Maurice Sklar in Argentina

I visited London a while ago, and when I was down there I spent a morning in the Imperial War Museum. On the top floor is the Holocaust Exhibition. I would encourage anyone who visits London to go and see this. My words here cannot do the experience justice. To see the evil that walked among us; to see that and know that the Nazis were real, that their effort to extinguish God's chosen people was real, to realise that men and women walked the earth who had given their souls over to evil - seeing that that can change your life, my friends.

Lately, I've been listening to the music of Maurice Sklar, and I came upon something on TV the other night that I thought I would share. This is from a programme called "Jewish Voice" which airs on occasion on satellite TV in the UK. They recently had a festival in Argentina, and the clip shown in the programme is from that. Maurice Sklar is playing on stage; they have a dancer who works with them called Oksana Pavlova who has created a routine where she begins wearing clothing from the camps, and ends by casting that off and, wearing white, she stands holding the flag of Israel. It's a very moving, very powerful moment.

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