An Easter Tribute!

As a gesture of respect to this site’s owner and operator—not to mention him being one of the most decent individuals I have ever had the privilege to call friend—it behooves me to direct my disputable artistic skills towards capturing some aspect of this sombre Holiday and a sincere recognition of his belief.

The crucifix is of a traditional dogwood grain and limned in blood red out of respect for He who suffered its unendurable torment. The lambent rays that spread from its apex are shaded in graduations of increasing transparency that become clearest along its major axis, as does His word to those who follow most closely in that path. Centered on the transept is an orb of brilliant green representing both the regeneration of springtime and the rebirth that Christ offers all who would take him as their savior. A golden nimbus symbolizing the hallowed nature of its station halos it. And detailed in the cross is a separate indicator of the one true path of right conduct that commands every last one of us to recall the Golden Rule of doing unto others as we would have them to do unto us.

That detail’s upward indicator is a tribute to how there is only “One Way”—be it for a true believer or an Agnostic—all of us have no choice but to follow the path of Right Conduct. Anything less is, not just unworthy but contributory to a nascent—if not, fully fledged—evil.

NEED! $250K By July 4th! (seriouzsly)

America is ready for Communism and we all need to get behind Hussein Obama's efforts!

To show our support, I think we should raise $250,000 to buy this statue of Lenin that resides at the "Artist's Republic of Fremont" somewhere around Seattle.  It is for sale!  

I believe it would make a nice addition to the White House front lawn and if we can raise the current asking price for this sixteen foot, seven ton piece of "art" we can send the gift to BHO, say by July 4th - formerly known as Independence Day - to let our CIC (and the first "C" stands for....) know we are behind him all the way!



Nick (and you know who you are) this one's for you.  Your concern for our country, though you are not from America, is tremendously appreciated.

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Where Did All the Christians Go?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Raymond Ibrahim and Gatestone Institute

Raymond Ibrahim gives us an interesting picture of the status of Christians in the Middle East-especially with the current trials and tribulations of Egypt's Coptic Christian community.


So as we in the West all wring our hands over "Islamophobia", when do we stop to consider why Christianity and Judaism have all but disppeared from the very region where they were born (notable exception Israel)?

In the case of the Jews, even after the expulsion by the Romans from the Land of Israel, there continued to be Jewish communities in the Arab lands through the centuries, who lived in a dhimmi status-until 1948-49 when they were driven out of those countries after the creation of Israel. Almost one million people had to leave their homes often with nothing more than what they could carry. Nobody talks about them as they mourn the Arabs who left the newly-created Israel in 1948-most voluntarily upon the urging of the invading Arab armies who promised a quick return once they had driven the Jews out. Those refugees wound up in refugee camps in the neighboring countries, and there they remained unable-with the exception of Jordan- to become citizens and assimilate. They became known in the 1960s-yes the 1960s- as "Palestinians", useful pawns to the Arab world that cannot accept a Jewish state in the region.

As for the Christians, most notably, the Copts in Egypt, they have been increasingly marginalized and with the so-called Arab Spring, now find themselves in even more peril. Keep in mind that the Copts were in Egypt long before the Muslims and now make up about 10% in that country.

So why is it that in the region where the three monotheistic,  Abrahamaic faiths were born  Christianity and Judaism have all but disappeared-again with the notable exception of a greatly-threatened Israel? Could it be  despite all the claims that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that has always co-existed with and protected its religious minorities that just the opposite is true-that it is all about warfare, conquest and persecution?

Rather than launch into another discourse on that question, I suggest the reader read the history. Read the Koran. Learn how the Koran was put together, how it is organized, and how it is interpreted by Islamic scholars. Check out those scholars and the leading schools of Islamic thought. Read the Hadith. Read about the life of the Prophet Mohammed. Follow the events in the Middle East and the Islamic world as well as what is happening in Europe today. To be sure, read all sides. Evaluate the sources. Read between the lines. Attend those interfaith meetings and asked educated and pointed questions to the Muslim representatives. Carefully scrutinize what they say.

Do the research.

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CSCOPE Teaching Controversy Heating Up

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and Atlas Shrugs

Previously, I have written posts about the influence of an agency called CSCOPE in our schools-especially in Texas. Creeping Sharia has a post on a test question your kids may have already seen and taken.



I am surprised one of those choices wasn't helping little old ladies across the street.

How about these?

K  death penalty for gays
L   death penalty for those who blaspheme Islam
M  death penalty for apostasy
N  death by stoning for adulterers.

The above is also part of sharia-specifically under hudud sharia- penalty for crimes against God.

That brings us to a recent video that comes from Africa. Atlas Shrugs has posted it, and it has been picked up by other sites. It is graphic and highly disturbing. After careful thought, I have decided to post it. I will explain why below. ( I don't know what the sound track is saying or who put it in the tape.)

My dear readers, this is not about hating people who are Muslims, nor should it ever be. Surely, many Muslims in the US came here to escape this very barbarity. However, this is part and parcel of sharia law. It mandates a death sentence for acts which in our law are not even crimes. This is why so many states are trying to insure that this type of legal philosophy cannot worm its way into American law. It is not about discrimination. It is about human rights.

Our children are being indoctrinated by our public school system when it comes to the reality of this most controversial issue in the world today. This is the same public school system that systematically eliminates any references to Christianity-most recently even to mention the word, "Easter".

If you have  kids in school, you need to pay close attention to what they are being taught. It is well and good to teach tolerance. It is not good to teach misinformation and falsehoods. I am not suggesting that schools teach the darker sides of sharia law to classes that have Muslim children lest they be singled out for schoolyard taunting. Perhaps it would be better if the schools allowed the kids to learn about it the old-fashioned way-by experience as they grow up. If you can't teach the truth, it is better to teach nothing at all

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Feel good video of the day: Best coin ever spent, priceless!

This is just incredible to watch. I love watching the faces of the children and how the crowd grows and reacts in totally positive ways. Simply a beautiful event to watch. I cut my teeth on Beethoven starting when I was just two or three years old.I can thank my great Mom for that and for my love for classical music. Here is a note about how this was set up and the crowd of people was just a spontaneous gathering to the music and musicians. PatriotUSA

""On the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell we wanted to pay homage to our city by means of the campaign “Som Sabadell” (We are Sabadell) . This is the flashmob that we arranged as a final culmination with the participation of 100 people from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the Lieder, Amics de l’Òpera and Coral Belles Arts choirs."

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Funny sign offends some people....get over your political correctness

Stolen from Halalboozeshack

Those who are offended are so politically correct maybe they need a free pass to Islamic paradise which is actually hell. Get over it and move to Dearbornistan if this upsets you. PatriotUSA 

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Excerpts from "The Two Tillsons"

Patriot - you'll figure out in approximately 1.2 seconds why I put this up here, i.e. one of these two men is somewhere in your back yard.  I thought you would want to know about him. 

via The Liberty Zone - excerpts from The Two Tillsons

This is a Paul Tillson from Oregon, who served honorably, got an education and opened his own IT company that does online computer repair, and is a disabled veteran.

and then - 

Some of you will remember Paul Tillson – the shitstain from New Jersey who showed up on our Interwebz wearing enough military decorations to choke a woolly mammoth. The guys at This Ain’t Hell outed Tillson as an outright fraud, and he proceeded to threaten legal action against them, using written language so bad, that it made my cactus wilt!

The two Tillsons are staggeringly different, and yet, when people Google Paul Tillson, they’re inundated with photos of the freak, rather than the legitimate businessman.
 So if you ever run across a computer problem, you might want to contact the first Tillson, who served honorably, and who is running a legitimate business.

Read the whole piece HERE!

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The 11th Commandment


Rachael Madcow had her one time in 2011.

h/t Voting American - The Militarizing of Homeland Security against…who? Whats next, Martial Law?

"Prolonged detention" he's calling it.  This was a beautiful speech from President Obama today with patriotic, moving, even poetic language about the rule of law and the constitution.  And, one of the most radical proposals for defying the Constitution that we have ever heard made to the American people.

My one time?  And yeah, I'm going to keep posting it till I'm blue in the face!  This video needs to be seen by every freedom loving American in the United States of America.


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Obama's Egypt...............Rapes and assaults on women and girls rapidly escalating thanks to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama's Egypt is working out just fine for him, his administration and thanks to the election of the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mohamed Morsi.

Sadly, these results were predicted by myself and many other counterjihadists when it became evident that Hosni Mubarak would be totally betrayed by Obama, many other leaders from the West and Europistan. While Mubarak was far from the perfect ally for United States, he did keep this situation more or less under control

The Muslim Brotherhood brings subjugation, persecution, and death no matter where it spawns. This is because the Muslim Brotherhood totally embraces and wants to force Islamic sharia law onto all muslims, infidels, kuffars (that is me and you), any and all minorities. Women and girls are under subjected to terrible treatment under sharia law.
The prevailing attitude that many Muslim men have is that if a woman or girl gets assaulted, beaten and raped, it is without a doubt the woman's fault. It is a very common outcome for the woman to be punished for getting raped or assaulted and if she was found to have betrayed her family honor, she can be put to death or is killed by a male member of her own family.

This line of thinking is not just isolated to Egypt. It is found in every Muslim/Islamic country and in many of these countries the men are raised to think that this the way it is and should be. The horrible mistreatment of women and girls is passed on from one generation to the next. If you think most Muslims are against sharia law, think again. When polled about sharia law, most Muslims are in favor of some level of sharia law being implemented where they live.

"The sheer number of women sexually abused and gang raped in a single public square had become too big to ignore. Conservative Islamists in Egypt’s new political elite were outraged — at the women.

Sometimes, said Adel Abdel Maqsoud Afifi, a police general, lawmaker and ultraconservative Islamist, “a girl contributes 100 percent to her own raping when she puts herself in these conditions.”

The following is from Answering Muslims. You will also find a link to an article from Gasp, the New York Times about how bad this problem has gotten in Egypt. Think about this for a minute. The NY Times, an uber progressive, regressive, liberal propaganda source for the Obama Administration and all things liberal has an article that points the problems at Islam, sharia law and drags the Muslim Brotherhood into the mix. Of course the Times still does not go all the way and come right out say it but for the Times, an article that is not totally politically correct.

The problem IS Islam and sharia law, period.

As I have said before and will keep on saying:

There is no peace within Islam and with Islam, there can never be peace. PatriotUSA


New York Times Reports on Increase in Sexual Assaults in Brotherhood-Led Egypt

Here's the discussion over the past couple of years:

WESTERN LEADERS: "Hey! If we help Islamist organizations in the Middle East, we can topple secular dictators and bring about a renaissance in Muslim leadership!"

PEOPLE WHO'VE STUDIED ISLAM: "That's not going to work. If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over, women and religious minorities will be severely oppressed."

WESTERN LEADERS: "How racist and Islamophobic of you to say that! You don't understand the wonderful nature of Islam!"


WOMEN AND RELIGIOUS MINORITIES: "Help! Help! We're being severely oppressed by the Muslim Brotherhood!"

WESTERN LEADERS: "Sorry, can't help you. Who are we to interfere in the affairs of Muslims? It would be racist and Islamophobic to object to your oppression."

PEOPLE WHO'VE STUDIED ISLAM: "We tried to tell you."

You know the problem has gotten bad when even the New York Times is forced to say something about it.

CAIRO — The sheer number of women sexually abused and gang raped in a single public square had become too big to ignore. Conservative Islamists in Egypt’s new political elite were outraged — at the women.

“Sometimes,” said Adel Abdel Maqsoud Afifi, a police general, lawmaker and ultraconservative Islamist, “a girl contributes 100 percent to her own raping when she puts herself in these conditions.” The increase in sexual assaults over the last two years has set off a new battle over who is to blame, and the debate has become a stark and painful illustration of the convulsions racking Egypt as it tries to reinvent itself.

Under President Hosni Mubarak, the omnipresent police kept sexual assault out of the public squares and the public eye. But since Mr. Mubarak’s exit in 2011, the withdrawal of the security forces has allowed sexual assault to explode into the open, terrorizing Egyptian women.

Women, though, have also taken advantage of another aspect of the breakdown in authority — by speaking out through the newly aggressive news media, defying social taboos to demand attention for a problem the old government often denied. At the same time, some Islamist elected officials have used their new positions to vent some of the most patriarchal impulses in Egypt’s traditional culture and a deep hostility to women’s participation in politics.

The female victims, these officials declared, had invited the attacks by participating in public protests. “How do they ask the Ministry of Interior to protect a woman when she stands among men?” Reda Saleh Al al-Hefnawi, a lawmaker from the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party, asked at a parliamentary meeting on the issue.

The revolution initially promised to reopen public space to women. Men and women demonstrated together in Tahrir Square peacefully during the heady 18 days and nights that led to the ouster of Mr. Mubarak. But within minutes of his departure the threat re-emerged in a group attack on the CBS News correspondent Lara Logan. There are no official statistics on women attacked — partly because few women report offenses — but all acknowledge that the attacks have grown bolder and more violent.

By the second anniversary of the revolution, on Jan. 25, the symbolic core of the revolution — Tahrir Square — had become a no-go zone for women, especially after dark.

During a demonstration that day against the new Islamist-led government, an extraordinary wave of sexual assaults — at least 18 confirmed by human rights groups, and more, according to Egypt’s semiofficial National Council of Women — shocked the country, drawing public attention from President Mohamed Morsi and Western diplomats.

Hania Moheeb, 42, a journalist, was one of the first victims to speak out about her experience that day. In a television interview, she recounted how a group of men had surrounded her, stripped off her clothes and violated her for three quarters of an hour. The men all shouted that they were trying to rescue her, Ms. Moheeb recalled, and by the time an ambulance arrived she could no longer differentiate her assailants from defenders.

To alleviate the social stigma usually attached to sexual assault victims in Egypt’s conservative culture, her husband, Dr. Sherif Al Kerdani, appeared alongside her.

“My wife did nothing wrong,” Dr. Kerdani said.

In the 18 confirmed attacks that day, six women were hospitalized, according to interviews conducted by human rights groups. One woman was stabbed in her genitals, and another required a hysterectomy. (Continue Reading.)

Source is here from Answering Muslims

Rise in Sexual Assaults in Egypt Sets Off Clash Over Blame (NY Times article)

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Playing Hussein Obama's Game

And why the hell not.  Learn from the best, right?  So my thinking is, if O can try to scare the crap out of gullible (thas thee and me) Americans, i.e. – THE SKY IS FALLING! -

Then why shouldn’t little ol me play the same game?  Think it thru peoples.  

One of these video scenarios is a lot more likely  – h/t Village of the Banned – to happen then the other.  You decide.

h/t Battlefield USA -  Wake Up


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Show your support for the U.S. Border Patrol

I am re-posting this straight from Conservative Observer and I want to thank Bill Smith and his site, Blogs For Borders for the steer in to this extremely urgent and important issue.

The Obama administration is doing all it can to ensure that our country is overrun by illegal aliens (Democrat voters) by gutting and stressing the Border Patrol at every turn. From leaving areas of our border unguarded, unprotected for hours at a time, to cutting the pay of those who tirelessly work and put their lives on the line every day while the overhead of the Border Patrol get large raises and perks, The TSA gets $50 million to make the TSA even more intrusive into Americans lives, the Border Patrol is under attack from our own federal government led by the worst traitor of them all, Barack Hussein Obama.

Please read this and share with as many as you can. Thanks! PatriotUSA


Show Your Support For the U.S. Border Patrol!!!

By Velcro

Download and spread far and wide!

If you've been paying attention, you know that the sequester cuts have been the excuse the Department of Homeland Security has been looking for to cut allocations to the U.S. Border Patrol.  Yes, those folks, the ones who have the thankless (and now seemingly payless) job of stopping the flood of Democratic voters illegal aliens into southern Arizona.

Local 2544, the Border Patrol union for the Tucson sector, has announced that the union has authorized the patch shown below to be worn on agents' uniforms as a way to protest the nearly 40% pay cut from discontinued AUO, cut uniform allowances (in the face of TSA getting a $50 million windfall for new unis), and reductions in salary.
Add caption

The massive team that works day in and day out to bring you the pearls of wisdom found here at Conservative Observer AZ decided to show their support for our agents by taking the liberty of adding a few touches to the original patch.  The gang felt that this was a case where it is better to ask forgiveness than permission, and we hope that the union sees it in the spirit it which it was intended!  [read: Neither the U.S. Border Patrol nor its agent unions are responsible for the atrocious artistic talent on display in the modified version of their patch.] 

You too can show solidarity with the plight of the Border Patrol by downloading and proudly displaying the first logo above!  Encourage others to steal it, and let David Aguilar, Janet Napolitano, and Barack Hussein Obama know that funding needs to be restored to protect our country!

Source is here

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Arpaio Recall Gaining Momentum – Sheriff Joe Issues An Appeal For Help

I am re-posting this from I'm 41. Please help out if you can and if not, please share and re-post!

Having some complications from infection, so I have to continue to stay down for the most part. Thanks, PatriotUSA


Arpaio Recall Gaining Momentum – Sheriff Joe Issues An Appeal For Help

I would hate to see him go. He has done a wonderful job of being a pain in Obama’s butt. Bloggers everywhere are posting and reposting this…

From The Independent Sentinel – (HT Bad Blue)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Fellow Patriot,
I normally do not write you emails this personal — but today I’m making an exception.
My friend, we are in trouble.

I spent my entire life fighting for what is right and the rule of law. I have fought against Mexican Drug Cartels who have threatened my life and my family. I have fought against a corrupt Department of Justice who is more interested in scoring political points than enforcing the law. I have fought against President Obama who doesn’t have the first clue on how to secure our borders or protect our citizens.

Today, it feels like I’m fighting them all at the same time and more.

And while I will never give up the fight for justice and to protect American citizens… I can’t continue to fight without your immediate help.

So before you read any further, I hope you will click on this link I asked my staff to give me and make a personal gift — a sacrifice — to help me today.

Let me briefly explain a little more:
The fight to recall me in Arizona is gaining steam and I’m afraid if we don’t fight back hard right now… I could lose.

In fact the headline in the local AZ paper just a few days ago read, “Arpaio Recall Off to an Impressive Start.”

That’s because just days ago the group fighting to recall me announced they have gathered over 120,000 signatures to recall me from office.

I can’t begin to tell you how bad it will be if we lose…
  • Mexican Cartels will be the winner as they have been gunning for me for years.
  • President Obama will be a winner as he has personally targeted me to destroy me.
  • Drug smugglers will be the winner because they know I will NEVER look the other way when they break the law.
  • The Obama Department of Justice will be the winner as they have failed with their trumped up “discrimination” charges against me.
  • Open Border Liberals will be the winner as they want nothing more than to get rid of a tough Arizona Sheriff that will never back down.
But I’m less concerned about who will win… than who will lose… the losers will be:
  • The single mother who can’t protect her children from a rampant drug culture.
  • The southern Arizona rancher who will have to fight on his own against illegals crossing his land.
  • The grandmother whose grandson can’t go to school without being confronted by drug pushers.
  • The mother of a child who is killed by a Drug dealer that I wasn’t able to keep in jail because I have been recalled.
  • The family who cannot sleep at night with worry that their child will be kidnapped from the streets of Phoenix.
  • The small business owner who has to move his business because illegals have control over his neighborhood.
My friend, as I wrote above… we are in trouble.

I have never written a more personal note for help before and I don’t know that I ever will again. And I hope after reading my email you will decide to help me fight back by going to this link and making the most generous contribution you can to help me fight back.

I’m going to fight back with — or without — your help. The only difference is: will I have the necessary resources to fight or will I be over-run by an avalanche of opposition?
It’s up to you.

Please send help if you can.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Source is here.

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Persecution Update 24 March 2013

IRAN: Asylum Rejected by Swedish Authorities VIETNAM: New Government Policy Undermines Church Movement KAZAKHSTAN: Court Mandates the Destruction of Christian Literature IRAN: Wife of Pastor Saeed Testifies Before Human Rights Commission INDIA: Pastor Released After Years of Confinement

Persecution Update keeps you informed of what is going on in our world concerning persecuted Christians. (Info from Voice of the Martyrs Canada.) Download entire Quicktime movies for showing to your group or church from swordandspirit.com, the Human Rights page.

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Government Provided K-Y Jelly Sandwich's & Self Preservation


Hella week.  And she (that would be me) watches the universe unfold alien realities that demand we think long and hard about self-preservation.

FILED  -  Tax dollars  (that would be yours and mine).  We are expected to believe that because of the sequester poor Joe Biden will have to start using the train for his weekly trip to Delaware.  I've got to take the train now -- it's cheaper than flying.' So I get to take the train again."  -  Yeah.  Just long enough for a couple of photo ops for the gullible Kool-Aid drinkers who love their government provided K-Y jelly sandwich's!  You see, there are other stories out there that just don't speak to our resident vice commander in thief being concerned about saving money.  Biden's $459,388.65 Hotel Bill for 136 rooms for a weeks stay last month in London.  Gee!  I wonder what the food bill and travel costs were?

Meanwhile - back to those tax payers referred to above - The number of suburban residents living in poverty rose by nearly 64 percent between 2000 and 2011  - Poverty Hits America's Suburbs

And this from Creeping Sharia - "Plunder plain and simple."After $500M to ‘Palestine’, Obama vows $200M to Jordan, $500M to foreign readers

FILED  -  Goodbye America. We have loved you well, but not well enough to protect you.  This is a joke?  Yes? or NO?  unfortunately it isn't.

Special Travel Benefit for Saudis  h/t The Investigative Project on Terrorism - Saudi Arabia, the nation which produced 15 of the 19 hijackers in the 9/11 attacks, is about to become one of a handful of countries whose travelers can bypass normal passport controls at major U.S. airports.

FILED - To my siblings - I beg you, again, to watch.  I will NOT be the only one of us who ends up here and this is not a FEMA camp - it is an internment camp - big difference! -> Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents

FILED - Heaven help usLeaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior - and there is this -> via Red Flag News - Obama's 'Presidential ethics panel' OK's anthrax vaccine for children... - A presidential ethics panel has opened the door to testing an anthrax vaccine on children as young as infants, bringing an angry response from critics who say the children would be guinea pigs in a study that would never help them and might harm them.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ 

FILED - War Is Coming - Pray for those sounding the alarm and showing the way.  Be prepared! 

  • I don't know what part the hactivists will play in the coming days.  This piece gives us a pretty good idea the government is not fond of them.  A close friend upon reading said - "Justification being given to start using drones on civilians?"  via Washington TimesCivilian ‘hacktivists’ could be lethal targets in cyberwar, NATO study says - since they are not members of their countries’ military, the manual says, hacktivists taking part in a cyberwar should be considered “unprivileged belligerents” ..... are not entitled to prisoner of war status under the Geneva Conventions, and they can be prosecuted for their actions — even if those actions would have been legal under the laws of war if carried out by military personnel.
  • via The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - Pushing Us Ever Closer To The Edge - The mission is everything, and our mission is to preserve, uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign AND domestic, so help us G-d.
  • via Freedom Rings 1776 - Political Power And The Barrel Of A GunOne need but recall Obama's statement about a civilian defense force as well armed, trained, and funded as our military. The concept has been oft described as Obama's Army, and it is taking shape in the guise of the DHS. Obama assumed office with the plan for a top down revolution, leading to a communist utopia, with him totally in charge of our economy, our health care, and all guns. Those guns are the hinge pin upon which our future swings.
  • via Patriot's CornerHow the collapse of the USA will go down, DHS insider reveals more information  - It is now just a matter of 'when' as we passed the tipping point many, many years ago. A plan was placed into motion decades ago and all the dominoes will fall once the event that tips the first one falls over.
  • via WND - The Rise of America's Gestapo - Why does the government (and the Obama administration in particular) want Americans’ firearms? Because they know that they are already guilty of prosecutable crimes and are planning many more. They know that they represent precisely why America’s founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution in the first place, and that they already merit being removed by force of arms. They simply want to disarm Americans before a preponderance of us come to that realization and respond accordingly.
  • via The Last RefugeU.S. Preppers: 3 Million and Counting – When Modern Society Collapses Unto Itself.... - "the lessons of Andrew will never leave the minds of those who went through it, and not one-soul who experienced it would ever consider a “Prepper” extreme."

  • *** update 3-25 *** Shortly after adding it here, eatgrueldog's post disappeared.  I asked him why it had come down.  His response - When I sourced it they had it wrong. I removed it. It was an article from boulder channel 8 and it was untrue. The arrests were actually people undergoing background checks with warrants. I have unlinked though am leaving eatgrueldog's site as there is always good material there.  I am also leaving KJCT8 linked as Colorado is in my opinion, ground zero for this fight. ***  eatgrueldog  - Over 200 arrested in pro gun protest - KJCT8 News 
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Is It Time To Organize The Revolution?  Part 2: An Action Plan - via The D.C. Clothesline - There are a number of groups planning marches on Washington D.C. including one that is an armed march scheduled for July 4. ..... Do I think that an armed march on Washington D.C. is crazy? You bet I do. I have talked to a few people that are going and though it is being advertised as a “peaceful” march, certain individuals do not see it that way. I must come to  grips with the fact that this could be the start of revolution in this country. Shots could be fired and it could trigger a very serious response. That could be the day that some of us have waited for and others have feared.

And finally - FILED - Prepare - Do you have cash set aside?  Are you stockpiling food, water, ammunition?  An Introduction To Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning

nope-she sure didn't!.

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The hardware removed from my spine, an update....and Ouch!

I am alone for a few hours so I thought I would get an update posted and also include a few images of the OLD hardware that was removed from my spine this last surgery. I had similar new hardware installed, larger screws, rods but no cages and I am fervently praying that all will start fusing over the next 16-20 week or I will be trouble. I will then HAVE TO undergo a revision fusion surgery which is a nasty, nasty procedure. I am fully expecting this to fuse.

As to how I am faring: doing OK for the most part. Still running a fever and the infection is still there just not sure how much remains. Draining the surgery site is now a very real possibility with a culture taken to see if there might be a specific antibiotic that can then be prescribed for whatever infection I have. The area is still very swollen. I am able to walk about 1/2 mile or so and am trying to do this once or twice a day. Doing what the doctors want me to do and trying to be good. I just finished an excellent book and if you are at interested in WW 2 and the Pacific theater of the war, then this may be of interest to you. The book is titled "No Ordinary Joes" by Larry Colton. The book is about four American submariners and the story about their submarine getting attacked, scuttled, how they survived being captured and held prisoner under horrific conditions by the Japanese. The book starts before the war, takes you through each of the sailors lives before, during and after the war as they try to rebuild their lives after the war. I have always enjoyed U.S.and global military history. The history of the U.S. submarine fleet and those submariners who served on these 'boats' has always fascinated me. It takes a very special person to serve in this capacity, especially those who served on the diesel submarines.

So this is pretty much where I am at. I am still unable to do much on any computer as sitting for longer than 15-20 minutes is no no bad dog. Below are the parts that the good surgeon removed from my spine from the previous fusion procedures. She had to leave four screws and a couple of other pieces of hardware in my spine as it would have been at least two more hours of surgery, if not more time to beat, grind and yard those out of me.

All I can say in closing is OUCH!

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UC Berkeley Student Government Goes After Tammi Benjiman

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

This is what happens to you if you speak out on anti-Semitism on UC Campuses

Tammi Benjamin is an adjunct teacher at UC Santa Cruz (America's Wackiest University). She is also Jewish and a friend of mine. Tammi has been very active in trying to combat the constant anti-Semitism on UC campuses. In doing so, she helped start the AMCHA Initiative.

Now the little rascals at UC Berserkley are going after Tammi and calling her a racist for standing up to the MSA (Muslim Student Association chapters), Students for Justice in Palestine, and certain professors who are contributing to the anti-Semitic climate. Look at this below.


And Wednesday, the resolution passed. The below article is from Electric Intifada, obviously an anti-Israel blog.


If I were Tammi, I would laugh this off and wear it as a badge of honor. Who cares what a bunch of dopey left-wing kids at Berkeley or Santa Cruz think of her? I seriously doubt the administration will do anything with this. If they do, they will be just as bad.

Here is the deal: If you are going to stand up to anti-Semitism on US university campuses, you have to single out the culprits. As for the UC system, it is clearly the various Muslim Student Associations and their front group, Students for Justice in Palestine, the latter because they have a few misguided non-Muslim members who have drunk the Kool Aid. They have a long history of dragging in anti-Semitic speakers during their anti-Israel hate weeks. For naming names, these dopey kids slam Benjamin as some sort of racist.

Of course, these various student governments are very selective in their outrage.

Did the UC Irvine student government ever condemn the statement of MSU-invited speaker Mohammed Al Asi in 2001 when he told an audience, "You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the Jew"? Not to my knowledge.

Did the UC Irvine  student government ever pass a resolution condemning this poster put up by the MSU a few years back during their week of events? Not to my knowledge.

Did the UCI student government ever pass a resolution condemning the so-called Irvine 11, who disrupted the Israeli ambassador's speech? No-they supported the disruptors.

Did the UC Berkeley student government ever condemn the Students for Justice in Palestine after one of their members rammed Jessica Felber-a Jewish student- with a loaded shopping cart? Not to my knowledge.

Did they ever condemn Berkeley professor Andrew Gutierrez after he heckled and gave the finger to a group of Jewish students peacefully protesting swastikas on campus bathroom walls? Not to my knowledge.


Has the UC Irvine student government ever condemned the annual anti-Semitic remarks of Amir Abdel Malik Ali when he comes to speak during anti-Israel week? Not to my knowledge.

Did the UC SD student government ever pass a resolution condemning the MSA gal who told David Horowitz that she supported a statement by Hezbollah that all Jews should gather in Israel so as to make it easier to hunt them down? Not to my knowledge.

I think it altogether proper for UC President Mark Yudof to make a strong statement in defense of Ms. Benjamin. Personally, based on his past performance-or lack thereof-I doubt if he will.

I wonder when they are coming after me. Frankly, I don't care. If they do, it will go on my resume.

Who the Hell is Teaching at UC Irvine?

Gary Fouse

I guess when it comes to teaching, I am an old fuddy-duddy. I believe that those who carry the title of teacher or professor belong in the classroom. Of course, at the university level, professors are also supposed to engage in research and publishing. The reality is that many classes in universities are conducted by interns and graduate students while the professor is off digging under the pyramids or writing a book on the Cambodian influence on German literature. I get that. Of course, it doesn't pertain to me because I'm just a simple guy who grabbed a chance to get a masters degree late in my 40s. Thus, you will always find me in my UCI-Ext class teaching English as a second language at the appointed time.

But did you know that at UC Irvine (and UCLA), your kids may be taking classes taught by fellow undergraduate students?

Welcome to UTeach.


Can USay Doogie Howser MD?

Here's how YOU can teach your own college course.


And who thought up this brilliant idea? Apparently, according to my inside sources, that would be the dean of undergraduate education, Sharon V Salinger, who reportedly got this bad idea from what they were doing at UCLA.


picture of Sharon V.  Salinger
Sharon V. Salinger
Dean of undergraduate education
UC Irvine

I got a bulletin for Dean Salinger: Parents don't pay $10,000-30,000 a year to have their kids sit in classes taught by their fellow undergraduates. They pay to have their kids taught by professors (which is bad enough).

I also note that one of the courses is taught under the supervision of pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel activist Professor Mark LeVine. It concerns the "misinformation" about the Middle East coming from the media. God only knows what comes out of that class, but here's a clue.

"Course Description: To fully comprehend the world around you, it is advantageous to be familiar with where your information comes from. The Middle East is a hotbed of turmoil; it seems that the media dwells more on that region than any other part of the world. The problem is that much of the coverage of the region, regardless of whether it is produced in the West or Muslim world, features biased and inaccurate information that bombard viewers, listeners and readers. This seminar hopes to help us understand what are the most common of these biases and misperceptions and what may account for them."

Misperception in Benghazi Mark LeVine

And what a coincidence! This weekend, I am off to Mesa, Arizona to watch my beloved Cubbies in spring training. Armed with this latest info, I figure I can talk them into letting me play a couple of innings at second base.

UC Riverside Passes BDS Resolution

Gary Fouse

The UC Riverside Campus newspaper, The Highlander, is headlining this story appropriately as, "Passed and Shredded". It suggests that once again, the Palestinian-Israeli issue has led to to division, tension and at least intimidating glares on a US campus. In this case, the student government passed a resolution supporting boycott, sanctions and divestment from companies that do business with Israel, a resolution that the university will ignore-except for a brief statement.


It appears that no resolutions were passed regarding the on-going massacres in Syria.

Nor the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the attacks on their churches, and the violence as the Muslim Brotherhood cements its grip on that country.

Nor the missiles fired into Southern Israel by Hamas in Gaza.

Nor the strife in Yemen as the last remaining Jews attempt to get out of the country and al Qaeda runs amok.

Nor the continuing bloodshed in Libya including the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi that killed 4 Americans including our ambassador.

Nor the Islamist-driven civil war in Mali.

Nor the constant terror attacks against Christians in Nigeria.

Nor the genocidal situation in Darfur as Islamists in North Sudan continue to threaten the black Christians and animists in South Sudan.

Nor the on-going bombings in Iraq as Sunni and Shia continue to kill each other and Christians flee persecution.

Nor the dwindling Christian population of Lebanon under Hizbollah

Nor the continuing killings and terror attacks in Afghanistan.

Nor the continuing terror attacks and killings in Pakistan as Christians continue to be persecuted as well as Ahmadi Muslims.

Nor the constant human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and second class status for women.

Nor the continuing development of nuclear weapons in Iran, the persecution of Baha'i and Christians and threat to world peace.

Nor the daily assaults and harassment against Jews in European cities by Muslim immigrants.

No. It is all about Israel,  a tiny democratic country where Arabs enjoy more rights that anywhere else in the region surrounded and threatened by barbaric, Jew-hating nations where human rights do not exist.

How ridiculous these university campuses look.

Global economic collapse, first shots fired in Cyprus: DHS Insider

I am home alone and will use this time to get this next feed up. This is a MUST READ and please share with as many people as you can.

If you are not aware of what happened in Cyprus this past weekend you had better educate yourself and do so quickly. If you do not think this can happen here then you are a fool, a moron for not seeing how this same scenario can come to pass in the United States.

Everything that the Obama administration has done, will do, is goose stepping towards becoming part of the global economic collapse. The American dollar, will at some point in the near future become virtually worthless and the ensuing chaos will be nothing short of catastrophic. This plan was put into motion decades ago. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of pushing this agenda forward. Much of the current events that are taking place are just shiny baubles and trinkets meant to distract the sheeple of this country.

There are links for two excellent articles at the top of this next feed that are also must reads. This is about survival in a world that will quite possibly be tipping into utter chaos and mayhem. You think all the ammunition, weapon, armored personnel carriers  purchased by numerous government agencies are for wild game hunting? The massive expansion in the use of drones domestically is extremely troubling and where we live in Central Oregon, is on track to become one of the largest 'test areas' for new drones and related technology. This region is also doing all it can to become a central hub for manufacturing drones as Central Oregon is in dire need of creating new jobs. Our tri-county area is still crippled by horrendous unemployment that is over 12% when averaged out for Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties. This is the reported U3 rates not the U6 figures which are much more accurate and always higher than the U3 rates.

I am running out of time, energy and my lower back is extremely swollen. This just blew up overnight and will be checked tomorrow by the surgeon. Really is becoming a major hassle as it is now two weeks since surgery. I really hope they do not have to go back in for a looksee but if so then that is what will be done. Thank you to all who contribute here and to those who are so faithful by dropping in everyday. PatriotUSA


DHS INsider Update: It has begun
By Doug Hagmann

 Much like my high-level source within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security outlined in a series of interviews beginning last year, the orchestrated collapse of the U.S. dollar and the entire world’s economic system has begun. The first shots in a global economic take-over were fired in Cyprus as my esteemed colleague and founding editor of Canada Free Press, Judi McLeod laid out in frank detail in her column yesterday and her follow up today.
Please read it and heed her advice, or suffer the consequences of your own normalcy bias that such an event will not happen in the United States, Canada, or from wherever you might be reading this. It will, and the plan appears to be on schedule for a shot across the bow later this spring here in the West, with a more aggressive take-over starting sometime this fall, according to my source.

The Plan

To those needing a quick refresher, the plan is quite simple and can be summarized by the Clinton-era quip attributed to political strategist James Carville, “the economy, stupid” and the June 9, 2010 statement by former Obama czar Van Jones, Socialist extraordinaire, “top down, bottom up, inside out.” It is a plan for a one world Communist economy where the “middle class” will be wiped out through a series of events that will have the same ultimate effect as we are seeing in present day Cyprus.

Doug Hagmann’s Insider series
DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse
The latest from “DHS Insider”
Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider” (Part III)
Benghazi: Behind the scenes (Part II)
Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider”

Based on the events in Cyprus, it should be quite clear to even the most vocal critic of the legitimacy of the information provided to me by my source within the DHS as published on this web site is no longer at issue. The U.S. dollar, the backbone of world currencies and the proverbial firewall preventing the erosion of our national sovereignty, is the ultimate target of a takedown by the global banking interests controlled by a handful of banks and families of the “royal elite.”

The plan for a global currency or a one world economic order is a matter that transcends political parties. Those who continue to argue in the Republican-Democrat meme are doing nothing more than providing entertainment to distract people from the real issue, that of the global elite versus the rest of us. The top of the pyramid in this Ponzi scheme is filled with members of both U.S. political parties who are systematically pillaging us and our future generations into financial debt, bondage and slavery. It is a plan that has been in the works for centuries. The problem, however, is that we have been conditioned not to think that big. Yet, the lie is that big.

The parties

Our current financial situation was not bred out of incompetence, but by design. The occupancy of Barack Hussein Obama as the putative President of the United States was a plan in the making long ago, to usher in this oppressive system where we will be left at the mercy of the global ruling class. It is not by accident that we have been prevented from knowing exactly who this man is, from the controversy of his birth records to his college transcripts and even his social security number. Contrary to what the state-controlled media wants you to believe, these questions have never been answered with any measure of authenticity.

For example, does anyone honestly believe that it is merely a coincidence that Obama’s alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham-Soetoro, just happened to work with Timothy Geithner’s father, Peter Geithner, at the Ford Foundation in Indonesia? Is it reasonable to believe that the Republican party had no knowledge of the background of Barack Hussein Obama? Yet not one word from the Republican establishment as they not only watched, but facilitated the takeover of the United States from within. As I’ve written before, our nation is a captured operation.

The plan was set into motion long ago, stemming back to the founding of the United States and the temporary resistance to the central banking system. In 1913, the creation of the Federal Reserve set the countdown clock in motion for the complete subjugation of the United States to the interests of the global bankers and the global elite. The secret supra-governmental cabals such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission worked behind the scenes, under the cover provided by the complicit media, to bring us to this point in history. Perpetual wars were induced to occupy the masses while the chess pieces were placed into their current positions. We are now about to pay the price for our inability or unwillingness to confront the establishment and incremental advancements leading to our own demise.

DHS source: Everything is not “coming up roses”

According to the most recent information provided to me from my source within the Department of Homeland Security known as “Rosebud,” the final preparations are being made to deploy heavily armed federalized forces onto the streets of America. They will be deployed under the pretext of “restoring and maintaining order from the chaos brought about by the economic collapse,” adding that “many will demand and embrace their deployment on the streets of America.  

They will get what they ask for, and more.” Much like the security theater we have seen following the attacks of 9/11, we will be subjected to the jack-booted control of a federal army whose allegiance is not to the American people, but to the very architects of the chaos.

“This is the reason that drones are flying over U.S. cities and farmland, and gun control legislation is on the fast track for complete implementation,” stated this source. “How can people look at the situation in Cyprus and not think it won’t happen here? It will, and the blowback will be unlike this country has ever seen. Surveillance, disarming the public, and conditioning the people to believe it’s for their own safety is and has been part of the plan all along. Anyone owing a gun will be demonized and described as contributing to the problem.”

“What happens when the middle class loses much of their wealth, or it is confiscated, by the stroke of a pen or a keyboard? What will the stores look like when people, unprepared due to the damn lies of the corporate media and the shills for the ruling elite, run to empty out everything they can get their hands on as the world, as they know it, collapses around them?”

It was during my most recent contact with my source yesterday that he admitted that the situation will be blamed not on the bankers and the elected leaders who are raping us of our wealth and buying power, but on “right-wing, gun-toting Conservative ‘militia’ groups who believe that the situation is orchestrated.” And, of course, it is orchestrated.

“There is no Republican-Democrat argument to be made anymore. It’s all political theater to keep the majority of the masses occupied while the true enemy has already captured both parties,” he added. “They are all in on it, either knowingly or unwittingly, the takeover, that is. And it’s getting harder to believe that there are any who are unwitting accomplices at this point.”

“When the curtain is pulled back to reveal the true agenda of a single digital world currency, the people who have been yelling the loudest about such ‘conspiracy theories’ will be specifically singled out and demonized. They will be blamed for causing the panic we will see, and of course, dealt with by the army we asked for, accepted and even tolerated.”

Anyone who still believes that the information provided by this insider is “doom porn” or some self-created fantasy need to look at the events taking place in Cyprus. It’s coming to America. It has already begun.

Copyright © Douglas Hagmann

Douglas J. Hagmann and his son, Joe Hagmann host The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, a live Internet radio program broadcast each weeknight from 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET.

Douglas Hagmann, founder & director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and a multi-state licensed private investigative agency. Doug began using his investigative skills and training to fight terrorism and increase public awareness through his website.

 Source is here from CFP.

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