One more video for your viewing pleasure: Michael Coren on islam fighting hero

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So called US 'ally' frees Osama bin Laden's bodyguard

RATISTAN, our so called ally has freed the bodyguard of osama bin laden.

As the administration of the first muslim illegal alien potus continues to vilify and try to force Israel(perhaps our STRONGEST ally) to sow the seeds of it's own destruction, the first mussie potus continues to funnel money into the cause of pakistan.

What a complete and total waste of money, as is afghanistan.

One can only conclude that this is a slap in the face to the United States. Ratistan has been the target of accurate and correct criticism from the United States even though the first muslim potus has tried to 'soften and color' the truth that was laid down by Admiral Mullen.

"A senior security source in the north-western Pakistani town of Peshawar, where he had been held, said the Inter-Services Intelligence agency had passed al-Haq on to the police before he was released earlier this month.
Amin al-Haq had been arrested mistakenly, therefore, the police failed to prove any charge of his association with Osama bin Laden and the court set him free," he told The Daily Telegraph.
Pakistan has a poor track record of convicting terrorists, blamed in part on an ill-equipped police force and an overstretched judicial service.
However, critics accuse elements of the security services of turning a blind eye to extremist groups."

From the Telegraph


Osama bin Laden's bodyguard freed by Pakistan
By Rob Crilly, Islamabad, Ashfaq Yusufzai in Peshawar and Dean Nelson in New Delhi

Pakistan has freed a senior al-Qaeda commander, who served as a bodyguard to Osama bin Laden, according to a senior security source, raising fresh questions about the country's commitment to tackling terrorism.

Amin al-Haq, who escaped from Afghanistan with the al-Qaeda leader in 2001 and went on to become a key financial aide, was detained in Lahore three years ago by Pakistan's intelligence agency.

A senior security source in the north-western Pakistani town of Peshawar, where he had been held, said the Inter-Services Intelligence agency had passed al-Haq on to the police before he was released earlier this month.

"Amin al-Haq had been arrested mistakenly, therefore, the police failed to prove any charge of his association with Osama bin Laden and the court set him free," he told The Daily Telegraph.

Pakistan has a poor track record of convicting terrorists, blamed in part on an ill-equipped police force and an overstretched judicial service.

However, critics accuse elements of the security services of turning a blind eye to extremist groups.

Last week, Adml Mike Mullen, America's most senior military officer, accused the country of "exporting violence" and using the Haqqani insurgent network to wage a proxy war on US troops in Afghanistan.

His words were echoed by the Indian prime minister, who said his country had been warning the world about links between Pakistan's ISI intelligence service and terrorist groups for several years but had been ignored.

Manmohan Singh said Adml Mullen's allegations were "something which is nothing new to us. In fact when we were the first to flag this issue earlier, the world didn't believe us." The release of al-Haq will be a further embarrassment to Pakistan at a time it faces huge pressure to act against militant groups.

Rahimullah Yusufzai, an analyst who has interviewed senior al-Qaeda figures including bin Laden, said his release was a puzzle.

"They could only have released him with the say so of America or if maybe there really was no evidence or he was not that important," he said.

As the security coordinator of the Black Guard, the elite unit charged with protecting bin Laden, he would once have been in close contact with the al-Qaeda leader, according to The Long War Journal which has profiled the Afghan-born doctor.

Al-Haq, who is thought to be 51, has a long history with armed groups.

He fought Soviet forces during the 1980s and was part of the Afghan delegation which travelled to Sudan in the 1996 to bring bin Laden to Afghanistan The US froze al-Haq's assets after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

In the weeks that followed, he fought at the Tora Bora cave complex, where the senior al-Qaeda leadership was holed up and helped them escape into Pakistan.

In 2007, The Daily Telegraph picked up his trail close to Tora Bora, where international forces were once again battling al-Qaeda. Local tribal leaders said he was injured in a bombing raid and smuggled back across the border to Pakistan, where he was arrested little more than four months later.

The Daily Catch for 9-29-2011; Man has Star Of David carved into back, Saudi Arabia exports hate and more...

It has been some time since I have done the TDC. I have a bit of time so enjoy TDC for 9-29-2011!

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for getting the videos up that are from his site. VT has several sites for videos for the very obvious reasons of censorship.

Not all are from VT.


The Daily Catch for 9-29-2011

Star of David carved into St Louis man's back

Saudi Arabia exporting hate and anti-semitism

Michael Coren on Honor Killings. This one is a MUST WATCH.

The Andrew Bolt Verdict

Cain: Blacks 'Brainwashed' Into Supporting Dems

More from Herman Cain

Firefight with the taliban

Libtards in New Orleans go wackadoo over anti-obama signs, Awwwww.....

Student punished for saying 'BLESS YOU!'

Turban bombs all the rage!!

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Terrorist backing RATistan pakistan mad at USA for telling the truth about RATistan backing extreme muslim terrorists. To hell with ratistan. We should never give this country one more cent of our money. Let them fend for themselves.

Another from Vlad Tepes

You know you are a racist when...........

You like or support Herman Cain. 

I guess this makes me a racist again because I like a BLACK CONSERVATIVE politician. I like Allen West even more than Cain. My dream ticket for 2012? Allen West for POTUS and Hermn Cain for VP. Get out the tar, feathers, white hoods and capes. I am a racist, yawn.....

This is according to one the most intelligent moronic, ignorant and arrogant litards in the country,Jane Garofalo. She is the poster child for the extreme far left who hate the United States and all the good that this country has done for the entire world in our country's very short history.

This deserves no further commentary from me. She is a most vile and disgusting individual.

jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day for 9-28 and 9-29-2011

A bit late on these and there is just a lot going on right now. There will be more posts later tonight and tomorrow.

Please flag as: Violent or Repulsive Content & Supports Terrorism

Please flag as: Violent or Repulsive Content & Supports Terrorism

It Appears as Though I have Arrived

The following article was brought to my attention by Dymphna, at Gates of Vienna and, subsequently, used as an excuse to prohibit me from publishing any more articles about Islam at that forum. It is difficult not to imagine how Dymphna has handed Arab News author, Farha Khaled, a victory on a silver platter. Silencing my voice can only serve the ends of Islam.

Gates of Vienna Incites for Muslim Holocaust

Gates of Vienna the notorious white supremacist blog which published Fjordman and inspired Anders Brievik, recently published a three part essay which calls for the Holocaust of Muslims.

This is the same far right cesspool-of-bigotry-website notorious for publishing Pedar Jensen who vented his Islamophobia for many years under the pen name of Fjordman, and who has now gone into hiding after being interviewed by Norwegian police over the Anders Breivik massacre. Gates of Vienna is run by a couple in the USA, one Baron Bodissey whose real name is thought to be ‘Ned May’ and a woman calling herself Dymphna.

This is not first time Gates of Vienna has published screeds supposedly written by other anonymous contributors calling for the genocide of Muslims. A few years back a similar lovingly written piece inciting for the genocide of Muslims was published as Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs noted in Gates of Vienna Toys with Genocide:

‘If violence does erupt in European countries between natives and Muslims, I consider it highly likely that people who had never done anything more violent than beat eggs will prove incapable of managing the psychological transition to controlled violence and start killing anything that looks remotely Muslim. Our unspoken conviction that we, in 21st-century Europe, ‘

On 20th September 2011, Dymphna Of Gates of Vienna posted a three part series by one Zenster with the introduction:

This is the first of a three part essay dealing with Islamic terrorism and what can be expected regarding Islam’s ultimate fate.

Moving on to Part 1, titled ‘When Will It End?’ the essay begins by setting the tone with:

‘Short answer ― It will end when the tipping point is reached. This tipping point can be defined as follows:

When living with Muslims becomes more trouble than living without Muslims.

The only problem being is that Gates of Vienna never published any such line. Dymphna specifically edited it to read:

When living with Islam becomes more trouble than living without Islam

Clearly, Farha Khaled culled this line from the version published here, or at the 1389 blog, in order to increase her smearing power against Gates of Vienna. Chalk it up to the usual Islamic taqiyya.

A long rambling justification about the costs of policing airlines from terrorists, and how that money could be better spent on fighting aids and other social ills follows, in an obvious attempt to find some sort of moral justification as to why there is no other way.

Save for the fact that I do propose another far more moral way which Farha Khaled conveniently neglected to mention.

From "How Will it End?": "Repulsive in the extreme is how truly avoidable this looming Muslim holocaust really is. A far less costly program of “wetwork” style targeted assassinations directed at the top echelons of Islam’s clerical, political, scholastic and financial aristocracy could see global jihad quickly screech to a grinding halt.

As can be seen, I do present a clear alternative to the Muslim holocaust. What's more, in complete contradiction of Farha Khaled's repeated accusations that I advocate the nuclear destruction of Islam, I make it crystal clear about how: "Repulsive in the extreme is how truly avoidable this looming Muslim holocaust really is." Moreover, Farha Khaled demonstrates the usual Muslim inability, or unwillingness, to discern between what is predictive and not normative.

It ends with the ominous warning ‘The tipping point is approaching swiftly’

Part two of the essay has the presumptuous title Why it will End? and answers the question by stating ‘Islam has “unhappy ending” written all over it’ before going on to elaborate with hyperbole and lies including one manufactured on Gates of Vienna by Fjordman:

‘Throughout Europe, Muslims are disproportionately represented in rape, violent crime and imprisonment statistics. The expense of this criminality reaches into extra billions of Euros per year and does not cover property damage, victim rehabilitation and other ancillary expenses. Nor does this speak to the same criminal practices and consequences resulting from ostensibly legal immigration into Europe by tens of millions of Muslims over the past few decades.’

The rapes statistics in Scandinavia that Fjordman published at Gates of Vienna which were then repeated on the Islamophobic blogosphere were proven to be lies.

I'm hoping someone more versed in European crime can examine the linked article, Pat Condell claims all rapists in Oslo are 'Muslim immigrants', to see if it fact-based.

Zenster continues his mental masturbation:

The reputation of Muslims as predatory criminals and intensely parasitic occupiers all combines into a damning indictment of Islam. Its presence on earth only promises increased conflict, more atrocities, new genocides and unwarranted diversions of wealth that could better serve far more deserving causes. Finally, Islam is assembling too many enemies too fast to where they cannot be expected to keep pursuing their own petty quarrels instead of addressing the overarching threat of jihad. The complete and total inability of Islam to coexist with any legitimate faith or other culture presages a day when its numerous victims will band together in pursuit of an ultimate victory.

That is why it will end.

Except that it is not "mental masturbation" to cite the well-documented and disproportionate representation of Muslims in European crime statistics.

In the concluding Part three, How it will End? Zenster sums it up briefly: ‘The Muslim holocaust.‘ He then continues exhibiting more megalomania and what clearly appears to be a projection of his own fantasies:

Again, Farha Khaled resorts to Islamic misdirection. It is not "megalomania" to assert that Islam intends to impose shari'a law upon the entire world. Actually, it's right there in the Qur'an. Furthermore, it is an established fact that Muslim military forces are supremely incompetent. Both Israel and America have demonstrated this time and again with lots of help from our supposed ally, Pakistan.

Also, it certainly cannot be construed as "fantasies" that Islam is headed directly towards a nuclear confrontation with the West. Iran's reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons is just one of many existing flashpoints that threaten to engulf the MME (Muslim Middle East) in a catastrophic conflict which gives little hope of being conventional in nature. Economics alone indicate this.

‘Suffused with delusions of adequacy, Muslims think nothing of constantly antagonizing Western powers who long ago perfected industrialized warfare to an extent that Islam can only dream of, despite its supremacist fantasies.’

This could explain why the far right white supremacists see Israel as an ally. They see Israel as doing their dirty work for them, and as if on cue Zenster trots out the Samson option:

‘Neither is this the end of it. Iran’s reckless pursuit of genocide against the Jews could precipitate the Muslim holocaust all by itself. Little known to most people is Israel’sSamson Option. If true, the Jewish state has quietly informed its Arab neighbours that a single WMD strike against Israel will result in the entire MME (Muslim Middle East) being incinerated in nuclear plasma. Hundreds of fusion warheads along with newly acquired Dolphin class submarines and cruise missiles back this up.’

Please notice where Farha Khaled has inserted the British spelling of "neighbours" into my work. It is difficult to imagine why she felt that was necessary.

Contradictions galore! Elsewhere in this three part essay the author talks of the plot to establish the world Caliphate, but here he says he is convinced it won’t come about. Freudian slip? :

How is it a “Freudian slip” to note Islam’s openly avowed pursuit of a global caliphate and subsequently dismiss any such possibility? Of far greater importance is how Farha Khaled seems to constantly dismiss any notion that Islam seeks global supremacy, despite it being a cornerstone of Islamic doctrine.

‘Now, consider how America rolled up Iraq’s sidewalks in two weeks. This is the “reality gap” confronting Islam and its delusory vision of world domination. No such thing will ever happen.’

More ramblings, perhaps to justify his own dreams of nuclear warfare

Again, Farha Khaled handily ignores my own personal revulsion at how "avoidable" the looming Muslim holocaust really is. Clearly, it would not serve her purposes of victimhood to relate my own distaste for such an outcome. Better to portray me as a bloodthirsty warmonger than one who seeks to prevent it. If anything, it is Islam that is driving this entire situation to the precipice of nuclear war. A simple thought experiment proves this.

Would there be anywhere near the potential for a Muslim holocaust if Islam stopped waging global jihad?

‘It is more than safe to say that an industrially and militarily unlettered Islam is notgoing to take over the world using such a feeble tool as terrorism. As was also noted in Part II, Islam is assembling too many enemies too fast and that pace far outstrips any ability of theirs to perfect the mass production of intricate nuclear weapons nor muster fighting forces of even marginal proficiency. Chronic overreach is a hallmark of Islam and its habit of poking at the Western nuclear dragon with its terrorist pointed wooden stick bodes especially unwell for Muslims everywhere.’

The essay is full of dire warnings, rants about liberals who are complicit in Islamising the planet, of the political establishment for being too weak, but more gravely, it even condemns the ‘counter jihad’ movement for not calling for a ‘solution’ and for being too soft.

The only problem being is that the word "solution" never once appears anywhere in all three parts of my essay. Using such a freighted word would be all that someone like Farha Khaled needed to screech about the exact accusations that she has manufactured in the absence of facts. That is specifically why the word was never used even once in my essay. This disingenuous attempt to plant it in my work proves my point beyond a doubt.

When you hear of so called ‘counter jihadis’ accused of being ‘soft’ and the whole of western civilization embroiled in a plot whose aim it is to – err- destroy themselves – it is safe to assume you are reading from someone not quite right in the head, to put it politely.

Note the ad hominem attack? When you cannot attack the argument, attack the person. This strategy is constantly used by the Left and Muslims due to how little evidence they can summon to support their own version of reality.

Someone who doesn’t deserve a second thought and should ordinarily be dismissed as a raving loon.

Again, with the ad hominem attack. It is a hallmark of intellectual bankruptcy and a breach of good manners as well. None of which seems to bother Farha Khaled.

Except that it was at this very website, where a writer with the same Islamophobic rhetoric inspired a loner to kill tens of children on a holiday island!

Farha Khaled is a columnist for the Saudi based Arab News.

Perish the thought that Farha Khaled might behave responsibly and note how Anders Breivik could have acted out of disgust at constant Islamic atrocities and the Liberal Norwegian politicians who knowingly harbor terrorists like Mullah Krekar. Islam is responsible for over 17,000 deadly terrorist attacks since the 9-11 atrocity and that is reason, all by itself, for people to harbor severe animosity towards Islam. I suppose that I should be honored at being placed in the company of Fjordman, but I am equally sure it was not Farha Khaled's actual intent.

An article by Dr Zuhdi Jasser that every American should read

Dr Zuhdi Jasser, a Syrian-American military veteran, physician, and a true moderate and patriotic American Muslim has written a long article for Arizona Central.Com, which was referenced tonight by my friend and colleague Karen Lugo as she spoke in defense of Orange City Councilman Jon Dumitru, under fire for posting a statement on his Facebook page linking 9-11 to Islamic doctrines. In the below article, Jasser describes a visit to his local mosque in Arizona and the offensive comments made by the imam. The imam's sermon includes conspiratorial comments about 9-11 and other comments that would tend to divide Muslims from an American identity. Jasser describes his worry about how the imam's words will impact his children.


Keep in mind that Jasser is called a traitor by many Muslim leaders. He speaks his mind at the risk of his life. These are the Muslims we need to support. Karen Lugo, a constitutional attorney who teaches at nearby Chapman University, has incurred the wrath of the fascist pinhead academics at Chapman who have tried to have her fired for speaking her mind about Islamo-Fascism. I guess this will give these pinheads further inspiration to silence Lugo at Chapman. That's the CAIR tactic, you know.

Jasser is the head of the Islamic American Forum for Democracy, which is linked on this blog. Here is an additional link. I urge you to visit his site.


Obama wanted to say 'Jews' at CBC, then tells CBC, blacks to shut and quit whining.

I am thinking(I know, that is a real scary thought!). I have watched this video clip about 15 times and it is VERY CLEAR to me that the first muslim illegal alien potus really wanted to say 'Jews' here to CBC and barely caught himself in time. Not that it would have mattered to the CBC.

Oops, there I go again being a racist and white middle aged male domestic terrorist. Does not matter that I really like Allen West and have a lot of respect for Herman Cain!

Now watch the mullah in the White House scold the CBC and basically tells them to 'shut up, quit complaining and whining.'

Nice, and look who has been complaining and whining since he took office when he was not busy blaming Bush for everything. Come to think of it, he is still blaming Bush for a lot. What a liar, loser and incompetent ass.

jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day for 96-26-2011

Here it is!

The jihadi SMACKDOWN for 9-26-2011. Enjoy and do your part, please.

There, I said please.

The editor hard 'at work'
Daily SMACKDOWN 09/26/11

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Herman Cain would prosecute Cair, Muslim brotherhood and others

Like him or not, Herman Cain sees the threat of islam and is bold enough to speak out.
While he has only a slim chance at best to win the GOP nomination, this man has a future in politics.

Maybe one day we will see Allen West and Herman Cain running together.

I guess I am a racist and terrorist as both these men are black and I am just a white guy.

Mother of five raped in Pakistan

In one of the worst muslim rat hole countries to stain the planet, a mother of five has reported that she was raped on her way home from work.

What was the police response? They offered the victim a bribe to drop the charges! Now that is really fine justice for an 'alleged' rape victim.

"Muslim criminals in Pakistan, where the population is more than 95 percent Muslim according to Operation World, tend to assume they will not be prosecuted if their victims are Christians. The accuser said Muslim men in the area have been harassing Christian women for some time.

“There are around 500 Christian houses in this area, which is predominantly inhabited by Muslims,” she said. “There have been several instances when they have publicly harassed us but have gotten away with it, because we keep silent to avoid a clash.

Several Christian women have complained that the Muslims have harassed them, but this is something that we have to live with every day,” he said, adding that even though the community was shocked, no one was coming forward to help the family because “they are afraid of the Muslims.
Area resident Arif Masih told Compass that the Christians’ fears were understandable.

We don’t have anyone who can face the police and the Muslims,” he said. “What happened to Masih’s wife is very tragic and can happen to any one of us, but is there really anything we can do about it?

A month ago, as she was returning home from work, she was near her house when she suddenly felt someone pulling her head scarf, she said. She turned and found one of Bhallu’s friends holding the head scarf."

This is the life of Christians in ratistan, pakistan. muslims regularly commit rapes, murders and other violent crimes against the Christian minority. Women and girls are especially vulnerable to such attacks and most of the time the perpetrators get off with no charges against them. 

This is another 'great' fact about this worthless 'ally' that is the rule of the land, in this pig sty of a country.

Of course the guilty mussies responded with typical islamic love and threatened to kill her husband and children yet the local police do nothing.

See the persecution reports posted here as I receive them.

Why should anyone be surprised? These mussies are just following the example laid down by the pervert, murderer, rapist and pedophile, mohammad.


From Bosch Fawstin
Christian Mother of Five in Pakistan Alleges Rape
LAHORE, Pakistan

Christian Mother of Five in Pakistan Alleges Rape

Islamists threaten family, police offer money to drop charges, she says.

LAHORE, Pakistan, September 21 (CDN) — A Christian mother of five was allegedly raped by two Muslim men last week, and area Islamists are threatening to harm her family if charges against the suspects are not dropped, the woman and her husband told Compass.

On Thursday (Sept. 15), the 32-year-old woman said, she was returning home to Mustafabad, in Punjab Province’s Kasur district, from a garment factory where she works. Two Muslims, identified only as 23-year-old Bhallu and 27-year-old Shera, along with an unidentified accomplice, allegedly abducted her at gunpoint, took her to an abandoned house in the area and raped her, she said.

Working late, she had reached the Mustafabad bus stop at 11:45 p.m. and had begun walking to her home five minutes away; the street was deserted, said the alleged victim, whose name is withheld.
“As soon as I entered our street, Bhallu appeared from the shadows and put his hand on my mouth,” she told Compass by phone. “A second person, who I later recognized as Bhallu’s friend Shera, came from behind and put a pistol on my temple. A third person also appeared on the scene, and together they first gagged me and then forcibly took me to an abandoned house. I tried my best to get free from their hold and save myself, but they were too powerful for me.”

Once inside, she said, they took off her gag, and she pleaded with them to leave her alone.

“I tried screaming, but they hit me,” she said, sobbing. “Not for a minute did they acknowledge that I was a mother to five children. Then they raped me, one after the other. Their third accomplice stood guard as they tore in on me like animals.”

She said that her tormentors let her go after more than an hour.

“They had torn my clothes, and I could barely step outside the house,” she said. “I don’t know how I managed to reach my home … Words fail me even now.”

Muslim criminals in Pakistan, where the population is more than 95 percent Muslim according to Operation World, tend to assume they will not be prosecuted if their victims are Christians. The accuser said Muslim men in the area have been harassing Christian women for some time.

“There are around 500 Christian houses in this area, which is predominantly inhabited by Muslims,” she said. “There have been several instances when they have publicly harassed us but have gotten away with it, because we keep silent to avoid a clash.”

A month ago, as she was returning home from work, she was near her house when she suddenly felt someone pulling her head scarf, she said. She turned and found one of Bhallu’s friends holding the head scarf.

“I started screaming, and my husband and a neighbor rushed out, but the boy walked away as if nothing had happened,” she said. “We did not say a word about this to anyone out of shame and fear of the Muslims.”

She said that after that incident, her husband, who works as a sweeper, began accompanying her to and from the bus stop.

“But there were days when he could not accompany me to the bus stop, and I used to walk alone,” she said.

Her husband, Mushtaq Masih, said that he was speechless after she told him about the ordeal.

“We have five children – three boys and two girls – with the oldest daughter studying in sixth grade – I cannot express the thoughts that filled my mind at that time,” Masih said. “The Muslims had ruined us completely, and I did not know what would happen to us if we reported the crime, but seeing my wife devastated, I decided to face the rapists.”

He called police, who visited the crime scene and took the woman to the hospital for a medical examination that proved she had been gang-raped, he said. Police filed a First Information Report (FIR No. 491/11) against Bhallu and his accomplices.

The woman said that she knew Bhallu only because he lived in her neighborhood, and that although she recognized Shera, she did not know his name until the FIR was filed.

Masih said that Shera’s name came up during the initial police investigation, and he was in custody when the investigating officer asked Masih to bring his wife to the police station to identify the suspects. Bhallu had fled the area.

His wife said that as they reached the police station, Muslims warned the family against pointing out Shera.

“They told us that they will kill my children and husband if I identify Shera,” she said. “They said that we should not forget that we are chooras [sweepers, a derogatory word for Christians] and can bring no harm to them. They also warned that our daughters would face a similar fate if we did not listen to them.”

She refused to identify Shera and returned home, she said.

“What happened to me should not happen to any of them,” she said. “My children are my world, how could I put their lives in danger? … Please pray that no woman suffers what I have been through.”

Pressure to Drop Charges
Area Christians were shocked. The family continues to receive threats to withdraw the case against the primary suspect, Bhallu, who has been seen in the area several times though police have yet to arrest him, Masih said.

“Our Muslim neighbors are pressuring us to withdraw the case,” he said. “They want us to reach an agreement with Bhallu and his friends. They want us to ‘pardon’ the criminals who have dishonored us.”

Police are using delay tactics in the pursuit of Bhallu, Masih said.

“We told the Mustafabad police in-charge that the Muslims are forcing us to withdraw the case, but he is not bothered,” Masih said. He added that some policemen had also asked him to withdraw the case, saying there was little chance his wife would get justice.

“They asked me to take money in return for withdrawing the case,” Masih said. “They want that I should sell my wife’s honor for money.”

Investigating Officer Muhammad Sharif dismissed the Christians’ accusations that police had sought money in exchange for dropping the case, and he refused to acknowledge that Muslims were threatening the woman’s family and needed police protection.

Sharif told Compass that police were trying to arrest Bhallu.

“We took his father into custody but released him after interrogation,” he said. “I will soon catch hold of Bhallu.”

Sharif said the investigation would accelerate after the primary suspect is arrested.

As Masih and the few Christians daring to support him ponder their next step, the woman maintains a faint hope of getting justice in a country where Christians have little legal or societal standing. Mukhtar Masih, an elder of the area Presbyterian church, said the Christians were helpless as the Muslims held sway over local police.

“Several Christian women have complained that the Muslims have harassed them, but this is something that we have to live with every day,” he said, adding that even though the community was shocked, no one was coming forward to help the family because “they are afraid of the Muslims.”

Area resident Arif Masih told Compass that the Christians’ fears were understandable.

“We don’t have anyone who can face the police and the Muslims,” he said. “What happened to Masih’s wife is very tragic and can happen to any one of us, but is there really anything we can do about it?”

If you have Asthma, know family or friends that do, this is a MUST READ

Having had asthma off and off my entire life, I knew about this when it was first reported and was not broadly covered by the LSM. I am blessed to now only rarely suffer from asthma and that is when I have some other nonsense like an upper respiratory infection or a similar bug. Outside of my body being an orthopedic wrecking yard, my health is quite good and I have no complaints, and what good does it do to whine?

I know A LOT of friends and have family that will be affected by this retarded and moronic move by the the administration of the first muslim illegal alien potus and his equally stupid friends from other nations. Most of the folks I know will, I repeat will not be able to afford the expensive prescription inhalers. What the heck are they going to do? I have warned all of them several months ago to start stock piling the OTC inhalers as best they can.

We know how 'well' environmentally friendly or many green products work. THEY DON"T!

Just one more way the mullah in the White House IS waging class warfare. This will not effect all those union members with their bloated benefit packages who have Cadillac insurance plans like it will the many who are barely getting by.


Obama Administration Set to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns

Remember how Obama recently waived new ozone regulations at the EPA because they were too costly? Well, it seems that the Obama administration would rather make people with Asthma cough up money than let them make a surely inconsequential contribution to depleting the ozone layer:

Asthma patients who rely on over-the-counter inhalers will need to switch to prescription-only alternatives as part of the federal government's latest attempt to protect the Earth's atmosphere.

The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday patients who use the epinephrine inhalers to treat mild asthma will need to switch by Dec. 31 to other types that do not contain chlorofluorocarbons, an aerosol substance once found in a variety of spray products.

The action is part of an agreement signed by the U.S. and other nations to stop using substances that deplete the ozone layer, a region in the atmosphere that helps block harmful ultraviolet rays from the Sun.

But the switch to a greener inhaler will cost consumers more. Epinephrine inhalers are available via online retailers for around $20, whereas the alternatives, which contain the drug albuterol, range from $30 to $60.

The Atlantic's Megan McArdle, an asthma sufferer, noted a while back that when consumers are forced to use environmentally friendly products they are almost always worse.

Er, industry also knew how to make low-flow toilets, which is why every toilet in my recently renovated rental house clogs at least once a week. They knew how to make more energy efficient dryers, which is why even on high, I have to run every load through the dryer in said house twice. And they knew how to make inexpensive compact flourescent bulbs, which is why my head hurts from the glare emitting from my bedroom lamp. They also knew how to make asthma inhalers without CFCs, which is why I am hoarding old albuterol inhalers that, unlike the new ones, a) significantly improve my breathing and b) do not make me gag. Etc.

Well, tough cookies asthma sufferers! You should have written bigger checks to the Democratic party while you had the chance.

Original article is here.

Persecution Update 9-25-2011

The Dark Side of Corruption

Many people are familiar with the wonderful composite satellite image know as "Earth at Night". The blazing lights of major urban centers like Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Mumbai and Tokyo leap out of the photo in a glory of nighttime illumination.

A less well-known image is the Transparency International Map of Global Corruption. It vividly limns out the myriad tentacles of despotism and autocracy which drive so much of the poverty, famine, illiteracy, epidemics and wars that beset our world today.

When one subtracts from the pictures specifically underpopulated areas like Australia's "outback", the logic begins to snap into focus.

Lost productivity, faltering tourism and a reduced ability to work or study after sundown. Increased crime, activity of predatory animals ― both the two and four legged varieties ― along with every other bad thing that we traditionally associate with darkness are heaped upon those who live under the crushing millstone of corruption.

These images are juxtaposed in order to reveal another damning fact. The MME (Muslim Middle East) is a veritable hub of global corruption, poverty and human suffering. Farther afield lies an equally telling comparison. Below is another satellite image showing the Korean Peninsula at night. Both halves of the Hermit nation emerged from their 1950s conflict at the same time. They have had an equal opportunity to make identical gains.

The disparity in nighttime illumination between the two isn't just jarring, it betrays the abject poverty and, in recent times, human cannibalism that has become increasingly commonplace in North Korea. Seoul is a capital city, literally, in the glow of health and the rest of South Korea reflects the same prosperity that has made that tiny nation an industrial powerhouse. This, while the North sits in almost total darkness. An older image below is even more disturbing.

This older nighttime image of the Korean Peninsula is far more telling with respect to how that country is overshadowed by its vampire elite. A standing joke about the newer image relates how that small dot of light in the area of Pyongyang is dictator Kim Jong Il's big screen television set.

Finally, please note how wars on the Global Conflict Map most frequently overlap with Islam's "bloody" borders. None of this is coincidence. Islam remains the single largest driver of conflict and human suffering, even beyond that of Communist China.

Islam's Profound Spiritual Error

While there exist in Islam many lamentable violations of human rights, a primary issue continues to cast ultimate doubt upon its claim as a valid religion. The taking of innocent life through terrorism remains a fundamental deal-breaker with respect to any possible acceptance of Islam as a genuinely legitimate faith.

Clearly, the institutionalized misogyny of purdah ― the Islamic confinement of women ― shall always loom large in any such decision process but many aspects of that dubious practice can be debated on cultural grounds as compared to the indisputable abhorrence of mass murder through terrorism.

Regardless of the damage being done to modern Christianity by its misguided attempts at universalism, the manner in which it is capable of sincerely embracing such noble concepts as universality or the Golden Rule is far more to the credit of Christian faith than the way in which Islam deceitfully channels all advantage to Muslims ― through such religiously sanctioned shams as taqiyya, kitman and hudna ― even while feigning an outward appearance of universality.

At the apex of these questions regarding legitimacy resides one of Islam’s most repugnant practices. Islamic doctrine purports to share with Christianity a similar regard for the sanctity of human life:

Qur'an Surah 4:29 ― (Surat An-Nisā')

O you who have believed, do not consume one another's wealth unjustly but only [in lawful] business by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves [or one another]. Indeed, Allah is to you ever Merciful. [emphasis added]

Ostensibly, Islam condemns murder and suicide. However, a closer reading of its scripture makes clear that there are significant contingencies attached to this proscription. At its most basic, murder is only forbidden when it is committed against other Muslims. No better example of this exists than the original Bali atrocity of October 2002 that claimed over 200 lives. Many in the West welcomed how numerous Muslim religious authorities condemned the perpetrators for taking innocent human life.

What few people realized is that the preponderance of criticism leveled by Muslims at bombers Amrozi, Mukhlas and Samudra was based on how their terrorist act had claimed almost twenty Muslim lives. Throughout much of Islam, nowhere was there any concern or embarrassment over how the deaths of almost 200 non-Muslims went largely unnoticed, save unless they were joyously celebrated.

Further, it is indicative of how Islamic doctrine remains thoroughly imbued with war and hostility when one sees that the bombers themselves were referred to as “martyrs at the battle of Bali”. It requires a stunning degree of disconnection to call such one-sided and brutal mass murder a “battle”. Yet, this epitomizes just how pervasive the entire wartime mindset is throughout Islam.

In a similar manner to its professed condemnation of murder or suicide, Islam also decries any rejection of faith. However, once again, there emerges an essential divergence away from the tenets of Christianity. To this day Islam remains, essentially, a battlefield religion. An example being how, at its most basic level, Islam divides the world into dar al-Islam, “the house of Islam”, and dar al-harb, “the house of war”. Everywhere outside of dar al-Islam is a zone of conflict, struggle and, eventually, war. One need merely examine a map of global conflicts to see that most of them exist at Islam’s “bloody borders”.

Global Conflict Map

Steeped in militancy, Islam extols the warrior spirit and rewards it with a sexual paradise. In diametric opposition is how Islam copes with apostasy. Departing the faith is a capital crime and punishable by death. There is no better analog than how a soldier’s desertion in time of war is an executable offense. The inescapable upshot of this being that Islam is in a perpetual state of war and all Muslims are soldiers. It is this element of death that permeates Islam which is so problematic for those who try and come to terms with it. That there are, in fact, no terms to be had with Islam, is another matter entirely and only cements this entire issue.

So we see that a Muslim’s rejection of Islam becomes an automatic death penalty. It strikes an odd and insincere note for any religion to coerce piousness out of its followers. Faithfulness under duress is hardly the definition of devout belief or even genuine allegiance, for that matter. Yet, this singular aspect of Islam goes largely unquestioned. No other large-scale creed in the world has a death penalty for apostasy.

A Comparison

In total contrast, Christianity’s own examples of believers who were encouraged to give up their faith tell an entirely different tale. Innumerable Christian Saints were cruelly tortured and slain even as they individually refused to abandon their belief. This concept of martyrdom lies at the very heart of a most glaring difference between Christianity and Islam.

It also returns us to the original question surrounding Islam’s legitimacy as a genuine faith. The Islamic definition of “martyrdom” is so diametrically opposed to everything implied by the Christian meaning of this word as to demand intense scrutiny.

Today’s modern Islamic “martyr” usually attains such status by donning a high-explosives laden vest whose charges are usually studded with ball bearings, bolts and other shrapnel that have often been coated with warfarin, a blood-thinning anticoagulant intended to enhance profuse bleeding in victims of the ensuing attack. The assailant typically seeks to enter into a crowded location, be it a disco, popular pizza parlor at mealtime or a commuter-packed city bus. The vest is then detonated in order to maximize loss of human life.

What follows is an excerpt from one of the several fatwan issued by Yusuf Qaradawi that sanction so-called “martyrdom operations”:

The martyr operation is the greatest of all sorts of jihad in the cause of Allah. A martyr operation is carried out by a person who sacrifices himself, deeming his life [of] less value than striving in the cause of Allah, in the cause of restoring the land and preserving the dignity. To such a valorous attitude applies the following Qur'anic verse: "And of mankind is he who would sell himself, seeking the pleasure of Allah; and Allah hath compassion on (His) bondmen." (Qur'an, 2: 207)

But a clear distinction has to be made here between martyrdom and suicide. Suicide is an act or instance of killing oneself intentionally out of despair, and finding no outlet except putting an end to one's life. On the other hand, martyrdom is a heroic act of choosing to suffer death in the cause of Allah, and that's why it's considered by most Muslim scholars as one of the greatest forms of jihad. [emphasis added]

Please keep in mind that Qaradawi is widely regarded both as the “Pope of Islam” and as a moderate Muslim despite validating “martyr operations” along with his open declarations that wives should be “beaten lightly” and all homosexuals be put to death.

There can be no doubt that such a vicious act flies in the face of traditional Christian martyrdom. It is a total affront to every characterization of those Christian Saints who voluntarily refused to renounce their faith and, alone, paid the ultimate price for it. As can be seen from the above excerpt, both Islam and Christianity forbid suicide. Yet, as is all too often the case with Islam, loopholes are created by which even the most heinous acts can find approbation and religious sanctioning.

Far more disturbing is the notion that Islamic “martyrdom operations” amount to nothing more or less than human sacrifice. The unimaginable hatred of life required to engage in such activities is predictably alien to those in the West who have not been brought up from childhood on such a steady diet of genocidal hatred. Again, in another bizarre inversion of Christian traditions where nuns are wed to Jesus, prior to bomb vest attacks the perpetrator is given a “martyr’s wedding” to one of the virgins that supposedly await him in paradise.

The degree of this hatred is difficult to convey. Imagine a woman expressing pride that more than one of her own sons had committed such horrible acts. That woman would be Umm Nidal Farhat. Known as "mother of the struggle", she is now an elected legislator and a celebrity in Gaza for voluntarily sending three of her six sons to their terrorist deaths.

Umm Nidal: "Nothing has changed. The strength and honor have only increased. It doesn't matter to me whether I have two or three Shahid [sons]. [As far as I'm concerned], let all my sons be Shahids. [emphasis added]

To those who respect the sanctity of human life, Fahrat’s mindset may as well be from a different planet. It exemplifies not just a “life is cheap” attitude found throughout the MME (Muslim Middle East), but also reflects upon just how meager Islam’s estimation of human worth continues to be. It may be argued that rewards of the afterlife outweigh any momentary losses but there is a lingering taint of literally cannibalizing intensely devout converts ― as supposed “martyrs” ― who might have peacefully convinced far more people to join Islam had they lived full, productive lives.

Nor is there any sense of embarrassment over the magnitude of this hatred. There are video interviews of Muslim children calmly discussing how they want to become bomb vest murderers. Despite every imaginable gesture of conciliation, Israel is subjected to constant terrorist attacks, in some cases attacks led by those individuals who owe their health to the Israelis. No better example exists than the case of Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Biss

Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Biss is a 21 year old Palestinian woman, who lives in the Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza strip. In January 2005 she suffered burns in a cooking accident in her home. She was admitted for treatment to the Soroka hospital in the Israeli town of Beer Sheva. She became an outpatient and was issued by the Israeli authorities with a special pass entitling her to cross into Israel to receive medical treatment.

On 21 June 2005 she was arrested at the Erez crossing point, on her way out of Gaza and to Soroka, wearing 10 kgs of explosives in her underwear. On Israeli TV she admitted that she had planned to explode the bomb in the hospital where she was being treated. She stated that she had been recruited by the Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, and added that she had wanted to target as many children as possible. [emphasis added]

The depth of such ingratitude is beyond conception and remains largely incomprehensible to Western minds.

Military Contradictions

None of this even addresses other attacks by Palestinians — called “no-escape” attacks — as in how the chances of staying alive after, for example, firing on an army position or a settlement are next to zero. Intentionally using a soldier only once — for a martyrdom operation or “no-escape” attack — is not just inefficient but an obscene estimation of human worth. It betrays why Islamic militaries are so unsuccessful.

The level of indoctrination required to program a prospective Islamic “martyr” flies in the face of what a moral, free thinking — as in being able to refuse an order on conscientious grounds — competent soldier should be. It is strong evidence that Muslim terrorists are not fighting for freedom but, as they often will freely admit, abject slavery; in this case, to Allah. Again, it points to why Arabs lose wars.

It is also curious to note how few, if any, Muslims decried such “martyrdom operations” when they were only employed exclusively against Jews. By contrast, examine the Muslim outrage now that the use of bomb vests has been extended to the Sunni versus Shi’ia conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. This is exemplary of Islam’s narrow selectivity in conferring its graces upon Muslims only.

Concomitantly, it beggars the question of why isn’t there any significant outcry against Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi for his almost singlehanded role in sanctifying this ultimately rapacious form of terrorism. Why has there been no death fatwan sworn out by ostensibly “moderate” Muslims against the cleric who has inspired so much bloodshed and loss of Muslim life? One might ask the same question about Osama bin Laden during his last years but that is another matter. The fact remains that terrorism is so essential and irreplaceable in what is otherwise wholly ineffectual Islamic war-fighting capability, that even something so hideous and detrimental to Islam itself cannot be foresworn.

All of this makes it more than apparent that Islamic “martyrdom” is done in the name of political domination — jihad’s mission to impose global shari’a law — and, therefore, it is not a religious act but one that is strictly military in nature. While this is in total concordance with Islamic canon, it is wholly alien to most other religious doctrines, including the Christian Church militant.

Piety and Coercion

Perhaps most telling of all is how Islam remains satisfied with, and by, involuntary conversion. What then to make of its supposed martyrs, are they genuine or false? It makes torturing people for information, along with all the risks of inaccuracy that freight such a sordid practice, seem like some sort of minor ethical lapse compared to how Islam is naively willing to accept forced conversion even as it most cynically punishes even minor blasphemy, an oxymoron in Islamic terms, or other relatively innocuous, transgressions ― whose criminal behavior might be rehabilitated ― with irreversible amputation, or capital punishment.

Unless, of course, it is the case that many Islamic clerics know full well how most rational human beings cannot be persuaded to voluntarily adopt something so patently anti-life as Islamic doctrine and, therefore, they must be coerced and intimidated into accepting Islam rather than charismatically proselytized. Ultimately, this reliance upon coercion provides strong evidence that true love is a foreign concept in Islam. That Muslim women are often treated worse than animals bears this out. With its child brides, sanctioned spousal rape and physical abuse, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and forced marriages, Islam continuously degrades human life and treats with contempt any sense of romantic love.

Another case involves an Iraqi woman named Samira Ahmed Jassim also known by the nickname Umm al-Mumineen or “the mother of believers”. This individual was responsible for enlisting some 80 young women to commit bomb vest attacks. Her method of recruitment involved having these young women gang raped. In Arabic culture they were “impure” and now effectively worthless as mates such that she then used their shattered self-esteem to persuade them how a sole path to “redemption” lay in carrying out so-called “martyrdom operations”.

This abject debasement of human life is a constant theme that permeates Islamic culture and drives out any notion of it being life-oriented. What’s more ― like Umm Nidal Farhat’s willing disposal of her own children ― Samira Ahmed Jassim betrayed her fellow women with brutal sexual assault and death. This is coercion of a most monstrous sort and bespeaks a heartless manipulation that could never succeed if left to stand on its own, admittedly nonexistent, merits.

This callous attitude is betrayed by another hideous practice that has recently come into play. It involves the use of retarded children, or young adults, in bomb vest terror attacks and represents an ultimately cynical method of disposal for all of the human detritus resulting from consanguineous Muslim marriages. If such heartlessness is disturbing, then how to describe the way that an Iraqi car bomber ― using two infants riding with him to get through a check point ― then left them strapped into their car seats to die in the subsequent explosion.

What sort of belief system could possibly accept such heinous acts as demonstrations of piety? Moreover, it demands an even harsher question of Islam. What Creator is worth worshiping that would reward with paradise the wanton destruction of his own creations? This is the sine qua non of any argument concerning Islam and its lack of respect for human life. For whatever shortcomings Christianity may have, it holds human life sacrosanct. No such thing can be said for Islam. It not only eliminates all discussion of moral relativism between these two ancient creeds but drags out into the disinfecting sunlight Islam’s true standing as a political ideology and no sort of legitimate religion.

This glaring and diametric opposition with respect to Christian and Islamic definitions of martyrdom must serve as a touchstone for Western minds as they learn to disassociate Islam from any genuinely religious context and relearn its more accurate status as a political ideology.