Black Churches Burning?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Michelle Malkin

A couple of nights ago I was watching CNN International from London (much more to the left of their US counterparts). They were reporting the burning of a black church in Greeleyville, South Carolina. I was pretty taken back especially when I heard the next day that 6 black churches have been burned in the South just since the shooting in Charleston. That was reported by the New York Times. I thought to myself:, "Are we really getting this bad that we are returning to the bad old days? Is there really that much white hatred for black people in America? What happened to the New South? Have I been wrong about my own perceptions?"

Not so fast.


At this point, it appears that the Greeleyville church fire was caused by lightning.

Don't get me wrong; one case of a racist arson against a black church is one too many. However, it appears that some very prominent news organizations have taken a story and run with it before the facts have come in. We have seen it with Treyvon Martin. We have seen it with Michael Brown.

Those CNN news anchors over there in London are sitting there crowing that America is a racist country. They are no better than the clowns that you see on MSNBC. They ought to be paying attention to their own country, which is collapsing all around them.

This is a dangerous business these irresponsible journalists are engaging in. Tensions are high enough in this country and false stories like this only fan the flames. How irresponsible is it to take a church that was apparently struck by lightning and before the embers have died out, talk about white racists burning down black churches before you know that is the case. Again: If some white racist yahoo sets fire to a black church, I want the police to catch the guy and throw him in prison for a few decades.

This is another example of why Sean Hannity talks about the death of American journalism.

Choking freedom of speech related to firearms

From Herschel Smith and this is the next battlefield.

Do you understand what is at risk here? This is about freedom of information and the ability to FREELY share all information. This smacks of something that the Stasi would have done.

"Gunsmiths, manufacturers, reloaders, and do-it-yourselfers could all find themselves muzzled under the rule and unable to distribute or obtain the information they rely on to conduct these activities. Prior restraints of the sort contemplated by this regulation are among the most disfavored regulations of speech under First Amendment case law."

Any discussion of techinal matters about firearms would first have to be 'reviewed' by the State Department BEFORE permission being granted for publication. Think about this and what would be lost. 

Find the link here to the June 3rd issue of the Federal Register.

Read the rest here over at The Captain's Journal.

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A Despicable Op-Ed in UC Irvine Campus Paper

Gary Fouse

Reading university campus newspapers, you come across a lot of dopey stuff. I tend to go easy on student journalists because, after all, they are young people learning to write and learning about the world too.

I don't go so easy on professors who write tripe like this piece that is running in this week's New University, the campus newspaper of UC Irvine, where I teach part-time in the Extension. In the below piece, sociology professor Chuck O'Connell takes exception to the university commemorating Memorial Day. You'd better take your blood pressure medicine before you read this piece. (I have submitted a comment in the reader thread. Whether they will publish it is doubtful.)


"If a war is unjust, can those who fight it be “heroes”? If men and women fight an unjust war but think it honorable, is it not the responsibility of the university to point out the contradiction between their beliefs and reality? To not do so is to let them remain deceived and manipulated."

How is that for arrogance?

Here is my comment to the New University in the reader thread. It is awaiting "moderation".

"I don’t know if Mr O’Connell is a veteran. I am. (full disclosure: I was stationed in Germany for three years during the Vietnam war.) As a vet, I take exception to his op-ed, in which he literally spits on Memorial Day and implies that those who gave their lives for our country deserve less than our commemoration.

Mr O’Connell: If you want to get up on your soapbox and insult our military, you could choose a less auspicious occasion than Memorial Day. You should also consider this: Were it not for the United States of America, and especially our military, no country in the world would be living in freedom today.

I think your op-ed is despicable."

Gary Fouse
Adj teacher

Chuck O'Connell seems to me like one of those liberal professors with an axe to grind. The first time I caught his act was in January 2009 when I attended a day-long circus at UCI entitled, "Whither the Levant" It was non-stop Israel-bashing featuring such "luminaries" as Norman Finkelstein, Saree Makdisi and Gabriel Pieterberg  of UCLA and UCI's own Theo Goldberg and Mark ("Don't call me anti-Israel") LeVine. At one point, O'Connell appeared and gave a rambling, disorganized talk that touched on everything from the Israel-Palestinian question to the distribution of wealth, labor laws, and the US-Mexican  border. I remarked at the time that somebody needed to give the man a lesson plan.

The last time I saw O'Connell was when he brought in a crackpot anti-Israel activist anthropology professor named Jeff Halper. This guy actually immigrated from the US to Israel but now travels the world trashing his adopted country. The highpoint of the evening was when he told a student audience (plus me) about something called "spectral dust". This is a substance, you see that can be programmed with the DNA of a target you want to eliminate. Released into the Palestinian territories, it seeks out, locates and kills its target.

So much for Jeff Halper. So much for Chuck O'Connell. Tonight, I will be sending in a response to the New University with a request that they put it into their print edition next week. Whether they will or not, I have no clue. I think what I sent in to the online edition pretty much covers what I want to say here. The op-ed written by O'Connell is despicable. It dishonors our country, our military, and its dishonors our troops, past and present.

*Update: Here it is. I just sent it in.

Last week, Professor Chuck O'Connell wrote an article in New University taking issue with UCI's commemoration of Memorial Day. He  gave a list of wars with which he took issue with-all the way back to our war in the Philippines! It is not my intent here to debate our actions in each of those wars. My point of contention here is that O'Connell not only trashed our country, but our military and our troops as well.

I don't know if O'Connell is a veteran. I am though I hasten to add that I spent my three years in the US Army stationed in Germany during the Vietnam war. Thus, I hold great respect for those who have served in combat, and will respect their opinions if they are disillusioned about the wars they served in in Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam.

But where does O'Connell get off with statements like these?

"If a war is unjust, can those who fight it be “heroes”? If men and women fight an unjust war but think it honorable, is it not the responsibility of the university to point out the contradiction between their beliefs and reality? To not do so is to let them remain deceived and manipulated."

or this:

"Note that nothing is said about the university’s responsibility to educate students – including student veterans – about unjust wars, imperialist wars, wars of aggression and war crimes." 

I would submit that it is the veterans who can educate the university, both those vets who agree with O'Connell's opinions and those who do not. In addition, it is the university's responsibility to truly educate-not indoctrinate the students with some professor's personal view of the world.

And this:

"Note that nothing, absolutely nothing, is said about the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Yemen – the children, the women, the men – who have died because of the American attacks. Their cumulative death toll now numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Note that the flags in Aldrich Park are for the Americans only.  Note the nationalism promoted through this flag-planting ritual. Note that brown lives don’t matter. Note the racism of it all hiding behind honor and loyalty."

Outrageous. Professor O'Connell  cleverly implies here that our troops are racist killers who indiscriminately murder innocents. Not even mentioned are the actual terrorists and enemy fighters that our forces were facing in battle (Viet Cong, North Vietnamese army, Taliban, Saddam's Iraqi army, al Qaeda, ISIS etc).

O'Connell also implies that the university doesn't care about our veterans who suffer from wounds, PTSD, suicidal tendencies and homelessness. 

"Note that nothing is said of the tens of thousands of living veterans wounded by war: those with traumatic brain injury, with PTSD, with painful memories of sexual assault, with missing limbs and scarred bodies.  Neither is there any mention of suicidal vets and homeless vets.  Is it asking too much to recognize those living veterans who still suffer? Note the limitation of compassion in the silence."

O'Connell apparently thinks that it is only his crowd that cares about these issues. I can assure him that those of us who support the commemoration of Memorial Day and who support our military do care about our suffering vets. Nobody is more outraged about the well-documented failures of the Veterans Administration than vets themselves-whether we need their services or not.
Professor O'Connell: If you want to get up on your soap box and trash our country and our military, that is your First Amendment right. Guess who guaranteed that right: Our military. Have we made mistakes? Sure. Some of those mistakes were made in the context of fighting the Cold War. Now we are fighting fanatical terrorists who want to kill anyone who doesn't think like they do. But no matter what you think of our military history, were it not for the US-specifically our military- no country in the world would be free today. In my view, your article-especially questioning the commemoration of our war dead and our vets on Memorial Day- is truly despicable.
Stay tuned.

Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore: 28 Shot-9 Dead

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Gateway Pundit

Image result for raven

"Let's move back to Cleveland."

Freddy Gray is dead and buried. Six police officers are charged in his death in what can only be described as a lynch mob atmosphere. Certain people have promised more riots in Baltimore if the cops are not convicted.

Yet what goes under the radar in this sordid tale is the fact that Baltimore is out of control. Shootings and deaths are skyrocketing. Over this Memorial Day weekend, 28 people were shot and 9 are dead. Too bad Baltimore's most famous resident, Edgar Allen Poe, isn't still around. He would have plenty of tales to weave.


And the city leaders of Baltimore, the activist hacks in the Justice Department, and the liberal media want us all to believe that the cops are the problem. Well, as far as I can determine, the cops didn't shoot anybody in Baltimore this weekend. I wrote about the problems in the city a couple of weeks ago-not that I am some kind of rocket scientist for figuring out what many others have.

The same disease that affects Baltimore affects many other big US cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Clevelend, Chicago and Los Angeles to name the most obvious examples. And what do they have in common? They have all been run for decades by Democrats, who wring their hands and plea for peace on the streets while finding others to blame-like the police. They can't face up to the real cause of this bloodshed- breakdown in the inner city families and lack of positive male role models. Until they come to terms with that reality, the problems will just continue and more cops will be blamed.

How convenient.

Our Insane Immigration Policy

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

The below report is not only troubling, it is outrageous. With a clear and present danger of Islamic terrorism in our own country, our government is rushing pell-mell in an insane drive to bring more and more Muslim immigrants into this country. Never mind 9-11. Never mind the Boston Marathon massacre. Never mind the numerous FBI interceptions of would be jihadists. Never mind those who have left the US to join the Jihad with the clear intent to bring it back to our shores.

Our government continues to actively sponsor a flood of Muslim immigrants to this country.


It pains me to say this because I am married to an immigrant, and I generally support immigration-something that has benefited our country immeasurably.

But something has gone horribly wrong.

Combine this with the flood of illegal immigrants and this is tantamount to a country losing its sovereignty. It also places the lives of American citizens in grave danger.

Is there anybody in Washington with any common sense?

This will do nicely!

One hand is out of the grave. The other will follow soon.

I could easily call this home............

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The Media is Demonizing the Targets of the Garland Attack

Gary Fouse

The dust has barely settled over Garland, Texas, and already the liberal media is going into overdrive to demonize not the two shooters who died trying to barge their way into the center where they would have killed possibly scores of people, but the organizers of the Draw Mohammad cartoon event. The number one target is Pam Geller. The below article by NPR is typical:


We should also note that the media is largely using the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source of attack. The SPLC has done some good work in the past in identifying truly hateful people and organizations. The problem is that they have a liberal bent and have singled out some people and organizations erroneously. I think Geller and her organization is one example.

First of all, there has to be a distinction made between criticizing Islam, sharia law, and the jihadists who seek to do us harm and Muslims as people. Thus, I think it is off the mark to charge the American Freedom Defense Initiative as being, "anti-Muslim".

Furthermore, instead of blaming the targets of the attack because their cartoon contest was offensive to Muslims, these critics should be saying, "It's only a cartoon". In other words, how does drawing cartoons justify deadly violence?

"Because it is blasphemous," say the critics.

Yes, it is, but so is showing an "art" exhibit with Christ on a crucifix dunked in a jar of urine or showing the Virgin Mary encased in elephant dung. Christians are highly insulted by that. Mormons are insulted by a play called, "The Book of Mormon" that insults the Mormon religion. Yet that is all called art, and we were reminded that it falls under freedom of expression. Christians and Mormons were told to get over it. And we did. Nobody got killed, and there were no riots. No museums or theaters were burned down.

But political correctness dictates that Geller, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and the other near-victims in Garland be criticized because they mocked the Prophet Mohammad. Yet it must be pointed out that this was a reaction to the fact that Islamic organizations had recently held a "Stand by Our Prophet Day" at the same site in Garland as a reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

Maybe that was offensive too.

Let us be honest. Even the liberal left knows there is a fundamental difference between how Christians, Mormons and other religions react to being insulted or mocked and the way Muslims do *(not all Muslims, of course). We know that insulting Islam results in some Muslims becoming very violent-murderously violent. Does that mean that we must all become silent and not discuss what is happening around the world? Must we remain silent when Christians are the object of genocide in the Middle East? Must we remain silent as we witness the beheadings? Can we not freely discuss the problem and the causes, to say nothing about the threats we face? If we decide that cartoons are off-limits, what's next-pointing out that there are violent verses in the Koran?

Here is how I have handled the Mohammad cartoon question on this site: On the one hand, I have not shown Mohammad cartoons, nor have I reproduced Charlie Hebdo's cartoons. What I have done is show cartoons that have come out as a response to the Paris massacres. Below is an example.

That cartoon does not insult anybody but the violent jihadists, and I am perfectly comfortable with it. No apologies are warranted or forthcoming.

Reasonable people can disagree on the wisdom of showing Mohammad cartoons. The right to do so in America is not negotiable. But there can be no tolerance for anyone thinking they can conduct murder and mayhem in this country over the issue. This is America. We have the First Amendment. Once we give that up, America is gone.

It's Not the Police Who Have Failed Baltimore

Gary Fouse

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Whatever the facts of Freddie Gray's death, a few things are becoming clearer by the day. Baltimore's biggest problem is not the police. It is their political leadership.

First of all, it's hard to say black Baltimoreans have been the victims of a racist system when you have a black mayor, a black chief of police, black city council members and 40% black cops. Add to that our African-American president and both of his attorneys general, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Baltimore is a tough, working-class city and not a place where you go walking around at night. Once you have visited the beautiful Inner Harbor, things get gritty fast. Tonight, I heard reports that there are some 35,000 abandoned buildings in the city. This city is in a sad state of affairs.

First of all, the city's mayor has failed in her responsibilities, both with her order to the police to stand down on the evening of April 27 and not even don their riot helmets. An added disgrace was her public statements about allowing the ones who wanted to destroy things to have their space, She then denied she said it even though it is clearly on videotape. Today, shielded by the ever-ready Al Sharpton, she glumly refused to answer questions from Fox's reporter Leland Vittert glaring at him as Sharpton and her entourage pushed Vittert back. Indeed, Baltimore's politicians-and Elijah Cummings have reacted angrily to the presence of reporters.

What we are seeing in Baltimore is a testament to the political failure of big city Democratic dominance. Look at other cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago and other places-dominated by the Democrat party for decades. They are failed cities, with the arguable exception of Chicago with its combination of glitter mixed with South Side gang murders off the charts, a problem Rahm Emanuel and his predecessors have been unable to stem.  The same statement could be made about Los Angeles. You want to see how a beautiful city like San Francisco can deteriorate under the weight of the thousands of homeless people roaming the streets? Take a walk through downtown San Francisco. When did it become depressing to walk around the City by the Bay? (Of course, you can escape all that by going to Golden Gate Park, where you can stroll down Nancy Pelosi Drive.)

In addition, many of the above cities have had black mayors, black aldermen/ women, black city council members, and black police chiefs. Where has been the improvement in the lives of the inner city residents?  The question I ask is why black voters never hold the Democratic party accountable whether they are white, black, Hispanic politicians or otherwise.

If the Baltimore police were guilty of malfeasance or negligence in the death of Mr Gray, let the facts come out. Letting people riot, burn and injure police officers is unacceptable. In addition, it is hoped that the public will take a second look at how Democrats are running these big cities

At the Daily Tarheel, Free Speech for Me, Not for Thee

Gary Fouse

In recent days, Mitt Romney has spoken at Duke and David Horowitz at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This has resulted in  an editorial by the Daily Tarheel, the campus paper at UNC. It maintains that campus speakers should be chosen "with discretion".


Really? So Mitt Romney should not speak at Duke because he is partisan. Would the Daily Tarheel object to President Obama or Hillary Clinton speaking at Duke or UNC? Have they objected to Democratic politicians speaking on campus in the past. I doubt it.

And they object to David Horowitz expressing his right of free speech at UNC? The truth hurts, doesn't it? Would the Daily Tarheel object to speakers from the "other side" speaking on campus?

I note that just in February, both schools hosted a Malcolm X event in which Professor Sohail Daulatzai, my "good friend" from UC Irvine, was a panelist. This is man who not only hates Israel, but also considers America to be a racist, imperialistic nation.


The Daily Tarheel is guilty of gross hypocrisy here.

Hussam Ayloush (CAIR) Meets Tom Trento (Again)

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Here is a nice film clip of Tom Trento of The United West greeting CAIR's LA director, Hussam Ayloush during "Capitol Day"* in Washington DC. Tom asks Ayloush if there is a Muslim Brotherhood in the US and gets the typical lie for an answer.


I wonder if Ayloush recognized Trento from their previous encounter in May 2011 in Anaheim when we were protesting an award being given to Muzammil Siddiqi. That was when Tom told Ayloush that he represented a despicable organization (CAIR). Ayloush had to be "rescued" by his cohort, Shakeel Syed of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, who came and grabbed Ayloush by the arm and led him across the street. It was quite comical.

As to the question of whether there is a Muslim Brotherhood in America, the answer is yes though not in a formal sense. Their representatives are organizations like CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, ICNA and the Muslim Students Association. That was brought out in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas where an "explanatory memorandum" was introduced into evidence, which had been seized by the FBI  That was a 1991 Brotherhood letter addressed to several; of the above organizations (CAIR had not yet been founded) identifying them as the "North American brothers, whose task it was to destroy the American system from within. It was surely this document that Trento was offering to show Ayloush.

It is also the same document I handed to Brotherhood representative Ibrahim El Hudaiby when he came to UC Irvine in 2008  to speak in Professor Mark LeVine's class. Hudaiby told the students a number of lies including that the Brotherhood had no people in the US. He pronounced the document a forgery. (It was not.)

* Capitol Day: An annual event whereby CAIR and other Islamist activists flood the US and many state capitols with representatives lobbying for their causes.