Don't You Dare Disrespect Dr. Biden

Gary Fouse

Call me uninformed, but for years when I heard Jill Biden referred to as "Dr Jill Biden", I thought she was a practicing physician. It wasn't until the Democratic convention that I learned that she was actually a former teacher with a PhD. Truth be told, there has been lots of misleading information surrounding the Biden family, but I will stay with this specific topic.

It seems that the Jacobins at Northwestern University are all upset that a former NW English teacher has written an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal advising Jill to drop the Dr title because it is misleading. 


Here is what the Daily Northwestern has to say about all this:


“Northwestern is firmly committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, and strongly disagrees with Mr. Epstein’s misogynistic views,” the University wrote.

Is there a university in the Land that doesn't use this by-line? But I digress.

Personally, calling someone with a PhD "Dr" is appropriate in a university setting or when that person is being addressed in their capacity as an academic. To use it as an everyday title the way Jill Biden has been using it does strike me as a bit presumptuous.  

And unlike Whoopi Goldberg, I never presumed that Jill Biden was an "amazing" doctor who should be surgeon general.

T.L Davis: It is up to you 


You all probably thought they had got me or the Chinese Wu Han flu had got me. No such luck. I have been extremely gone from here and gave serious thought to closing the site down. The changes over the last four years have been mostly very good. Trump has done the yeoman's work, for sure. The far left and RINO, GOPe attacks on Trump have infuriated me. Now they are trying to steal the election and push us over the edge into becoming a socialist or worse, communist block of states. My work here is not done. I am not dead yet and I am suffering from an extreme case of cold fury. I also have time thanks to my work as a Job and Life Skills coach with young, challenged adults has been 'temporarily' killed off by the Chinese Wu Han flu and the leftist cabal of commie governors across the country that have shut it all down. Trying to find remote work has been a an exercise in failure. I do not have the computer or tech skills to compete with the younger job seekers nor do I wish to learn new skills at my age. I cannot type fast enough and again, I do not care about learning to type better. I got kicked out of typing in high school for flipping off the teacher after she insulted my family in front of the class. I never took another typing or keyboarding class again. My computer is old and I have a newer laptop but I like the old one much better. I am going off the rails here so back to the main line. You will see me more from me, how much, I cannot say. I need to refresh my skills on here a bit so my posts do not look like a 6 year old did them. Of course the flip side of that is, maybe a 6 year old today can do a better job than me.

Cold Fury is a dangerous thing. I pray the Trump prevails or invokes the NDAA and declares martial law. It has been done before and to me, the stakes are much higher.



One of the truly great blogs out there, The Burning Platform, asked a very specific question: If not now, when? The answer is very simple: NEVER. This is the time in American history when it all hinges on the individual to take action. As The Burning Platform pointed out all of the many abuses and unconstitutional acts committed by the government over the years, it seemed as if the people had never taken action against those ills, but that's not quite true. The Second Amendment violations have been countered any number of ways and the Assault Weapons ban was allowed to sunset, but the point is still clear: not often enough and not severe enough.

The abuses of government against the Constitution have been ratchet clicks around the neck of the republic. Individual rights have been adjudicated down to mere suggestions subject to any locality to abridge them as they see fit, because, well, they have not suffered enough when they did. That is the truth of the matter. Never has this been made more clear than through the pandemic. All of the information coming out of the "health experts" has been a lie and yet, we still wear the mask, stay home if we can and let our businesses go bankrupt. That is insane, but it is a gauge on what they can do in the future. Unless, we recognize our strength and put a stop to it.

The question is: Why have we not acted before? Why did we not do something a long time ago about the unconstitutional orders of governors and mayors? The truth is, we still believed in the idea of the republic in the sense that we believed that our votes were cast and the winner became the representative, senator or president and if it didn't go our way, we would have to wait two, four or six years to try and get it right. We believed the Supreme Court would hear and overturn these restrictions.

The election of 2020 proved that our belief was just that, a belief, a thing taken on faith in the system. We all knew some voter fraud took place, but didn't think it could exist to the point where it would change any but a very tight race. That belief was shattered in the early morning hours of November 4th, 2020, when we woke up to find the voting trends we have watched for decades obliterated in the night, wiping out huge gaps between Trump winning and suddenly showing Biden way ahead. That had never happened, not even in the 2000 election. It changed everything.

As witnesses came forth and signed affidavits that fraud had taken place on a massive scale; after video footage showed boxes being pulled out from under counting tables after the room had been cleared of poll workers and poll watchers; after arrogant poll workers bragged about their roles in stealing the election for Biden, the belief in our elections has come to an end. This was a stolen election.

Also, this was not an election between Candidate A and Candidate B. This was an election between being a republic and being a communist nation. Those in the Democrat Party openly admire communism, openly detest America and want to see it changed into something else. Barack Obama called it a "fundamental change." Some in the party have called for "rounding up Trump supporters and re-educating them" which is a purely communist excuse to imprison political opponents and murder some of them as a threat. This is how communism killed over 100 million people in the previous century.

What is the difference between all of those other instances and the situation we face today?

First, I have had four conversations today alone with people asking me not if they should fight, but how and where to fight. The startling truth of the matter is that one of these conversations happened with several people I barely know at the diner. Some of them were combat vets, some were not. But, when Fox News on the television mentioned a Biden presidency, it didn't take long to hear their opinions. "He can never be president," is what I heard. Average people in a diner had already come to the conclusion that a Biden presidency would be the end of the American dream and the institution of communist rule. 

Here's what I believe. I think that a lot of these legal maneuvers are for show, to prepare the American public for the truth of the matter, which is that some of this is being resolved through military means in places and at levels that the average American would never see. That when the fraud is exposed to such a degree and there needs to be one extra push to get into the Democrats minds that it was a stolen election and Trump is the rightful president, we will see videotaped confessions to the fact.

If that is not true and it all hinges on the legal system, I am not convinced that the legal system is free of corruption enough to dispense justice. That is something that has been proven over the riots in Seattle and Portland, where BLM and Antifa routinely break the law, burn things to the ground, hurt police officers and kill Trump supporters and rarely get arrested and when they do they are released without having to pay for bail. Why this is true leads back to the idea that there are really very few of these individuals and they have to keep bailing them out and transporting them to other cities to do the dirty work of the communists. So, to relieve the communists of the burden of bail, they just stopped requiring it. That's collusion and that is not justice, that is a coordinated effort to manufacture chaos ahead of the election and as a threat should the election return Trump to the White House.

Here's why I believe that patriots will stand this time and rehabilitate the republic. We have seen the true face of the fascist and it is at the state level. Governors and mayors have gleefully brought their populations under severe violations of liberty on the word of lying "health experts." Elections can no longer be relied upon to transfer the consent of the governed. It's too easy to rig electronic tabulating machines (something everyone once knew). The justice system is so corrupt that it can't find a single Democrat guilty of even the most obvious and documented crimes, but can hold a Republican general under guard for a crime that he had not committed.

The sides are chosen. Democrats have chosen communism. Republicans, for the most part, have chosen the republic.

So the question left is how and where to fight. That question has partially been answered by Texas. The Attorney General of Texas filed a lawsuit on behalf of the State of Texas suing MI, WI, GA and PA for unconstitutional acts that affected the 2020 federal election. This sends it immediately to the Supreme Court. No, I still do not trust the court system to render justice. The point is that petitioning our states to refuse to accept the results of a fraudulent election is one way to start the fight.

The "fight" is any means available. It means the courts. It means strikes. It means disruption and denial to politicians who do not stand up against this stolen election. It could mean demanding our states secede from the union. It could mean our counties passing language that preserves the rights of its citizens against a fraudulent federal government. It could mean arms. That's up to the resistance, how far they will go to enslave us. There is a saying going around: In the absence of orders, find something communist and destroy it. Not a bad place to start.

I take the view that most of this will reveal itself. When Trump remains in the White House, BLM and Antifa will start it. If they try to put Joe Biden in office, we will start it. But, it is going to start. Be ready. I think the true leaders are out there, waiting for one event or another and they will rely on us, the militia, to serve in one capacity or another. Soldiers need food, water and support as much as they need bullets and leadership. Provide all that you can, in every way that you can, but you owe it to future generations to try the legal, political solutions until there finally is no recourse, but to lay your lives on the line. I will be with you. 


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Rashida Tlaib, Anti-Semitism, and "From the River to the Sea"

Gary Fouse

Hat tip JNS and Times of Israel

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free"

As is always the case with controversial people, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has been in the news a lot lately. No, she didn't call President Trump a "motherf-----" (at least, not that I know of). Tlaib raised eyebrows just days ago when it was revealed that she was slated to appear December 15 on a virtual panel with three other controversial individuals-Israel haters all- to discuss the topic of anti-Semitism.

Julius Streicher and Hitler were unavailable. 

"From the Oder to the Rhine, Germany will be Judenrein"


Of course, people like Tlaib and her ilk have their own slant on what anti-Semitism is all about. Tlaib, of course, denies that she is anti-Jewish; after all, being of Palestinian stock, how could she possibly be?

If Tlaib's inclusion on such a panel on anti-Semitism wasn't ironic enough, she managed to underline the hypocrisy when she re-tweeted a cute little jingle on the occasion of Palestinian-Something Day (November 29). The jingle goes like this:

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free".


If you haven't been on a college campus lately, the meaning is simple: From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, Palestine will be free. Those are the borders of Israel. It means that there will be no more Israel and no more Jews. Only a state called Palestine made up of and run by Palestinians. Oh, people like Tlaib might tell you that such a state could also include Jews in a multi-ethnic society, but we all know that if they were not driven out or slaughtered, they would be forced to live as minority dhimmis under the thumb of the Palestinians. Tlaib knows exactly what it means.

In November, the voters of her district in Michigan, which includes parts of Detroit and Dearborn, had the chance to correct their mistake of 2018 and vote Tlaib out on her can. That they chose to re-elect her says tons about this district.