Vermont's Single-Payer Health Care Bill Ignites Debate Over Covering Illegal Immigrants

This is a disaster in the making. There is no way health care should ever be considered a 'human right', period. Should this bill pass in Vermont, you can look for other libtarded states to try and force this upon legal citizens of those states. This is exactly what the obama administration would like to see enacted in every state in the union, if not through obamacare then at the state level.

Here is what those who support such misguided legislation say: "When we say health care is a human right, we mean for everybody who lives and works in Vermont regardless of legal status," the Vermont Workers' Center said in a statement."We will not tolerate racial profiling and accept the unjust immigration and foreign policies of the federal government. We can do better than that."

Yes, we can do better than this socialist type of legislation. We must kick those that support such legislation as this out of office and ENFORCE the current immigration laws that we have on the books. Our children and their children will already be paying a steep price in excessive taxation, thanks to the first muslim potus whose father was an illegal immigrant himself.

NO ILLEGAL ALIEN or their children should ever qualify for any such benefits in our country. Any illegal alien should be deported and if they have a family, too bad. They need to deported as well. That way no one can accuse this country of breaking up illegal alien families. I do not give a damn if the children are born in the USA. They are illegal as their parents and they all need to be deported.


Vermont's Single-Payer Health Care Bill Ignites Debate Over Covering Illegal Immigrants

At least one roadblock stands in the way of Vermont's path toward becoming the first state to adopt a single-payer health care system: coverage for illegal immigrants.

The state Senate, which passed its version of the bill this week, added a last-minute provision that would bar illegal immigrants from being covered under a state-run insurance program the bill envisions setting up called Green Mountain Care.

The move outraged immigrant advocates.

"When we say health care is a human right, we mean for everybody who lives and works in Vermont regardless of legal status," the Vermont Workers' Center said in a statement."We will not tolerate racial profiling and accept the unjust immigration and foreign policies of the federal government. We can do better than that."

The bill is currently in a conference committee in which differences between House and Senate versions are being worked out. The House passed its version last month.

The Vermont Workers' Center and other groups have been lobbying against the Senate amendment under the rhetorical battle cry "Vermont is not Arizona!"

"We as Vermont are one community, and are proud to distinguish ourselves from states like Arizona that pass legislation excluding people based on their immigration status," one activist wrote in an e-mail to state Sen. Richard Sears, a Democrat and amendment sponsor.

Arizona last year passed a law requiring police to question people's immigration status while enforcing other laws if there is a reasonable suspicion they're in the country illegally. A court blocked the law from taking immediate effect after the U.S. Justice Department filed suit saying the federal government has sole jurisdiction over immigration law.

The lobbying effort in Vermont has angered senators who say they supported the amendment merely to clarify something they thought was in the bill already. They add that the special federal permissions -- or waivers -- Vermont needs to implement the health care law won't be forthcoming if the state does not follow the federal lead in excluding illegal immigrants.

"We wouldn't provide membership in Green Mountain Care to someone from Iowa who was here temporarily, so why would we do so for someone here illegally, who by definition is here temporarily?" asked Sen. Randy Brock, R-Franklin, one of the amendment's sponsors.

Another concern is how guaranteeing health insurance coverage to illegal immigrants might affect the program's budget.

"We passed a bill to provide Vermonters with universal health care, not to have Vermonters provide the universe with health care," Brock said.

The issue has struck a chord with a broad swath of human rights supporters and has raised what has been a key immigration issue in the state in recent years: the estimated 1,500 to 2,500 immigrant farmworkers who provide crucial labor to the state's dairy farms but who often remain in hiding for fear of deportation.

The legislation calls for setting up a health care "exchange," or marketplace in keeping with the federal health care law passed last year. The Vermont bill also sets up a state board that would review and approve designs for a publicly financed health insurance program available to all Vermonters.

If passed, the single payer system would draw plenty of scrutiny after being the subject of intense debate during the battle over national health care.

Liberals pushed for a total government-run health care system that mirrored Canada's, which pays for all medical costs .Supporters say this system eliminates administrative waste because it forces doctors and hospitals to bill one entity for services instead of several private insurers that have different billing procedures.

But President Obama and other Democratic leaders resisted those calls, saying a single-payer system was too radical. They did flirt with the possibility of a "public option," or a government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers. But in the end, even that didn't make the final cut.

The Vermont plan aims to controls rising health care costs and extend coverage to the nearly 500,000 uninsured Vermonters, even though half of them are eligible for state coverage.

But the Physicians for National Health Program, a group of 18,000 doctors who support a single-payer program on the national level, says the Vermont legislation falls short

"The Vermont plan promises a public program open to all residents of the state in 2017, but even then it would allow a continuing role for private insurance," the group said in a statement earlier this month. "This would negate many of the administrative savings that could be attained by a true single-payer program, and opens the way for the continuation of multi-tiered care."

A survey this month showed a quarter of the state's doctors would leave Vermont if a single-payer system is adopted. The survey, conducted by state Rep. George Till, a Democrat who supports single-payer, showed 44 percent of doctors support it compared with 46 percent who are opposed.

Which Republican Can Beat Obama?

Gary Fouse

In spite of President Obama's low poll numbers, many pundits-including Republicans- insist that none of the current Republican candidates are up to beating the President in 2012. They say that the reason Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls vis-a-vis the other candidates is that he is speaking his mind, which is what the conservative voters are craving. Nonetheless, few think that Trump can continue without blowing himself up eventually. Assuming that is true, who would be the best equipped to take on Obama next year?

Mitt Romney is considered one of the front-runners. I was never more impressed with him than when he dropped out of the primaries last go-around and made a great speech in doing so. Yet, he is viewed as another slicked-down politician who instituted his own health care plan in Massachusetts. In addition, some don't want to vote for a Mormon, which is sad, in my view.

Mike Huckabee is as bland as every woman's first husband. He is boring to watch on TV, and that controversial Arkansas pardon will come back to haunt him.

Sarah Palin is very appealing to a lot of folks, but she needs to overcome that poor performance as VP candidate. I love her views, but there is a perception that she's not up to the job. (Doesn't exactly doom your chances though, does it?)

I also like Michele Bachmann, but it seems she has the same perception problem that Palin has.

Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum have the right views. They are young and energetic-looking, but don't really look too presidential, do they?

Speaking of looking not-too-presidential, how about Newt Gingrich? Of all of them, he is the most eloquent spokesman for conservative issues. He is also a genuine historian who really seems to understand the issues. Yet, he has no chance. When he was Speaker of the House, he changed his tune daily depending on what he thought the best strategy of the day was. Then there is that little matter of marital fidelity-you know the time he dropped by his wife in the hospital, to tell her he was leaving her for another woman while she was being treated for cancer? I would still like to see him run simply for the voice he would add to the debates.

Same for all of them, actually. They all have something to contribute to the national debate over the role of government in our society and the direction we are going both domestically and internationally.

But they are all lacking that certain something that conservatives are craving and think they see in Trump. Someone who has charisma, genuine conservative values, and isn't afraid to stand up and tell it like it is without worrying that he/she may lose some constituency group. Who is that someone that isn't afraid to tell the other side to go jump in a lake? Who is that person that can capture the imagination of conservatives the way Obama did with liberals and..........well, dopes, while not trying to fool anybody? In my opinion, that would be someone who isn't even running yet.

That person would be Allen West.

The Daily Catch Videos Part 2: Christian persecution ,and most of this takes place in the islamic world.

Now more than ever , Christians are persecuted all over the world.

The Daily Catch For 4-30-2011: PastorTerry Jones in Dearbornistan, women driving in Saudia Arabia, Nozzlerage and much more

The Daily Catch Videos for 4-30-2011
Pastor Terry Jones back in Dearbornistan, Saudi Arabian women drive more, Steven Crowder, Nozzlerage,  Buddhists fight back in Thailand, and more.

This may have some language that is offensive to some of you.

Thanks to bankorandotcom for many of these videos. Be sure to subscribe to this 
channel on Youtube.

CAIR uses the stone age tactics of threats and intimidation to cow reporter into retreat

This is a perfect example of the tactics that islam and muslims will use to silence ANY and ALL critics of islam, sharia law and or sharia financing. Note that in this article the reporter, Aaron Proctor had not done anything except tell the truth about islam.

Indeed, who will be next?!?

CAIR's Strong-Arm Tactics in the Cradle of Liberty
by Hillel Zaremba

Aaron Proctor, a Philadelphia-based libertarian writer, can count himself the latest victim of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization that ironically claims to work for civil rights.

Proctor, a colorful commentator for the Philadelphia version of Examiner.com, had the temerity to investigate CAIR's dubious background in connection with its Philadelphia branch's planned fundraising dinner on March 12 at a municipal facility, the Springfield Country Club. CAIR-PA invited Johari Abdul-Malik to deliver one of the evening's main addresses. Abdul-Malik works at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, which has the distinction of being the former base for an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and for Anwar al-Awlaki, mentor to Fort Hood murderer Nidal Malik Hasan and underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

In keeping with these associations, Abdul-Malik declared in 2001:

I am gonna teach you now. You can blow up bridges, but you cannot kill people who are innocent on their way to work. You can blow up power supplies … the water supply; you can do all forms of sabotage and let the world know that we are doing it like this because they have a respect for the lives of innocent people.

When Islamist Watch notified various local citizens' groups of the Springfield Country Club event, Proctor picked up the topic. He titled his first posting on the subject "CAIR, an Islamic terrorism group, coming to Delaware County next month" and then challenged Congressman Pat Meehan, in whose district Springfield Township lies, to speak out about the banquet. Meehan responded cautiously, supporting CAIR's "right to peacefully assemble" while addressing its questionable history:

CAIR has recently made a series of statements accusing the FBI of falsely entrapping Muslim-Americans and advocating that Muslims not cooperate with law enforcement and the FBI. … As a former U.S. attorney, I am extremely concerned about the message that this kind of rhetoric sends to the community.

CAIR-PA then attacked both Proctor and Meehan and strong-armed the Examiner with accusations of defamation and publishing "hate speech." Brazenly lying about CAIR's status as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, it claimed that there was "zero court-admissible evidence to suggest that they are in anyway [sic] related to terrorism." In fact, CAIR practically admitted it was a "terrorist-supporting front organization" when it backed off a 2004 defamation lawsuit it had initiated, for fear of the discovery process. Further, as recently as July 2009, U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis found "ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR … with Hamas."

Setting its sights on the weaker adversary, CAIR-PA sent the local police Proctor's photograph and accused him of being a potential "security threat." In a letter to a senior staffer at the Examiner, CAIR-PA charged Proctor with "hate speech," "bigotry," and "slander" and issued a strongly worded request for the writer's dismissal.

The letter also fudged the truth about the Philadelphia chapter's link to the terrorism-tied national group, stating: "Although CAIR-Philadelphia licenses the use of the name CAIR, we are legally distinct entities." The claim of a wall separating the national organization from its local branch is ludicrous; CAIR-PA employs the same logo as the national organization, carries the same news alerts as the national organization, and responded to Meehan by citing the national organization's alleged crime-fighting credentials.

Frightened by CAIR's threats of libel proceedings and references to "hate speech," the Examiner folded. On February 11, management suspended Proctor from work while it reviewed the legalities of his anti-CAIR articles.

In an email sent on February 14, Proctor wrote about his tangling with this supposed champion of civil liberties:

To say that I wasn't scared not only for my life but for my loved ones due to the threats from CAIR would be a gross understatement. It's scary when you read someone has emailed the police about you when you haven't even made a threat to them and wouldn't do anything more than write about them.

Proctor disclosed that although he had won back his job at the Examiner, the experience left him shaken:

I have been reinstated on Examiner.com today. … As a precaution (and of my own free will, not suggested to be [sic] by anyone), I've taken down my CAIR articles … and will no longer focus on any further stories about Islam or CAIR. I guess that's the end game of terrorism: scaring people into [not] speaking out and keeping people away from seeking out their livelihood.

Did CAIR win? It would certainly seem that way, for there is now one less individual willing to question its behavior. The story, however, need not end there:

Pat Meehan serves as chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security's Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence and should hear from citizens who oppose those who use the liberties afforded by the Constitution to muzzle criticism and stifle debate.

Citizens of Springfield Township should ask their elected officials why a facility they own continues to be used by a group that admires someone who has recommended sabotage.

Examiner.com, "the fastest-growing local content network in the U.S.," should be true to its name and examine, closely and objectively, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Proctor may not always have chosen his words about CAIR wisely or well, but he left an eloquent appeal before descending into his self-imposed silence:

Please stand with me and stand with free speech and don't let these people twist the arms of America any more. Those of you who have dedicated much of your lives and free time to fighting the lies and propaganda and "lawfare" that CAIR seeks to implement in the U.S., please do not stop fighting.

Aaron Proctor has become yet another victim of the dangerous trend of CAIR stifling public discussion of Islamism. Who will be next?

Hillel Zaremba is associate director of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

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If You’re Reading This You Might be Racist

It always comes back to the race issue, sigh. I am a racist and I admit it BUT I am against all races, religions, etc at one time or another and that includes being against myself at times. islam is a perverted twisted political ideology that has been wrongly branded as a religion. I consider myself an equal opportunity racist. There is a special place in hell for islam. Damn, there I go again.

Back to the topic. My disgust with the mullah in the White House has nothing to do with his being black or a muslim(that he is a muslim does not help though). It has to do with what he has done since elected and what he plans to keep on doing until he is voted out of office or impeached. I could care less if he is Chinese, Mexican, White, whatever. I would still dislike it, immensely. obama has one mission, to destroy the greatness that make us America. He wants to me it amerika and the heart of the muslim world.

As far his eligibility issue, I do not think he is and to question this is not racist. The documents produced looked cooked up to me and prove nothing to help his claims to the White House out accept for those who are already brainwashed by too much Kool-Aid, and are NWO progressives at all costs.

After all, he has spent over two million bucks to keep his records sealed. So what is he REALLY hiding? What do they expect us to do? March the goose step down Pennsylvania avenue with the rest of his far leftarded trolls and minions? I think not! If asking questions and demanding real answers makes us racists, then so be it.

BFD. Call me a racist an islamophobe whatever, domestic terrorist, gun totting neocon whack job kook. It is not the first time and certainly will NOT be the last.

If this offends you then why are you here? We are all racists at one time or another.


If You’re Reading This You Might be Racist
By Doug Gamble

Whoopi Goldberg says that, yes, she is playing the race card. MSNBC lunatic Ed Shultz says Republicans are a racist party. PBS program host Tavis Smiley says the 2012 presidential election will be the most racist in history. A pastor, Reverend Amos Brown, told Bill O’Reilly that Donald Trump is racist for urging President Obama to “get off the basketball court” and take care of business, because basketball is associated more with blacks than whites.

Living in a society where political incorrectness, even the slightest slip of the tongue or unintended nuance, can end a career and lead to banishment from the human race, I try my best from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning to demonstrate that I’m not a racist.

For example, the other day I burned my toast, but did I take a knife and scrape off the blackened parts? No way. In today’s climate, that might have been perceived as racism. And just to be on the safe side, I didn’t even put white bread into the toaster. No sir. It was whole wheat which is sort of brownish in color. And I felt good about it, I had a warm glow inside, knowing that I’m now part of the solution and not part of the problem.

But really, the point is it’s getting awfully confusing for non-racists, which includes me and everyone I know personally, to anticipate just what will be considered racism by the lefties, the guardians of all that is just and proper. The Trump remark is a good example. Obviously he didn’t say Obama should leave the basketball court and focus on America’s problems because he’s racist, he said it because the president is known to spend time fooling around playing basketball.

If you take the racist nonsense to what liberals would consider a logical conclusion, and if you buy their premise that criticism of Obama is in and of itself racist, as opposed to honest disagreement, then the Republicans will commit a racist act by nominating a candidate to run against him. Because the Republican candidate will invariably criticize the president and such criticism, we are told, is racist. Presumably, the only way the GOP can demonstrate it is not racist is to let Obama run for reelection unopposed.

When Tavis Smiley predicts the 2012 presidential election will be the most racist in history, does he mean Republican election rallies will feature white sheets and cross burnings? No. He means Republicans will try to convince voters that Obama should no longer be president, and to try defeating an African-American president is racist. Note to liberals: Most people who oppose Obama do not do so because his skin his dark but because his policies are pink if not red.

They do not want him gone because they’re racists, they want him gone because they’re capitalists. And if the 2012 election centers around racism it will be because Obama wants it that way. His unofficial campaign theme, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, will be, “Are you more or less racist than you were four years ago?”

As for Whoopie Goldberg, she once stood by while her then-boyfriend, actor Ted Danson, appeared at a comedy roast in blackface, looking like he had stepped out of an old minstrel show. That didn’t bother Whoopie and other lefties, of course, because Danson is a Democrat and Democrats are immune from charges of racism.

In the end, liberals branding everything anti-Obama as racist is going to backfire because most Americans are insulted and turned off by it. They know in their hearts that skin color has nothing whatsoever to do with opposition to a president who is destroying America. Also, because the race card is now routinely played, every day, all the time, voters will start tuning out and it will become more and more ignored as with the boy who cried wolf.

Martin Luther King said he hoped for the day when people would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. But now, to judge President Obama on his character and not the color of his skin, is branded as racist.

Having worked in radio, advertising, public relations and as a newspaper columnist, Doug Gamble (Douggamble.com) is best known as a writer of humor and speech material for President Ronald Reagan — including some of Reagan’s most memorable lines in the 1984 re-election campaign — and President George H.W. Bush, and as a writer for comedian Bob Hope.

He has also written for Republican candidates and officeholders at virtually every level of government, as well as for the CEO’s of major corporations.

Hizb ut-Tahrir: Big march planned for May 7 in support of jihad. islam is a lie!

From Bo Perrin's excellent site: The Hizb ut-Tahrir Watch

"Hizb ut-Tahrir has been declared a terrorist organization in numerous countries while being viciously hunted in a number of others. The United States Federal government, though, refuses to black-list Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami as a terrorist organization. Therefore, Hizb ut-Tahrir operates freely within our borders holding conferences and recruiting and conducting Islamic soldiers to various terrorist organizational structures despite its virulent anti-Western propaganda, terrorist activity in other nations and its continued call for armed conflict or jihad.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is not a peaceful organization any more than Islam is a peaceful religion. The organization’s goal is to impose Islamic monotheism and Shar’ ia on non-Muslims by Da’wah. If a non-Muslim rejects the Da’wah then the Caliphate can use jihad to remove the obstacle. Hizb ut-Tahrir must be exposed and stopped or we risk losing our Constitutional Republic.

1) A supremacy religion is a religion which believes (1) there is only one God (monotheism; Deuteronomy 6:4; 59:022), (2) it is to be spread to the whole world (Mark 16:15-16; 21:107), (3) everyone in the world ought to follow it (John 3:16-17; 9:033)and (4) it is the one and only religion (Acts 4:12, John 14:6; 3:095). Of the three monotheistic faiths Judaism is the only religion which does not actively share its faith with the world. Islam and Christianity both do. There are many, many differences between Islam and Christianity especially each’s definition of monotheism. One big difference between Islam and Christianity is how the message is to be spread. Islam and Christianity believe the message ought to be spread through reasons and proofs (Acts 19:8; 2:039 [ayats]). Islam differs from Christianity because it also believes the message can be spread violently (jihad; 9:029) and deceptively (taqiyya; Bukhari Vol 4: 269)."

The video below is to raise support and awareness of the violent revolutions in muslim countries. Do not be fooled as this video is a call to jihad and is more taqiyya from islam. There is NOTHING peaceful about islam.


Campaign video by Taji Mustafa for the 7th May marches in solidarity with the uprisings in the Middle East.

Real Change for this ummah, REAL CHANGE to Khilafah

Tree hugger update: books are bad for the environment

After I post this I am going to our local bookstore and buy a couple more paper books. Nothing can compare with the touch and feel of a paper book in your hands. Yes, I know all about the wondrous advantages of e-readers but I am a throw back to better and simpler times. If you cannot handle that then what are you doing here in the first place?

Only from the twisted heads of those who have been brainwashed into believing that GW is real and threat to our very lives. If we have not reached this point already, soon everything, including FREEDOM OF THOUGHT will labeled as a threat to the environment. Darn it, I forgot. We already reached that last point in this country as it was stupid enough to elect obama, the mullah in the White House, the FIRST muslim potus. Remember, in islam it is the father who determines if one is muslim or not and obama had a muslim father.

Kindly stolen from Pirate's Cove.


Reading Books Is Apparently Bad For Globull Warming
By William Teach

All you folks who read books, you are killing Gaia, and need to immediately buy an e-reader (until the alarmists determine that they are bad for Gaia). From TerraPass

Unfortunately, the business of publishing books, newspapers, and magazines has a large environmental impact. In addition to the tens of millions of trees harvested every year, paper manufacturing is responsible for 11 percent of all freshwater consumed by industrial nations, and is associated with an annual discharge of 153 billion gallons of wastewater. (snip)

According to a 2009 brief by the Cleantech Group, an average book has a carbon footprint of about 7.46 kg of CO2. By comparison, the average Kindle has a carbon footprint of approximately 168 kg of CO2 over its lifetime. This means that if you were to purchase a Kindle, you would “break even” on the greenhouse gas impacts once your use of the Kindle led you to avoid the purchase of 22.5 physical books; any ebook purchased beyond the first 22.5 books would be akin to preventing 7.46 kg of CO2 emissions, in addition to reducing the use of natural resources (e.g. water and wood fiber) that would have gone into a physical book.

You know what’s really amazing? Someone actually took the time to figure out the “carbon footprint” of a book. If that doesn’t tell you how obsessed these climate alarmists are, nothing else will.

But, you know what this means? It means that I, your humble pirate writer who thinks that anthropogenic global warming is a load of mule fritters, am quite a bit more “green” and better for Gaia than most of the Warmists. I have a Kindle. Had it since 2008. I read quite a few books, averaging one every week or two, and read almost exclusively on the Kindle at this point. Once you get used to using it, you almost do not want to read paper books. I gave Mom one for Christmas, and she is already hooked. I’ll actually hunt down a book I’ve read before and want to read again on the Internet, rather than reading my paper copy or going to the library. And, I save money over purchasing books at the bookstore. Plus, I find all sorts of cool books that one rarely, if ever, finds in the bookstore. And I help out small and unknown authors.

And, I will go to the library now and then, and “share the environmental impact”, as the Warmist writer says.

So, are all you Climate Realists more “environmentally friendly” than the Warmists? Hey, I wonder what the carbon footprint is of all the corporate made liberal protest signs and Che pamphlets?

Oh, and what are you reading now? I’ve gotten caught up with zombies and end of the world stuff lately.

Thanks Teach!

Will Texas join Falikornia and POORegon into the dustbins created by the environazis??

Can a small lizard kick our gas prices higher? Will Texas join the moronic states of Kalifornia and POORegon? Just like the the Spotted Owl doomed POORegon, a tiny minnow left the fertile fields of central Kalifornia bone dry and unproductive, the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard maybe next to doom oil drilling in Texas. This stuff you just cannot make up. Just ask the farmers in Kalifornia or the those who were forced out well paying jobs in the timber industry in the Pacific Northwest due to the Spotted Owl and the environazi movement. Just ask me. I know all about it firsthand. Mr. Halverson knows. He lives in the cesspool known as Portland, Oregon. I feel for you Mr. Halverson, I truly do.


Listing of lizard may shut down Texas oil
By Greg Halvorson

You can’t make this up. First, a Spotted Owl destroyed the timber industry of the Pacific Northwest, then a minnow turned the most productive agricultural land in the world into a dustbowl, and now, as energy prices spike and the economy sputters, they’re going after Texas with a scurrilous reptile.

Specifically, the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard. That’s the latest more-important-than-people critter being used to lock-up resources in the name of planet Earth. The drilling moratorium didn’t cause enough pain, so onto the Endangered Species Act - known at the Sierra Club as “Ol’ Reliable” - to make certain Texas has lizard-filled poverty.

Lizard or livelihood? That’s what’s at stake. And the pro-poverty Earth Firsters stratifying government can’t have both. If it determines that the lizard is indeed endangered, the Fish and Wildlife Service will shut down the most productive oil counties in Texas, ban roads, and slow farm activity, as it “studies the ecosystem” for up to five years.

This should please Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, who in 2008 said, “We must increase gas taxes to force people to turn to alternative energy. Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to levels in Europe.”

That’s the goal—Europe. Low growth. High taxes. As our economy shrivels and land is restricted, as we ignore wealth beneath our feet and slide toward uncertainty, they slither along, creating dependency…. Sauve le lezard!

They should say it in French. 

Greg Halvorson is an island of conservative clarity in the liberal cesspool that is Portland, Oregon. The host of Freedom Warrior Radio, his work can be found at American Thinker and other sites promoting market principles, personal liberty and self-reliance.

New book and sites on Patriot's Corner: The Martyr's Prize, The Hizb ut-Tahrir Watch, The Institute For Jihadi Research

If you scroll down the left hand sidebar you find a new book, The Martyr's Prize I just set up a link to. The book is EXCELLENT and the author, Brooks William Kelley was kind enough to send a signed copy to me to read. As I am not done with the book yet, I do not want to spoil this for you. So far, the book is outstanding. Not perfect but this is his first title and he published it himself. The book is selling extremely well on Amazon and I can tell you the ONLY reason I have had to put it down is my battle with severe, chronic pain and sheer exhaustion. If you order a copy you will not be disappointed, trust me on this one.

Next, a couple of new sites by Bo Perrin. These are as follows and you will find links to his sites on the right hand sidebar. Bo's excellent and well researched sites are; The Hizb ut-Tahrir Watch and The Institute For Jihadi Research. Please check out both of these sites. You find a lot of very useful information that you can refer to and use as references. I recently posted two letters that Mr. Perrin had written. Both were well done and I have let Mr. Perrin know that his posts are always welcome here at Patriot's Corner.


Support Vlad Tepes!! Vlad Tepes Youtube channel taken down

This is just pure intolerance by the far left and the nazis who rule YT. While radical pro-islamic/muslim channels are allowed to prosper and multiply on YT, those channels that speak the rtuth about islam, sharia law and the violence that they spawn are routinely attacked, suspended or completely shut down. Below you will find commentary from Vlad Tepes and a link to his 'B channel on YouTube. Please go to this other channel and subscribe while you can. Vlad Tepes had alot of time, effort and money invested in his YT channel and for lack of another word, this totally sucks.


Vlad Tepes Youtube channel has been shut down.

Commentary and where you can find Vlad Tepe's other channels.

"As youtube has seen fit to take down my video channel, one I had worked daily on for three years and invested more time, effort and indeed money in than I care to think about at this time, I now have to chase down many of the more important videos and re embed them here.

I have a ‘B’ Channel on youtube I would ask all to subscribe to called, ‘bankorandotcom’ and I will use that till they remove it, as well as a channel I created on a server I rent which is at http://www.bankoran.com

Please feel free to peruse the videos there. I try and put the ones youtube won’t allow, as well as ones over 15 minutes and ones I think are critically important at that site.

However the staggering loss of the main channel I used at youtube is no small matter. I had over 800 videos and 3000 subscribers to that channel and it was a great way to get information out to the general counter jihad. If I posted a great video it had a real chance of going ‘viral’ and bringing that many people more to an understanding of what we face.

The counter jihad may be moving past that stage though. The public in Europe at this point seems to be realizing that they have been horribly betrayed by their own governments and the same might be true in the US and we will know about Canada May 2nd.

This next stage may be more a question of people coming together to know what they can actually do about it. I think people like Pastor Jones and others, perhaps Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and a list of other people who may appear in the near future can lead the way to a new roots rule since trusting the political elites, at least in this particular moment of history, has failed in a big big way.

I think its critical that people in the US for example, look at Dearborn and ask themselves if this is the future they want for their country. A total exemption for Islam from basic constitutional law. Canada already has that thanks to the ‘Human Rights Commissions’ etc.

John Robson, one of my favourite journalists in Canada, gave a fantastic speech on what a constitution should look like no matter where you live and what makes a good one and a bad one. I’ll see if I can find it. It was on my youtube channel but I may still have it somewhere and will upload it if I can find it."

Please be sure to visit and subscribe to Vlad's other channels that are noted above.

The Daily Catch for 4-27-2011: obama's foreign policy, obama proud to be back home in Kenya, muslims praying on Italy's streets, EDL and more..

Here is The Daily Catch for 4-27-2011. 

Please read top post for IMPORTANT information concering Vlad Tepes  and what has happened to his YouTube channel. A big hat tip to Vlad Tepes as many of the videos I use in TDC are from his site.

First two videos are from the EDL site

  • As previously announced, the English Defence League are coming to Blackpool!

    Our national campaign against the spread of radical Islam brings us to the seaside town made infamous by the gruesome murder of Charlene Downes.

    Charlene disappeared in 2003, and evidence emerged that her body had been put through a mincing machine in a Blackpool kebab shop identified by police as one of a number of takeaways in the town considered to be a sexual exploitation “honey pot”.

    Lancashire police botched the investigation into Charlene’s murder, and paid the two defendants nearly £250,000 each in “compensation”.

    Today, the kebab shop is still open, and it is thought that over 60 Blackpool school girls have been the victims of grooming or sexual abuse by Muslim takeaway owners and workers.

    The English Defence League, along with Casuals United, will continue to support the Downes family's fight for justice.

    We will continue to expose the hatred and intolerance that radical Islam is spreading in our country.

    We will speak out against Muslim sex gangs, against the politicians who cover them up, and against the religious scripture that does so much to inspire them.

    We DO NOT want this hatred in our country. And we ARE NOT afraid to make a stand against it.

    The English Defence League invites one and all to attend our demonstration against radical Islam on Saturday 28th May in Blackpool.

Tommy Robinson has been arrested once again.

The real barack hussein obama: On Obama's Black Nationalism

I have three straight days of meetings at work regarding budget cuts and proposals. Needless to say that these next three days will be extremely stressful and quite possibly the end of the program I have administered for the last eight months. I can only fight and prove the worth of this program but the job placements achieved solely due to my program, but it just may not matter to the bean counters. I also have to try to save the jobs of my three assistants who are the sole wage earners for their respective families. One has a disabled husband and the other two guys have been out of work for almost three years through no fault of their own. Yes, the economy is sure 'improving' here in POORegon, the most regressive, progressive state in the union. I apologize for the window below for this editorial but please read it as it is outstanding!

Posts will be a bit scant but I will do what I can.

This is an excellent editorial from the Washington Times by Jeffery T. Kunher. Below the editorial are links to related stories. Obama skipping an Easter message was no accident and completely thought out and planned.

Here is what Reagan had to say about Easter and Passover:

"The first Muslim-born (according to Islamic law, assuming his biological father was Barack Obama, Sr.)-and-reared American President (he practiced and studied Islam during his Indonesian childhood while living with his Indonesian Muslim stepfather) has made appeasement of overseas political Islam the centerpiece of an utterly failed foreign policy in parallel with an odious "outreach" to organized/political Islam at home that has effectively elevated Islamist myths and lies to the level of accepted truth (by liberal media and liberal educators/indoctrinators)."

Hat tip to China Confidential

Inside Syria: Raw intelligence report from STRATFOR

This is from STRATFOR and I am posting it as I received it. obama has pushed the revolutions in the Middle East, has agreed for us to meddle in Libya and has helped the muslim brotherhood obtain a free pass to power in egypt. Now the mullah in the White House is threatening sanctions against syria. Hmmm.. That worked really well in iran if I recall correctly. What a moron and islamist. bho, helping the world to become islamified, one country at a time.


Raw Intelligence Report: A View from Syria

Editor’s Note: What follows is raw insight from a STRATFOR source in Syria. The following does not reflect STRATFOR’s view, but provides a perspective on the situation in Syria.

People are scared. An understatement, no doubt, but my friends — both foreign and Syrian — are worried about the developments. Almost all of my foreign friends are leaving and many have moved departing flights up in light of the recent events. Most Syrians don’t have this option and are weighing their options should sustained protests move to inner Damascus. Everyone is thinking along their sect even if they aren’t open about it. Much of the violence is attributed by Syrians to these mysterious “armed gangs.” Many are still placing hope in “Habibna” (literally “Our Love,” a nickname for the president) to bring about enough reforms to placate the demonstrators. A point that I was forced to make over and over is that a lot of the people protesting are doing so because someone they knew was killed and not because they were anti-government, although they are now. Privately, my Syrian friends admitted that Bashar [al Assad, the Syrian president] needs to make some major, major concessions quickly or risk continued protests and bloodshed of which would be attributed to him and not merely “the regime.”

By now we are all familiar with the cycle of protests reaching their high point on Fridays, after prayers. This Friday, however, was different for Syrians. Having seen the infamous emergency law lifted, albeit with serious caveats, Syrians were hoping for a relaxing of the security responses to the demonstrations. What they got was half as many demonstrators killed in one day as in all the days of demonstrations preceding it combined. It was almost as if things had been safer when the emergency law had been in effect. (On a side note, my friend guessed that maybe two out of every 100 Syrians could actually tell you what the emergency law was.) What was most striking about the demonstrations was that there were two in Damascus itself (Midan on Friday, April 22, and Berze on Saturday, April 23). While not in the city center these are by no means the far suburbs and countryside of Daraa or Douma. There were also protests in Muadamiyeh, which is right outside town next to the main bus station. I’ve heard that tanks along this road were seen April 24 pointing their guns not in the direction of the road but toward the city. The regime and everyone is terrified about protests in the city itself.

You could see the depression in the air on Saturday. Everyone knew that those killed from the day before would be having large funerals today and that those gatherings would likely be attacked as well. My Christian friends were especially worried due to rumors that churches were going to be bombed on Easter. As my friend put it, “I know they’re just rumors but I’m afraid they [the security apparatus] might actually do it.”

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that Bashar is not the reformer he claimed to be. His words are not being met by real, concrete action. Even though he might have wanted to reform and may have been hampered by others in the regime (cousin Rami Makhlouf, brother Maher), these efforts are steadily losing traction. The regime seems to be playing by “Hama rules” in its response to the demonstrations and it’s unlikely that this is happening without Bashar’s full consent at this point. The most positive assessment of him I heard was that he still wanted true reforms (although nothing game-changing) but that he was growing impatient with the demonstrators. One person conjectured that Bashar’s mistake was promising reforms when he first came to power. “If he hadn’t promised ‘reforms’ and not delivered on them people wouldn’t be so mad. He shouldn’t have said anything and given everyone false hope or actually followed through on them.”

Support for the protests is mixed. Many of those out in the streets are there because someone close to them was killed. Think tribal mentality: I wasn’t mad at you before but you killed my cousin/brother/friend and now I am mad. People are gathering to defend their honor. There is almost no organization inside Syria among the protesters. I asked several people and they agreed that the Muslim Brotherhood was almost non-present in the country. All that is coordinated is information being leaked out about the responses by the security forces against the protesters. As I told my friend, the problem is that unlike in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, all the demonstrators are dispersed across the country and do not have enough time to talk to each other to decide what they wanted. There is also a fairly widely held belief that much of the killings are taking place as a result of these armed gangs firing on security forces and innocents being caught in the crossfire. Some are quick to blame “foreign conspirators” although several of my friends admitted that whatever meddling by Abdul Halim Khaddam (the former Syrian vice president) and Rifaat al Assad (the president’s uncle living in exile in the United Kingdom) was minimal. Both of these guys have very, very little support on the ground and while the Muslim Brotherhood might have some latent support among Sunnis, they would not be welcome by any of the minorities in Syria.

At this point the regime is going to have to go Hama-style if it wants to completely shut down the protests, otherwise it will have to make some major concessions like multiparty elections and presidential term limits, which the regime won’t accept. From what I’ve heard is going on today it looks like the regime is opting to play it Hama-style.

Now ice makers are going to be banned? DOE is on the warpath against ice makers

Sadly, this is what you get when you let foxes into the hen house, or in this case, liberals and their socialist, commie friends who get appointed to office. The democrats have been in power since 2006 and while some of these horrible environmental policies were in place before, such insane policies as this one have really gathered momentum since 2006. Add in the election of the obama, the first muslim potus, the best friend muslims and islam has EVER had squatting in the White House, and this is what we get.

How many consumers will just say f--k you DOE and the environazis? This remains to be seem but if I want a fridge with an ice maker, I will buy one. The price difference or extra energy consumption will not matter to most consumers except maybe those who drives a Prius, don't shave or shower and howl at the moon while beating a drum in a drum circle.


Global-warming zealots to ban ice makers

Energy efficiency standards to expand scope of product confiscation

Ice makers are the latest target in the left’s ongoing war against the conveniences of modern life. Earlier this month, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a report that may condemn this essential household item to the contraband list that already includes functional light bulbs, toilets, washing machines and shower heads.

Those looking for an easy way to cool down their drinks with ice cubes are guilty of increasing their refrigerator’s energy consumption by about 12 to 20 percent. That’s unacceptable to global-warming alarmists at the Department of Energy (DOE) who are hard at work finalizing regulatory standards for the fridge. The proposed changes will increase prices by an estimated $2 billion per year, but DOE justifies this added expense by claiming consumers would save $37 in electricity costs over the lifetime of a typical side-by-side.

Paying more up front to obtain paltry energy savings might appeal to some consumers. Others struggling to make ends meet might not see it as such a bargain. Liberals, however, have no interest in letting the public decide what types of products suit their particular needs. Dishonest bureaucrats impose their one-size-fits-all choice on Americans while simultaneously denying they regulate consumer behavior or ban items like light bulbs, shower heads and refrigerators. “I’m pro-choice on bulbs,” claimed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency Kathleen Hogan in congressional testimony last month. “I really do not believe that the appliance standards end up restricting personal choice.”

Yet the likes of Ms. Hogan pull popular products off store shelves and replace them with inferior - but government-sanctioned - products. They do so by forcing appliance manufacturers to file statements confirming that their products meet every aspect of the regulations, that the products have been tested according to government rules and that the manufacturer “is aware of the penalties” involved. Distributing a product that fails to meet with Ms. Hogan’s approval carries a typical fine of $7,300 per item. That adds up quickly. Last year, DOE accused a company of producing a shower head that worked a little bit too well. For this “crime,” DOE demanded payment of $1.9 million and destruction of this highly effective product.

That’s the left’s idea of “choice.” Uncle Sam is an unwelcome guest in the home. It’s time for Congress to repeal the nanny-state efficiency standards and allow consumers to select the products that they want to use.

Globull Warming alert! Your iphone may kill you

This comes way of Pirate's Cove and if you have not checked out this site, please do so. I found out about Pirate's Cove from the site American Power. Both of these are great sites and here at Patriot's Corner I am bound by the code of 'Honor Among Thieves': You are welcome to 'steal' any post from here. Please just leave a link back to here, the original site and give proper credit(s)to the correct individuals.


BWT, Your iPhone Will Kill You From Globull Warming
By William Teach/Pirate's Cove

Tom Nelson frequently makes jokes in his headlines about you using an iPhone and it causing it to flood in some 3rd world rat hole, er developing nation. I don’t think even he saw this one coming.

Carbon emissions? Energy overuse? Sketchy labor relations? There’s an app for that, and it’s all of them. This infographic from Geekaphone (there’s way more, it’s huge — click on our excerpt to see the rest) illustrates that the iPhone, like basically any modern convenience, is probably going to kill us all sooner or later.

Oh, woes us! Aren’t there like millions and millions of iPhones sold so far? And if everyone charged them just once, which seems like a silly notion, charging up a smartphone battery, doesn’t it???, it would be evil for those modern lightbulbs which have brought mankind into the modern world.

So, I expect all you little alarmists to no longer use your iPhones, Droids, Windows phones, Palm, or, hell, any mobile device. No cell phones or Tablets for you! You DO want to do your part for Gaia, right?

The Daily catch Videos for 4-24-2011: Multiculturalism, One tough German lady and much more

The Daily Catch

Here is The Daily Catch for 4-24-2011. Warning for graphic violence in some of the videos below. islam is a violent ideology and it is NOT a religion.

Let's start off with some Allen West!

This next one is the one that is very graphic. Intro below is straight from Vlad Tepes as it was sent to VT.

The Situation in North Caucasus is getting more severe.
Dagestani youths now support the savages (wahhabiti pigs)

In the video below, Dagestani Mujahadeen shamelessly show the torture of police officers (The Police is the only thing which keep “Secularism” in N. Caucasian republics) In the end of the video , they even showed the pictures of other police members which will be killed (this need to be shown to the Government of Russia, they need to protect those people): *Very graphic video: especially after 3:08 they show the executions of the police members. Most of them are Muslims… but at least they fought against Islamists. Rest In Peace*

IslamDin: Mujahideen operations in Kabarda... by Iraq_2012

Crash course on CAIR:

If hatred is not allowed in this world then why has islam and sharia law
not been banned yet?

Do not eat before you watch this one. This is our future being brainwashed.

Know The Truth About Shar’ia: Guest post by Bo Perrin Part 1

islamic sharia law has only one goal: to ensure the establishment of islam as the one and ONLY 'religion' in the United States and the entire globe, if given the chance. I will not go into a lengthy introduction about sharia law or islam as most of you who drop in here already know about it. If you do not or even if you do, please read these next two posts by Bo Perrin. These two articles were written in rebuttal to a pro sharia dhimmi stooge named Charles Haynes. The links to his articles are up at the top of the articles if you want to read them first. I have, and Mr. Perrin has done an excellent job on dismantling any pro sharia/islam elements Mr.Haynes tries to use or justify.

Just a final note. These are a bit on the long side but are top deck all the way. These are the post of the night and I will not be posting anything else except perhaps a new Daily Catch Video feed.

"The enemy is here, on our soil, using our laws to bring down our Constitutional Republic no matter how deep many Americans, like Mr. Haynes, attempt to bury their heads into the sand. But as with every good Progressive, Mr. Haynes will not allow the truth to stand in his way.

So, lets know the truth about Islam anywhere. Lets open the Qur’ an and see the violence it espouses. Lets look at Islamic history to see how truly violent Mohammad was. Let us examine the fatwas and writings of so-called “moderate Muslims” from prestigious universities such as Al-Ahaz or the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America who produce antidemocratic fatwas and espouse anti-Christian and anti-Semitic views."


Know The Truth About Shar’ia Part 1
By Bo Perrin

The following article is to refute Mr. Charles Haynes’ pro-Shar’ ia article “Know the Truth about Muslims.” This is one of his flagship articles which appear in numerous written media outlets. If you would like to “Know the Truth about Muslims” the address is:

NOTE: This article was created to be posted to the Lancaster Eagle Gazette but they refused. So, I kept the article as it was originally intended. In deed, a lot more could have be said to refute Mr. Haynes’.

Know the Truth About Islam
By Bo Perrin

Mr. Charles Haynes entitled his first article of March 16th as “Know the Truth about Muslims in America.” I agree. In fact, I would expand the issue to include the truth about the Qur’ an, Hadith and Sira since the real issue of Shar’ ia is centered in these texts. The problem is that many of those who purport to provide such knowledge, including many in the religious community unfortunately, are more concerned with political correctness than reality. Mr. Haynes is one.

Mr. Haynes begins with a short history course about the periodic outbreaks of fear and hysteria to which he sarcastically states we can add the “Muslim Menace.” His fills his first article with hyperbole degenerating any one who differs with his progressive worldview. I doubt very much Mr. Haynes would not be so sarcastic about the “Muslim Menace” if he were actually a Copt whose ear Muslims cut off because of a rumor, a Christian whose building Muslims burned down and murdered for using the term Allah or a Jew since Mohammad commanded Muslims to kill every Jew they find. Please notice I have not used a single instance of “terrorism.” Islam denounces terrorism although not terror and suicide but not sacrificing oneself for a cause. America does the same. America firebombed Dresden in World War Two killing thousands of civilians. An American soldier will sacrifice his life for a fellow soldier by jumping on a grenade. Yet, we denounce terrorism and suicide but not the use of terror or sacrifice. Look down the barrel of an M-16 and tell me there is no terror involved. The difference is not in the act but the philosophy driving the act. Nevertheless, I thought the article was supposed to be about Shar’ ia? Why is Mr. Haynes referring to terrorism? He argues anti-Islamists (those against Shar’ ia) conflate the two, all the while he does exactly what he condemns.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is the article’s prime target. I will not take up the space quoting Haynes bloated language degenerating Rep. King’s attempt to find a solution to “radicalization.” Actually, radicalization, like Mr. Haynes’ article is a red herring. In reality, a Muslim who becomes violent is not radicalized but normalized because he is now following Shar’ ia. (At-Taubah 9:29-33) Instead, let us look at Mr. Haynes false allegations.

Haynes claims anti-Islamic groups are stirring up fears of a “stealth Muslim take over of the United States.” If Mr. Haynes had done even a mediocre job of investigation he would have discovered that the Muslim Brotherhood has in place a 100 year plan to take over the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood spawned HAMAS and the leaders of HAMAS spawned the Muslim Student Association (1963) which is found on nearly every major American university. Just recently a video surfaced in which members of MSA stated, “Jihad is my spirit.” The MSA has been called a terrorist conveyor belt as they move “moderate” Muslims into the path of Jihad as called for in the Qur’ an. Of course, there are five interconnect forms of Jihad but given the MSA’s association to Jihadism, MSA’s form of Jihad is accepted by those in the know as physical warfare. Oh, which, by the way, is also the Muslim Brotherhood’s oath. The last two verses are “Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Like mother, like daughter. By the way, this is Shar’ ia not terrorism. HAMAS came to America and changed their name to protect the guilty to the Council of American-Islamic Relation. CAIR is not the innocuous Muslim-support group their PR materials claim them to be. In July, 1988 Omar M. Ahamd, Chairman of CAIR’s board, stated that Islam is here to dominate every religion in America, the Qur’ an is to be the highest authority and Islam the only accepted religion. In addition, CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation and receives funds from Jihadi organizations. We know CAIR is HAMAS because the FBI taped the original meeting. Oh, by the way, the Qur’ an calls for Islam to be superior to every religion. (At-Taubah 9:33) Yes, that fits perfectly with the Constitution, Mr. Haynes.

Mr. Haynes provides reports from two organizations which he believes supports his idea that mosques are mere places of Islamic worship and that in fact, mosques throughout America are supporting anti-terror programs. Really. It is interesting how many counter-examples Mr. Haynes simply failed to list. I will use only one of many examples due to space. The Dar Al Hijrah mosque came to the public’s attention when Anwa Al-Awlaki raised his head in Yemen as head of Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Al-Awlaki was once an imam at this mosque. The fact is that Dar Al Hijrah has been under investigation numerous times by the US government. Every imam who has served this mosque either is under investigation for Jihadi ties or has been convicted of such. Now, does one example make a whole? No. Nevertheless, the experts in this field, state Dar Al Hijrah is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition, Mr. Haynes decries the report that 80 percent of mosques in America are the source of this “radicalization.” He calls it unsubstantiated. According to Stephen Schwartz, Director of the “Center for Islamic Pluralism,” Saudi Arabia owns approximately 80 percent of mosques in America. It is estimated that the Saudi government has spent upward of seventy-five to ninety billion petro-dollars to buy and support these mosques. Here is the reason many are afraid. Saudi Arabia’s state religion is the Wahhabist form of Islam which is the most violent form. Saudi Arabia places only Wahhabist imams into every mosque it either buys or builds. Wahhabism is virulently anti-Western and deplores our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Wahhabism is in America to overthrow our Republic not to live peacefully side-by-side.

The enemy is here, on our soil, using our laws to bring down our Constitutional Republic no matter how deep many Americans, like Mr. Haynes, attempt to bury their heads into the sand. But as with every good Progressive, Mr. Haynes will not allow the truth to stand in his way.

So, lets know the truth about Islam anywhere. Lets open the Qur’ an and see the violence it espouses. Lets look at Islamic history to see how truly violent Mohammad was. Let us examine the fatwas and writings of so-called “moderate Muslims” from prestigious universities such as Al-Ahaz or the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America who produce antidemocratic fatwas and espouse anti-Christian and anti-Semitic views.

Finally, If you really want to know what Islam is about don’t use Mr. Haynes or the progressive talking heads the main stream media uses to construct your world view of Islam. Instead, read the literature Jihadists put out. They are the true experts and they differed considerably from Mr. Haynes.