The SOTU-Why Bother?

Gary Fouse

Watching the overly-long State of the Union Last  Night, I thought back to last week's NFL Pro Bowl, an absurd flag football affair preceded by various skills competitions-everything but a swimsuit competition. The obvious question is why do they continue having the Pro Bowl-as well as the State of the Union? You see one State of the Union, you've seen them all. It's the same old script.

Much has already been said by the talking heads about the SOTU, and there's little I can add. I could ask how many times President Biden said, "Folks....", but I don't know the answer without having to sit through a replay. What I would like to do is simply point out that there were two elephants in the room last night in the nation's Capitol, and it took Biden about an hour to even mention them in passing. Those were China and their Beautiful Balloon and our broken border with Mexico.

Finally, when Biden started talking briefly about China, his only reference to the balloon that had just crossed our country from sea to shining sea, was that the US had been tested and had reacted strongly (I am paraphrasing). Had he reacted strongly, he would have ordered that balloon to be shot down as soon as it was detected somewhere out West. Nor would he have allowed his military advisors-as he claims they did- to say they would wait until it had reached the Atlantic coast. Even then, instead of having strong words for CHinca in his SOTU, he was conciliatory. There must be a reason Biden won't get tough with China. Could it be that he knows China has him and his wayward son, Hunter, in their pocket? They have bought the Biden family. Enough said about that.

When it came to the border, Biden started giving talking points as to how many apprehensions had been made, blah blah, blah. He said nothing about how many illegals had entered the US during his presidency. Nothing about how an over-taxed Border Patrol had been taken from their normal duties of securing the border to simply processing illegals and sending them on their way.

It is true that Biden talked about the fentanyl epidemic. He wants to "crack down" on fentanyl, but he doesn't want to secure our border with Mexico, over which fentanyl enters the US in the first place after the precursors are sent to Mexico from China. Fentanyl alone is more than sufficient reason to secure our border-something Biden and his feckless DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas refuse to do. Then Biden added insult to injury by insisting on "comprehensive immigration reform" and a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers etc. 

In short, it was disgusting. Sarah Sanders, the Governor of Arkansas, said it best in her excellent response when she said that this man was unfit to serve as president.