Support for Officer Darren Wilson

From Sundance at the Treehouse and if you can, please help.

I sent in what I could spare and a bit more. PatriotUSA


Against the backdrop of being the latest target of the professional grievance industry, the support page for Officer Darren Wilson has begun to catch attention. A goFundme page was set up for expenses related to being in the crosshairs of hate:

darren wilson

From the page: “We stand behind Officer Darren Wilson and his family during this trying time in their lives. All proceeds will be sent directly to Darren Wilson and his family for any financial needs they may have including legal fees”.

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Buck up me Hearty’s.............

Stolen from Voting American.

Can we vote our way out of this come November? I do not think we can but that will not stop me from doing my part come November. 

Where are my manners, I almost forgot. Post by AFVet.

Thanks to samiam60 for NOT closing up shop over at Voting American.

FYI, if your name is in PURPLE, that mean you are special and have arrived. Where? How the heck should I know?

Come what may, I stand with my fellow patriots. PatriotUSA 


 Buck up me Hearty’s…..AMERICA RISING

Buck up me Hearty’s………

By AFVet
Sounds like a line from a pirate movie right ?
Well, I think it applies to the Patriots, the Christians, and the Conservatives that are being overwhelmed by the tactics that the left is using to destroy our attempts to take this Country back from 100 years of plotting, manipulating, and nefarious procedures to eradicate anyone that would try to re-inject the Principles that this Country was founded upon into the society.
Voter I.D. ? Not needed.
Voter fraud, never happened, so they say.
Let one of US stand up and voice our opinion and we are ridiculed by the press and the imbeciles that have the press in their pocket.

Racism is the battle cry of the left against the right.

It is a shallow statement, and they know it.
But they are louder than we are, and they don’t have to make sense as their followers are mostly just drones and sycophants

The theme of Voting American will always reside in the hearts and the minds of true Patriots.

The recent response to it’s potential demise inspired this commentary.
Our mission is not complete.
We cannot give up now my Patriotic Friends.
We are too close to at least a small victory to begin to remove the cancer that Washington has inflicted on this Country.
We are more informed now than we have been in many years because we love this Nation and want to see Her survive.

We want to see Her once again be the Shining City on the Hill.

shining city on a hill

The call to arms will come in November,

will you respond ?

I guess the left would call us pirates, so be it !


Buck up me Hearty’s,…….Yo Ho !

AFVet is an Air Force Vietnam Veteran and American Patriot Pirate

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Colonel Richard Kemp

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religion of peace

LAHORE: In a joint press conference here Monday, members of Pakistan Christian National Party and Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement demanded the government to condemn the killings of Christians in Iraq, on all international fora.
Addressing the conference, vice-chairman of Pakistan Christian National Party Martin Javed Michael said the situation in Iraqi city of Mosul, which has been captured by ISIS activists, had come to a critical stage. Since last month, a group affiliated with ISIS had killed numerous Iraqi Christians in Mosul Dam, said Michael.

He said they were killing Christians in a gruesome manner by cutting the necks and hanging them on a cross for public display. He said Iraqi Christian children had been killed by militants using deadly weapons, and women and girls were raped in front of their parents.

The News

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religion of peace

"As ISIS continues to take over more towns in Iraq, at least 500 women believed to be Christians were allegedly kidnapped from Mosul to be sold as "sex slaves." Reports said the Islamic militants have overrun Qaraqosh, Iraq's largest Christian city. Believers have reportedly flocked to the city to escape the militants.

A spokesman from the Kurdish forces said ISIS has kidnapped Yazidi and Christian women to be turned as "Sabaya" or "war booty slaves." He added that ISIS also plans to sell the women. According to accounts of witnesses, the most beautiful of the kidnapped women were handed to "ISIS princes.""

Su Reissa at IBT

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Very close call at Voting American

Having had this site since 2008, there have been many times I have felt like shutting the damn house down and calling it quits. So many times. So when I got the email that samiam60 was going to close up shop at Voting American, I was very upset and at first did not know what to do. By the comments so were a lot of other people. So I turned to prayer as I usually do for everything and in the end, Voting American has NOT been closed down and samiam60 has come back to the front lines. I think a coupe of other bloggers stepped and helped out to simplify things perhaps. I had been reading the posts there but just started dropping a comment or two a few weeks ago.

At risk of being mocked, ridiculed and made fun of, I will share what I experienced when I was praying for Voting American and samiam60. Whatever anyone wants to toss at me for sharing this, good ahead. All I can say is bring and whatever you attempt to throw at me is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered through for me and you.

Below this is the latest post from Voting American.

My comment and it is two combined into one here:
"I was up all night praying for you and others, sami. I do not sleep much and live at the foot of the cross quite a bit. So pleased, so pleased and not so much for me but for you and what bring, say, express for so many who cannot or will not but share the same moral, convictions that you do.
Thank YOU and thanks to the others who helped sami come back to the front line. I will share this tonight when I get home from work.

Partiots who love their country, Republic, want it back and are willing to do any and everything to bring back AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM!!
Thank Samiam60, thank you.
Sami, At one point about, it was about 2:00- 3:00 AM PST and I was outside, praying and watching the the distant lightning, rolls of thunder when what I can only say with all certainty was vision of a cursor over the delete button. The cursor kept going over the delete button and then slid off, back and forth this went for what seemed like a long time but I did not keep track. A cross slowly came into view and blurred itself over the delete button until the delete button had vanished into the cross. As this all faded I was drenched in sweat and it was a nice cool night 53 degrees. I have been a Christian since 1983 and am just a very simple man, fiercely dedicated to my prayer times. At times, Jesus takes me to other places through the power only He has. This was one of them. I consider it an HONOR to stand in the gap for you, and others. What me and so many others are called to do.

Some may mock this or not believe it and that is their choice. Jesus chose me long ago and the reasons become increasingly clear as I get older and closer to being called home."  

Sorry about the post looking a bit weird but going from Wordpress to Blogger is never works well for me. I know, I know I should switch it all over to WP but way beyond my patience level. PatriotUSA


America's Fading Glory

As many of you know I came very close to shutting down this Voting American Blog.  Had it not been for the encouragement of my Patriot Friends across the internet Voting American would have faded into the abyss of Apathy.
It is incredibly disheartening to watch as this once great country succumbs to the will of those who would ‘Fundamentally Transform’ her into a Socialist Government dependency State. A place where the ‘Land of the Free’ would become the land of the Government Slave.
I spent a great deal of time over the past few days scouring over some of the over 800 articles here at Voting American and came across this eye opening commentary submitted by Loopyloo on February 10, 2012:

Government intimidation is getting stronger everyday. The bullying is outrageous and the implication that those who speak up for their country and their faith are somehow anti-American or wish for the destruction of the country is so far from the truth, that if it weren’t being said by those who do wish to destroy the country, it would be hard to believe. But that is a tactic of those who follow the Alinsky path. Accuse others of doing what you are doing in order to divert attention from your own actions.

God bless and watch over all those willing to stand and speak up for this country. God bless all those who want to restore the principles that this country was founded on. God bless all those who understand the Christian foundations that our Constitution was established on. God bless those who understand the freedoms we have and the cost of those who have fought and died to save them. God bless everyone who is willing to stand for what is right. If we do not stand now, we may never have the opportunity again, and we will have given away this country to those who hate her. 

God bless American and may she remain standing as the greatest country on the face of the earth.

After reading that commentary from Loopyloo and reading all the words of encouragement coming from my Patriot Friends I could no longer even consider the option of shutting down this Voting American site.



I am just a simple every day American who loves his Country and the Freedoms it affords us all


I am also an  American who is Free to Speak without Fear


Free to Worship in my own way


Free to Stand for what I think right


Free to Oppose what I believe wrong


Free to Choose those who shall Govern my Country


This Heritage of Freedom I Pledge to Uphold!


Source is here.

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British Media Deception

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and Diversity Macht Frei

This is not exactly breaking news. For a few years now, it has been reported that the most popular name for newborn bouncing baby boys in England and Wales is Mohammed-regardless of how you spell it. It seems the British media, however, would like to cover up that fact by breaking the name down into its alternative spellings, and thus, preserving Oliver as the most popular boys' name.


"You see. You're number one, Ollie."

Ten bells and all's well as they used to say.

The origins of political correctness-William S. Lind

While the USA is well on it's way to be coming FUSA due to decades of progressive regressive liberalism, cloaked under the foulness of political correctness, excessive diversity and and the worst of them all, excessive overload from multiculturalism. I have called these THE THREE TOXIC STEWS OF THE WEST. All the events that have unfolded, what this once fine Republic was and what the USA is rapidly sliding downhill into and towards, can be tied into these three toxic stews. I dare anyone reading this to dispute this, prove me and the following two videos wrong.

What is unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri is the result of decades of political correctness and entitlement syndrome. Add to this, the moronic liberal white guilt that ties into Kipling's White Man's Burden, the total ENSLAVEMENT of Blacks by the policies, trappings of the Democratic party and now so many RINO Republicans or snicker, 'conservatives', you get REVERSE PLANTATION SYNDROME. The blacks have been set free yet liberals are all to happy to keep them enslaved, along with the NAACP and CBC. This does not apply to just blacks but all minorities can now ride the PC train and ride first class, right back to the plantation that they so badly wanted to escape from.

Do not misunderstand what I believe or my morals. I am all for helping anyone who needs it but only if these individuals will work extremely hard to free themselves, their families and future generations from continued enslavement guaranteed by political correctness. Any such assistance should be going to LEGAL American citizens first, period end of story, You come here illegally and all you should get is a one way bus ticket back to Mexico or whatever third world hell hole you came from. Just being black or some other minority does give you or anyone else the right to burn a community down. Your skin color entitles you to nothing, just like mine.

Please spare me your liberal drivel and ad hominem attacks. I remember a taxi ride through Watts when the riots were going on in April, 1965. My mother and I were forced to take a taxi from Ontario airport to LA international to catch a flight to Texas ASAP to be with my ailing grandfather who had suffered his first of several, near fatal heart attacks. We HAD TO lie on the floor of the cab as the driver rushed us through Watts as he HAD TO detour through Watts as too many accidents had left the freeways totally jammed. The cab was shot at and when we got to LAX, there were six bullet holes in the passenger side rear quarter panel. Four of those missed the rear door by two inches. We later found out the cab driver had pulled four bullets out of the rear seat backrest. It was NOT right then and it is not right now but this is what political correctness has spawned and given birth to. What has made it murderously worse is that now America has suffered the misfortune of having the burned out hippies and losers from the 1960's end up as educators, brainwashing decades of our most valuable strength and future, our children, into thinking that America, all white people, our military, veterans and anything that is 'conservative' is evil, wrong and should be wiped out. We, as a nation are bearing a most lethal, poisonous fruit. Now a vast majority of young people see America, our history, as evil and think America should become AmeriKKKA. NO nation is perfect but where else would you want to have been born?

Back to back terms of Barack Obama have hastened what the United States must suffer through before the Republic can once again be rebuilt, restored, to become the best and most exceptional country the world has ever known. I may not live to see this and I doubt I will. Trust me that I will do all I can while I am here to restore freedom and liberty for not just my children, but for yours and the generations that follow.

"Not a man lives on the continent but fully believes that a separation must some time or other finally take place, and a generous parent should have said, ‘If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace’; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty" -Thomas Paine

Please drop by TraditionalRIGHT. What you will find there is VERY worth your time. It does not matter if you agree with all that you will read there, or not. I think most of you will. 

Double hat tip to American Digest and WRSA.

Thanks for reading and videos are below. I remain your most obedient and humble servant, always and to the very end. PatriotUSA


The Origins of Political Correctness

Source is here from TraditionalRIGHT.

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No freedom left unharmed-Bill Buppert

Thought this was worth sharing from ZeroGov and a few thoughts from me are below:

Do YOU feel safe in America or should I say AmeriKKKa, comrade?

How safe do you think you really are?

How safe do you really think your family is?

Do you trust your government, I mean REGIME?

Does it feel like there are eyes upon you no matter where you go or what you do?

Do you feel safe reading this here, at this site?

Does the government regime KNOW where your children are and you do not?

Did you see that squirrel over there, that shiny thing up there, oh down there, a butterfly.

Your answer does NOT really matter. Read the words of Thomas Jefferson at the end of this post.

Got lead? PatriotUSA

Hat tip: WRSA


No Freedom Left Unharmed: The Terror State in America by Bill Buppert


“We’re after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. 

Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them…you create a nation of lawbreakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Rearden.”

- Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum (also known as Ayn Rand) Atlas Shrugged

The modern state and government have one primary goal in mind: the maintenance and expansion of political power to horizontally and vertically regulate and tax every transaction of human behavior within its jurisdiction, individuals and firms alike. For America, that means the unfortunates living in the confines of the common geographical boundaries recognized as the US and it possessions and according to the IRS, any place on Earth an American holding current citizenship resides. The US has been a military garrison state since 1860 with short interregnums of less war-like times. With the end of the Civil War and the tyrannical consolidation of the Lincolnian imperial project, the American military apparatus was focused on continuing its campaign to eradicate or threaten into docility the aboriginals who had originally peopled the continent. By the 1890s, the aboriginal extinction/resettlement plan had everything but a bow tied on it. The politicians in Washington started to get restless and set their sights on the exclusive colonial empire club and wanted to carve out some extraterritorial gains while the going was good thus the annexation of Hawaii in 1893 and the wholesale expropriation of the Spanish possessions in the Caribbean and the Philippines by 1898. The empire has barely stopped for breath ever since.

Despite the perilously close grasp of a totalitarian state by the US government in the first half of the twentieth century, it never quite took but the last half-century provided the means and the apparatus to finally make it work. The attack on the Twin Towers in New York provided an overwhelming justification for both secret and not so clandestine measures to turn America into the Orwellian wet dream it is proud to be today. The twenty first century provided the American state with the collectivist accelerant it needed, a reason to pry ionto the most private affairs fo its millions of subjects at will.
Many others have chronicled the rise of the police state, the new charter for an omniscient NSA and security apparatus and the various notions that inaugurated the nod and the wink towards torture. All of these things have integrated a tapestry of both real and potential oppression that may not have even existed in the now extant Soviet empire under new management. The US government stands as the premier existential threat to human liberty everywhere it casts its evil eye.

The crux of the notion is that a government-sponsored war on terror knows absolutely no legal or statutory limits. Whether the White House Office of Legal Council (OLC) approved use of torture, the massive campaign by the spy agencies to vacuum up every human transaction by Americans at home and abroad to include every other human they can place under surveillance or the burgeoning epidemic of police violence against taxpayers, the game is afoot. On the approved American political stage where the stumbling players act out an unconvincing kabuki dance of differing philosophies, all the key officials and their sycophantic executive agency apparatchiks dance to the same tune: to clamp an iron fist over every possible blush and activity of human existence trying to wring out reasons to watch them, tax them, fine them or jail them. Or worse.

As I mentioned earlier, plenty of other writers have detailed the shrinking individual freedoms that Americans enjoy from illegal vegetation to include both marijuana and raw milk to the hyper-violent statist police culture that puts everyone in constant danger of being maimed or killed in the name of officer safety.

The stark realization must be that America is no longer free and no longer a nation of individuals capable of remaining free if they run afoul of the government’s innumerable laws, regulations and diktats. The War on Terror (whatever its name may change to over time) is not only a war on the world but a war first and foremost on the hundreds of millions of unfortunates with American birth certificates and passports living in the US tax jurisdiction.

There is quite literally no brake whatsoever on the slide to despotism and tyranny that is modern Americas because the courts and executive agencies agree on one thing: their power cannot be diminished and it will not stop expanding. If you don’t believe me, try some of the following:
  • Don’t stop for the flashing lights on the road pirate vehicle behind you.
  • Build without a permit.
  • Stop paying your taxes.
  • File a complaint at the police department on cop misbehavior.
The twentieth century totalitarians could only dream of such power built on the slimmest of evidence and shabbiest of excuses to forcibly detain or cage (or maim or kill depending on your level of resistance) you.

It gets worse, look at the fifteen things on this list. The fact of the matter is there is so much law and regulation, any one of us could be picked up in the middle of the night and carted off to be interrogated or mauled by whatever uniformed thugs are sent to fetch you.

No one is safe anymore, it almost seems as if one is living on borrowed time outside a cage in America before the myriad malum prohibitum laws you have broken on a daily basis get you ensnared in the legal system or worse.

Everyone talks about the tipping point or asks when is the complete usurpation of the Constitution going to take place. The answer to the former is soon if not now and the answer to the latter is 1791.

I have said before, if you look at your children and grandchildren and think of how hard their life is going to be because of the failures, missteps, malpractice and sheer brutality that is the American government and its remora states, go look in the mirror and hold yourself at fault. The respective states in the union or merely vassal alliances with the central government. Hell, our grandparents and their forebears are just as responsible as they sat back and watched their neighbors and friends be molested and destroyed by government power.

Ask Ben Franklin’s grandson, young Benjamin Franklin Bache and William Duane at the Anti-Federalist American Aurora in 1798, the tens of millions of indentured servants and chattel slaves in 19th century America to the curious but prescient American Protective League under Wilson which provided an early glimpse at the “snitch culture” the government has been prattling about and encouraging since the end of WWII.

Much like the Stasi-inspired informant system (on millions of government supplied 3×5 cards, don’t you know) and the Cuban analogs in block watch committees, the US Federal government has an almost insuperable appetite to find out everything you know and think. The FBI and DHS is even asking EMS responders to be snitches.

Those who think this won’t end badly for individual freedom and liberty are either terribly na├»ve or have finally relented that a carbon-based Borg nation may be the better way to advance humanity. Good luck with that.

The totality of Federal government intrusion is on an unprecedented scale especially for a nation that has not yet admitted it is essentially bankrupt by all available metrics. Not only does it continue to spend money it does not have to sustain a system that is the mortal enemy of liberty and decency, it seems hell-bent on taking the entire planet with it.
The War on Terror gives every excuse it needs to establish Binney’s “turnkey totalitarianism”; America’s foreign enemies “don’t hate us for our freedom”, its domestic enemies do and they occupy the corridors of power in Mordor on the Potomac.
The modern Terror state in America is nothing less than a fulfillment of Orwell’s and Huxley’s worst premonitions about just how bad government can be and just how evil the minds at the levers of power can become.

“Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Source is here.

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The War for America: The Battle Has Come Home

I have very recently, during this extended time of quiet reflection and generally having a major attack of permanent permagrump, came across a very fine site. The patriot who runs this site, Restoring the American Republic speaks for me and I think, many, many others in a way that I cannot even begin to match, nor will I try. This individuals mission is pretty simple and clear: "My mission is to inform and work for the restoration of the American Republic". Thomas Mick has done this for quite some time and done it very very well. There will be more to come as I return to being the viper lying in wait here, waiting to get stepped upon. What kind of viper? Let me be called a Gaboon or Russell's  Viper.

I asked for and received his permission to re-post and share anything from his site as long as proper credits and a link back to his site are included. Why I would never steal any other way here on the Corner. If one is going to be 'borrowing or stealing posts' from other sites, one must do this above board with total class and character.

Excellent site and post. PatriotUSA


The War for America: The Battle Has Come Home

The night before writing this I had a dream that disturbed me greatly. A bus full of illegals was confronted and destroyed by Militia on a freeway by rocket and machine gun fire; the bodies and wreckage was set ablaze to destroy the pestilence it was carrying. What disturbed me wasn’t the destruction; people die in war… even the innocent. What disturbed me is that is what must be done to stop the spread of pestilence and gang infiltration into our cities and towns in order to protect our children in their schools, our people in the grocery stores, taverns, buses, trains, airliners, and even our churches; many of which have opened their doors to these people in order to receive over $6k per person per month from the traitors in our Federal Government. When they are allowed to cross our borders in violation of our laws infected with deadly diseases, forced into crowded facilities that enable the contagions to further spread in their numbers, and then bused and flown to cities and towns across the republic, those people are weapons being used against us, weapons that are more dangerous to America than suicide bombers; since no one has compassion for a person strapped with explosives determined to kill everyone around them.

We’re being forced to live in fear of those around us, especially those of Hispanic or West African descent. The MS-13 members are pretty easy to spot in our cities and towns since their tattoos are a uniform of sorts; those that understand the symbolism will even know what rank they hold, how many they’ve killed, and other details about their members. But the women, children, and elderly are another matter entirely… Americans of Latin descent and blacks should be particularly distressed at what our enemies are doing since it is difficult to distinguish American from non-American, similar to what we faced after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, enabling Roosevelt to get away with incarcerating thousands of Japanese Americans in internment camps; our present circumstance is more grave since every one of the invaders is a potential weapon of mass destruction, who could be carrying any number of a host of infectious contagions that will kill thousands of our people. Our enemies within have dealt a deadly blow on our republic and our politicians have yet to realize the full implications of it… posturing about amnesty and concerned more about the logistics and costs of housing and processing these invaders, as if they’re refugees from some war on our border.

This is a deliberate attack on the American Republic, likely inspired by Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood which has infiltrated DHS, the White House, and has operations in Mexico; working with the cartels and smuggling operatives over our border. If we don’t start fighting these people and destroying the weapons arrayed against us we will die by the millions. Our military will be tasked with the disposal of our bodies along with those of the invaders who carried the pathogens; disarming us will simply be a matter of collecting the weapons from our homes while they carry our corpses out for disposal. Weapons are useless against a virus spread by the compassion of government; seems they found something more effective at disarming us than legislation.

I’m just one man… a man that would be portrayed as a lunatic by the media if I were to start firing upon the enemies of the republic. I cannot fight alone, others have tried in the past and were literally incinerated by the government and their deaths were either demonized by the media or ignored. Besides, I’m 10 years beyond the time when my body and health allowed me to be an effective soldier; this battle is up to the younger generation, with the leadership of those of us with the knowledge and wisdom to lead them in this uncertain and dangerous time. If we’re to have any chance at survival as a people and a free republic we must fight and fight mercilessly against both the enemy and the weapons he employs to destroy us. There will be a place for compassion and grief for the lost after the victory has been achieved but until that victory we must be resolute in the prosecution of the war brought to the very doorsteps of our homes; if we falter, the least we have to look forward to is a life of utter slavery and despotism.

Are there enough Americans left that understand what is happening and are willing to do what is necessary to stop it? We must start fighting this war or face total destruction from our inaction. Those of you waiting for the first shot can only be using that as an excuse for inaction since those shots were fired years ago at Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas in ’92 and ’93. It is my opinion that our reaction to the conflagration at Waco encouraged our enemies to get them to this point. The Federal and state agencies have kept pushing and pushing the barrier of our tolerance to the point that we’ll tolerate anything they do to us with barely a whimper… just as long as they continued employing and entertaining us.

Stand up as Americans and begin doing what is necessary to defend the republic and your family. The Mexican border is full of corruption by law enforcement and politicians; stop obeying them and fight anyone that tells you to stop sealing that border since it is a matter of life and death for your family to do so. Those telling you to go home because you’re not needed are protecting their payoffs and aiding smugglers and coyotes trafficking in human beings, including terrorists from the Middle East; such people are your enemy. America is no longer sheltered from battlefields abroad, the enemy is within and the battlefield is America.

 Source is here 

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