Are the Walls Closing in on Hillary Clinton?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Funny Facts and Fiction-and Bruce

It appears that Hillary Clinton may have violated multiple laws during her tenure as secretary of state in relation to her handling of emails.


If we are to believe her protestations that she never sent or received classified material, marked or not, on her private server(s)-which she used exclusively instead of the State Department server- then we are to believe that Clinton was a mere figurehead as secretary of state, occupying a ceremonial position, if you will.

In addition, if everything is present and accounted for, where are the emails pertaining to Benghazi, before during and after the attack? Where are the emails pertaining to countries and private companies seeking favorable decisions from the State Department as they were contributing to the Clinton Foundation and hiring Bill Clinton to give speeches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?

I am putting my trust in FBI Director James Comey to direct his agents to do a thorough and complete investigation. If they determine that serious laws were breached pertaining to our national security and that Hillary Clinton and her aides engaged in obstruction of justice as well by trying to cover it all up, they will need to get Justice Department approval (the attorney general herself) to bring charges. I would also anticipate that the attorney general will have a sit-down with President Obama before giving such authorization.

It will come down to a question of whether everyone is truly equal in the eyes of the law.

The Obama Connections to Electric Intifada

Gary Fouse

Hat tip American Spectator and Shirley

The Obamas with the late Columbia Professor Edward Said and wife, 1998
-Photo from Electric Intifada

I am cross-posting an article by Abraham Miller in The American Spectator about President Obama and the roots of his belief system. What is news to me is his links to Ali Abunimah of the Electric Intifada web site.  What I find really disturbing is that Obama would have connections to this man and his vile website, which is a hotbed of of anti-Israel propaganda.


Here is an article Abunimah wrote about his personal conversations with Obama when he was a senator in 2007.


“Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race. I’m hoping when things calm down I can be more up front.”

That sounds like the same comment that the LA Times reportedly has on video or audiotape and has locked up in their vaults.

If you want a further taste of what the Electric Intifada is all about, here is what they are running today. (You can find their link on Fousesquawk under the Fiction Section.)


Make no mistake: The Electric Intifada is a dung heap of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-American writings. 

I also take note of the photo above, which shows the Obamas dining with Edward Said, the late Columbia University professor whose writings are a basis for the current post-colonial, anti-West ravings of Middle East studies departments across the US.

Make no mistake. Barack Obama's entire life is marked by an anti-West point of view.  He has been, as Abunimah himself states, "pro-Israel" for political convenience sake. In recent years, that mask has pretty much fallen off. By his actions as President, Obama is not only anti-Israel, but anti-US as well.

Yeah, I said it.

Another Somali "Success Story"

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Yet another success story involving Somali refugees who our government has brought here since the 1990s as part of their refugee resettlement program. Three Somalis in Portland, Maine, refugees all, are charged with murder.


And they're still coming, Folks. Not only to America either. Europe has also tens of thousands of them, and they are reaping the "benefits" in crime and welfare.

The stupidity of Oregon SB941: liberals push to confiscate guns

It is extremely difficult to stand or sit or even walk. Pain does this to you. Even with heavy medications, it is a toss up on my best days. Yet I refuse to give up, give up my rights nor shut up and just go to my room.

The post below is a letter to the editor from our local fish wrapper.

Having resided in POORegon since 1978 with the exception of a few years away to find work which was non-existent in POORegon in the early 1980's, I have lived in POOReon since 1978.

I have watched and been disgusted by what liberal and progressive politics has done to this state. It is NOT my state, TEXAS is and always will be. God willing, one day I will be back in Texas or maybe Montana.

Oregon is New York of the west coast. SB941 was pushed through by Bloomberg money and nothing else. A feel good bill that will do nothing to stop the crazies from committing horrendous, tragic violent acts. Most of these tragic. violent crimes have been committed by eh hem, liberals. Do your own research. I am NOT your mommy. 

SB941 is strictly a move to eventually take away our guns and rights to keep and bear arms as laid under the second amendment of the Constitution. Spare me your leftist, progressive dribble and one life will not be saved by SB 941. This is not a reasonable solution and most gun regulations and laws are aimed solely to achieve eventual confiscation. Think England and Australia.

The local 'paper' is a joke. Their support of SB 941 proves this and more.

I have left out the authors name here for the obvious reasons.

I will NOT comply.  PatriotUSA


Letter: What is reasonable gun control?

The Bulletin editorial board published its opinion in support of the new Oregon background check law that requires all citizens making private transfers of guns to first have a licensed dealer provide a background check. The editorial states that this new law “may not prevent the next shooting or significantly reduce gun violence.” It goes on to state, “The law will be challenging to enforce.” “With or without this law, no responsible gun owner would ever want to sell a gun to someone if the seller felt uncomfortable about that person.” The board feels that this new law is “a reasonable change.” 

No society should make laws that are likely to be violated by many, difficult to enforce, unnecessary or unlikely to accomplish the desired results. This bad law violates all of these principles. Most gun owners will do the right thing regardless, and most criminals will ignore the law. This law is not reasonable it is just another imposition on the rights of law-abiding citizens. 

As for being “challenging to enforce,” I would give the board an award for understatement. Some sheriffs and some gun dealers have already declared their refusal to enforce or participate. Some parts of the law will require further clarification as they are ridiculous or difficult to understand. For example, if I store my friend’s guns in my safe to prevent theft while he is on vacation, must we pay to have a background check completed prior to the transfer? Which of us is responsible? 

Didn’t the government recently close the so called “gun show loophole” by requiring that all gun transfers conducted at gun shows include the passing of a background check? Now they want to apply such rules to private transfers in order to close another “loophole.” Why aren’t they enforcing the present laws regarding illegal transfers of firearms? What will be the next “loophole”? How will the government become aware of such private transfers in order to enforce this law? 

How about Universal Gun Registration? There are some who believe that all firearms should be registered with the government like cars. Of course if you have registration it only follows that there will be government inspection of the registration, as with cars, to ensure that the item is with the registered owner and used in accordance with all laws and regulations. Extra taxes and insurance fees are sure to follow. Where is all of this taking us, England or Canada? 

There are some who believe that guns are evil, they only serve to kill, and that no one should have them. They may not be able to take them all at once but they might be able to reduce the number gradually. Do you know the best way to boil a frog? 

Some on the left have declared gun owners to be crazy, paranoid and unreasonable in their resistance to new gun regulations. After all, Obama said he does not want to take your guns. In defense of it they say, “If this new law only prevents one incident it is worth it.” Are they being reasonable? 

What happens when someone mentions reasonable restrictions regarding abortions? Such seemingly reasonable measures as parental notification for minors, ultrasounds, pre-abortion counseling, or a 20- week limit, are all met with angry protests that they are unreasonable and trying to take away a woman’s right to a free, safe abortion on demand. In the end it is all about trust. No one, on the right or the left, completely trusts government or the people who make up the rules. Reactions to this latest gun control law should surprise no one. After all, what is “reasonable” depends on where you sit. It seems that everyone has an agenda. If you “just don’t care” about gun restrictions you probably just don’t care about guns. OK, what about freedom? 

Link to post is here from the local fish wrapper. A conservative newspaper they are NOT!

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Welcome to PC 'murika-detective refuses to defend himself against Black male

If anyone thinks race relations have improved since 2008 then I ask you to prove it to me.

This was just a matter of time before events, crimes such as this started happening. Obama and Loretta Lynch must be in full celebration mode after this one.

This is the result of political correctness, the vile nature of the BLM and FTP movements. 

Bernie Saunders let  two losers from BLM shut down his rally in Seattle where they somehow get a four minute silence in honor of the thug Michael Brown. It was in Seattle, a city full progressive regressive wimps and vegan wussies.

Now this.

While this kind of violence and mayhem is going on everyone is focused on the first GOP debate and the witch hunt against Donald Trump. The GOP has much bigger problems than Trump but then the plan all along has been to ensure Jeb Bush gets the RINO nomination. I refuse to waste my time on the GOP and all the problems they have. They have done NOTHING to stop Obama and the liberal train wreck of what is now the new communism.

You have stupid white people who are so ridden with guilt from so called 'white privilege' that they applaud this disgusting crime along with a lot of other people of colour. Not every LEO is a bad person. The majority of them are excellent people and want to return home to their families every day after a shift.

Trust me when I say I have had plenty of rough encounters with LEO. Thankfully, all those are long in the past and I learned to just comply, be polite and I rarely was guilty of anything. There were those three DUI's in just over eight months back in 1975.

This thug, POS, and criminal did not comply and got out of his car and approached the officer. Once he got within 10-15 feet of the detective, he should have been 'contained'.

The detective obviously feared retribution from the war on cops via political correctness gone crazy. This was a Black male, after all. Obama, the DOJ, now under the hag Loretta Lynch have sown the seeds of a race war and now it is starting to bloom in a very toxic and feral way.

I would encourage everyone to arm themselves and practice. The day is coming when this filth will touch every corner of America. We are well on our way to becoming South Africa.

Rhodesia had many merits and this offends you, too bad. PatriotUSA

From the Treehouse.


 And So It Begins – White Police Officer Reluctant To Defend Himself Beaten Unconscious By Black Male Suspect….

You knew it was only a matter of time before stories like this began to surface.  A white male police detective pulls over a black male suspect.  The police officer tells the suspect to remain in his car, and calls for backup.  

The suspect ignores the order, exits his car, plays the race-card against the cop, then fights him for his gun.  Suspect takes custody of LEO  firearm and beats him unconscious with it, while the surrounding crowd chant joyfully, take pictures, and laugh at the sight of a cop being beaten bloody. 

ALABAMA – Alabama police are outraged after photos of a detective beaten bloody by a suspect who stole his gun during a traffic stop were shared by witnesses and praised on social media.

The suspect, 34-year-old Janard Cunningham, is charged with attempted murder for allegedly assaulting the six-year veteran following a traffic stop at a shopping center in Roebuck around 11am Friday.

alabama cop 3 The plainclothes detective, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital for treatment after the assault but has since been released and is recovering at home.

Cunningham was taken into custody after the assault and is being held at Jefferson County Jail while police have released a second suspect who was apprehended without filing charges.

During the traffic stop, the detective pulled over Cunningham’s SUV and told him to stay in the car while he waited for backup to arrive.

The suspect disobeyed that order, questioned why he had been stopped and then struck the officer in the head with his own weapon, AL.com reported. 

alabama cop 2

The beating reportedly continued until the officer was no longer moving, with Cunningham then fleeing the scene.
Read the rest here.

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Information anti gun people do not bring up-American Digest

So you want to bother me with your dribble how evil guns are and how most of us who own them should not or how YOU need to micro-managed US with more STOOPID (intentional) gun laws and feel good regulations that do nothing to stop criminals or bad people from doing evil things.

Please do not waste your time or hurt yourself trying to explain your logic or reasoning for wanting to take or regulate my owning firearms to death.

Go find you progressive, regressive free thinking friends, grab your drums, pan flutes, beads and dope, go form a drum circle and sing stinking hippie songs under the next full moon.

Thanks muchly to the Robot Rob Blog!

Double thanks to American Digest

Thank you for reading. PatriotUSA


Information anti gun people do not bring up



From THE ROBOT ROB BLOG — Firearms Master Post

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Anti-Semitism on Campus: Who Is Responsible?

Gary Fouse

Answer: The Pro-Palestinian Crowd

The world is waking up to a phenomenon that is undeniable. There is a worldwide resurgence in anti-Semitism. In Europe, the problem is played out on city streets, where Jews walk around in Jewish garb at their own risk. Is Europe plagued by a growth in Neo-Nazis sporting swastikas? Not really. The perpetrators of the crimes against Jews, which have included murder in places like France and Belgium, are mostly Muslim immigrants acting out old hatreds.

In the US, the focal point for the rise in anti-Semitism is on our university campuses. From the University of California to the Ivy League, more and more Jewish students are telling stories of being harassed, insulted, and made to feel uncomfortable and unsafe on campus. Swastikas have appeared on bathroom stalls and the walls of campus buildings. I pose a similar question: Do we have neo-Nazis walking around our campuses sporting swastikas and quoting Adolf Hitler? Hardly. The answer is largely (but not exactly) the same as in Europe.

There are two organizations we begin with in order to get at the answer to the question of who is responsible for campus anti-Semitism in the US. Those two organizations are Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the latter of which is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. The former organization, founded by a Palestinian who just happens to be a UC Berkeley professor named Hatem Bazian, is a mirror reflection of the MSA chapters. They have many of the same members plus some non-Muslims who share their hatred of Israel. At UC Irvine, an SJP chapter was conveniently established in the wake of the suspension of the Muslim Student Union (for one quarter) after they disrupted a speech by Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, in 2010.

It is the above two organizations who are fomenting anti-Israel agitation on college campuses across the country. They are aided and abetted by the radical speakers they invite to speak on campus against Israel. These include figures like Amir Abdel Malik Ali, Omar Barghouti, Mohammed al Asi, the aforementioned Hatem Bazian, and fellow travelers like Norman Finkelstein. Many of these speakers are Muslims, but many are not. In fact, some are Jews who hate Israel and do everything they can to hurt the Jewish state and bring about its end.

Which leads me to the question of whether being anti-Israel is being anti-Semitic especially given the fact that some activists are Jews themselves. Certainly not in every case do anti-Israeli word and deed mean anti-Semitism. However, I maintain that much of it is driven by anti-Semitism. When, in 2001 at UC Irvine, Mohammed al Asi, a radical Washington-based imam and supporter of the Iranian regime, said, "You can take the Jew out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the Jew," that was anti-Semitic. When Amir Abdel Malik Ali said at UC Irvine in 2006 that Rupert Murdoch was  a "straight up Zionist Jew", spitting the words out just like the Nazis in Germany used to, that was anti-Semitic. (He has accused many people of being Zionist Jews in the same tone.) In 2010, again at UC Irvine, he told the Jews in the audience that they were "the new Nazis". That was anti-Semitic. When the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine put a caricature of Ariel Sharon on their mock Apartheid Wall in 2008, drawn in the style of the old Nazi anti-Jewish weekly, Der Stuermer, that was anti-Semitic.

When Rachel Beyda, a Jewish student at UCLA who was campaigning for a position on the student government earlier this year, was grilled as to whether her Jewishness might affect her objectivity on important campus issues (like the Israel-Palestinian question?), that was anti-Semitic. These are not isolated incidents. Ask Molly Horwitz of Stanford. This year, when she was campaigning for student government, she was asked, "Given your Jewish background, how would you vote on divestment?" (against Israel).

In addition to vitriolic speakers, the pro-Palestinian students are aided and abetted by a legion of professors around the country who also share a hatred of Israel. Many of these professors can be found in Middle East studies departments, which are invariably hotbeds of anti-Israel belief as well as anti-Western belief. In addition, there are professors in other departments who lend their voices to the anti-Israel rant on campus. Again, not all are Muslims, and some are misfit Jews. Who are they? I could stay here at the keyboard for a month listing all the names. Our universities are infested with them.

In 2013, there were two ugly incidents at San Francisco State University in which pro-Palestinian students created images advocating the murder of Israeli soldiers. In one, posters were created that read, "My heroes have always killed colonizers". In the other, the President of the General Union of Palestinian Students, a character named  Mohammad G Hammad, created video images of himself with a knife and fantasizing about murdering Israeli soldiers. A few months ago, these students' mentor at SF State, Professor Rabab Abdulhadi, an anti-Israel activist, was supposed to speak at UC Irvine. I showed up with my video camera prepared to ask her some pointed questions about these students. At the last minute, she didn't show and the Muslim Student Union attempted unsuccessfully to stop me from videotaping. (In the end, there was nothing to videotape anyway.)

Then there was a situation at UC Berkeley in 2010 when swastikas started appearing on campus and a group of Jewish students held a peaceful protest on campus-only to be heckled by a professor who then proceeded to give them the finger. The incident was captured on camera and videotape.

Speaking of professors, one of the most recent and notorious examples is Steven Salaita, formerly of Virginia Tech. He was in the process of accepting a position at the University of Illinois last year when certain social media messages from Salaita came to light. In particular, after three Israeli teenagers were abducted in the West Bank (They were later found murdered.) Salaita stated that he wished "all settlers would go missing".  The University of Illinois decided he was not a fit person to teach at their school and rescinded its offer of employment. He is now teaching at the American University of Lebanon.

As to the question of anti-Israel/anti-Semitism, the State Department has a definition that lists several points relative to Israel. They consider it anti-Semitic to deny the Jewish people a homeland free from persecution. Their definition also includes holding Israel to a different standard than its neighbors, virtually all human rights abusers. It also includes equating Israel with Nazis and the Apartheid regime in South Africa. All of those points can be readily found in campus discourse across the nation. The much ballyhooed BDS Movement (Boycot, Divest and Sanctions) against Israel is a thinly-disguised movement begun by Palestinians to discredit and ultimately destroy the Jewish state. It has taken root on college campuses across the nation where student governments waste precious time and energy devoted to an issue that has no impact on campus life.

To reiterate, that discourse is not held by people quoting Mein Kampf and wearing swastika armbands. It is the pro-Palestinian crowd. Still, many of the pro-Palestinians will bring up the old canards about Jews, such as running and controlling the banks as well as the politicians in Washington. Many of them have adapted the complaints used by Nazis and earlier anti-Semites. Yet, they will insist that they are only anti-Zionist-not anti-Jewish. And while all that is going on, certain leftist Jewish professors link arms with those that would drive every last Jew out of the Middle East. As for the Jew hatred exhibited by their pro-Palestinian allies, they ignore it or they deny it altogether. Norman Finkelstein, for one, has denied it twice in my presence in answer to my questions.

All decent Americans must stand up and say No to this resurgence in Jew hatred, which is emanating from our universities. First, they must be aware of it. If you are not paying attention to what is happening on our campuses, you would not be aware because the mainstream media doesn't want to devote a lot of time and space to it. First and foremost, our university presidents and chancellors must be held accountable if they don't take concrete steps to confront anti-Semitism on campus and protect their Jewish students.

Currently, the University of California regents are considering a proposal from UC President Janet Napolitano to adopt the State Department's definition of anti-Semitism. That doesn't kill free speech, as the pro-Palestinian crowd is claiming. It does, however, provide more insight for all students as to how this Israel-Palestinian debate is feeding into hatred against Jews as a people. It would provide administrators with the opportunity, if not the moral duty, to remind their students about the problem of anti-Semitism when hate speech occurs-and to denounce it.  It would be a good start for the regents to adopt the definition.

Germany's Troubling Debate Over Holocaust Education

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Shirley and Gatestone Insitute

Soeren Kern has an interesting article in the Gatestone Institute about Germany's (supposed) dilemma about Holocaust education as it pertains to recent immigrants-specifically Muslims.


In the last decades, Germany has done what I consider an admirable job in educating their young generations about the Holocaust. Now because of their restive Muslim immigrants, many of whom harbor anti-Jewish attitudes, the country is now engaged in a debate over whether they should bother Muslim children with visits to concentration camps. The argument goes that as recent immigrants, they are not responsible for the Holocaust.

Either are the young native Germans, but as German citizens, they must understand their country's past. The idea is that it never happens again. It is in that same spirit that we educate our children about slavery and segregation. We don't want it to happen again. New immigrants to America? Sorry, but you also need to understand our past-both good and bad.  As I recall, the wave of Irish and Italians who came here arrived after the Civil War. Their descendants are in the same boat as the rest of us even if their ancestors had no role in slavery.

Those who wish to exempt immigrant children, I suspect, are really concerned about not offending them with expressions of sympathy for Jews. Let's face it: Many of these immigrants come from countries that still think Hitler was a good guy. After all, Mein Kampf (Mein Jihad) is still a best seller in many Middle Eastern countries.

Germany must not abdicate its role in educating their young about their unfortunate past. Those who choose to immigrate to Germany and remain, must also understand their adopted country's history.

Brother can you spare a dime? #Noogastrong

Completely, unashamedly, totally nicked with extreme levels of PERMAGRUMP via yours truly.

From LadyRaven's Whiskey In A Jar

A most worthy cause and please donate if you are able to. PatriotUSA


Brother can you spare a dime? #Noogastrong

By now you and more than half a million people have seen this video – Chattanooga Marine Veteran’s Direct Address to Mr. Obama.

I followed the Marine Veteran’s links and found his We The People Facebook page.  Their mission statement:

Our goal is to bring people together who want to see America become great again. By using power in numbers show that We The People have had enough and want change. The plan for this site is for all like minded individuals to share and connect. Plan peaceful protests. Raise awareness of real issues. United we can do something about them.

Their site is very active and one of the most patriotic you will find.  They are working on several projects including this – Don’t Tread On Us March 9/11/15

There was another link which is the reason why I am putting this post up.  The link is to a GoFundMe page called, of course, We The People.  Note, they established this request for donations to help raise funds on July 13th.

We the People is a group created to unify people of all backgrounds, to pursue the common goal of fighting back against a broken system. The America we leave our children and grandchildren does not look promising if we don’t fight back now. So far we have 2 events planned: a Don’t Tread on US March and a Veteran’s Day cookout for the Chattanooga community veterans. We are looking for support from anyone who feels that America is not what it should be. We need your help for promoting the events, hand outs, candles for the March, supplies and food for veteran’s cookout. Donations are greatly appreciated. You’d be helping us give back to the people and the veteran’s that gave so much for us. Thank you for any donations no matter how small. We stand for change.

You know already that three days later on July 16th, four Marines and a Sailor died in Chattanooga.  This was added to the We The People page two days ago:

WE currently trying to get in contact with the Marine Corp and Mayors office to discuss plans for permanent memorial, and how we can help financially, and to volunteer our time. Please help us let the world know that Americans don’t let our fallen be forgotten. Thank you!
We The People

In sixteen days they have had 588 people sharing the site on their behalf but only four donations totaling $270 of the $5,000 they hope to raise.  That is pretty sad.  I know times are very tough but no one seems to be stepping up to the plate!  

They need help.  Our help.  The math is easy – 946 more donations of $5.00 each and they would reach their goal.  473 donations of $10.00 each would do it.  It just wouldn’t be that hard.

I will end here with a video posted at their Facebook page.

“This is the most heartbreaking video clip I’ve seen yet. Navy Sailor Randall Smith singing with his kids before yet another Muslim went on a rampage and cut him down along with four other servicemen. Rick Igou

This is the most heartbreaking video clip I've seen yet. Navy Sailor Randall Smith singing with his kids before yet another Muslim went on a rampage and cut him down along with four other servicemen.
Posted by Rick Igou on Monday, July 20, 2015

Just how heart broken are we?  Brothers and Sisters – can you spare a dime or maybe a little more?

Much thanks to the always incredible and stalwart of heart, LadyRaven. The focus for me and so many others is to the clear and ever increasing dangers we face from our own government and so called politicians.

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