Belgium to ban the burka. Get ready for Islam and Muslims to resort to.....violence

Belgium is on the verge of becoming the first country in Europe to ban the burka. The burka is the face veil that is required in many Islamic countries and has long been considered one of the tools of women's oppression under Islam and shariah law. The burka has come under attack as it prohibits the ability to identify the person who is wearing it. In Islam, women must be covered from head to toe from the prying eyes of men. In many Islamic countries, women are prohibited from going out in public unless they are completely covered up wearing a burka and hajib. Hopefully Belgium will not be the last European country to do ban the burka. I would not be at all surprised to see Muslim protests erupt over this and become violent. Just look what a few cartoons did to upset muslims a few years ago.

Belgium moves to become first European country to ban the burka.

dailymail.co.uk, Belgium is on the verge of becoming the first European nation to ban the burka.

A parliamentary committee agreed yesterday to outlaw the wearing of face-covering veils in public. The full Parliament will vote later this month.
Under the proposals, women could face a week in prison or a fine for wearing a veil in public.

There are an estimated 650,000 Muslims in Belgium – 6 per cent of the population.

The text of the new law does not specifically mention burkas but makes it illegal for anyone to wear clothing ‘that covers all or most of the face’ in any public place.

Left-wing MP Denis Ducarme left no doubt the rules were targeting-Muslim extremists.

He said after the vote by the home affairs committee: ‘This sends a very strong signal to radical Islamists.’

The French- speaking liberals who have proposed the law argue that an inability to identify people presents a security risk and that the veil is a ‘walking prison’ for women.

Daniel Bacquelaine, the bill’s chief promoter, said the ban might also be used against potentially violent demonstrators who covered their faces.

He estimated that only a few hundred women in Belgium wore facial veils,
but said it was a rising trend.

The MP said Belgium did not wish to follow the ‘bad examples’ of Britain and the Netherlands, where he said many Muslims lived in separate communities.

The proposal is expected to become law as early as June as it has the support of all five parties in the coalition government. But opponents may appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

There have been debates over banning the burka in France, Switzerland and Italy.

This week France’s highest administrative body said a full burka ban, which is supported by all political parties, could violate the French constitution and European law.

Brussels has been linked to Islamic extremist terror operations a number of times since September 11. In 2003, 18 men were convicted of involvement in a terror cell with links to Al Qaeda.

India-Israel relations growing closer as Obama gives Israel the cold shoulder

India and Israel have had a good relationship over the years. This relationship is now growing and becoming one that both countries will benefit immensely from. Over the years India has had more than its share of Islamic terrorist attacks and the Mumbai attacks brought both countries much closer. India has been a second home for many Jews and both countries have waged a war against Islamic terrorism. The Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs have all suffered from the onslaught of Islam. The war between the Jews and Islam really needs no details highlighted here. The Indian armed forces will get some of the best drones available and Israel will benefit from a very large order at a time when global military purchases from Israel may have taken a hit from the U.S-Israel rift, thank to Obama and his administration.

India orders Israeli armed UAVs

Debkafile, Sources close to the Indian defense ministry in New Delhi disclosed Wednesday, March 31, that a military purchasing mission was in Israel recently to expedite the purchase of a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) armed with missiles, for deployment on its front lines against Pakistan.
Indian sources did not disclose the size of the order placed with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) - running to hundreds of millions of dollars - but they made no secret of their intention to build up their fleet of reconnaissance and killer drones for a possible duel against US-armed Predators in the hands of Pakistani forces.
Islamabad is pushing Washington hard for strategic Predator drones, like those the US employs against al Qaeda and Taliban strongholds in Pakistan's tribal districts on the Afghan border.
From Israel, New Delhi has commissioned a few more drones of the Heron MALE (medium-altitude, long-endurance) type, as well as Searcher-II and Harpy `killer' drones designed to detect and destroy enemy radars by functioning like cruise missiles.

Our military sources report that their reconnaissance and targeting features are sought by India for its response should the Americans decide to let Pakistan have drones capable of firing AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. New Delhi made its order urgent after learning that Washington may deliver drones to Islamabad much sooner than Indian intelligence had foreseen.

Together with the drones, India also ordered from Israel advanced ground control systems and data terminals for their operation.

The visiting Indian delegation also discussed the possible introduction of Israeli Harop `killer' UAVs to the Indian Air Force from 2011. These drones can loiter six hours over targets on ground, sea or dense urban areas and strike them from different angles. The visitors checked on the progress of the DRDO unmanned gunship helicopter, a joint Indian-Israeli project on commission for both their air forces, which is under construction at an Israeli aerospace industry plant. India is going half-and-half with Israel in the costs of developing and production of the innovative helicopter.

Does the U.S. support Islamic jihad against Russia?

Did and do we still support ongoing efforts of Islamic jihad against the Russians? This may be a shock to many Americans but to those who study Islam and the radicals within it, an excellent case is laid out here to support this. One would think the State Department might have learned some tough lessons when we supported the Islamic jihadists in Bosnia and Kosovo. The same lesson and results can be traced all the way back to Afghanistan in the 1980's, when we supported the mujahedeen in the war to defeat the then Soviet Union.

"Most Americans would be shocked to realize that rather than worldwide jihad, our government is still fighting the Cold War. It continues to be our M.O. to use al Qaeda operatives and other jihadists as a stick against rival world powers, most notably Russia. We still believe that “our” jihadists can be controlled, as if they don’t have their own agendas. But the notion is continually contradicted, its counterproductive effects most recently illuminiated when in December India learned that David Headley, “the Chicagoan arrested in October for suspected involvement in the Mumbai terrorist siege and plots against other countries, may have been a double agent for the al Qaeda-linked Pakistani Lashkar e-Taibe and US intelligence.

U.S. Supports Islamic Terror Against Russia

Julia Gorin

Republican Riot, We don’t yet know the whole story behind the two female suicide bombers who killed 38 people in Moscow and injured scores of others. Although their affiliation is unclear, the working assumption is that the bombers were tied to the Chechen rebel movement in the North Caucasus.

There is, however, something which we do know for sure, and which we paid no attention to despite its clear connection to the kind of terror Moscow witnessed yesterday morning.

There was a little-noted meeting that took place in December 2009, in Tbilisi, the capital of U.S. ally Georgia. That month Georgia hosted a conference of jihadists to plan “operations” against Russia. There was no news coverage of the event, and so it took a paid advertisement in the Washington Times to make it known. Stubbornly, still no news organization or blog picked up on it. And so here we are.

Below are the relevant parts of the paid-for article from last month, titled “The Georgian Imbroglio — And a Choice for the United States.” (Original emphasis preserved.) It was penned by James George Jatras, a former U.S. Foreign Service officer as well as foreign policy analyst for the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee.

Americans must be made aware of Saakashvili’s extending refuge to jihadists responsible for countless acts of terror in southern Russia and his regime’s extraordinary coordination efforts to permit them to step up attacks in the Caucasus region.

Specifically, according to reliable sources [with lines to two foreign intel services], in December 2009 a secret meeting took place in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, with representatives of numerous jihad groups based in various Islamic and European countries for the purpose of coordinating their activities on Russia’s southern flank. The meeting was organized under the auspices of high officials of the Georgian government; while Saakashvili himself was not present, officials of his ministry of internal affairs (allegedly G. Lordkipanidze) and others acted as hosts and coordinators. Georgian Ambassador to Kuwait Mayering-Mikadze purportedly facilitated travel for participants from the Middle East. In addition to “military” operations (i.e., attacks in southern Russia) special attention was given to ideological warfare, for example, the launching of the Russian-language TV station “First Caucasian.”

Are we to believe that U.S. intelligence agencies were unaware of this meeting and other similar actions? The question then is unavoidable: has Washington decided to turn a blind eye — or even worse, to encourage our “ally” Saakashvili to play the “jihad card” against Russia? Could such a thing be possible at a time when the world’s media are filled with reports of jihad attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Israel, Philippines, and other countries — not least the United States (Fort Hood, Fort Dix)? The threat comes from the same ideology that motivated the 9/11 attacks against our country and which seeks to create through violence a worldwide Islamic caliphate governed by Shariah law.

Every day American troops fight jihadists in Afghanistan, where prospects for cooperation between NATO and Russia are increasingly promising. But many in the West prefer to look the other way regarding attacks against Russia, or when an unstable politician masquerading as a Georgian reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson offers his country’s territory as a terrorist base. Continue reading

I call this a must read so I hope you will.

Hat Tip: Jihad Watch

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Indonesian Islamic Organization Declares That Marrying a Six Year Old Girl Is Just Fine!

Cross posted from Holger Awakens

A guy couldn't make this shit up, if he tried...and just to prove it isn't made up, it's right here from the article at Family Security Matters which describes that an islamic organization in Indonesia, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), has cleared the way for muslim men to marry girls as young as six years old.

Hold on to your chair, folks....from the article:

One of the world’s largest Islamic organizations has issued a religious ruling stating that Muslims should feel free to marry prepubescent girls as young as six or seven. Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) further ruled that Muslim men may have intimate relationships, including intercourse, with such young children “as long as they are able.”

I don't know. Are these the "moderate" muslims that so many people want to point out are in the majority? I mean, a lot of Liberals and Communists are quick to say that only a small number of islamists are out blowing up buildings or other people and the rest, apparently like these slovenly pedophiles, are the moderate majority.

We have the following snapshots into Islam:

1. Islamic terrorists strike death upon the inhabitants of the Earth, every single day of every year of every decade of every century

2. Muslims subordinate, torture, kill and mutilate their women

3. And now, it's been approved for pre-pubescent girls to be made into sex toys and wives

I'm sorry, I can't wrap my head around this. I just can't. And this is the "religion" that seeks to take over America? This is the "religion" that is protected by hate crime legislation? My drawing of a cartoon depicting Mo as a dog is considered a hate crime but a 35 year old muslim male fucking a six year old girl is protected?

Insanity. A blight on the earth. Straight from Hell.

Exclusive: Leading Islamic Organization in Indonesia Sanctions Pedophilia

One of the world’s largest Islamic organizations has issued a religious ruling stating that Muslims should feel free to marry prepubescent girls as young as six or seven. Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) further ruled that Muslim men may have intimate relationships, including intercourse, with such young children “as long as they are able.”

The organization boasts a membership of 30 million throughout Indonesia, including Java, where President Barack Obama lived with his mother and stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. Mr. Soetoro, who served as an army geologist and government relations consultant in Jakarta, reportedly remained a member of NU until his death of liver cancer in 1981.

Cholil Nafis, NU’s secretary of the committee for religious issues, made the announcement sanctioning pedophilia at the conclusion of the organization’s 32nd Congress. Sacred Islamic verses, Mr. Nafis said, do not stipulate a minimum age for a young girl to marry or a certain age for connubial sexual activity. “They can get married at any age, even girls who haven’t started menstruating,” he announced. “And they can have intimate relationships and intercourse, as long as they are able.”

Nafis also said Islamic law suggested only that marriages would be better after a woman had her first period. “As long as the objectives of the marriage are positive, it is allowed,” Mr. Cholil continued. “Mind you, we don’t encourage people just to get married to fulfill their desires, no.”

The edict drew immediate criticism from Komnas Perempuan (KP), the National Commission on Violence Against Women in Jakarta. KP Vice Chairwoman Masruchah said the edict violates the Law on Child Protection, which defines children as being younger than 18 years old. Girls can begin to have their periods as early as the age of 9, but their reproductive system is still fragile and they are “not ready to be a sexually active person,” Ms. Masruchah told the press.

Obama now wants to open offshore areas to oil drilling? There is a catch.....

How about this for a switch a roo?

Here is a trip back in time to 2008 when Obama was staunchly against drilling
offshore for oil and natrual gas.

Now all of sudden, he is for offshore drilling?

The Obama administration is proposing to open vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling, much of it for the first time, officials said Tuesday.

"The proposal — a compromise that will please oil companies and domestic drilling advocates but anger some residents of affected states and many environmental organizations — would end a longstanding moratorium on oil exploration along the East Coast from the northern tip of Delaware to the central coast of Florida, covering 167 million acres of ocean." Source

Here is the catch:  Remember, there is always a catch.
“One major flashpoint in the negotiations has been whether to share drilling revenue with states and to allow states to opt in or out of drilling along their coastlines. It was unclear late Tuesday whether Obama endorses revenue-sharing for states. “It appears the Northern Atlantic and entire Pacific Coast will now be under a de facto ban” for drilling, said Patrick Creighton, a spokesman for the Institute for Energy Research. Even if drilling is ultimately allowed in part of the Atlantic, Creighton said, revenue sharing is an essential incentive for states. The administration’s plans could meet resistance from at least 10 Senate Democrats representing coastal and Great Lakes states who last week raised concerns about “unfettered access to oil and gas drilling” that could jeopardize fishing, tourism and military exercises. The Interior Department retooled the current schedule of offshore leases governing 2007 through 2012 after a federal appeals court last April ruled that the second Bush administration had not done a sufficient environmental review of expanded drilling off the Alaskan coast."

Mike Pence of the GOP added this:
“As usual the devil is in the details. Only in Washington, D.C., can you ban more areas to oil and gas exploration than you open up, delay the date of your new leases and claim you’re going to increase production. “The President’s announcement today is a smokescreen. It will almost certainly delay any new offshore exploration until at least 2012 and include only a fraction of the offshore resources that the previous Administration included in its plan. Unfortunately, this is yet another feeble attempt to gain votes for the President’s national energy tax bill that is languishing in the Senate. At the end of the day this Administration’s energy plan is simple: increase the cost of energy on every family in America and trade American jobs oversees at a time when millions of Americans are looking for work.”

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Christian singled out for wearing crucifix to work in England

The persecution of Christians continues around the world. While no one was beaten, tortured or killed in this story, it just proves how Islam and Muslims get a 'free pass' when true religions are persecuted and trampled. What a minute, you say? Islam is not a 'true' religion? No, in my opinion, it is not. It is an ideology based on a foundation of perversion, persecution, intimidation and death. This is jihad carried out by those who Islam hopes to conquer. The very state that takes in Islam and Muslims ends up being the target of the global movement of Islam to be the one and only 'religion' ideology around the world. Enough is enough. I hope this woman is successful in lawsuit against her employer. If they did not hire Muslims or allow Islamic immigration then these problems would not occur. Just a thought...

Christian nurse says NHS 'persecuted' her faith and favours Muslims employees
Laura Roberts

Telegraph.co.uk, Shirley Chaplin, who has worn her cross every day for 30 years, said she felt that Muslim members of staff were treated with greater understanding when it came to outward symbols of their religion.

The 54 year-old was banned from working on hospital wards by Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust after she failed to hide the cross she wore on a necklace chain. She is now suing her hospital employers.

"I feel upset and persecuted. My belief is genuine and I am here to bear witness to that." She claimed that Muslim staff were allowed to wear headscarves as a "commitment to their faith and it is just accepted as they way they are".

The grandmother stressed that she had "no particular dislike" of Muslims but said they were the only other religious diversity within the Trust and they were "not asked to give witness about their faith".

"I believe it is discrimination," Mrs Chaplin claimed.

The Trust said they made a number of attempts to reach a solution including wearing clip-on crucifix earrings.

Mrs Chaplin, a nurse since 1978, said: "I felt the Trust was trying to humiliate me" adding that a badge clipped on her uniform would have been a safer option than clip on earrings.

Mrs Chaplin said the crucifix which she was given as a Confirmation gift, 'stays on my body'.

When one member of the three-man tribunal panel asked Mrs Chaplin about the cost of the protracted case to her emotionally, financially and to her health, she replied: "They are persecuting my faith. I am not sure what point they are trying to make."

She told tribunal Judge John Hollow that the cross and chain were a traditional way of wearing the crucifix and a crucifix alone on a lapel would not be satisfactory.

She said: "I want my clinical role back. My desire is to carry on working on wards as a nurse which has been taken from my until you decide what my future will be." Mr Hollow said at 54 years of age she still had a lot of skills to offer.

Mrs Chaplin is backed in her battle by six bishops, who claim Christians are being persecuted in Britain.

The six bishops who back the nurse - and Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury – wrote to The Sunday Telegraph to offer their support.

They said: “It would seem that the NHS trust would rather lose the skills of an experienced nurse and divert scarce resources to fighting a legal case, instead of treating patients.

“This dedicated nurse… has worn the cross every day since confirmation as a sign of her Christian faith, a faith which led to her vocation in nursing.”

A spokesman for Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust said: "The Trust made its position clear at the beginning of the tribunal and it would be inappropriate to make a running commentary on some of the key issues before we have articulated our case at the hearing."

The tribunal continues.

New terrorist attacks in Russia

More terrorist attacks in Russia. This is from the 'religion of peace' and we can expect alot more of this.

12 killed in new suicide blasts in Russia, days after metro attacks.

DNAIndia, Two suicide bombers, including one in police uniform, today launched a coordinated attack killing at least 12 people in Russia's volatile North Caucasus region of Dagestan, just two days after the terror attacks on Moscow metro, which were blamed on rebels from the region.

Vladimir Putin says one group may be behind Russian bombs

Hours after the blasts that also injured 27 others, prime minister Vladimir Putin said the same gang which carried out the Monday's attacks could be behind today's bombings.

"This is a crime against Russia," said Putin, who had yesterday vowed to 'drag the terrorists out of sewers'.

"One more crime has been committed in Daghestan, one more terrorist attack. I do not rule out that one and the same gang was involved," he said in televised remarks at the meeting of his inner cabinet.

Among the dead in today's attacks in the town of Kizlyar in Dagestan bordering the restive Chechnya was the local police chief Vitaly Vedernikov, Investigation Committee said in a statement.

According to the interior ministry, the first blast took place at 8.45 am (10:15 IST), when traffic policemen stopped a Niva jeep for document check near a police station and FSB security agency's office.

The driver of the jeep blew himself up, killing two policemen.

Another blast took place 20 minutes later when the local police chief along with investigators was probing the first explosion.

The second suicide bomber wearing uniform of a police lieutenant blew himself in the crowd of onlookers, killing 10 people, including police chief Vedernikov.

A total of nine policemen were among 12 people killed in the two blasts and authorities have launched investigations into the latest attacks.

According to the Daghestani Investigation Committee, the force of the first blast of explosive laden Niva jeep in Kizlyar was equivalent to 200 Kg TNT creating a 5 meter wide and two meter deep crater.
Continue reading

Pro-Islamist Propaganda Offensive to 'Understand' Bombers

Confidential reporter at China Confidential is so accurate with what he does it is a pleasure to cross post his news. The accuracy, depth, takes a back seat to no one. This analysis on the fallout from the Russian subway bombings, is one you will not find anywhere else. The complicity of the liberal MSM in down playing the terrorist attacks and they explain this away using the excuse that terrorist acts arise out of intolerable social conditions or intolerable oppression. This is known as the theory of legitimate grievances. Please continue reading as confidential reporter is spot on, as usual.

Female suicide bombers and fighters in training

Liberal Media Launch Anti-Russian, Pro-Islamist Propaganda Offensive to 'Understand' Bombers

Active measures alert.

China Confidential,  Click  here, here, here--and here--for the subtle, opening salvos of a propaganda campaign aimed at "understanding" the so-called root causes of Islamist terrorism and separatism in Russia and, more specifically, the so-called legitimate grievances of Islamist separatist terrorists in Chechnya, a republic that belongs to the Russian Federation.

The anti-Russian propaganda will include selective, biased reporting and commentary (MSNBC will serve as a key cable TV news outlet for the offensive), a downplaying of Al Qaeda connections and the role of religion (orthodox Islam), and outright disinformation. In the coming weeks, we can even expect to read and hear hints and suggestions that elements of the Russian government may have conspired with or been complicit in the attacks on their own citizens in order to provide a pretext for a crackdown on dissent, tighter controls, etc. Certainly, the Russian government will be accused of exploiting the bombings, just as the Bush administration was accused and is still accused by Islamist supporters, sympathizers, and dupes of exploiting 9/11.

Some perspective on the terrorists' targeting of Russia's transportation system. So far, 112 commuters have been killed in seven separate bombings in the Moscow Metro in the past 14 years--most of them by Muslim Chechen suicide bombers. Chechen Islamist terrorist leader Doku Umarov vowed last month to take the war to Russian cities.

Last November, Islamist Chechen terrorists bombed the Nevsky Express luxury passenger train, killing 27 people.

Islamist Chechen terrorists were responsible for the destruction of two Russian airliners in 2004. The attacks claimed more than 70 lives.

In addition to the conflict in Chechnya, in which an estimated 100,000 people have died, lower-level Islamist insurgencies are also underway in the neighbouring republics of Ingushetia and Dagestan.

Back to the media. It is one thing to criticize Russia's leaders for failing to connect the dots between domestic terror and aiding and accommodating Iran's atomic advance, or failing to protect and warn Russian citizens against a new wave of terrorism, and another thing, entirely, to sympathize and side with the terrorists. The distance between "understanding" and justifying terrorism is actually quite short.

Put differently, liberal media essentially excuse terrorist acts by implying that they arise out of intolerable social conditions or intolerable oppression. This is known as the theory of legitimate grievances. Never mind that the resistance movements in Nazi occupied Europe never deliberately attacked civilians, or that terrorists disproportionately come from the middle classes and not the poor. Today's terrorists, who present themselves as rebels and resistance movements, have been licensed by liberal apologists to murder, maim, and menace innocents. Ironically, many liberals buy the Al Qaeda/Islamist Big Lie that especially in a representative democracy nobody can be considered innocent and immune from attack because the very act of voting for leaders in a democracy makes an ordinary citizen an accomplice to a government's oppressive policies.

Understand, as President Obama likes to say, that behind the theory of grievances is a hidden moral agenda. It is to persuade people that terrorism is really a social disease--a manmade disaster in the jargon of the Obama administration. Acceptance of this twisted idea frees a society that is confronted with terrorism from having to assume the burden of moral, political, and military action.

Cowardice and confusion--the liberal answer to terrorism.

Urgent request for help from a disabled Veteran

This is a legitimate request for help. Do what you can and please pray for this family!

Family Fire Re-Cap…
March 30, 2010 by Eric

As I had briefly touched on yesterday my daughters home, pets, years of accumulated what-nots, furniture, every piece of clothing and other miscellaneous property that would cover everything else (literally everything) went up in an inferno…

They are trying to pick up the pieces and putting their faith in God at this hour. Their community, friends, and family are starting to pull together and helping out in a myriad of ways.

It goes without saying; that having lost it all, it’s going to take some time for them to get back on track emotionally and of course financially. I’m doing as much as I can as a disabled veteran with my income, more importantly with my unconditional love and support. I always have and I always will go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to my girls.

Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful: To God, Country, Corps, and Family.

Genoa home destroyed by fire
March 30, 2010 @ 12:00 AM

The Herald-Dispatch

GENOA, W.Va. — An early morning fire in Genoa completely destroyed a home on Driftcreek Road on Monday. There was no one home at the time, but a small dog is believed to have been inside at the time.

Volunteer fire and rescue crews from Dunlow, Wayne and East Lynn responded to the fire at 8 a.m. Monday at the two-story, single-family residence. There were six firetrucks on the scene, but Dunlow volunteer and paid EMT Pat Beckett said firefighters had to relay water up the hill to the home via the narrow, blacktop driveway. The house was fully engulfed when the crews arrived.

The home was being rented, and both the homeowner and the tenant arrived at the scene before it was cleared. They had been at work at the time the fire started.

“The deck to the house was all that was standing,” Beckett said, adding that the home had a recent addition and probably was not more than 25 years old.


I have established a way to donate; I feel kinda strange about doing that, but anything anyone can help out with be it pocket change, prayers, or simply keeping them in your thoughts is all a dad can ask for, very gracious, and much appreciated.

Please go to his site to donate!

Obama wants to talk with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard

Is Obama an idiot or just really slow on the uptake in regard to Iran? How about both. This is really getting old and in this article from Debkafile you will read 5 arguments or inducements that the Obama administration has offered to Iran. #5 is particularly alarming:

"As for the core issue, Iran's nuclear weapons program, here, too, the Obama administration was ready to be flexible, said the messengers, and accept Iran's acquisition of a nuclear bomb capability, so long as it does not cross the threshold and tip over into building bombs or stocking a nuclear arsenal."

Iran will not build up a nuclear arsenal or stockpile? One can almost here the Mullahs laughing once again at the stupidity of the Obama administration. More appeasement, cowardice, and 'gosh, why don't you like us' from the first Muslim POTUS.

G8 skips Iran sanctions to boost secret US opening to Revolutionary Guards

Debkafile's Washington and Iran sources disclose that the G8 ministers meeting in Gatineau, Quebec, agreed to leave the door open to dialogue with Iran after they were discreetly informed that the Obama administration had launched a secret bid to engage Iran's radical Revolutionary Guards in nuclear talks.
The initiative aimed at bypassing Iran's hardline political leaders and ayatollahs.
It was first revealed by DEBKA-Net-Weekly 436 on March 12.

At their meeting in Canada on March 29, the G8 ministers drafted a statement "to remain open to dialogue and also reaffirm the need for the international community to take appropriate and strong steps to demonstrate… resolve to uphold the international nuclear non-proliferation regime."
But they pointedly sidestepped mention of sanctions or any other practical action for curbing Iran's dash for a nuclear bomb, after learning that the US president was no longer behind active steps that would antagonize Tehran. Instead, Washington had sent out messengers to meet high-ranking Guards representatives in Tehran and a number of European capitals in pursuit of a new diplomatic initiative for engaging the IRGC in dialogue, after failing to get anywhere with Tehran's regime leaders.

Those messengers went out on their mission three weeks before US Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel blew up into a major crisis over Israeli construction in East Jerusalem.

The US messengers offered IRGC emissaries the following arguments and inducements:

1. Washington was not seeking regime change in Tehran and had proved as much by not backing Iran's opposition in eight months of their protests against a probably rigged presidential election.

2. The US appreciated the IRGC was undergoing two fundamental transformations - one, shifting its radical-militant orientation over to greater emphasis on its vast business and financial interests, and, two, the disappearance of public affirmations of support for president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from the vocabulary of its leaders.

3. Washington believes that the IRGC had hoped the president would adopt a new pragmatic line on Iran's nuclear program and relations with the United States and were disappointed by his growing intransigence. It was therefore in both their interests to sideline the hardline Ahmadinejad in national decision-making.

4. UN sanctions against Iran - or unilateral US penalties - would harm the Guards' broad business interests and inhibit their growth pattern, whereas the absence of sanctions would let them expand uninterrupted.

5. As for the core issue, Iran's nuclear weapons program, here, too, the Obama administration was ready to be flexible, said the messengers, and accept Iran's acquisition of a nuclear bomb capability, so long as it does not cross the threshold and tip over into building bombs or stocking a nuclear arsenal.

This US concession would render academic the controversy over whether Iran was indeed pursuing a nuke - and the length of time it needed for its attainment.

The White House's rationale for talking to the Revolutionary Guards rested on the fact that its high command controls every facet of Iran's military nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Washington hopes the two sides can come to terms in advance on where to draw the line on their development. However, according to debkafile's Iranian sources, the Obama administration is still waiting for the Guards chiefs to reply to its proposal.

But already, there is diplomatic fallout in the Gulf region. When US defense secretary Robert Gates visited Riyadh on March 10, he was told Saudi rulers no longer trusted the Obama administration to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat in the light of its backdoor contacts with the IRGC. Gates departed the kingdom after an angry exchange.

Only in Islam: 57 reasons why one wife is enough.

Muslim Woman, Angry About Husband Getting Wife #2, Is Sentenced To Death For Killing 57 In Rampage

Boy I tell ya, this islam is a fascinating ideology to cover sometimes. Granted, most days it's all about counting body parts and watching the pain and horror inflicted upon the world by this ideology of hate and insecurity but today, we got a glimpse into just how messed up it can get at a more human level.

Let me just set the stage - a Kuwaiti muslim woman, whose husband was holding a wedding party for him and new new wife, that's wife #2 (which of course is entirely legal and accepted in islam) decided she didn't want to be second fiddle to the camel jockey husband so she set fire to the wedding party tent that was set up for the bride and all of the women and children at the wedding. Well, the fire got a little too big, too fast and 57 women and children perished in the fire. And now, the woman that set the fire has been sentenced to death (there's no mention if it will be death by wedding party tent fire).

Here's some of the details from the article at the Telegraph:

A Kuwaiti woman has been sentenced to death for starting a fire that killed 57 women and children at the wedding party of her husband who married another wife.

Judge Adel al-Sager read out the verdict against Nasra Yussef Mohammed al-Enezi, 23, at the court of first instance. The sentence will have to be upheld by the appeals court.

The woman was found guilty of "premeditated murder and starting a fire with the intent to kill."

She was initially believed to be the groom's former wife but defence lawyers said she was still his wife, as men are allowed to have more than one wife in this Muslim state.

It's my guess that the bride groom just didn't spend enough time discussing this with wife #1...LOL.

One other thing I'd like to add - isn't this typical of islamists? I mean, the woman is pissed off but instead of getting a gun and killing wife #2 or even husband #1, she goes "jihadi" and commits an act of terrorism where 57 people die! I tell ya, it's in the blood!

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RINO in the desert. John McCain and the U.S. Border Patrol

I am no fan of John McCain. His is a true RINO and he has worked 'across the aisle' just too many times for my liking. While I am not crazy about J.D. Hayworth, it is time for McCain to be retired from politics. Back in 2006 there was friction between McCain and his support for amnesty for illegal aliens. His stance has not changed and our Border Patrol needs more agents and firepower to stem the tide on our southern border. Perhaps a better candidate in the Arizona race is Jim Deakin. You can check him out at  the link at the bottom of the this next article.

McCain a sellout according to Border Patrol agents
Jim Kouri

Examiner.com, Senator John McCain, the so-called GOP maverick, is fighting for his political life in Arizona against former congressman and talk show host J.D. Hayworth. While most pundits believe his race may be close but he'll pull out a win, some believe it's time for McCain to retire.

In 2006, I wrote a column regarding U.S. Border Patrol agents from Arizona's Local 2544 blasting McCain for his words and actions regarding border security, illegal aliens and amnesty. Here is that column which originally appeared in News with Views (2006):

United States Border Patrol agents are not happy with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) since he voted for the Amnesty Bill (S. 2611). And they're not being quiet about their collective anger over the senator's actions and remarks.

According to members of the agents' union local 2544, Senator McCain has never been a friend to rank-and-file Border Patrol agents. Local 2544 represents US Border Patrol agents in Arizona, McCain's home state.

"He routinely ignores correspondence from Border Patrol agents and often gives the impression that he is just too big and too important to deal with us," they said.

"He attempts to undermine our mission at every turn and actively supports the criminals who violate our laws. He always trys to downplay the fact that illegal aliens knowingly and willingly violate our laws, and he is a close ally on immigration matters with Senator Ted Kennedy, who we believe is the biggest disgrace of all time in the United States Senate."

These law enforcement agents point to Senator McCain's "imperious attitude" towards rank-and-file Border Patrol agents and his complete disdain for their mission has been evident for many years.

"We will not bother listing his website [for citizens to write to him] because it's obvious he couldn't care less what the average American thinks and he isn't up for re-election until 2010."

And these agents aren't just singling out McCain for their ire. Senator Arlen Specter, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, is also in their sights. They point to how Senator Specter, at the last minute, put a clause in the Senate's shameful immigration bill that forces the United States government to "consult" with Mexico prior to planning or building any fences or barriers on our border.

"Not on Mexico's [side of the] border, but yes, on United States soil. We can't wait to see this fencing project after the "consultations" take place. Maybe they can even appoint "Congressman" Raul Grijalva to lead the "consultations" for the United States of America."

The agents said that this is the same Mexican government that sends millions of Mexican citizens here illegally to steal jobs and send billions of dollars back to Mexico. This is the same Mexican government whose soldiers smuggle drugs and shoot at Border Patrol agents. This is the same Mexican government that is corrupt to the core. This is the same Mexican government that uses its consular officers to sue the United States government.

"Great move Specter. Talk about the "FOX" guarding the henhouse."

"It sells out our sovereignty by forcing the American government to "consult with the Mexican government" before planning or building any border fences, it encourages more widespread fraud than this country has ever seen (you'll see what we're talking about if this actually passes the House), and it is completely unenforceable and will overwhelm the system," the agents said in a statement submitted to the US Senate.

McCain has not changed. It is time for him to be put out to pasture.

If you think our southern border is safe then you need to read this:
Illegal Immigrant Suspected in Murder of Arizona Rancher

Jim Deakin for senate
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Failing to take terrorism seriously

We are not a Muslim nation. Muslims make up a tiny majority of our population. A tiny majority that causes our country death, destruction, millions of dollars in legal fees battling the spread of Islam, shariah law by having to defend our way of life, culture, liberty, freedom against the impostion of Islam. This is against our collective will.

This article speaks the truth. Islam, Muslims are a grave danger to this country, and us. I am not saying all Muslims are bad or terrorists but WHO has been guilty of almost all acts of terrorism not only here but around the world? It is not the Christians, Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists. It is Islam and Muslims that wage a global war of terror strictly for the reason of establishing a global Islamic caliphate. One perverted ideology to rule us all.

Taking terrorism seriously
Alan Caruba

Warning Signs, I keep wondering when the world is going to begin to take Islamic terrorism seriously.

The world’s leaders and, in particular, the media could begin by calling it “Islamic” or “Muslim” terrorism. The media were, of course, thrilled to discover that America had a small band of homegrown nut cases, a Christian militia arrested before they did some serious harm. That’s the kind of thing that happens when the president and the government begins to be regarded as the anti-Christ.

I liked Vladimir Putin’s response to the Moscow bombings. He said of those responsible, “We will destroy them.”

The suicide bombers in Moscow will no doubt be identified—there was video of their entering the station—and an efficient national security apparatus will find out who they are, who their family is, who their friends are, and invite them in for some interrogation. They are not likely to be read Miranda rights, nor will their lawyers be present.

The reason for this is that they are potentially all terrorists.

America has been devoted to treating the terrorists we captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq as humanely as possible. Those incarcerated at Guantanamo were given copies of the Koran, their dietary laws were observed, ACLU and other lawyers were permitted access to advise them of their “rights.” Under the Geneva Convention, however, they are exempt from the rules of war and have no rights as combatants.

The Attorney General of the United States of America, a former resident of La-La Land, didn’t think it was the least bit odd to suggest trying Khalid Sheik Muhammad, the 9/11 mastermind, in a civil court in the heart of New York City.

Any number of the Gitmo detainees have been returned to their homelands and have since turned up on the battlefield again. This suggests we do not take terrorists seriously. These are, after all, people who cut the heads off of other people.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has an odd notion of who poses a threat to the nation. They identified “right-wing extremists” as their primary concern, particularly those who express concern about the central government’s expansion, opponents of abortion, opponents of illegal immigration, and “disgruntled” veterans returning from the battlefront. No mention of left-wing extremists.

The first rule of war is “know your enemy.” In the space of a decade, they have shown up in New York, London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, and in Moscow; all killing civilians indiscriminately on buses, on trains, in subways, in skyscrapers, and at resorts. Before that, they devoted themselves to kidnapping Americans in Lebanon and blowing up two of our embassies in Africa.

From the streets of Paris where Muslims rioted at will to Malmo, Sweden where attacks on local Jews are driving them to leave the country, the story is always the same. Wherever Muslims become a sufficient number of the population, they begin to make demands, harass the locals, and in the Netherlands to murder an outspoken opponent of Islam in broad daylight. The Dutch response has been to put on trial a man who is warning of these dangers.

The British cannot accommodate them enough, while the French have decided it is far better to be French than Muslim, passing several laws to protect their cultural traditions and society.

The impact on Americans has mostly been to turn a trip to the airport into a complete nightmare, but few other restrictions have interfered with their normal activities. Despite valiant efforts by our border patrol, our southern border goes largely unprotected. The insane murder rate from the drug wars in Mexico will arrive any day now in the U.S.A.

The small U.S. Muslim population has been free of harassment, but the organizations claiming to speak for them have all been identified as having links to the Muslim Brotherhood and related jihadist organizations.

Who takes the jihadists, the terrorists seriously? Saudi Arabia where they just rounded up a large ring of al Qaeda conspirators, Pakistan where they have finally begun to hammer the jihadis in Waziristan and other frontier provinces, and just about every nation with a Muslim majority.

The official and rather perfunctory response to the Fort Hood shootings and the “underwear bomber” on Christmas suggests that our government has forgotten the message that arrived on September 11, 2001 or has decided that “right-wing extremists” are the real problem.

That’s unfortunate because the terrorists have an agenda of their own and, unless the global effort is made to find them and kill them, the attacks will be as common as movie listings in the daily newspaper. Or should I say obituaries?

In Cairo, in 2009, President Obama said, “You might say the United States is a Muslim nation.” Some might call this seriously mistaken and some might say it is wishful thinking.

Islamic terrorism remains the great concern of most Americans who probably need to be more watchful of their Muslim neighbors and co-workers
. That would have gone a long way toward saving the lives of the Fort Hood victims.

Hat tip:

Since 1985, there have been in excess of 262 women suicide bombers.

The use of female suicide bombers is not a new trend. Women have been killing themselves and murdering hundreds since the 1980's. It has been reported that we can expect women to have bombs place in breasts implants and inside their bodies. These bombs are very hard to detect, even with the use of full body scanners.To add insult to to this threat, Muslims have complained about being subjected to the use of full body scanners as it is against Islam, shariah law to be exposed or 'revealed' to others, especially for Muslim women.They do not care that it is Muslims that are responsible for the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks inflicted upon the world.

Here are some common traits among female suicide bombers:

The majority of female suicide bombers are young, primarily between the ages of 17 and 24, however, the overall range in age for female suicide bombers is from 15-64.

Female suicide bombers come from various educational, religious, social, and personal backgrounds.

Education places a role, with the "more educated" females such as lawyers, paramedics, or students accounting for the greatest percentage of suicide attacks.

Most tend to be of average economic status and are rarely impoverished.

Some may be "dishonored" through sexual indiscretion, or unable to produce children.

Some appear motivated by revenge or grief from losing husbands or children.

Below is a report from the Investigative Project On Terrorism on female suicide bombers.

The Growing Threat from Female Suicide Bombers

IPT, Two women believed to be Chechen rebels blew themselves up in Moscow's metro during morning rush hour Monday, killing at least 35 people and injuring 100 more.

Law enforcement officials in Washington and New York beefed up security in their respective subway systems in response.

The attacks at Lubyanka and Park Kultyty stations come on the heels of a recent threat assessment issued by the Office of Intelligence and Operations Coordination at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency.

The Investigative Project has reviewed the sensitive, but unclassified, assessment, Female Suicide Bombers, which puts the attacks in Russia in the context of a broader threat. Referencing open source reporting, the primary finding of the threat assessment is that:

"al Qa'ida terror cells have trained a group of female suicide bombers to attack Western targets including airlines. These women may have a non Arab appearance and may be traveling on Western passports."

These "bombshells" are part of an evolving terrorist threat challenging U.S. law enforcement to reassess not only the physical and psychological characteristics of terrorists but also the methods available for concealing explosives.

As the report details, while the Moscow bombing is the most recent, it falls into a long line of attacks by female suicide bombers. "Since 1985, there have been in excess of 262 women suicide bombers," it says.

The first known female suicide bomber may have been 16 year old Sana'a Youcef Mehaidli, a member of the secular Syrian Social Nationalist Party. On April 9, 1985, Mehaidli drove an explosive laden truck into an Israeli Defense Force convoy, killing two soldiers and injuring another two.

On May 21, 1991, Thenmozhi Rajaratnam a female militant with the Tamil Tigers, carried out a suicide bombing which resulted in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Of interest, the Tamil Tigers have used more female suicide bombers than any other militant group.

In July 1996, the Kurdistan Workers Party, utilizing a female suicide bomber, attacked a military parade marching through the eastern town of Tunceli, Turkey. As Turkish soldiers were walking by, an apparently pregnant woman stepped from the crowd, revealed that she was carrying a bomb and not a baby under her dress, and detonated it, killing nine and injuring 20 others.

Between 2000 and 2004, female Chechen rebels, known as "Black Widows" repeatedly attacked Russian military targets on subways, at concerts and on airlines. For example, two women, dressed head-to-toe in black, carried out an attack on an annual music festival in July 2003, killing 14 people. Both bombers tried to enter the concert but were denied entry, and instead detonated the explosives at the venue's entrance.

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Any doubts about how Russia will handle the terrorists responsible for the subway massacre?

We know how Obama would handle this situation if it had happened here. Oops, we did have a terrorist attack on Obama's watch, Fort Hood. How many close calls have been here been in the last year? How did the mullah in the White House take care of business? Obama tried to down play the truth about Islam and Islamic terrorists. He delayed in releasing statements and refused to lay the blame where it has always belonged, on Islam and Islamic terrorists. Cowardice, appeasement, and groveling are SOP for the Obama administration. When it comes to the most violent, radical ideology we have faced, Obama's answers are using politically correct praise, encouraging diversity and multiculturalism that makes his administration and us, the laughing stock of the world.

Russia on the other hand will " President Dmitry Medvedev laid a wreath at the scene of one of the attacks, labelling the plotters "beasts".

He said: "We will find and destroy them all."

Moscow Metro bombing masterminds 'will be destroyed'

BBC,  The masterminds behind a double suicide bombing on the Moscow Metro will be "destroyed", Russian leaders have said.

The attacks, in the morning rush hour, killed at least 38 people and injured more than 60, officials say.

No group has said it carried out the attacks, but security services have blamed rebels from the North Caucasus - which includes Chechnya and Ingushetia.

President Dmitry Medvedev laid a wreath at the scene of one of the attacks, labelling the plotters "beasts".

He said: "We will find and destroy them all."

US President Barack Obama called President Medvedev to "personally convey" his condolences, adding that the US was ready to co-operate with Russia to help bring to justice those responsible for the blasts.

Foreign ministers from the G8 group of leading industrial nations also condemned the attacks at the start of talks on global security in Canada.

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said G8 members would "continue to collaborate to thwart and constrain terrorists".

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had also earlier vowed to hunt down those responsible, saying: "Terrorists will be destroyed."

He described the attacks, believed to have been carried out by female bombers, as "heinous".

The Moscow city government declared Tuesday would be a day of mourning.

Past suicide bombings in Moscow have been carried out by - or blamed on - Islamist rebels fighting for independence from Russia in Chechnya.

A Chechen rebel leader recently promised to bring the war to Russia's cities, months after Mr Medvedev declared an end to Moscow's "anti-terrorism operations" in the mainly Muslim republic.

More than 100,000 people have been killed in 15 years of conflict in Chechnya, and low-level insurgencies continue there and in the neighbouring republics of Ingushetia and Dagestan.


March 2010: Two suicide bombers blow themselves up at Lubyanka station and Park Kultury station, killing 35 people

August 2004: Suicide bomber blows herself up outside Rizhskaya station, killing 10

February 2004: Suicide bombing on Zamoskvoretskaya line, linking main airports, kills 40

August 2000: Bomb in pedestrian tunnel leading to Tverskaya station kills 13

February 2000: Blast injures 20 inside Belorusskaya station

January 1998: Three injured by blast at Tretyakovskaya station

June 1996: Bomb on the Serpukhovskaya line kills four

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Hate speech and youtube. Who should have gotten the boot here?

Vlad Tepes, who has an excellent site, was banned for two weeks from YouTube earlier today. All VT tried to do was bring hate speech to YouTube’s attention. I am going to post it here for those of you who may not be familiar with how things work when we try to tell the truth about Islam and shariah law. Did VT go too far in how he responded? No, not even close. When one surfs the 'net and looks at the hateful, anti-Semitic stuff there is out there against Jews, Israel, Christians, VT certainly did not go too far. The fact is the video he put up had the word ’Muslims' removed. YouTube still gave VT the boot for two weeks. An excellent example of what Islam is doing to ANY criticism against it or Muslims, no matter where it occurs.

Pointing out hate speech is now hate speech, while hate speech
itself, is not.

Vlad Tepes, Mark Steyn has said it many times and many ways, most notably perhaps in his excellent book, America Alone. Now, pointing out hate speech is the real crime while the actual hate speech being pointed at goes unchallenged, especially if it is from a protected group or dare I say it, if it is against Jewish people, when sufficiently disguised under the totem of criticism of the state of Israel.

Youtube has now suspended access to me to my account because of two videos, both of which merely point out the hate speech of others, and while one one of them is still actually playing on youtube in the original language, and intent.

To be more clear, one of the videos which caused the suspension of access, was a Dutch language Rap video about killing Jews and so on. That video remains on youtube with no issues. However when I subtitled it in English so people could be aware of this, it caused a strike on my account.

I also uploaded a fairly innocuous ‘plug and play’ video which says awful things about Muslims, then it replaces the word ‘Muslim’ with the word ‘unbeliever’ and shows what chapter and verse from the Koran the statement is from. A fairly worthy rhetorical device and one which I think aids perspective.

This video has been up for roughly a week at this point. And today, my youtube access was suspended for two weeks for the crime of hate speech.

Here is warning #1:

So you see, I was specifically cited for hate speech. Below, is the actual video in question.

is koran hate speech? from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

Now, Warning #2 which is what I saw after I clicked ‘I acknowledge.’

Now, the Dutch language rap song subtitled in English. Please keep in mind, the original one without subtitles is still live and playing on youtube along with, presumably, many other brutal and heartfelt anti Jewish videos of various kinds. Now to be clear, I am not accusing youtube of antisemitism. I firmly believe that is not the case. But the problem with any laws that prosecute thought and speech crimes, inevitably must become selectively enforced and in nearly all cases, enforced to the advantage of the very groups the laws where created to protect the public from.

Dutch rap incitement to hate Jews from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

So what do you think? Should Vlad Tepes have been suspended for two weeks for what he did?

We are suffering an oppressive government that is out of control.

I am just going to post some of this from TexasFred and the link to the rest of his fine article is below.

"Someone from a TEA Party has to have the BALLS to stand up and say it!
(Get 'em Fred)

Law enforcement IS a brotherhood. But officers are NOT the enemy, not of this group, the Hutaree, not of any group of people that stand lawfully in this United States. I’m not going to blow smoke up your skirt, there seriously IS a strong possibility that revolution is brewing in the USA.

We are rapidly becoming a socialist dictatorship. We are having the will of the POTUS forced upon us, even though the majority of Americans don’t want any part of his socialistic meddlings.

We are suffering an oppressive government that is out of control.

We are constantly hearing that there is a movement afoot by the government to disarm the American people. If anything were to become a catalyst for revolution, that would be it, not the brotherhood of Police Officers!

I can’t speak for ALL police officers, but by far, the majority of American police officers do NOT want to see the public, the average, honest, hard working American disarmed. The military, the boots on the ground men and women, they don’t want to see the public, the average, honest, hard working American disarmed either. Continue reading TexasFred

9 militia members charged in police-killing plot
Oath Keepers- These are the true Patriots, defenders of the Constitution.
I am a member.

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Obama's poll numbers keep falling: War on Islamic terrorism shows falling confidence

These numbers are a few days old but do will give you a clear enough picture that the American people are losing confidence in Obama and this administration to protect the citizens of our country. The Muslim in the White House, the first Muslim POTUS refuses to use the word 'terrorist' and just like the Bush administration, keeps on repeating that Islam is our friend, it is a religion of peace. Perhaps Obama should stop in Russia on BEFORE he visits Indonesia, the country with the world's largest population of Muslims and ask the Russian people how they feel about Islamic terrorists after today's homicide bombings in the subways of Moscow? Obama is an appeaser, a coward and a chicken.

War on Terror Update Just 35% Say U.S. Safer Today
Than Before 9/11

Rasmussen Reports, Confidence that America is winning the war on terror is down slightly this month, and belief that the United States is safer today than it was before 9/11 has hit its lowest level ever.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 35% of voters think America is safer now than it was before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. That’s down from 39% last month.

War on Terror Update

Just 35% Say U.S. Safer Today Than Before 9/11

Confidence that America is winning the war on terror is down slightly this month, and belief that the United States is safer today than it was before 9/11 has hit its lowest level ever.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 35% of voters think America is safer now than it was before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. That’s down from 39% last month.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) say the United States is not safer today, and 27% more are not sure.

Confidence has been steadily declining since the Christmas Day terrorist attempt to blow up an airliner landing in Detroit.

Forty-two percent (42%) of voters now say the United States and its allies are winning the war on terror. That’s down eight points from a month ago but more in line with findings since August. Twenty-three percent (23%) believe the terrorists are winning, and 24% think it’s a draw.

Twenty-eight percent (28%) expect the war in Afghanistan to get better in the next six months. Thirty-five percent (35%) say the war there will get worse. Twenty-four percent (24%) predict it will stay about the same.

The figures on Afghanistan are a bit more pessimistic than a month ago but more optimistic than voters have been for most of the past year.

Voters are slightly less optimistic about winning the war in Afghanistan despite a highly publicized, thus far successful U.S. offensive against Taliban forces now taking place there.

Thirty-five percent (35%) say the war in Iraq will get better in the next six months, while 28% believe it will worsen. Twenty-five percent (25%) say it will remain about the same. This, too, marks an increase in pessimism from a month ago but is more in keeping with voter sentiments about the war in Iraq over recent months.

Obama administration and U.S. military officials insist that Iraq’s elections earlier this month were a success and that the plan for removing all troops from the country by the end of next year is on schedule. But only 40% of voters are even somewhat confident that all U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of 2011 as planned. Fifty-six percent (56%) don’t share that confidence.

Just 15% of voters believe the war in Iraq is now over.

Surprise! Stealth jihad in American charter schools. No wait, it must be the Jews.

While many Americans will be surprised by reading the following article, many who tread here and other counter jihadist sites are not surprised at all. Please make a note of the following:” A secretive foreign network of Islamic radicals now operates dozens of charter schools -- which receive government money but are not required to adopt a state-approved curriculum -- on U.S. soil." Got that one? These Islamic based schools receive government funding (my tax money and yours!)to run Islamic schools based on Turkish doctrine. Wait, isn't Turkey a moderate, secular state? Not even close. Turkey has rapidly been moving towards becoming a complete Islamic state that will soon follow shariah law. I just posted a great article on how and why Turkey has NOT been our friend or ally for quite some time, no matter what the mullah obamaham and the hajib clad Clinton think or try to tell us how wonderful Turkey is. This is a classic example of stealth jihad. From American Thinker

Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools
By Stephen Schwartz

A secretive foreign network of Islamic radicals now operates dozens of charter schools -- which receive government money but are not required to adopt a state-approved curriculum -- on U.S. soil. The inspirer of this conspiratorial effort is Fethullah Gülen, who directs a major Islamist movement in Turkey and the Turkish Diaspora but lives in the United States. He is number thirteen among the world's "50 most influential Muslims," according to one prominent listing.

Gülen has been criticized as the puppet master for the current Turkish government headed by the "soft Islamist" Justice and Development Party, known by its Turkish initials as the AKP, in its slow-motion showdown with the secularist Turkish military. But Gülen is also known in Muslim countries for his network of 500-700 Islamic schools around the world, according to differing sources favorable to his movement. A more critical view of Gülen's emphasis on education asserts that his international network of thousands of primary and secondary schools, universities, and student residences is a key element in solidifying an Islamist political agenda in Turkey.

But in startling news for Americans, the Gülen movement operates more than 85 primary and secondary schools on our soil. A roster of the Gülen schools and of the numerous foundations that support them has been released to the public by the patriotic group Act! for America. The Gülen schools are often designated as "science academies" and are concentrated in Texas, Ohio, and California -- with others scattered across the rest of the country.

Two states that host Gülen charter schools are Arizona and Utah. In the former, the Daisy Education Corporation (the Gülen movement loves friendly-sounding institutional names) operates three schools in Tucson: one serving kindergarten through the eighth grade, another designated as an elementary school, and a middle-high school, all under the rubric of the Sonoran Science Academy. In Phoenix, it runs a satellite kindergarten-to-10th-grade campus with the same name.

The appearance of Gülen charter schools in Tucson has produced critical attention in local media. The Tucson Weekly published a report at the end of 2009 noting that the Sonoran Science Academy in the southern Arizona town had been named "charter school of the year" by the Arizona Charter School Association. But writer Tim Vanderpool reported that according to one dismayed parent, who declined identification while pointing out the Gülen movement's history of intimidating critics, "the Sonoran Academy seems constantly to be bringing Turkish educators into the United States, and subjecting students to substitute teachers while the teachers await work visas."
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