A Letter from Congress to Obama on Israel

Gary Fouse

Below is a letter signed by more than 50 members of Congress to President Obama asking him to address the issue of the protective wall that Israel has built to keep out terrorists (Hat tip to Investigative Project on Terrorism).


While giving lip service to Israeli concerns for safety against terrorists, they call for a lifting of a blockade that would prevent certain items like construction materials and fuel from entering into Gaza. I am not familiar with each and every name, but all the names I recognize are Democrats.

Below is a list of members of Congress who have received donations from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Read and compare the recipients with the signatories to the above letter.

-Source: Wall Street Journal/Market Watch

FROM the Senate:
Barbara Mikulski – D-MD
Paul Durbanes – D- MD
Debbie Stabenow – D-MI
Dick Durbin – D-IL
Kent Conrad – D- ND

From the House:
Joe Sestak – D-PA
John Conyers – D-MI (#4)
Keith Ellison – D-MN
Jesse Jackson, Jr. – D-IL (#6)
Danny Davis – D-IL
Gary Miller – R- CA
Loretta Sanchez – D-CA
Linda Sanchez – D-CA
Jan Schakowsky – D-IL
Gregory Meeks – D-NY
Albert Wynn – D-MD
Betty McCollum – D-MN
Lois Capps – D-CA
Bill Pascrell – D-NJ
Benjamin Cardin – D-MD
Elijah Cummings – D-MD
Gerry Connelly – D-VA
Anna Eshoo – D-CA
Bob Filner – D-CA
Wayne Gilchrest – R-MD
Mike Honda – D-CA
Dennis Kucinich – D-OH (#5)
Barbara Lee – D-CA (#7)
Zoe Lofgren – D-CA
John Dingell – D-MI (Tied #7 w/Lee)
James Moran – D-VA (#2)
Nick Rahall – D-WV (#1)
Charles Rangel – D-NY
Dutch Ruppersberger – D-MD
Pete Start – D-CA
Chris Van Hollen – D-MD
Andre Carson – D-IN
Shelia Jackson Lee – D-TX (#9)
Adam Schiff – D-CA
Mary Jo Kilroy – D-OH
Darrell Issa – D-CA (#3)
Carolyn Kilpatrick – D- MI (#8)
Jim McDerrmott – D-WA (#10)
Nancy Pelosi – D- CA

Numbers beside name are the top ten cash recipients.

Note that there are two Republicans on the list (Gary Miller-CA and Wayne Gilchrest-MD). In addition, Darrell Issa is incorrectly listed as a Democrat. The rest are Democrats. Do you detect a trend here?

In Honor of Orianna Fallaci by Bosch Fawstin

The Fallaci

Recruiting in our High Schools. Not our military but Obama.

Remember Hitler's Nazi youth movement? This is pretty bad but not
unexpected that Obama would stoop to such tactics. I have posted this
from Atlas Shrugs. Please make sure to read all of this and the reading
list is really sad, and quite illuminating as to what the true intentions behind
this 'youth movement' are. All I can post for now and I apologize for that.

Obama Organizing in High School
Pamela Geller
Atlas Shrugs

An Atlas reader, Chuck, has a student in the eleventh grade in an Ohio High School. Her government class passed out this propaganda recruiting paper so students could sign up as interns for Obama's Organizing for America (OFA is the former mybarackobama.com site.)

Obama is using our public school system to recruit for his Alinsky-inspired private army. Organizing for America is (and I quote) recruiting in our high schools to "build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda" ............of national socialism.

The Ohio High School is Perry Local in Massillon, Ohio.

This is incredible. And evil. Suffer the little children -- enlisted like SS youth. This is no accident. Obama is poisoning our public school system. He acts as if it's his own private breeding farm. Once again academic learning and achievement is hopelessly abandoned, and supplanted by radical leftist activism from the leftwing Alinksy inculcators in the perverse public school system.

Children must be advised to expose this ugly propaganda. Children must tell their parents how they are being used and manipulated. Parents, warn your kids. Better yet, home school.

Check out the recommended reading list page 4:

•Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky

•The New Organizers, Zack Exley

•Stir It Up: Lessons from Community Organizing and Advocacy, Rinku Sen
•Obama Field Organizers Plot a Miracle, Zack Exley, Huffington Post

•Dreams of My Father Chicago Chapters, Barack Hussein Obama

This internship program is geared towards the 2010 elections. Using our kids as their goons. Can you imagine if the Republicans attempted such a fascist stunt?

Remember the children singing heil Obama songs? The Obama youth regiment brigade.

How about being forced to listen to his creepy speech?

During the election he had those freaky kids parades.

And video after video of kids singing brainwashed tunes of Obama praise here and here.

Atlas had The Obama Childrens Book -- illustrations show rainbows, sunbeams and an aura around Obama. Rainbows and moonbeams -- got that?

Translation of Poster: Hitler youth attending COMMUNITY SCHOOLS

Then the goosestepping kids for Obama -- a school project. And now this, high school pods for O.

And what will these "interns" be force fed? The mother's milk of the left -- anti-war agitation, anti-capitalism, Marx, Lenin, Ayers, Ellie Light activism, LGBT agenda promotion, global warming, pro-jihad, and illegal immigration. For starters.

Continue reading

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

Ex Con talks Al-Qaeda on Amtrak and gets arrested

An ex-convict was arrested in Colorado after passengers reported he was
talking about Al-Qaeda and terrorism. He must have been a Christian or
Jew. No Muslim would ever do that. Surprise he is a Muslim: Ojore Nuru Lutalo.
Amtrak is a wide open target. It is just a matter of time before there is a
terrorist attack on one of our trains.

Ex-con Ojore Nuru Lutalo arrested on Amtrak when passengers report him
talking Al Qaeda, terrorism

BY Larry Mcshane
New York Daily News
"Lutalo, who was carrying literature from an anarchist group called the Afrikan
Liberation Army, was charged with endangering public transportation,
authorities said."

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SOTUS analysis from RJMoeller

I am feeling like I was run over by the Super Chief hitting 90 MPH between
Barstow and Needles. I dragged myself over to the computer to post this
analysis from RJ Moeller from Voice in the Wilderness. He looks at politics
with alot of Judoe-Christian insightfulness.

There have been quite a few dissections of Obama's SOTUS. I have read far
too many ot them. This is one of, if not the best one in my most humble and
pain blurred opinion. May be all I can do today, just have to see....

Unlike the number of viewers for the president's first (of four) State of the Union Address, the length of this year's speech increased drastically. It was more than 70 minutes, more than 7,000 words, and full of surprises. The biggest surprise had to be that the president sounded largely committed to forging ahead with policy initiatives such as Cap-and-Trade and health care reform that have sparked the bi-partisan back-lashes we've seen since the town hall meetings of August 2009.

I've read and re-read the transcript of the SOTUS few times now, and here are some of my thoughts on a lack-luster performance.


After dispensing with the customary pleasantries, the first thing that stood out to me was this sentence here:

It's tempting to look back on these moments and assume that our progress was inevitable -- that America was always destined to succeed...And despite all our divisions and disagreements; our hesitations and our fears; America prevailed because we chose to move forward as one nation, as one people.

'Tis true, Mr. President, that many Americans take their freedom and prosperity for granted. In fact, I'd say that this ingratitude and total lack of awareness is one of the most glaring shortcomings of our modern society (and education system). But what he, and most progressive-Left politicians, almost never want to accept, let alone proclaim, is that the two primary causes of our success as a nation have been military conquests and free market economics. (Not welfare entitlements or same-sex marriage ballot initiatives.)

If you are serious about teaching the history of this nation, you must include the good with the bad. It hasn't been all racism and Jim Crowe. It hasn't been all government intervention saving the poor, huddling masses from the exploits of monopolistic fat-cats. It hasn't been a secular, "Get your Church away from my State", mentality that gave the American people their moral clarity and fortitude to win wars and overcome domestic tragedies.

This is a Judeo-Christian, free market, liberty-loving, hard-working, government-mistrusting nation. This is a God-Family-Country (and in that order) nation. This is a Center-Right nation. That doesn't mean atheistic or liberal or progressive-Left citizens are less patriotic. It simply means that the ideology that informs their view of the world hasn't been emblematic of our story. We've succeeded where others have failed because of our ideas, ideals, and values. I believe Dennis Prager explains those values best:

Further reading

Obama's State of the Union

Gary Fouse

President Obama's SOTU speech may have been a sign that state of the union speeches are not designed for great orators-which Obama apparently used to be. With few exceptions, it might as well have been Gerald Ford up there speaking. All in all, Obama's speech was technocratic, delving into such exotic items as the economy, jobs, and other minutia. I don't see this as an event that will turn Obama's fortunes around. I think within the next few days, it will drag his ratings down lower.

A couple of signs that the speech wasn't going to go well were when Harry Reid was caught on camera in the first ten minutes about to doze off. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) was also caught texting during the speech.

Off topic: If you ask me, that blue carpet on which the President walks down the aisle on his way to the podium should be renamed "Brownnoser Blvd."

And did you get a load of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden? Memo to White House: Never put the president in front of those two characters. The TV audience had to have been distracted by those two clowns, Biden resplendent in his bright purple tie and Cheshire smile with Pelosi matching in her lavender dress and Cheshire smile. Actually, Pelosi wasn't there. Madame Tussaud sent over a wax effigy with strings attached to pull her up and down Howdy Doody style for the applause lines.

And where was Hillary?

Well, she was over at some conference in London telling the Yemeni government that they need to cut down on corruption. Add that to her list of "accomplishments".

And how many of you noticed as the camera scanned the audience how old and decrepit those faces were? I hate to sound partisan, but the worst were the Dems. Can we say "term limits"?

Remember a few days ago in Ohio when Obama said, "It's not about me"? Well, his speech last night was ALL about him. How many times did he use the words, "I", "me", "my"? How many times did he use the term "invest", which really means "spend"? Did he say something about a partial spending freeze? Yes, he did. How's that gonna work?

He also spoke out against earmarks. Has he forgotten those 9,000 or so that were in his stimulous package?

But the worst was when he called out the Supreme Court for their recent decision against McCain-Feingold. As he scolded them like school children, his Democrat minions stood and applauded while the justices sat silently and sullenly. Sam Alito was actually caught on camera, silently mouthing the words, "that's not right or "that's not true". Alito was apparently referring to Obama's statement that foreign corporations could now contribute unlimited funds into American elections-a totally false claim.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Or maybe Alito meant, "that's not right what you are doing to us".

Watch for this moment to be talked about nationally until Obama issues some sort of apology, which he should. On the other hand, the Dems are already lining up to condemn Alito. First out of the box is that horse's ass from Vermont, Patrick Leahy, who talked about "when justices stayed out of politics". For crying out loud, Alito didn't say anything. He winced and mouthed it to himself. What's next? Will we watch to see if his eyes contract? The point is that the President did something to my knowledge unprecedented. He castigated the Supreme Court in front of Congress and a national TV audience while they were sitting right there-and mis-characterized the decision to boot. He was wrong and should apologize to the entire court.

Off topic: Speaking of the Supreme Court, did you see Ruth Bader Ginsburg last night? Not looking well.

Obama really gave it a half-hearted effort when talking about the econonmy and jobs. Ditto for national security. While acknowledging that business is the biggest engine for creating jobs, he went right into what the government should do. The truth is that Obama's silly claim to have saved millions of jobs with his stimulus package is bogus. He created or saved GOVERNMENT jobs and did zilch for the private sector. But now he is calling for a JOBS BILL!! Along the way, of course, he attacked the banks, insurance companies, CEOs, and Wall Street. I didn't hear him say anything about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their misdeeds. Did he mention Barney Frank's name? No.

War on terror? We're going to leave Iraq. Nothing about sending top terrorists to New York for federal trials. Nothing about the Justice Department's decision to give the Detroit bomber an attorney and put him into a federal court.

And of course, he indirectly slapped George W Bush around by talking about how horrible things were when he came into office. Well, nothing's changed and he has been here a year now.

What was the classiest moment of the night? That would be when he gave the obligatory salute to the First Lady. Michelle graciously simply smiled and motioned for the crowd to sit down. Classy.

Quite unlike a former first lady I could name but won't. (You know who.)

And Chris Matthews said what????

Somebody please give that man a washcloth.

Under the gun with job applications and dealing with disability issues.

Life in the 'pain' lane

Posting may be light the next couple of days as I am dealing with severe
pain from spinal fusion issues and other orthopedic wonders that I have
undergone. No need to bore anyone with the details. Plus I have several
job applications approaching the deadline I must finish. I hate priorities
myself but such is life.

The religion of peace forcing Christian migrant workers to convert or else..

How many times do we have to hear about these horrible stories
about forced conversions to Islam and if these people do not then
they are faced with dire consequences. Loss of job, persecution,
subjugation, and often times, death. It most often dione to women
and children. No other ideology or religion converts people like
this. Think of the outcry if Christians and Jews did this to Muslims?

Christian Filipino migrants forced to convert to Islam

by Santosh Digal

A Filipino nurse with ten years in Saudi Arabia talks about the dramatic situation of Christian workers, forced to embrace Islam just to keep their job. Despite abuses and violence, migrants still choose the Middle East because of the availability of work.

Manila (AsiaNews) – “In my tens in Saudi Arabia, I have witnessed several Catholic or Christian Filipino migrants accept Islam under duress,” said Joselyn Cabrera, a Filipino Catholic nurse working at Riyadh hospital. Because of high unemployment levels in the Philippines, more than ten million Filipinos have left to seek jobs abroad. Every day, about 3,000 leave the country. Recently, a majority has gone to Arab countries—some 600,000 in all, 200,000 in Saudi Arabia alone.

“After some months, employers give you an ultimatum, telling you to become Muslim to keep your job,” she said. “For us, it is hard to make such a choice, but if we don’t, we become the victims of abuse.”

In her years in the kingdom, she said she saw at least 50 forced conversions at work.

“Even I have been subjected to pressures from my Muslim co-workers, but I have always refused saying that I’d rather remain Catholic. Until now, nothing has happened to me, yet.”

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Filipino emigration towards the Middle East has grown by 29.5 per cent between 2007 and 2008, a destination of choice for many migrants, and this despite horrible working conditions that include the possibility of forced conversion and sexual abuse in the case of women.

The most recent case involves a woman who was raped at work. Because of the incident, Saudi authorities accused her of unlawful extramarital sex and on 11 September jailed her in the capital.

As a result of the rape, she became pregnant, but miscarried because of harsh conditions in the prison.

Next month, she is scheduled to appear before a court, which could sentenced her to 100 lashes (see “Riyadh: rape victim might be lashed 100 times,” in AsiaNews, 22 January 2010).

Link to article

Banning freedom of speech, er ah limiting free speech at a Colorado college.

Banning freedom of speech

"Bias Motivated Incidents."  Interesting phrase. What does it mean to
you? Painting swastikas on a jewish house of worship, cross burned
into a black family's lawn, someone 'hung' from a tree in a mock
hanging? That is what I thought of before I read thids article on how the
University of Northern Colorado interpets"Bias Motivated Incidents." 
Something as simple as an off color joke told to the wrong person,
or someone overhearing you telling an off color joke might get you in
trouble at UNCO.

What kind of atmosphere are they trying to establish at UNCO? Is
it one where everyone is so nice to each other it is sickening? Or
are they setting up an atmosphere based on honoring the toxic
poisons of the left: Diversity(at all costs) Multiculturalism and being
perfectly politically correct at all times as to not offend anyone.
The officials at UNCO do not realize that this is mission impossible.
Trying to obtain those highest of hieights of asafe campus where
nothing will be tolerated if it is offensive to anyone, at any given
time. One will have to feighn being offended at whatever is said or
acted out, and then you may be toast. The author, Mike Adams takes
this a bit farther and I will let you read on for his take on this idea of
"Bias Motivated Incidents."

The Joke ban
MIke Adams

The University of Northern Colorado (UNCO) has decided it’s time to prohibit "Bias Motivated Incidents." When you hear about a “bias motivated incident,” maybe you’re thinking about a cross burning, or something of that nature. But at UNCO the “bias motivated incident” could simply be an "inappropriate joke" that is motivated by some form of bias.

The UNCO policy also says that “Any discriminatory act is a violation of the Housing & Residence Life Student Code of Conduct.” Well, what do they mean by “any discriminatory act”? According to the UNCO handbook this includes, but is not limited to, “racism, ageism, sexism, and/or homophobia.” And (get ready for this!) included in the definition is “intentionally, recklessly or negligently causing physical, emotional, or mental harm to any person.”

This reminds me of a university, which formerly had a speech code banning “challenging” speech. That university apparently wanted students to go off to school for four years without ever being challenged. Does UNCO want an educational environment characterized by, and only by, discourse that could never be deemed controversial by anyone?

College administrators often fail to distinguish between speech that is severe and persistent enough to constitute harassment and simple isolated expressions of protected speech. It appears as if they are utterly unable to write a code that could pass constitutional muster. More likely, they are fully aware that they can sustain the code through the twin threat of internal formal sanction and social stigmatization. Many would like to defeat such a patently illegal policy. Few wish to be dubbed racist, sexist, or homophobic in the process.

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Very Quick Review of Obama's SOTUS

Pre-SOTUS Review at ARRA News Service

Post-SOTUS Review by TexasFred

See?? That wasn’t so hard now was it?

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The Islamic face veil in Italy. Foreign minister rejects face veil. "It is a security problem."

While the American president goes around telling other countries what wonderful expressions of the Islamic faith the face veil and body bag are, some in Europe are moving ahead to rightfully ban the face veil. It is a symbol of Islamic oppression over women, a security risk in certain situations(like getting your drivers license picture taken) and makes the statement that Muslim women will not integrate into the society of the host country. I have a better idea: Ban Islam completely. Not only do I find the face veil, body bag offensive, I also find the long scruffy beards that the men are required to grow offensive and unsanitary. Ban Islam. Would be tough to do but since we are at war with Islam, it would be a great place to start.

Adnkronos International: A French parliamentary committee on Tuesday issued a report recommending a partial ban on the face veil in hospitals, schools, government offices and on public transport.

"It is the symbol of the repression of women, and... of extremist fundamentalism," said French parliament speaker Bernard Accoyer upon the presentation of the report.

France's parliamentary recommendation is expected to be followed by the drafting of a bill and a parliamentary debate on the issue of the face veil, which has sparked heated debate in many European countries. "I would not legislate on the face veil but would tackle the issue through a wider process," Frattini said, noting that it raised also security problems. "When someone enters a bank or a public office veiled from head to toe, it seems logical to me there is a security issue," he said. . . . Continue reading

54 Islamosympathizing Democrats support "Free Gazastan" Movement.

The "Free Gaza" movement simply demands that Israel opens it borders without giving Israel anything in return. Notice that is how it always works for the so called Palestinians, The people who really have zero claim to the lands they want to steal from the Israelis. Clarice Feldman writes for American Thinker and I have come to respect her writing and opinions. This article is no different and I am pleased to offer it up here for you to read. The only ones to lose possibly everything here is Israel and the Jews. They are not suffering in gazastan from Israeli oppression. They suffer in gazastan because of Hamas and Hezbollah. They are the ones making life miserable for the average resident of gazastan by just being there.
by Clarice Feldman, American Thinker: The entire "Free Gaza" movement is a Hamas propaganda project that allows it to demand that Israel open its borders, without actually using the P word, for peace, since Hamas doesn't even believe in phony peace negotiations. So Pro-Hamas activists, whether it's former Saddam supporter, George Galloway's Viva Palestina or their American flavors talk only about "The People of Gaza", deemphasize Hamas and emphasize the supposed "suffering" within Gaza.

Canada Free Press has a list of CAIR supported congressmen who are fans of Hamas. They are all Democrats. But what Congressman Keith Ellison accomplished was to convince 53 other Democratic congressmen to join him in this venture. It is not particularly surprising to find the House's most radical anti-Israel voices signing their names onto Ellison's letter. . . . Continue reading
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Obama administration makes it ok to seek International Treasury funds to Hamas

I have never doubted Obama's Islamic sympathies or being a staunch Islamosympathizer. Now he has cleared the way for Hamas to seek global funds after restrictions were lifted off of the list of International terrorists. The US treasury has removed all the names of Hamas terrorists that were on this list except one; Musa Abu Marzouk. So now the world is free to give funds to Hamas. Just another move to screw Israel and the Jews, and help his Islamic brothers and sisters.
by Maggie, Maggies Notebook: If you have any doubt of this administration's Muslim sympathies, you can lose that right now. The U.S. Treasury has allowed the terrorist organization, Hamas, to begin receiving funds from around the world, by removing all names of Hamas terrorists from the International terror list, except one, Musa Abu Marzouk. This was an unnecessary action, as an international lawsuit to stop this was a considered possibility.

The original report came from Arutz Sheva, an Israeli online news site. So far, blogs are hot on the story, but a search of Google News reveals no main stream media, anywhere, reporting. Thanks toInfidels are Cool for the heads up.

You might remember that Barack Obama's pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, printed Marzouk's Palestinian manifesto in his Sunday church bulletin on July 10, 2007. Marzouk was arrested at JFK airport in July 1995, and eventually evicted from the country. He is an American-educated Ph.D. with many aliases, among them: Moussa Abu Marzouk, Musa Abu Marzuq, and Musa Abu Marzook. He is believed to be operating out of Damascus, but was born in Gaza. Marzouk's terrorist connections are so obvious even Tim Geithner could not remove his name. How many American taxpayer dollars are streaming to Hamas bank accounts?

Here's theIsraeli media's report. I hope you will read it all: (IsraelNN.com) The United States Treasury has taken all but one member of Hamas off the international list of terrorists, thus enabling funds from the European Union to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza.

It is an open secret that large sums of money from the EU flow into Gaza in the guise of humanitarian aid and salaries for officials, but are actually funneled into the coffers of Hamas, which controls Gaza with an iron grip. This method of transferring funds into terrorists' hands could have been blocked by an international lawsuit, but according to journalist Avi Tarango, the United States Treasury has made this impossible by removing all but one Hamas man – Deputy Chairman of the Political Bureau, Musa Abu Marzouk – from the list of international terrorists.

The updated terrorist list, published last week, takes up 443 pages. However, according to Tarango, who went over the list, none of the tens of thousands of people who form Hamas is mentioned – other than Abu Marzuk, who resides in Damascus. The terrorist list is meant for distribution in the world banking system, where the transfer of funds to anyone on the list is prohibited.

Cleared for Funding
Abu Marzouk is listed as having been born in Gaza on February 9, 1951, and as bearing an Egyptian passport with the number 92/664. “While branches of Hamas appear in the list under different names, such as 'The Students of Ayash,' 'The Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza,' 'The Iz A-Din El-Kassam Battalions,' the rest of Hamas's men do not appear on the list at all,” Tarango said.

"Musa Abu-Marzouk's presence on the list means that whoever tries to transfer money to him personally will be rejected by the world banking system and be accused of funding terrorism, but the transfer of funds to any other Hamas man will not arouse suspicion,” he explained.

According to published reports and other sources, the journalist said, the EU sends millions of Euros every month to cover the salaries of 77,000 employees of the Palestinian Authority and about 70,000 recipients of welfare aid in Gaza.

“EU laws define Hamas as a terror organization and therefore the EU people need to verify on a name-by-name basis that none of the people receiving salaries and support is a terrorist,” Tarango said. “This is done by the EU's cash transfer mechanism, PEGASE, which verifies that none of the recipients of salaries are members of Hamas's police force or activists of the military wing of Hamas, by comparing the names as received from the PA treasury department with the list of international terror activists. However, since the newly-updated list contains no Hamas officials except for Marzouk, the European check will find nothing and the funds for Gaza salaries will be transferred in whole to the Gaza banks.”

Others talking about the US Treasury and Gaza/Hamas:
- The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report
- Creeping Sharia
- Weasel Zippers

Is Harry Reid Finished?

by Gary Fouse, fousesquawk:

"He looks so peaceful."
"Yes. Almost as if he were asleep."
(Apologies to Henry Waxman for blocking out his haaandsome face.)

Let's be honest. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not the most charismatic guy in the world. Far from it. When Reid walks into a room, the paint on the walls starts peeling, flowers die, babies cry and dogs growl. Even Nancy Pelosi cringes when Reid puts his arm around her.

Yet, this guy has risen to the top of the Senate. Just goes to prove that old adage about things that rise to the top.

Now, it looks like Reid is nearing the end of his Senate career and about to embark on his new career as a lobbyist. (You heard it here first.) Facing an election next fall, Reid's poll numbers show him some 30 points behind his Republican competitor-whoever that is. Hell, a recent poll even showed Reid lagging behind that other famous Nevada resident, O.J. Simpson, were he to declare his candidacy. (Just kidding.)

The fact is with Reid leading a Democratic majority and a far-left president in office, the public has finally realized what a shifty-deal-making goof Reid really is. The nation has spoken rather loudly and clearly on the subject of health reform, yet Reid is still scheming to ram this deal down our throats because-or rather- if he can. Hell, he's the parliamentary expert, he has the majority and if there's a way to do it, he's gonna do it, by golly. Buy off a couple of senators with sweetheart deals that apply only to their states? Let's do it (Louisiana-Nebraska). Change the procedure to get that 51 vote majority instead of that pesky 60-vote majority? (Reconciliation). Let's do it. What we have here is a deal-maker-and not much else.

Of course, ten months is a long time in the electoral process, and things could change between now and November. More deals could be made, ACORN could escape its, uh, legal predicament in Nevada, and thus, be freed up to uh, shall we say register enough people to vote for Reid, and voila! Another great victory for the Democrats. Hopefully, the sparsely-inhabited state of Nevada doesn't have enough cemeteries to produce enough voters for Reid. Of course, they could always round up all those guys on the Vegas streets who pass out porn flyers to passers-by. They could make the difference, you know.

But if things continue along their present trend, which I think they will, Harry Reid will take his deal-making skills to Washington's famed red-light district on K Street* come 2011, helping out his sons who are already DC lobbyists. (You didn't think he was going back to Searchlight, Nevada, did you?)

What, you say? He would have to wait two years or something like that, according to the law? Silly me. Reid will have to call himself a "consultant". Pardon my goof. [*K Street- Where many of Washington's lobby firms are located.]

Scare tactics, Big Unions and the stupid people of Oregon. Measures 66 and 67 pass.

The use of 'scare tactics' worked wonders here in my home state as once again, Oregonians proved how stupid they really are. The shame of this event is that these new taxes are no different than Oregon's tax on tobacco to fund health care for children. Who are the majority of smokers? Not the wealthy or financially secure.Nothing more than a well disguised sales tax.

If one looks at a map of Oregon and how people voted, one notes that the large population areas carried these two measures to victory. Only 10 counties out of 36 passed 66 and 67. All on the Westside of the state where the libtarded majority lives. Facebook is building a huge data center here just 20 miles away from I live. This is a positive in many ways, 35 full time, well paying jobs but at the cost of 45 million dollars in tax breaks and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The people who will be qualified for these high tech computer jobs will almost come from out of this area. Central Oregon is an intellectual wasteland for the most part. Now with 66 and 67 passing, new businesses will think twice if at all, if they even consider Oregon to start a business or relocating one here. Many businesses will leave now that these have passed.

Immediate Impact

I know of five small business owners who were waiting to see how the vote went. Now all five are leaving Oregon adding about 80 people to the unemployment rolls. They notified their employess today that their jobs are gone and the companies are all closing to relocate out of Oregon. Of these five companies, three had been here in Oregon since 1971 and all are family owned, that paid their employees very well and provided excellent benefits. The owners are offering relocation assistance to those who may be interested.  The same people who were  dumb enough to elect the Obama into White House proved they have not learned a damn thing. All five companies asked me to not mention the company names to protect their employees and the companies during this most stressful time. I have honored their request. These are people I know and do some business with. It is just a shame. If I was in a position to leave Oregon, I most definitely would.
From The Oregonian in Portland: Oregon voters bucked decades of anti-tax and anti-Salem sentiment Tuesday, raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy to prevent further erosion of public schools and other state services.

The tax measures passed easily, with late returns showing a 54 percent to 46 percent ratio. Measure 66 raises taxes on households with taxable income above $250,000, and Measure 67 sets higher minimum taxes on corporations and increases the tax rate on upper-level profits.

The results triggered waves of relief from educators and legislative leaders, who were facing an estimated $727 million shortfall in the current two-year budget if the measures failed.

“We’re absolutely ecstatic,” said Hanna Vandering, a physical education teacher from Beaverton and vice president of the statewide teachers union. “What Oregonians said today is they believe in public education and vital services.”

The double-barreled victory is the first voter-approved statewide income tax increase since the 1930s. Other states, facing similar budget woes, are watching the outcome closely because Oregon, after all, is a state that capped property taxes and locked a surplus tax rebate program into the constitution.

The last time voters approved a tax increase was 2002, when they agreed to bump up tobacco taxes to help pay for the Oregon Health Plan. Voters rejected income tax increases twice in recent years.

“You’re going to find a lot of people are going to be talking about this,” said Kevin Looper, campaign director for Vote Yes for Oregon, the main support group for the measures. ... Campaign ads by supporters highlighted banks and credit card companies and showed images of well-dressed people stepping off private jets. They also hammered on the $10 minimum tax that most corporations have paid since its inception in 1931.

Those messages helped counter warnings by opponents that the taxes would lead to job losses, worsening the state’s 11 percent unemployment rate, and prompt wealthy residents to move elsewhere. “They did a great job of pounding, ‘It’s only $10,’” said Bob Tiernan, chairman of the state Republican Party. “We got swamped by the UNION MONEY

Supporters spent at least $6.9 million, most of it coming from teacher and public employee unions. Opponents, led by a coalition of business organizations, spent at least $4.6 million, donated by wealthy entrepreneurs such as Nike’s Phil Knight and Columbia Sportswear’s Tim Boyle.

How we pay for the burden of allowing Islam. Political Islam

The burdens of Islam are many. Theses burdens reach way beyond the daily violence, protests, persecution and subjugation that Islam wages on a daily basis.Political Islam gives us a great snapshot into how Islam subjects infidels or kafirs to a war that is really under the radar to most Americans.
The Islam Tax
Bill Warner

Islam does not just tax kafirs for money. Kafirs have to submit to Sharia law and this means the loss of freedoms. Only Muslims are allowed to dictate what is taught about Islam in our schools. Islam gains the benefits of a deceitful history lesson, and we lose our freedom of speech. This is a tax on our Constitutional freedoms.

Everyday we submit a little more to Sharia law when we allow Muslims to take time off to pray at work and school. Article 6 of our Constitution says that ou Constitution is the law of the land, but we are submitting to the demands of Sharia law when we declare that the sports facilities must be divided in use so that Muslim women can obey Sharia laws about mixing sexes. Our sovereignty decreases and Sharia law gains. This is a tax against our laws.

So now in America, kafirs are poorer and Muslims are richer because of Islam. . . .
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China rising while Obama and friends play patsy with China.

As the scales of power continue to tilt in China's favor, Obama and his administration are playing into the hands of the Chinese.

The Balance of Power Shifts Toward China
Steve McCann, American Thinker: An unreported (in the once mainstream media) disclosure by China has taken the international financial world by shock and surprise. China declared that its foreign exchange reserves had increased to $2.4 Trillion in 2009, a gain of $453 Billion in one year. It is estimated that the reserves will rise by an equal amount in 2010.

The significance of this astounding statistic cannot be underestimated. By comparison the total foreign exchange reserves of the European Union (27 countries) was $648 Billion in 2009. China's one year increase alone was higher than the total reserves of all but one nation, Japan ($1.074 Trillion). (United States: $84.4 Billion)

Meanwhile in the United States, there is an administration and Congress in place pursuing economic and spending policies which go hand-in-glove with the long term plans of the Chinese. It is either deliberate or done out of ignorance, as the Chinese are unabashed in making their intentions public. Continue reading

Update on the Ethiopian Airliner that went down off Lebanon

Strange turn puzzles investigators researching Ethiopian airlines flight 409
Not saying this was a terrorist caused crash but until we have more information, terrorism cannot be ruled out. There was very bad weather the plane was flying through as it was climbing up to cruising altitude. Time and evidence will hopefully tell us the truth.
CBC News: The pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea shortly after taking off in stormy weather flew in the opposite direction from that recommended by the control tower, Lebanon's transportation minister said Tuesday.

The tower "asked him to correct his path but he did a very fast and strange turn before disappearing completely from the radar," Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi told The Associated Press. The Boeing 737-800 had taken off from Beirut airport Monday during thunderstorms and lightning. It went down 3½ kilometres off the Lebanese coast at roughly 2:30 a.m. local time, only minutes after takeoff en route to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

All 90 people, including a Canadian passenger, are feared dead. Search-and-rescue teams have so far recovered more than 20 bodies and are looking for the plane's black box and flight data recorder. "Nobody is saying the pilot is to blame for not heeding orders," Aridi said, adding: "There could have been many reasons for what happened.…Only the black box can tell." . . . Continue reading

Oregon-The stupidiest state in the country

Measure 66 and 67 pass in Oregon.

R.I.P. Oregon


This is truly the state of progressive, regressive taxation without true
representation. When only a handful of all the counties pass the
horrible tax increase on just the 'wealthy' and corporations,
something is dreadfully wrong. Sure, those are the counties on the
westside of the state where the majority of the population lives but
once again the far left libtards and asshats in Salem will avoid having
to balance the state budget. The passing of these two measures
ensures the reckless spending and that the foolish policies of
Governor Ted 'sleepy ted' Kulingoski and the democrats will continue
to ruin this state. No wonder Oregon is the laughing stock of the
nation and the butt of so many jokes.

It looks like Oregon corporations and high-income earners will pay higher state taxes as voters weighed in Tuesday on two hotly debated measures.

The latest results indicate both Measure 66 and 67 passed in 11 of Oregon's 36 counties.

"Tonight, I want to thank Oregonians for voting to protect critical public services during this difficult economic period," Gov. Ted Kulongoski said in a statement. "Even with this result, we still have some challenges before us. It is going to be a slow growth recovery from this recession for Oregon and the entire nation."

They never have enough funds, even after passing these measure. Amazing!

Measure 66 raises the income tax paid by households earning at or above $250,000 a year or individual filers who make $125,000 or more. Measure 67 raises the state's $10 minimum corporate income tax.

Together they generate an estimated $727 million, which has already been budgeted by the 2009 Legislature for public schools and other state services.

The tax measures were strongly supported by the state's teachers and other public employee unions. They argued that schools and public services would face damaging cuts.

The above statement should tell you all you need to know why these two measures were a bad idea.

A coalition of Oregon businesses, including the state's grocers, mounted a campaign to defeat the taxes, arguing that they would cost jobs at a time when the economy is already struggling.

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Way to go Canada! They are cutting aid to the Islamosympathizing UNRWA.

Our neighbor to the north has seen the light when it comes to the
UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency). They cannot
guarantee the aid donated to the Palestinian Authority does not end
up in the hands of  Islamic terrorists who seek nothing but the
destruction of Israel and death to every Jew. No more Jizya to the
terrorists. At least from Canada. Way to go Prime Minister Harper!
Too bad we  do not have someone who  is brave enough to take a
stand against one avenue of funding to Islamic terrorism. Back here
at home Obama want to remove Hamas from the list of terrorist
organizations. Obama, he really does hate this country and is very
anti-semitic. Try and convince me otherwise. Please. Yeah, right.

National Post Canada

Since last fall, the federal Conservative government has been withdrawing taxpayer funding from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that use their grants to take sides against Israel in the Middle East conflict. Now comes word that last week, Ottawa told the United Nations it would no longer fund the world body's Palestinian refugee agency. From now on, Canadian aid to Palestinians will be directed to specific projects. We will no longer give lump-sum aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), since most of that money simply goes straight into the Palestinian Authority's (PA) general treasury, where it might be used for humanitarian projects or might be used to arm and train terrorists.

This is a bold move for Ottawa, which is the first Western government to cut off funding for UNWRA.

Although UNWRA has long been a biased player in the Arab-Israeli conflict, it is seldom criticized for its incitement of anti-Israeli hatred and violence by Palestinians. It has funded textbooks that deny the right of Israel to exist and paid teachers who call on Palestinian children to push the Jewish state into the sea. It harbours radical Islamists and anti-Semites on its payroll and was even caught in 2004 using its own ambulances to ferry terrorists away from Israeli sites they had just attacked.

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Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

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Update on Tebow/CBS commercial during Super Bowl

Update from CBS on the Tebow commercial. Those complaining need
to shut up and just get out of the way. Don't watch the game, they can
boycott CBS if  the feel the need to, try to make a 'positive commercial
about abortion(thanks Candice!) and see how that would fly. We still have
free speech in this country

The response from CBS

CBS responded to complaints over a conservative group's planned Super Bowl ad featuring football star Tim Tebow by saying that it had eased restrictions on advocacy ads and would consider "responsibly produced" ones for open spots in its Feb. 7 broadcast.

FOX SPORTS POLL Should CBS air the Tebow ad? 73% Yes 27%
This is as of 3:20 PM Left coast time, 01/26/2010

CBS said Tuesday it had received numerous e-mails -- both critical and supportive -- since a coalition of women's groups began a protest campaign Monday against the ad, which the critics say will use Tebow and his mother to convey an anti-abortion message.

Funded by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, the 30-second ad is expected to recount the story of Pam Tebow's pregnancy in 1987. After getting sick during a mission trip to the Philippines, she ignored a recommendation by doctors to abort her fifth child. She later gave birth to Tim, who won the 2007 Heisman Trophy and helped his Florida team win two BCS championships.

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From Norway: A Muslim CONVERT spells out how Islam and Muslims will win.

There are 15 parts to this Muslim manifesto and they have danger
written through them all. I will not say much about this manifesto
except that it is a manifesto for stealth jihad and taqiya. Islam is
using these concepts all over the world. These will lead to a slow,
painful death where freedom of speech is taken away from the
individual. A shariah state will gradually emerge and Islam will
become the dominate ideology, ruling with an iron fist.

Gates of Vienna.

This is from Norway and was translated by kepiblanc. Here is the Norwegian
news source Aftenposten, where this was published.

The author is one Trond Ali Lindstad, a converted doctor, born 1942. Originally a communist, he abandoned that ideology and converted to Islam. He founded an Islamic school in Oslo and became its headmaster. The school was shut down by the authorities after an investigation.

I have left in the emphasis added by Baron or kepiblanc as it highlights the areas of concern.

Muslim Manifesto

by Trond Ali Lindstad

1. Norwegian Muslims need to know how to react towards daily life and greater issues. The following is a Muslim Manifesto for Norway.

2. “The good land readily produces its plants by the leave of its Lord, while the bad land barely produces anything useful.” (Quran 7:58) Muslims must be the good land, and shall be known by their actions.

3. God is the supreme authority. In fact the only authority. No Muslims bow to other than Him.

4. In this country executive power belongs to Norwegian authorities. Muslims must respect this. The authorities make the law and the citizens must comply. But the state is secular. And some law-enforcing persons might be as well. Muslims shall not subordinate themselves to ideas and norms, be it from the state or others, if they are not in compliance with Islam.

5. Norway is a welfare state. It strives to give social and economic welfare to the citizens. That’s a good thing and must not be abused.

6. Muslims might occasionally find themselves in opposition to the state. That’s not unfair. With its secular ideology the state suppresses the Muslims in order to impose its values upon the Muslims. The state demands sovereign executive power, be it in values and minds. And it expects compliance from the Muslims.

7. Norway is at war, directly and indirectly. Today a silent war is waged against the peoples of Gaza. Its main actor is the USA. But Norwegian authorities participate together with Israel in starving the peoples of Gaza.

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Why do we keep aiding countries that are Islamic states and follow shariah law?

This is a great article to read before or after the most recent post from
Gates of Vienna. D.L. Adams from Stop Islamization of America, has
been featured here several times. His latest follows below and he is
questioning the concept of our continuing support for nation building
in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why are we throwing away American lives for
Islamic countries that follow Islam and shariah law? Countries that are
founded upon Islamic shariah law that is built into their 'Constitutions.'
Sobering questions, to say the very least.


D.L. Adams

Constitutionalism in Crisis: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Japan

With great fanfare but little grit or talk of victory President Obama announced at West Point last month that 30,000 additional American soldiers are going to Afghanistan. If the mission in Afghanistan is two-fold, the defeat of the abysmal Taliban and the creation of a stable, democratic state it would appear that we are not doing well.

The same could be said of “nation building” in Iraq where violence of late appears to be diminishing in comparison to the bloody mountains and valleys of Afghanistan. While the reduction of violence in Iraq is comforting the diminishment of violence is not the definitive measure of the success of nation building.

The true measure of our efforts in both beneficiary countries should be based upon an examination of the foundations of these countries that we have created with the blood of our best and treasure. When such an examination is made the result can only be horror.

The constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan for those who love democracy, freedom, and liberty, are failures. If the constitution of a new nation is a failure, what kind of nation can be built then upon it?

After the US military (with our allies) drove the Taliban out of Kabul we endeavored to create a new Afghanistan based upon Constitutional law. Neither the Constitution of Iraq nor of Afghanistan are structured on the secular American model of the state subordinate to the will of the people. This concept is the foundation of American democracy given to us by Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Madison, Monroe, Franklin, and Hamilton; this is tragically not the foundation of our failed nation building strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq and Afghanistan are both Islamic states (specifically stated as such in their constitutions). The people of both beneficiary states are therefore in service to Islam (the state is Islam and Islam is the state); this is not any form of “democracy” that most Americans can countenance nor reasonably support.

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The short and long term effects of Jihad, soft, hard and stealth. A must read!

Please read this entire article from Gates of Vienna. If you have read
some of the past articles here at patriot's Corner you will recall that I
have mentioned Jihad, and Stealth Jihad countless times. As you read
through this article, the meaning and how Islam is using jihad in it's
varying forms, is slowly laying waste to the United States and the West.
We may win most of the battles in the war on terror, but Islam may win
the war unless the West is shaken awake by a sudden, violent
catastrophic event(s) caused by Islam. I would really like to see in my
lifetime that we in the West wake up to what Islam is slowly stealing from
us, our freedom and liberty. Our freedom of speech to speak out against
the horrors that are caused by Islam, Islamic terrorists, Islamic wars and
all out acts of aggresion. The wholesale persecution of women and the
minorities that occur because of Islam, and through Islam. There is no
hope in Islam or shariah law. The only true hope is through our freedom
of speech and then defeating Islam wherever it spawns. There is no
middle ground with or within Islam. Convert, live a horrible life of
dhimmitude or die. These are the only 'choices' Islam has or will offer us.

Gates of Vienna

Baron Bodissey

The Caliphate-in-Waiting

The current Constitution is an “obstacle” — it can’t get much more overt than that, can it?

The Constitution of the European Union. I added this here for clarification.
Read the entire article and you see what baron is saying. (PatriotUSA)

So we Westerners are gradually being Islamized, sliding imperceptibly closer every year to the rule of Islamic law. What will it be like for us when we get there? For those who decide to convert — or “revert” — to Islam, it will be no problem (at least for the men). Show up at the mosque for prayers, give up pork and beer (at least where anyone can see you) , marry your four wives, and remember which hand to wipe yourself with — that’s about it.

For those who decline to be Muslims, a life of dhimmitude awaits. If you are lucky, your status under the new regime will be graciously tolerated, as long as you behave yourself and pay the poll tax. FACT International describes the conditions enjoyed by infidels in Morocco, which is probably about the best you can hope for:

Non-Muslims Enjoy Religious Freedom in Morocco

Government protects rights of religious minorities within tolerant Morocco’s borders.

Many people wonder what relevance shari’a — Islamic principles — has in the modern world. In Morocco it has influenced national laws, especially the civil code and family law, primarily in a positive sense. Coupled with the country’s tradition of tolerance and openness, this has provided the Moroccan government with a foundation for protecting the rights of religious minorities within its borders.

The law protects these religious spaces from violence. Most importantly, laws allowing freedom of expression and assembly, as well as the ability to worship both privately and publicly, are clearly stated in the Constitution and the Penal Code, both of which were written shortly after Morocco’s independence in 1956.

Morocco’s approximately 3,000 Shi’ites generally assemble freely, and have established organisations like the Organisation of Moroccan Shi’ites, Attawassoul Association in the city of al Housseima, Al Inbiaat Association in Tangier, and Al Ghadir Association in Meknes. Nor have they experienced any problems with holding their rituals publicly.

And for many years, Jews have been practicing their faith safely in synagogues and during regular pilgrimages to local Jewish saints’ shrines all over Morocco. The Christian community has established churches, schools, hospitals and orphanages without interference from the government.

The Catholic Archbishop of Rabat, Vincent Landel, says: “Muslims and Christians coexist and live in peace and fraternity.”

Although active proselytising to Muslims is illegal — a law based on Islamic principles — Archbishop Landel notes that Christians in the country can practice their faith freely. Furthermore, interfaith marriage is allowed, though only for Muslim men: Muslim women’s future spouses are expected to convert to Islam before marriage.

The government tries to maintain and promote positive attitudes regarding religious freedom. It is this peaceful co-existence between religious communities that Morocco hopes to perpetuate in order to be a positive example to the rest of the Muslim world. [emphasis added]

This is what lies in store for formerly infidel countries that move under the Islamic umbrella. The government tries to keep Muslims from doing anything bad to non-Muslims. Non-Muslims are not allowed to try to convert Muslims. And men may not marry into a Muslim family without conversion.

The Moroccan branch of the Ummah is what passes for tolerance in Islam, and it really is the best you can hope for, because it is not mandated by Islamic law. Such beneficent conditions depend entirely on the humane whim of the prince, king, sultan, or emir of the Islamic state in question.

Or the Caliph. Keep an eye on the OIC, because the Secretary General of the OIC is the proto-Caliph. Watch those “collective mechanisms” for protecting peace and security and managing conflict among the member states. It will be interesting to see what they morph into over the next five or ten years.

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