Al Jazeera English Bans Words Like Terrorist

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

The appropriately named Carlos van Meek, editor of Al Jazeera English, has sent out a memo cautioning his writers not to use words like "terrorist", "extremist", "militant", or "jihad" when writing about militant, extremist terrorists when they are on their mission of jihad.


 "One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter."

ISIS Freedom fighters 

Boko Haram freedom fighters with captive soldiers

Boston freedom fighters

Freedom fighter air force

At any rate, I commend Mr van Meek for sending out the memo in English so all of Al Jazeera's Western writers will adhere to the new policy.

Why the Washington State Gun Rights Fight is YOUR Fight-PHS

This is right from the Patrick Henry Society.

It is all of ours to fight for, down to the last gun, the last bullet and to the our entire worth of freedom. It is all of ours to fight for, the Second Amendment and our rights as FREE men and women.

Alan Gottlieb, Adina Hicks SAF, and WAFLAG are NOT our friends. They are the enemy of EVERY responsible gun owner in America. Most gun owners are responsible and stay within the reasonable and common sense laws that we already have.

Understand that laws will be followed until they are changed and start taking our freedoms away. This regime is the most anti-gun administration that we have seen in many, many years. Some may disagree on this last statement and make your case in the comments. There will be other links in the post that follows and I ask that you spend some time and read these articles or opinions. 

Hat tip: WRSA.


Why the Washington State Gun Rights Fight is YOUR Fight

By Anthony Bosworth and Kit Lange

Readers of PHS lately have seen a lot of articles about the ongoing gun rights fight here in WA.  You might think it doesn’t apply to you because you don’t live here in the Pacific Northwest.  You would be so very wrong; what we are fighting here in our state is coming to yours.  For some of you, it’s already there. You might think that us fighting over taking open carry firearms into the state legislature viewing galleries is a stupid argument and one that you don’t care about. Again, you’d be wrong. If you’re an American who values freedom, you should care very much about what’s going on here in Washington…regardless of where you live.

One of the questions we keep hearing here about the ban on open carry in the legislative galleries is “What’s the big deal?  So you can’t bring your rifle into the gallery.  Why do you even NEED to?”  Even those who claim to support the Second Amendment say these things; almost as if we need to ensure that the exercise of our rights is only done 1) in areas where no one can possibly see and be afraid of us, and 2) if we demonstrate that we have a “need” to exercise it there, at that time and in that fashion.

The problem with this school of thought is inherent, and shows a basic misunderstanding of what rights are.  Rights can be exercised at any time, for any reason, without first having to prove a “need” or justification for their exercise.  In fact, as I’ve discussed here before, the second that you allow the infringement of your rights because of someone else’s fear or offense, you’ve handed them the key to take ALL of your rights.

In the case of the State House and Senate, they are “reinterpreting” existing rules about ‘props’, such as signs, buttons, or other things generally used in a demonstration being banned from the gallery.  They have decided that firearms are now props.  Make no mistake—firearms are not props.

One person, while explaining to me why these rules should be enforced, said that “The galleries are a place to observe government, not protest government.”  The Declaration of Independence disagrees.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. [emphasis added]
The Washington State Constitution also weighs in with its first sentence:
All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.
At no time in either document does it say that the government grants these rights; they are inherent.  It is the government’s job to protect and maintain these rights, not infringe upon them or find creative ways to strip them away.  If the government only derives its power from the consent of the governed, in whom all political power resides, and if the entire purpose of government’s existence is to protect and maintain those inherent rights, then the only possible course of action is for the government and its agents to stand down in this matter.  In short, they have absolutely no right to tell the citizens they cannot view the proceedings of their own government while armed. They have no power to dictate the exercise of the citizens’ rights…period.

Legislators have decided that openly carried firearms are not arms, protected by the Second Amendment.  Instead, they have been reclassified as props—which, by the way, are also protected, just under the First Amendment instead. Seemingly, it does not matter if the firearm in question is loaded or not; according to their rules, a loaded and holstered handgun carried on a man’s hip is still a prop.  At what point, pray tell, does the legislature consider it arms, protected by the Second Amendment?  This is another example of “Yes, but.”  Yes, the Second Amendment of the Constitution protects your right to bear arms, and so does the Washington State Constitution, but… we’ve decided that you can’t exercise that right here in the Capitol while viewing the proceedings of your own government, which exists to protect that exact right you’re trying to exercise.

The real irony comes when you do go ahead and load that firearm.  It is still considered a prop, but now you’re also looked at as a threat.  It’s supposedly still not protected under the Second Amendment, according to these people, but it’s a threat.  They are afraid of you, because you are openly carrying a firearm, I mean, a prop.

We understand that the House and Senate in the State of Washington have a longstanding tradition regarding the display or allowance of certain items in the galleries for the sake of decorum and order.  Those traditions, however, cannot violate the Supreme Law of the Land, which are the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington.  Any and all traditions must fall within the confines of government as defined by the founding documents of our state and our nation, and they must honor our unalienable rights.  If they do not, then they are null and void and must be defied.
Instead of asking questions like “Why do you need to carry a firearm into the gallery,” you should be asking an even bigger question, with a much more disturbing answer:

Why does the legislature fear citizens who are armed?  Why do they want us to leave our guns outside the place where they make the laws that govern us?

Not all WA State legislators are afraid of people watching them while wearing guns.  Some stand and applaud when citizens walk into the gallery with them.  Some take photos with these citizens holding guns.  Some meet with them in their offices later, gladly welcoming them and their guns, offering their own chairs to sit in and treating their citizen visitors like they themselves truly do serve only by consent of the governed.  Do you know why these legislators do that?  Because they have nothing to hide.  They vote in line with the people’s rights, and the Constitution that limits their powers.  They act in accordance with their role as public servants, elected to protect the rights of the populace.  They know that they, too, are citizens, and they work to protect the rights of all of us.

Other legislators, however, are afraid of guns in the gallery because they know they are not acting in line with their role or their limited powers.  In fact, some of them are actively working behind the scenes, sneaking in secret to usurp their powers and take away the rights of the people.  They work in cliques and gangs to effect more control and more power for themselves.  They purposely keep bills from moving forward in the legislative process.  The last thing they want is to be reminded by citizens sitting in the gallery holding rifles that they are accountable to the people, and that we can and will remove them from office if they don’t do their job.  It has already been done in Colorado, and it can be done here as well.

The bottom line is this: It is the duty and the birthright of the American people to hold their government accountable.  We will not be told by the government that we cannot hold them accountable for the decisions they make on our behalf.  We demand that they recognize the limits of their power as outlined in the United States Constitution and that of the State of Washington.  We also give notice that even if they continue to refuse to recognize our rights and their role in maintaining them, we will still exercise them.  We will not comply with any attempts to infringe upon them.  We will stand, and we will hold our representatives accountable for their actions. Remember Colorado.

This fight may be happening in Washington State, but it is not our fight.  It is yours.  We fight for Connecticut, for Arizona, for New Mexico and New York and California, and every other state currently targeted by gun grabbers and unconstitutional legislation.  This is the fight of the American people.  Michael Bloomberg and his ilk laid their foundation here in Washington, thinking that we were weak.  I-594 may have passed here due to the apathy and misinformation of voters (including some gun owners), but the patriots here are not weak.  If he and his friends—and the Washington State Legislators—think that we will lie down and accept our rights being taken from us…they are wrong.  American patriots are armed…and we will remain armed.

We will stand.

Source is here

For further Reading and the second link is really a MUST READ:

An Open Letter to the Washington State Patrol

The Myth of WA Gun Rights Groups: Adina Hicks and Alan Gottlieb

For extra credit:

The SPLC is a Hate Group


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Mark LeVine on Charlie Hebdo: Blame Capitalism and the West

Gary Fouse

Mark LeVine

"Decades of the combined onslaught of extreme capitalism and extreme religion have shaped a necropolitics of the oppressed that is the mirror image of the necropolitics of local and western governments, and the oppression and violence they've imposed."

UC Irvine professor and Al Jazeera contributor Mark LeVine has put together his usual blame the West gibberish on Al Jazeera. In this piece, the attacks in Paris are all attributable to colonization, capitalism and the West.


That's right. If you want to blame someone, blame France. Blame the US. Blame the West. Blame capitalism and colonialism. LeVine thinks he has found the Missing Connection when he brings out the fact that the Paris killers were of Algerian and Senegalese extraction-both ex-French colonies.

Of course! Why didn't we think of that before? Elementary my dear Watson.

Nonsense. Just how long does it take for a former colony to get its act together? The US was once a colony of England. It seems our Founding Fathers did a pretty good job of putting a functioning democracy together. No, it wasn't perfect because it didn't immediately abolish slavery, but it eventually did. In fact, it was the West that led the way in the 19th century in abolishing slavery.

But as to the question at hand, it is time that the blame be placed squarely on the backs of the murderers and the ideology that drives them to do it. After all, they tell us in their own words why they do what they do. Should we not take them at their word instead of engaging in self-flagellation?

Girls in the Military: RAH, Rah, rah.........

This is a guest post via Gates of Vienna. 

Written by Dymphna who I consider a very good friend.

Gates of Vienna is finishing up their winter fund raising week or bleg fest as this is sometimes referred to. Please help them out if you can and I send something in whenever I can which has been every quarter. A couple of times there was less food in the larder here at the ranch but I would do it all the same way. Friends just help friends out and I have known Baron and Dymphna for a few years now. They have not had an easy walk of it and I am quite fond of them.

The post below is on women in the military. My opinion is as such and has been stated here before. Women want to serve in the military, then let them. Keep them out of front line combat roles, keep them out and off of serving on submarines or in any role of extended times under the ocean, in the air or on the front lines. Serving in the military can be extremely stressful. Putting women in close proximity with men has and WILL continue to become problematic. DO NOT lower the standards nor make up 'gender specific' standards so women can pass or become more 'acceptable' for certain positions or assignments. Let women earn their rights here, next to men on the same playing field. Nothing needs to be changed or done to the playing field of requirements. The dumbing down of our military standards just to placate the feminazis, the progressives, most whom have never served in the military themselves is shooting ourselves in the foot and then some.. Yet they never miss a chance to squeal how unfair the standards are for women. Know what? When it puts national security at risk or when it places other in your unit at risk, just shut the hell up.

Obama has screwed up the military and is nothing but a useless traitor to our military and once fine Republic. He is hated and loathed by most of our military and RIGHTFULLY so.

Obama hates America. He hates the U.S. military and he really hates American Exceptionalism.


Girls in the Military: RAH, Rah, rah, r…

Someone sent us this brief clip demonstrating the wow of a woman’s throwing arm. Or is that the POW? Or the OMG?

The new wave of Feminism isn’t a kindly one; dogmatists aren’t known for their benignity. In this case, the New Fem march to Total Equality steps on the face of Reality rather too frequently for the comfort of those of us committed to Reason…and survival. But hey — these little missteps are a small price to pay for victory, no? No.

Lord, no.

Let’s not even mention their garroting of Truth or their vituperative scornful and loud dismissal of classical Beauty and the men who dare to admire it in all its forms. In a word, the Dogma Dogs are tedious. In a second word, they’re tiresome. Let’s make it a hat trick to set the brooms aquivering: those girls are on a trivial dead-end mission as far as the ongoing transmission of favorable DNA is concerned. But not to worry: they’re busy figuring out a work-around which cuts out the need for men.
One way to reduce the ranks of men in the military is to make them realize their vulnerability if women are embedded in combat positions in equal numbers with the XY faction. I heard that ISIS is even now making a novena for the feminists’ success in eliminating men from combat.

I would love to see/hear what Israeli women think of this. They all serve because they have to for survival reasons. In the U.S., too many women serve to make a political point and then poke the rest of us with it. In what ways does the IDF gear its training of Israeli women to take into account the reality of gender differences? I want to know, since we’re not permitted to talk about G.D. in the U.S.

In my search for material to show the video above was wrong, I came across this site: Chicks On The Right

Oh dear. They didn’t confirm my hopes at all. It turns out that women aren’t doing so well in Real Life:
According to this [see the link to The Free Beacon in original], “two female Marine officers who volunteered to attempt the Corps’ challenging Infantry Officer Course did not proceed beyond the first day of the course.”

This makes 29 attempts and 29 fails by women for that course.

One female officer has tried to do it more than once. And she, too, failed. Only four female officers have made it past day one of the “grueling evaluation known as the Combat Endurance Test, or CET.” And listen — it’s not like dudes don’t fail, either. They do. Fifteen male officers didn’t make it. “Of the 118 officers who began the course, 101” made it to the second day. In a nutshell, it’s freaking HARD. Like, REALLY HARD.

It’s just obviously harder for the chicks. A LOT harder. (I’m going on data here.)
DATA?? What’s data got to do with it? We’re talking Dogma, girl. And Dogma trumps Data in the Dark World of the Left.

See below the fold for more rationalizations Reality.
Back in 2014, one of the women who failed the course, Second Lt. Sage Santangelo, provided her theories as to why so many women fail. She attributed it to “inferior training that women marines receive compared to men, rather than an inherent weakness in women.” Additionally, she said that women face a “double standard during their entire time in the Marine Corps.”
Awww… Women face a “double standard” in the Marine Corps? Heck, they face that in many areas where they excel. So what’s the point? A non-trivial point, please. Smart people work with what they have, not what they think they ought to have. Perhaps some devoted drill sergeant could train his baby girl from the crib onwards to be a buffed out dudette, but she’d have to work much harder, longer, and exert far more effort than, say, her twin brother would have to extend to make it. And that’s not fair, right? I repeat, what’s the non-trivial point here? Is there one?

Women athletes have long since proved the point of excellence in many fields. Especially ones that require flexibility and endurance. So it turns out they have an advantage in gymnastics. When was the last time you saw little boys doing gymnastics?

Now I ask you, is that fair?

It in Shadow World of the Cave where dwell the Leftists, this is a simple equation: First kill all the men. THEN go to war. Yep, that’ll do it.

Meanwhile, ISIS is working on expanding that Novena to Allah…

How do you say “You Go, Girl!” in Arabic? Or can you say it? Probably not out loud.

Source is here.

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UCLA's Call to Prayer

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

In the wake of the Duke University controversy over the Muslim call to prayer, Creeping Sharia has posted a video of a similar call to prayer at UCLA last Friday.


There is even more to this story. Over the past weekend the Western chapter of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) held their annual conference at UCLA. The following day of the above event, a similar public prayer was held at UCLA on the same location as part of this conference,  The person who filmed the Saturday (January 17) event was challenged by the MSA as to his right to film the prayer, which was taking place outdoors. You can see this confrontation in the video.

Just for the record, this was an outdoor display in public view on a public university campus. The right of the cameraman to videotape this is absolute.

There will be more to this story to follow. Stay tuned.

islamic agenda impacting the world

Here's the link.

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