The good with the bad: Official PatriotUSA update

First the somewhat good news as there seems to be so much bad news and so much wrong in our world today.

My position at work is going to be picked up by another agency through the end of the current fiscal year. I should and I say should, have work until the end of June 2012. Hopefully before then a more secure funding stream can be secured for the program I administer and we all know with the economy of today, that is no small task. I also have begun to look for another job due to internal changes within the agency where I work. I am unable to say anything else about where I am employed. I should know more by November 14th in regard to the continuation of my employment.

Now to the bad and pretty grim news concerning Scott and Vanessa. Vanessa has been in a coma for almost ten days with declining amounts of brain activity. As Scott and Vanessa have no other family and their two kids are absolutely worthless, I am continuing to do whatever I can for them. Scott, myself and their Pastor met with her doctors and discussed ending life support for Vanessa. It is up to Scott as Vanessa has a signed Advance Directive in place giving him permission to do this. He is not sure what he is going to do and is in deep prayer with the Lord. Barring a miracle from God. Vanessa's outlook is extremely bleak and both Scott and I know she would not want to continue in her present state. Of course being there for them drastically reduces what little time I have for Patriot's Corner. Again, my deepest apologies for that but when your friends need you at this level, you just have to be there for them.

Please continue to pray for them as that is the BEST thing we can do for these two wonderful people.

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