OWS is not the Tea Party!

This is a letter that was in our daily fish wrapper. I have left it completely alone and it is short and very true. The connections to many nasty unions, far left traitors and haters of the United States are vast and too numerous to ignore.

Move along people, nothing to see or hear here, and by the way, there is no class warfare form the OWS scums.

NO class warfare here, move along, move along........Image from Conservative Treehouse

Occupy not like tea party

This is in regard to Bend’s Wall Street protests and others around the U.S. I wish to make it clear who you are standing with. All the facts mentioned can be found on NakedEmperorNews.com in the organizers’ own words on tape.

Occupy Wall Street was organized from day one by the Working Families Party. The breakdown of the connections between the WFP are: SEIU, ACORN, the New Party, the Democratic National Convention, Democratic Socialists of America, Tides foundation, George Soros, the Obama administration and a coalition of other labor unions and community organizers. This is not a spontaneous grass-roots movement, as they would like you to believe. WFP Leader Nelini Stamp confirms this as well in her own words on a video interview. Her hope is a collective vision and to “change the capitalistic infrastructure system,” but she does not know what it should be changed to.

I am deeply offended when the media compares these people with the tea party. The tea party is not in favor of tearing any system down. There are people in Wall Street and government — e.g. Fannie Mae — who need to be prosecuted. The tea party does not get arrested, defecate on police cars, leave trash behind or stand by watching racist statements being made.

The current administration is strongly encouraging class warfare and these demonstrators are falling for it. Please be informed before joining and supporting this movement.

This type of government does not work; look at what is happening in Europe.

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