Five problems with wind power

As one of the star poster children in the first muslim illegal alien potus green agenda, wind power is no star or poster child worthy of mentioning except to rip it apart for the folly that it truly is.

I will not go into some of the problems with wind generated power as these will be covered in this next post. Let me just leave you with this; Wind power SUCKS!


Five Problems with Wind Power
by Frank York

Five Problems with Wind Power

There are a few major problems with wind power, which proponents of this technology don’t want you to know about.

Problem with wind power #1. It isn’t that environmentally safe, at least according to environmentalists

This first major problem with wind power is exemplified by recent news.

We posted a story on our web site today on 35 windmills that have been shut down at night in western Pennsylvania because an “endangered species” bat was found dead at the base of one of the wind turbines. The wind farm can’t operate at night now until the bats go into hibernation later this year.

This is madness. If wind farms are one of only two sanctioned sources of energy by eco-freaks – the other is solar – then our nation is going to be in serious trouble in the future. But, even wind farms aren’t popular among the animal rights zealots because the turbines routinely kill birds and bats. In addition, those turbines require those “unsightly” power lines to transmit the electricity to homes, businesses, etc.

Problem with wind power #2. The technology contradicts itself

Brian Sussman, author of Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes The Global Warming Scam, points out that wind farms are fragile and must be shut down when there are high winds. Why? Because the turbines will bend inward and snap. When there is no wind, there’s no power generated. So when production could be highest, the technology can’t work.

How’s that going to work in the long run?

Problem with wind power #3. Wind Power takes up excessive amounts of land

If these problems with wind power weren’t enough, the turbines take up vast amounts of land compared to regular power plants. Brian Sussman notes, for example, that the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant outside of Dallas produces 2,300 megawatts of power – more than needed to service 1.3 million homes. It fits into 8,000 acres of land. In contrast, the failed Pampa Wind Project promoted by T. Boone Pickens, was going to require 400,000 acres of land to produce the same amount of power. The Pampa Wind Project would also have required the construction of massive power lines and service roads. Pickens eventually dumped the project.

Problem with wind power #4. Wind Power isn’t cheap and never will be

Oh, but there’s more problems with wind power. James Delingpole, author of Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors, describes the madness in Denmark. In that climate-alarmist paradise, there are 5,200 wind towers – one for every 1,000 residents. Is their electricity cheaper? No, Danes pay one of the highest electricity bills in Europe. Why? Because the government subsidizes it through a 50% tax on every kilowatt hour. The Danes don’t even fully benefit from these wind farms because Denmark exports 50% of its wind power to Sweden and Norway.

Why does this happen? Is it because Danish power companies hate Danes? No, this happens because wind power is unreliable. Denmark either has too much power or too little so these other nations must absorb their power surges. When wind isn’t blowing, the Danes pay for hydroelectric power from these other nations. They get taxed at outrageous rates for an unreliable power source and then have to get electricity from other nations as well.

Problem with wind power #5. Wind Power pollutes more than a coal plant.

Find that hard to believe? Watch this video by the American Traditions Institute about how wind power actually ends up causing greater pollution than a coal plant all alone.

The problem is that wind power doesn’t retain a steady rate of energy production, and relies on coal plants to fill in the gaps. But just like a car on the freeway gets better gas mileage and pollutes less than a car in the city, coal plants when running intermittently pollute much more. All because of wind power.

 The madness must stop

The problems with wind power are many. Yet, the eco-freaks within the EPA and environmentalist activists continue to push for wind power as the solution to our nation’s energy problems. If this isn’t madness, what is? This craziness must stop.

Fossil fuels and nuclear power are reliable sources of energy – but not if the misguided eco-zealots at the EPA are successful in shutting down every energy source but wind or solar. Our civilization is doomed if they succeed.

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