I turned away from the attacker, another man poured liquid on my back and ran away shouting 'Allah Akhbar' (God is great)."
January 17, 2012
A 15-year-old Christian girl in western Uganda who lost the use of her legs after her father locked her in a room for six months for leaving Islam has begun to take tentative steps.
January 18, 2012
Syria (hat tip to thereligionofpeace)
The Christian community in Syria has been hit by a series of kidnappings and brutal murders; 100 Christians have now been killed since the anti-government unrest began.
A cleric, Pastor Yahaya Abdu of Baptist Church, Bajoga in Funakaye Local Government Area of Gombe State, has been found dead near his house. It was learnt that the body of the preacher was found on Sunday, with his throat slit open.
Sudan's Ministry of Guidance and Religious Endowments has threatened to arrest church leaders if they carry out evangelistic activities and do not comply with an order for churches to provide their names and contact information, Christian sources said.
Anger and frustration have risen among Egypt's Coptic Christians after the recent escalation of court cases against Copts charged with of contempt of Islam. Copts accuse the authorities, including the ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces, of exercising double standards in the application of the "contempt of religion" law.
January 20, 2012
Egypt (Hat tip to AtlasShrugs)
A Muslim mob attacked Copts today in the Upper Egyptian village of Rahmaniya-Kebly, Nag Hammadi, Qena province, destroying and torching their homes, straw huts and shops, while chanting Allahu Akbar. No one was reported killed or injured. According to reports, security forces were present but did not intervene and the fire brigade arrived 90 minutes late.

An eye-witness said that a straw hut belonging to a Copt was torched to clear the area for a mosque. There are more than 300 mosques in the village and one church.
Italy (Hat tip to and translation by IslamInEurope)
A couple from Albenga (Genoa) says their children have been given to a Muslim family by social services against their will. Makhlou Khalid is a Moroccan married to an Italian, Valentina. They say their children (a 3 and 5 year olds) have been baptized and are Christian.
Kuwait (hat tip to JihadWatch)
According to reports, a Kuwaiti royal prince has become a follower of Jesus Christ. . . . As is well known, the problem of conversions from Islam to other religions is a recurring problem in relationships between followers of the Prophet and other faiths and it is a very serious problem in all countries where the majority of the population is Muslim, even those that at first sight would seem socially progressive. [the sharia law penalty for apostasy is death].
January 20, 2012
Police this week beat and arrested a church leader in Khartoum, sources told Compass. Evangelist James Kat of the Evangelical Church of Sudan was arrested on Tuesday morning (Jan. 17), with officers beating him as they took him to a North Division police station, the sources said. He was released on bail the same day.

January 21, 2012
The Catholic community of Lahore is up in arms against the illegal demolition of the "Gosha-e-Aman", a "place of peace" that welcomed Christians and Muslims, last January 10 by the provincial government of Punjab. One victim has decided to take the case to court by filing a written complaint against the Development Authority and other officials involved in the affair.
Anti-Christian violence continues in Egypt, according to local sources, the episodes are linked to the attempt of fundamentalist Islamic fringe - Salafis - to block the vote of the religious minority in the next election. On 19 January, a mob attacked the Coptic Christian community of the village of Kebly-Rahmaniya, near the town of Nag Hammadi, Qena governorate, Upper Egypt. The assailants, chanting "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great) attacked and burned down houses, huts, shops and businesses.
Nigeria (hat tip to thereligionofpeace)
At least 80 bodies were piled in a morgue in Nigeria's second-largest city of Kano on Saturday after coordinated bomb attacks and shootouts the previous night, an AFP correspondent reported. Coordinated bomb attacks targeting security forces and gun battles on Friday evening spread chaos in Kano, the largest city in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north, with bodies littering the streets on Saturday.
The main newspaper in Nigeria's north said that a purported spokesman for Islamist group Boko Haram had claimed responsibility for the violence, saying it was in response to authorities' refusal to release their members from custody.
Indonesia (Hat tip to thereligionofpeace)
Hundreds of people from various [Muslim] radical groups launched a search on Sunday to find the location of the Yasmin church congregation's service and prevent them from worshiping. The groups even went to the home of one of the worshipers.
Protesters from the Indonesian Muslim Communication Forum (Forkami) and the Islamic Reform Movement (Garis) surrounded the home where the service was held on Jalan Cempaka no. 10, Taman Yasmin complex in Bogor. "It crosses the line now. The protesters now come to the residential area, which is not a public place," politician Lily Wahid, the sister of late president Abdurrahman Wahid, said at the scene.
Opposition members from minorities lashed out against the provincial government over its possession of Christian properties, saying that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had made the province 'hell' for minorities.
Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) MPA Shahzad Elahi on a point of order raised the issue of Christian's property, Gosha-e-Aman, located in Lahore and said that the Punjab government had made the demolition of churches its mission. He also referred to other properties which had been grabbed by the provincial government, including United Christian Hospital and church property in Garden Town, and added that due to such illegal acts, the province had become a "living hell" for minorities. He strongly condemned the demolition of a 20-kanal portion of a church in Garhi Shahu. Elahi said that the Bible had also been desecrated during the demolition of the church and the windows of the church had been smashed.
January 23, 2012
Norway (translation from IslamInEurope)
Two Iranians who converted from Islam to Christianity were stabbed by masked me in Haugesund last week. The attacker shouted 'Kuffar' (Arabic for non-believer) during the attack.
January 24, 2012
Indonesia (hat tip to InfidelsAreCool)
Violence against religious minorities surged in Indonesia in 2011, with authorities standing aside and failing to uphold the rule of law as Islamist mobs attacked Christians and Ahmadis, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in its annual report on the country.
Early morning attacks in Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi state on Sunday (Jan. 22) left at least seven Christians dead and a church building destroyed. The attack on the Evangelical Church Winning All Church 2, residents of Tafawa Balewa said, was carried out by area Islamic extremists alongside members of the Boko Haram sect, with the church building and surrounding houses bombed.
January 25, 2012
Islamic militias loyal to the Sudanese government have kidnapped two Catholic priests in Rabak, Christian sources said.
A large truck smashed through the gates of the St. Josephine Bakhita's Catholic Church compound in Rabak, on Jan. 15 at 10 p.m., and the assailants broke down the rectory door, the sources said. The Rev. Joseph Makwey and the Rev. Sylvester Mogga were kidnapped at gunpoint.
A Muslim father is arrested after his son converts to Christianity.
January 27, 2012
Egypt (hat tip to JihadWatch)
Two Copts, father and son, were killed yesterday in a suburb of Nag Hammadi in Upper Egypt, shot dead by a Muslim bandit, and his accomplices because they refused to pay the money demanded by the racket.
A former member of a Muslim extremist group in Uganda who converted to Christianity is in hiding in Kenya, his movements severely restricted following threats to kill him.
January 28, 2012
A mob of over 3000 Muslims attacked Copts in the village of Kobry-el-Sharbat, Alexandria this afternoon. Coptic homes and shops were looted before being set ablaze. Two Copts and a Muslim were injured. The violence started after a rumor was spread that a Coptic man had an allegedly intimate photo of a Muslim woman on his mobile phone.
According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrators were bearded men in white gowns. "They were Salafists, and some of were from the Muslim Brotherhood," according to one witness.

Produced by politicalislam.com
Publisher: Bill Warner; Edited by Asma Marwan

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Rep. Allen West - "Obama, Reid, Pelosi, get the hell out of the USA" - 28 January 2012

Allen West is one of the best things that has happened to the Republican party in years. It is really a shame he has been swatted down by the GOP establishment in the redistricting plan for Florida, if that plan holds up as currently drawn up.

West scares the hell out of the libtards who see him as a black KKK member or a demagogue who is scarier than the true wack job, Ron Paul. West is doing a lot of things correctly and he brings all out on the table. What you see and hear is what you get with West.


"This is a battlefield, that we must stand upon. We need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, (audience boos) and my dear friend the chairman of the Democrat National Committee, we need to let them know that Florida ain't on the table," West said. "Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere else. You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America."

Hat tip: Monkey In The Middle

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The Occupy Movement: It's a Federal Case

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Gary Fouse

With this weekend's violence in Oakland, it is time to look into the national aspect of this phenomena from a law enforcement point of view. Can anyone seriously say that there is no national coordination going on here with these disruptions? From New York to Oakland to Los Angeles and beyond, it is one case of violence, public disorder, destruction and disruption after another. The question is will our Justice Department under Eric Holder seriously investigate it?

First of all, there is every reason to suspect that there is a link between the activists and the Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi has publicly stated that she supports the protesters "when they speak truth to power". She also made her infamous, "God bless them" statement. President Obama, no less, said that he "can empathize with the protests". Nowhere do you see posters or chants attacking Obama or the Democratic Party.

In addition, I can name right off the top of my head three national organizations that have jumped into the Occupy Movement; SEIU, CAIR and the National Lawyers Guild, the latter of which was created in the 1930s as a legal arm of the Communist Party USA. Its Los Angeles director, James Lafferty, has not only taken a leading role in the LA protests, but was arrested in New York.

The point of the matter is this; if Occupy leaders are coordinating across state lines to cause disruption and violence, that is where federal law enforcement should step in. Let me note that I do not see a dangerous parallel with the civil rights protests of the 1960s when the FBI was wiretapping Martin Luther King under orders from J. Edgar Hoover. King's protests resulted in local arrests because he was engaging in civil disobedience of unconstitutional laws, but nowhere did King and his followers engage in violence. They did not throw rocks at police. They did not forcibly take over buildings. They never tried to shut down a sea port by forcibly occupying it. They did not assault people or cause property damage.

As for what is happening today, local law enforcement does not have the tools to go beyond making arrests at the local level. When it comes to any form of national coordination of violence , it requires a federal agency to effectively coordinate across state lines to investigate it.

That is why we have federal agencies to begin with. For example, if a local drug dealer is standing on an Oakland street corner selling drugs to addicts, that is a case for the Oakland police. But when that seller is connected to a larger dealer who is obtaining his heroin supplies from another dealer in New York, now you need a federal agency like DEA, which can coordinate together effectively to take down what is a national trafficking organization,.

Can anyone seriously argue that the Occupy movement, which has long ago crossed from peaceful protest to violence and disruption, is a spontaneous, local phenomena with no national coordination?  Hardly.

It is past time that the Department of Justice started to investigate this movement on a national level. The RICO statute may be the appropriate tool. It is possible that the FBI is already looking into it, but if so, are they on a tight leash with this politically-oriented Justice Department under Eric Holder?

Final comment on Oakland: It is time for some serious charges that carry some serious prison time for those who were arrested.

Muslim husband kills wife for delivery of baby girl

In a crime that proves just how much women are 'valued' under the strangling grip of islam and sharia law, comes this news of how a muslim husband 'respected' his wife after she gave birth a baby girl.

This muslim man loved and respected his wife so much that he strangled her to death. She had blessed this man with a second daughter. One does not have to think too hard what might have happened if she had given birth to twin baby girls.

Notice the spin by Fox News as you read this next post. They try to down play how rare it is for a muslim man to abuse or murder his wife, especially over the gender of baby. An honor killing is an honor killing just the same as jihad is jihad. We are now reading about honor killings with a much higher frequency here in the West than ever before. One only has to look to our northern neighbor Canada, to see the latest version of this time honored, mostly male perpetrated tradition of honor killing. Many times muslim women are guilty of collaborating with the men in the family to carry out the crime.

"Police took the man's mother into custody because she appears to have collaborated in a plot to kill her daughter-in-law, Habibullah said. Ghya, who visited the man's mother in jail, said that she swears that Estorai committed suicide by hanging. Police said they found no rope and no evidence of hanging from the woman's wounds.

Boy babies are traditionally prized much more highly than girls in Afghanistan, where a son means a breadwinner and a daughter is seen as a drain on the family until she is married off. Even so, a murder over the gender of a baby would be rare and shocking if proved true."

Where are the feminazis  is all of this. How many of them have volunteered to go to muslim countries to actually try and help the women who are cursed, persecuted from the death cult of islam and sharia law?

You will find no whitewashing of the facts about honor killings, islam or sharia law here.


Police say Afghan man who wanted a son killed his wife for giving birth to girl

KABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan woman has been strangled to death, apparently by her husband, who was upset that she gave birth to a second daughter rather than the son he had hoped for, police said Monday.

It was the latest in a series of grisly examples of subjugation of women that have made headlines in Afghanistan in the past few months -- including a 15-year-old tortured and forced into prostitution by in-laws and a female rape victim who was imprisoned for adultery.

The episodes have raised the question of what will happen to the push for women's rights in Afghanistan as the international presence here shrinks along with the military drawdown. NATO forces are scheduled to pull out by the end of 2014.

In the 10 years since the ouster of the Taliban, great strides have been made for women in Afghanistan, with many attending school, working in offices and even sometimes marching in protests. But abuse and repression of women are still common, particularly in rural areas where women are still unlikely to set foot outside of the house without a burqa robe that covers them from head to toe.

The man in the latest case, Sher Mohammad, fled the Khanabad district in Kunduz province last week, about the time a neighbor found his 22-year-old wife dead in their house, said District Police Chief Sufi Habibullah. Medical examiners whom police brought to check the body said she had been strangled, Habibullah said.

The woman, named Estorai, had warned family members that her husband had repeatedly reproached her for giving birth to a daughter rather than a son and had threatened to kill her if it happened again, said Provincial women's affairs chief Nadira Ghya, who traveled to Khanabad to deal with the case. Estorai gave birth to her second daughter between two and three months ago, Ghya said. Officials did not have a family name for either Sher Mohammad or Estorai.

Police took the man's mother into custody because she appears to have collaborated in a plot to kill her daughter-in-law, Habibullah said. Ghya, who visited the man's mother in jail, said that she swears that Estorai committed suicide by hanging. Police said they found no rope and no evidence of hanging from the woman's wounds.

Boy babies are traditionally prized much more highly than girls in Afghanistan, where a son means a breadwinner and a daughter is seen as a drain on the family until she is married off. Even so, a murder over the gender of a baby would be rare and shocking if proved true.

The U.S. Embassy issued a statement Monday praising the Afghan government for recent declarations supporting women's rights in the wake of the latest abuse cases that have garnered media attention.

"The rights of women cannot be relegated to the margins of international affairs, as this issue is at the core of our national security and the security of people everywhere," the statement said. It did not address the killing of the young woman in Kunduz.

Original article is here.

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What if God was one of us-Joan Osborne

I heard this song by Joan Osborne while watching an episode called RAMPAGE from the show 'Cold Case'. This was from season 4 and this song was at the closing of this episode.

 What if God was one of us.

Simply outstanding and this is the original video for the song Lyrics are below.

The album version starts off with four lines from a Gospel music song "The Heavenly Aeroplane":
Oh, one of these nights at about twelve o'clock
This whole earth is gonna reel and rock
Saints will tremble and cry for pain
For the Lord's gonna come in his heaven airplane.

[The thing she says at the beginning:
one of these nights at about twelve o'clock
this whole earth's gonna reel and rock...
things thay'll tremble and cry for pain
for the Lord's gonna come in his heavenly airplane.]


If God had a name what would it be?
And would you call it to his face?
If you were faced with him
In all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question?

And yeah, yeah, God is great
Yeah, yeah, God is good
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home

If God had a face what would it look like?
And would you want to see
If seeing meant that
you would have to believe
in things like heaven and in Jesus and the saints
and all the prophets

And yeah, yeah, God is great
Yeah, yeah, God is good
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

Trying to make his way home
Back up to heaven all alone
Nobody calling on the phone
'cept for the Pope maybe in Rome

And yeah, yeah, God is great
Yeah, yeah, God is good
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

Just trying to make his way home
Like a holy rolling stone
Back up to heaven all alone
Just trying to make his way home
Nobody calling on the phone
'cept for the Pope maybe in Rome

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Wahhabi Muslims

by Kerby Anderson, Point of View: You may not be familiar with Wahhabi Muslims, but you should be. Wahhabism is a movement within Sunni Islam that was founded in the eighteenth century by Muhammad al-Wahhab who established a form of Muslim literalism that flourishes today in Saudi Arabia. He and his followers attempted to purify Islam and return it to its Muslim roots and pursue the literal interpretation of the Qur’an. Wahhab aggressively fought for purity within Islam by burning books, destroying Muslim holy places, and killing Muslims who disagreed with him.

In my book, A Biblical Point of View on Islam, I document the influence of Wahhabism on Saudi Arabia. All of the 9/11 hijackers, for example, were Wahhabi Muslims. Wahhabis also control Islam’s two most holy cities: Mecca and Medina. This provides them with a strong religious platform because of the annual pilgrimages to Mecca each year.

The oil money of Saudi Arabia provides the financial platform. Wahhabism became the “official, state-enforced doctrine of one of the most influential governments in all Islam.”  The Saudi oil money helped to fund Wahhabi propagation of their views at home and abroad.

How influential is Wahhabism? It was the primary influence on Osama bin Laden and all of the 9/11 hijackers. Wahhabism was also influential in the theology of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Bernard Lewis uses this analogy to illustrate the influence of Wahhabism. He says, imagine that the Ku Klux Klan or a similar group took control of Texas and its oil. Then imagine what they could do with this money to propagate their version of “Christianity” through heavily endowed schools and colleges.

Of course we don’t have to imagine this because this is precisely what is taking place right now in the Middle East. I’m Kerby Anderson, and that’s my point of view.
Kirby Anderson is an author, lecturer, visiting professor and radio host and contributor on nationally syndicated "Point of View" and the "Probe" radio programs.

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Convictions in Canadian Honor-Killing

Gary Fouse, fousesquawk: A Canadian court has convicted three members of an Afghan immigrant family for first-degree murder, a case in which four female members of the family were murdered. The below report from CNN, tells the story.

This case has aroused wide publicity in Canada. It is a classic case of honor-killing. The husband was infuriated at his three daughters, who were rebellious and embracing a freer Western life style. Mr Shafia's first wife was also killed because it was believed she was facilitating the daughters' rebellious behavior.

The verdict sends an important message to the rest of the country. That is that certain traditions, customs and beliefs are not acceptable in a free country that demands equality for all.

It is also a reason why shariah law must not be allowed to gain any kind of foothold in Western countries. The US and Europe have also experienced "honor-killings". It is one aspect of shariah that has no place in Western society. The point is this: Murder is murder and will be treated as such. There can be no allowances made for any religious beliefs that immigrants may bring with them from their countries of origin. In many of their previous countries, great consideration is given to the idea of honor-killing. This results in lenient sentences for the offenders. That cannot happen here.

If we allow shariah law to gain a foothold in our country, it will only grow. It is unacceptable for us to leave Muslim immigrants to the mercy of shariah within their own families or communities when it is in direct violation of our own laws and constitution. In Great Britain, local shariah courts have been allowed to operate in civil property matters. At the same time, there are loud demands from people like Anjem Choudary and his radical groups that shariah become the law of the land. In Choudary's own words, that means honor-killings, stonings, death to homosexuals, and apostates from Islam. Great Britain has allowed the camel to get his nose under the proverbial tent.

I absolutely do not mean to imply that all or even most Muslim immigrants want to practice these things in America. Many came here to escape that type of oppression. I am of the opinion that most Muslims realize that these things are not part of American culture, are contrary to American law, and are conducting their lives accordingly. Yet, honor-killings have, indeed, occurred in the US- in Buffalo, St Louis, Phoenix, and other places. They are isolated incidents,and the victims themselves are Muslims, but the justice must be sure. Everyone in this country is guaranteed certain rights to life. That includes rebellious wives and daughters, gays, and people deciding to change religions or just abandon a religion. We cannot turn a blind eye to these practices and allow people to be victimized in the name of multi-culturalism.

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Do The Burka-video now complete with death threats or fun with islam

Of course whenever anyone does anything that is insulting to islam (what is NOT insulting to islam or many muslims anymore, think about that one!) they respond with a death threat to whoever was responsible for the insult. This video is no exception.

So please help out and share this video with friends and family. I really wanted to order some of those t-shirts! Of course YouTube closed off the comments to the video as so many (guess who) found the video insulting. I wonder if YT would have killed the comments if the video was a pro jihadist video calling for death to all Jews and Israel or America?


Dutch satirist Johan Vlemmix has decided not to perform his latest hit Do the Burqa onstage following death threats.

The song, a carnival parody to the music of Van McCoy's Do the Hustle, is a huge success on YouTube, so much so that the video provider has switched off the comments facility. Too many people were posting angry reactions saying that they had been insulted.

The images show a woman wearing a T-shirt which can be instantly converted into a burqa, be it one that does not cover the breasts. Of course YouTube disabled the comment section on the video. Hmm...I wonder if YT would have canceled the comments if this video had been about killing Jews or death to America?

Mr Vlemmix said he had expected some commotion over his song: "I'm not exactly dumb." But he had failed to anticipate the virulence of the reactions: "I really meant it as a joke. Because the burqa is banned in the Netherlands I thought it was fun to offer a carnival alternative for it: the burqa shirt."

Carnival, a colourful, musical and noisy feast celebrated annually in the southern half of the Netherlands, is often used to mock authorities and make fun of social issues by people dressed up or disguised in humorous creations.

He has not only stopped performing the song onstage, Johan Vlemmix has also cancelled the option to order the shirts via his website. But he stops short at pulling the video from Youtube: "I made it because I was convinced it was right, and I refuse to take it down."

It's not the first time that a carnival song by Johan Vlemmix caused a stir. Four years ago people from Poland reacted angrily to his song A busload of Poles, about Polish plumbers flooding the Dutch labour market. But, Mr Vlemmix said, "that was caused by an incorrect translation". Another song of his, about the deadly bird flu virus, also failed to find universal approval. But none of his earlier songs ever led to death threats.

Only once did such threats lead to an actual murder. Film director and columnist Theo van Gogh was killed in 2004 by a Dutch Muslim extremist, who was later arrested and jailed. Van Gogh had made a movie entitled Submission together with Somali-born MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which was highly critical of the oppression of women in the Islamic world.

Another Islam-criticising film, Fitna by populist MP Geert Wilders caused violent protests in Islamic countries. Mr Wilders, whose party provides key support to the governing rightwing minority coalition, is under permanent police protection.

Hat tip: Creeping Sharia.

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Persecution Update 29 January 2011

This week: Ugandan girl tortured by her dad walks again, more devilish laws in Sudan, UK Christians raise a voice for North Korea.

Persecution Update keeps you informed of what is going on in our world concerning persecuted Christians. (Info from Voice of the Martyrs Canada.) Download entire Quicktime movies for showing to your group or church from swordandspirit.com.

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Hitler-Admiring Ahmadinejad Aims to Attack America-Taking up the Torch of Fascism ...

Iran attack the United States? Ridiculous, too far fetched and has PatriotUSA lost what little marbles he has left? Some who read this might think so or call me an alarmist, or a far right paranoid wacko who is bitterly clinging to his religion and his guns. Have I drank too much Cafe Bustelo (which I highly recommend!) had one too many Ezra Brooks and cigars?

Well, perhaps some of the above is true but not how I feel about iran or what Confidential Reporter has to say about ahmadinejerk and iran are not crazy conspiracy schemes.

That iran is further along in their march to build up their arsenal of nuclear weapons than the West thinks iran is, is crystal clear to me. The reports are all over the place about what iran is close to having as nukes or what they already have that the West refuses to believe. What is also very clear is that at some point in the future, we will be at war with iran. This will leave no doubt(s) that we in the West are also at war with islam and have been for quite some time.

Confidential Reporter and Foreign Confidential are very, very accurate in what they predict and where they see events around the world going, how conflicts will escalate or who will pull the trigger.
The ties to islam, hitler and nazi Germany are too chilling to ignore and recall that is was the grand mufti who gave hitler the idea of the final solution. islam's hatred of the West, especially the United States and Israel has been known for a long time. The caldron of islamic fueled hatred will boil over and the cost will thousands, maybe millions of innocent victims getting killed by the hands of islam.
The world has been here before and we will be here again with islam.

Posted here with permission from Confidential Reporter and Foreign Confidential.


Hitler-Admiring Ahmadinejad Aims to Attack America 

By Confidential Reporter

Clerical Fascist Foe of US and Israel
Plans to Fulfill Nazi Fuhrer's Dream

By now, it should be pretty clear to everyone except diehard appeasers that Islamist Iran intends to rain missiles down on Israeli cities when (not if) Iran ends up in a shooting war with Israel and the United States over the mullahocracy's refusal to scrap its nuclear arms program. Iran has made its intentions known in this regard by repeatedly vowing to "burn Tel Aviv," bomb an Israeli nuclear installation in the Negev desert, "eradicate the Zionist cancer," etc.

What is less clear, because Iran has only hinted at this part of its war plan, is that the turbaned tyranny also intends to launch missile attacks on U.S. cities.

That's right: Iran intends to attack the U.S. homeland. And the Iranian attacks could come early in the coming conflict. Extreme Iranian hawks want to attack now or immediately after the first shots are fired--following, say, skirmishes or naval clashes in the Strait of Hormuz, assuming the war begins in the strategic waterway, or in Syria, as a result of U.S. intervention in Iran's secular Arab ally. Mainstream--meaning, more pragmatic--Iranian hawks (there are no doves) would prefer to wait until the U.S. attacks Iran itself before lashing back at U.S. cities in order to best exploit the propaganda value of the reprisals. Images of dead Iranian civilians could be used to justify the Iranian attacks; an army of Useful Idiots could be relied upon to parrot the Iranian line.

All clerical fascist factions agree: Iran must be prepared to attack "the Great Satan" as well as "the Little Satan." Attacking the Great Satan presents the greater challenge, of course; but the risks associated with this may be lower, surprisingly, than trying to level Tel Aviv or Haifa. Reason: Israel, which is believed to have a formidable arsenal of nuclear weapons, is certain to obliterate Iran (to use a term that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made famous during her failed bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008) to prevent a second Holocaust. But the Obama administration has more or less declared that it will never use nuclear weapons against an enemy that refrains from using nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction against the U.S.

Moreover, notwithstanding President Obama's success in combating Al Qaeda--killing Osama Bin Laden, decimating the organization through drone strikes, and so on--America's first "Muslim outreach" commander-in-chief has given Iran and other enemies of the U.S. every reason to assume that if forced to fight a full-blown war, especially against a Muslim country, he will be overly cautious, choosing to escalate the conflict at a measured pace instead of seeking to end the war with swift, crushing blows.

Which helps to explain why the men who rule Iran are plotting to strike U.S. civilian populations along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts. The Islamonazi monsters are basically borrowing a few pages from Adolf Hitler's World War II playbook.

A bit of frightening and exceedingly relevant history. In the run-up to the War, Nazi Germany established espionage networks in Latin America; during the War, the Nazis used submarines both to smuggle saboteurs into the U.S. and to attack U.S. ships. Nazi subs sank dozens of ships in U.S. waters and turned the Gulf of Mexico into a giant killing zone. Incredibly, more than 20 U-boats operated in the Gulf during the years 1942 and '43. They attacked tankers transporting oil from ports in Texas and Louisiana, successfully sinking 56 vessels. In one instance, the tanker Virginia was torpedoed in the mouth of the Mississippi River by a German U-Boat, killing 26 out of 40 crewmen.

More history. Hitler dreamed of attacking New York; and Nazi plans to attack the city by air or submarine actually pre-dated Pearl Harbor. After the U.S. entered the war, Hitler became obsessed with destroying Manhattan skyscrapers. He longed to see the buildings burn. (He would have been proud of Bin Laden.) As Germany's defeat loomed, the Nazi leader ordered German generals and scientists to build a missile capable reaching New York. Had the war lasted longer, they might have succeeded.

Back to the future. Iran's Hitler-admiring maniac-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, aims to fulfill the Fuhrer's unrealized dream. Ahmadinejad doesn't need U-boats. He has a fleet of seemingly civilian cargo ships equipped with cleverly concealed, containerized, Russian-made missile launch systems--which Iran and North Korea have jointly test-fired in the context of their notable Islamist-Stalinist partnership in proliferation. Flying flags of convenience, these vessels can be deployed to strike U.S. coastal cities--and may already be lurking offshore.

Latin American spy bases? Ahmadinejad has these and more--meaning, cells of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and Hezbollah terrorists and commandos in Venezuela and Mexico. The jihadist killers are ready to sacrifice their own lives in order to attack U.S. targets abroad and inside the U.S. As far as they are concerned, the unbelievably porous U.S. border is wide open for terrorist business. Attacks on U.S. municipalities along and close to the Mexican border are distinctly possible. Massacres and mass hostage situations are not at all far-fetched.

Sabotage operations? Nazi wartime sabotage missions against the U.S. homeland were absurdly amateurish. All known attempts ended badly--for the Nazis. Infiltrators immediately gave themselves up or were quickly apprehended after coming ashore; fifth column attacks never materialized. The German American Bund, though menacing, turned out to be a paper tiger. In sharp contrast, Iran is believed by intelligence experts to have already established professional terrorist cells in U.S. cities capable of carrying out Mumbai-style swarming attacks on transportation hubs, hotels, hospitals, schools, residential and office buildings, shopping malls and commercial centers and other soft targets.

Iran's asymmetric attacks will be aimed at electrifying Muslim/Third World masses (liberals and neo-isolationists are in dangerous denial about the intense hatred of the U.S. across the globe) and crippling the U.S. economy.

Iran's leaders may also believe that they can demoralize rather than rally the American people by attacking them at home.

The Islamonazis surely think that the dramatic spike in oil prices that will result from their planned shutdown of the Persian Gulf will trigger a global recession, and that a frightened, war-weary world will blame "the Zionists" (code for Israel and the Jewish people) and the U.S. for wrecking the global system.

Finally, Iran believes that it can count on Moscow and Beijing to broker a U.N.-sponsored end to the conflict.

Perhaps most important, although the mad mullahs and their maniac-in-chief know that Obama (of "the Muslim world") will have to respond to major assaults on American cities with massive air strikes on Iranian targets, they probably assume, as indicated above, that Iran will be able to withstand the aerial attacks until the international community and craven U.S. media outlets pressure Obama into ending the offensive. (A U.S. land war in Iran is obviously out of the question.)

Iran may also be planning to pay North Korea to provoke a major international crisis--maybe even to the point of attacking U.S. troops stationed in South Korea--so as to create the two-front war that the Obama administration has inexplicably announced it will no longer be prepared to fight.

In short, war with Iran is inevitable, and Iran intends to fight the war on its terms, in its way--and that includes killing Americans where they live.

If 19 Al Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001 could kill nearly 3,000 Americans on American soil, imagine what Iran's SS-like IRGC is capable of doing in 2012.

Copyright © 2012 Foreign Confidential™

Original article is here.

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