20 Pet Dogs Arrested In Iran (raw vid.from SPCA Iran): Special post by editor AJ!

Special post by AJ.

He is most upset by such treatment of his fellow dogs and this is nothing new under islam. He was asleep on his couch when I spooled up this video and when it started to play it woke him up. I barely had the volume up but it was enough for him to come over. He sat right by the computer station staring intently at the monitor. As the video played on the more agitated and upset he became. He kept looking at me and then back to the video. If I could translate for him I am pretty sure it would not have been polite nor politically correct. His front paws were on my leg and he obviously needed some extra reassurance, extra love, which he of course got. This is a dog who is not easily rattled.

"Dogs are considered dirty by Iranian clerics, who have denounced dog ownership as morally corrupt. In recent years, police officials have issued warnings against dog owners. Dog owners and their pets have been harassed, detained, and forced to pay fines. That hasn't stopped Iranians in Tehran and other big cities from keeping dogs as pets, however."

And it will not stop people from having dogs because people love dogs and not all muslims or those who live in muslim countries have been brainwashed by such disgusting edicts as 'dogs are filthy or haram'.

Being a dog lover or not does not matter on this issue. It is about the disgusting things that islam demands of it 'followers', the intolerance against those who do not or question the perverted rule and authority of islam, the imams and mullahs who demand such horrid edicts be followed. Watch the video at the end to how obama mocks mocks on how eating dogs is 'funny'. There is nothing funny about a man who craves absolute power and will do any and everything to hold onto power. obama is as disgusting as islam and he MUST be removed from office later this year.


20 Pet Dogs Arrested In Iran(raw vid.from SPCA Iran): Special post by editor AJ!

The Iranian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (SPCA) says that 20 pet dogs were recently arrested in a park in Tehran. The dogs were reportedly being walked by their owners in the Pardisan Park last week when security forces took the canines away and transferred them to what appears to be a detention center. The SPCA has posted on its website a video of the arrested dogs inside a cage. The group warns that the dogs are being kept in "unhygienic and difficult conditions" and that their owners have not been yet able to secure their release. Reza Javalchi, the SPCA spokesman, told RFE/RL's Radio Farda that the dogs will likely be kept in the detention center for a while and then released after their owners sign a written document promising not to walk their dogs in public. But every day in confinement is dangerous for the animals, Javalchi "Unfortunately, because these dogs are being kept together, they often become sick and they're not being given enough food. There have been some cases where some of the dogs have died during their detention." This isn't the first time that security forces have cracked down on dogs and their owners in the Islamic republic, where dog ownership has always been a sensitive issue. In 2007, a number of dogs in the Iranian capital ended up in a "dog prison" after police forces took them away from their owners who were walking them in the streets. Dogs are considered dirty by Iranian clerics, who have denounced dog ownership as morally corrupt. In recent years, police officials have issued warnings against dog owners. Dog owners and their pets have been harassed, detained, and forced to pay fines. That hasn't stopped Iranians in Tehran and other big cities from keeping dogs as pets, however. Javalchi says there are no legal prohibitions in Iranian law against it. "We've asked police forces not to act against the laws in many cases. We've written many letters and we've also prepared a complaint. It is due to be processed in the name of some of those people whose pets have been hurt as the result of these actions. We'd like to ask the judiciary to prevent security forces from breaking the law," he said. One woman who owns a small terrier told RFE/RL that dog ownership is becoming increasingly difficult in Iran. "It's ridiculous," she said. "Instead of solving people's economic problems, the [authorities] harass us for having dogs." 

Video courtesy of Halalboozeshack. 

Obama thinks eating dogs is funny

At the White House correspondents dinner love-fest last Saturday night, not only did he make birthers and his still concealed birth certificate into a butt of jokes, Obama also joked about eating dogs. MSN reports, April 30, 2012, that dog-eating jokes were “the main course” at press dinner.
For example, the evening’s host Jimmy Kimmel cracked: “Last week we learned that the president’s two favorite steaks are rib eye and seeing eye.”
Then Obama touched on Sarah Palin’s recent hosting of “Today” to segue into this line:
“What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? A pit bull is delicious.”

Thanks to Dr. Eowyn for the second part of this post and please be sure to check out her site, Fellowship Of The Minds

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Persecution Update 29 April 2012

Update: Christian cleared of blasphemy in Pakistan Turkish pastor attacked over Easter weekend. Update: Orphans remain faithful in Laos Algerian Christian finds hope amid persecution Persecution Update keeps you informed of what is going on in our world concerning persecuted Christians. (Info from Voice of the Martyrs Canada.) Download entire Quicktime movies for showing to your group or church from swordandspirit.com, the Human Rights page.

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Key findings from the Muslim Brotherhood in America

Here are Key Findings from the must watch series by the Center For Security Policy, The Muslim Brotherhood In America. Most of who visit here need no urging to watch this series but many Americans will. All I will add is that now is the time for a series like this to be watched by all Americans. It is up to us to kick obama and his islamist sympathizing administration out of the White House this coming November. This must be done if we are to begin the restoration of our country and economy. As I have mentioned many time before, cast your eyes to europistan for our future in these areas, immigration, demographics, economy and the spread of islam and sharia law. 

Again, I implore to all of you this note from Baron Bodissey and I could not agree with him more: Take the course — you owe it to yourself, and to your children, and to your grandchildren.

Key findings from the Muslim Brotherhood in America

From the introduction to The Muslim Brotherhood in America:
Have you ever asked yourself why, despite more than ten years of efforts –involving, among other things, the loss of thousands of lives in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, well-over a trillion dollars spent, countless man-years wasted waiting in airport security lines and endless efforts to ensure that no offense is given to seemingly permanently aggrieved Muslim activists – are we no closer to victory in the so-called “war on terror” than we were on 9/11?

Thankfully, we have been able to kill some dangerous bad guys. The sad truth of the matter is that, by almost any other measure, the prospect of victory is becoming more remote by the day. And no one seems able to explain the reason.

In an effort to provide the missing answer, on April 24, the Center for Security Policy is making available via the Internet a new, free ten-part video course called “The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within.” This course connects the proverbial dots, drawing on a wealth of publicly available data and first-hand accounts to present a picture that has, for over a decade, been obscured, denied and suppressed:

America faces in addition to the threat of violent jihad another, even more toxic danger – a stealthy and pre-violent form of warfare aimed at destroying our constitutional form of democratic government and free society. The Muslim Brotherhood is the prime-mover behind this seditious campaign, which it calls “civilization jihad.”

There’s more detail at Key Findings:

This Course draws exclusively upon information in the public domain and that obtained from first-hand accounts. There is, assuredly, considerably more information that would be helpful to making to a full threat assessment. The findings below, based solely on what is currently available, should prompt those with access to classified information, subpoena power and other investigative tools to bring them to bear urgently for that purpose.

1.Shariah is a totalitarian, brutally repressive and supremacist doctrine. Its adherents – notably, the Muslim Brotherhood – seek to bring it here.
2.Shariah is principally about power, not faith. Accordingly, acting to realize its political end of overthrowing the U.S. government is seditious and must be prosecuted, not treated as protected religious practice.
3.The Brotherhood is not a non-violent group. Rather, in most countries where it operates including the United States, it is in a pre-violent phase.
4.The Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic plan, the group’s mission in America is a “civilization-jihadist process…a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within” by our hands.
5.The Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad is being pursued through stealthy means involving the penetration and subversion of this country’s civil society and governing institutions. Presidencies of both parties have been compromised in this way.
6.One determinant of the success of such a stealthy, pre-violent jihad is what the military calls “information dominance.” If the Muslim Brotherhood can exercise it, we can be kept ignorant of the true nature of the threat they pose – and the progress they are making in bringing shariah to America. That has been substantially the case over the past ten years and increasingly of late.
7.The Muslim Brotherhood was helped in its efforts to achieve information dominance over the George W. Bush administration, thanks to collaboration between a top Muslim Brotherhood operative, Abdurahman Alamoudi, and anti-tax activist Grover Norquist.
8.In addition to al Qaeda financier Alamoudi, Norquist helped mainstream in the Bush campaign and/or administration five other Muslims with extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. They were: the Islamic Free Market Institute’s Khalid Saffuri, CAIR’s Nihad Awad, Palestinian Jihad’s Sami al-Arian, the Fiqh Council’s Muzzamil Siddiqi and Suhail Khan, a former staffer for Rep. Tom Campbell of California.
9.In his capacity as the de facto Muslim gatekeeper in the Office of Public Liaison under senior Bush advisor Karl Rove, and then as an assistant in the personal office of the Secretary of Transportation, Khan had, at a minimum, an opportunity to facilitate the penetration of other Islamists.
10.Both during and after the Bush administration, Norquist has used various organizations to promote Islamist agendas. These have included Red-Green coalitions made up of radical and other leftists and Muslim Brotherhood front groups with whom they routinely make common cause, to the detriment of U.S. security, constitutional freedoms and other interests.
11.Norquist has worked for years to “create relations with top political leaders and Muslims.” Of late, that has included running such Muslims for elective office as Republicans. Three of his protégés – Kamal Nawash, Faisal Gill and Imad “David” Ramadan – have met with mixed results in their runs for state legislative seats in Virginia thanks to troubling questions about their backgrounds and associations.
12.Norquist continues to support Islamist agenda items and to work to counter initiatives opposed by the Brothers. In the process, he has collaborated with radical leftists and Islamists in Red-Green Coalitions, the latter include Iranian influence operations.
13.The precedents, personnel and policies promoted by Norquist and his friends during the George W. Bush administration have metastasized dramatically under that of President Obama.
14.Notably, six Islamist-sympathizers have achieved positions within or advisory roles serving Team Obama: Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Rashad Hussein; Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Huma Abedein; Presidential advisor Dalia Mogahed; FBI Citizens Academy graduate Kifah Mustafa; Homeland Security Advisory Committee Member Mohamed Elibiary and Homeland Security Countering Violent Extremism Working Group Member Mohamed Magid.
15.The conduct of seven key federal agencies suggests the considerable success of the Muslim Brotherhood in destroying us from within by our own hands – starting with the policies and directives emanating from the Oval Office and elsewhere in the White House complex, and including the priorities and activities of: the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Departments of State, Justice, Defense and Homeland Security and even NASA.
16.There are myriad steps Americans can – and must – take to counter this civilization jihad. Some can be undertaken as individuals; some through organized efforts; and others as a nation.

In light of these findings, there is an urgent need for rigorous congressional oversight and investigations aimed at exposing the extent of the civilization jihad – and the need for corrective action aimed at countering it, particularly by federal authorities. Such legislative branch initiatives should be accompanied by corresponding actions initiated by Inspectors General and, as appropriate, law enforcement.
Thanks to Gates Of Vienna

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Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within

Here is the ten part series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America by Frank Gaffney and The Center for Security Policy.

This is a must watch for ALL Americans and contains much of what our government is trying to whitewash about islam, sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood. Many past administrations have been guilty of whitewashing islam, covering up what islam is all about, which is the establishment of a GLOBAL Caliphate ruled by islam and all other TRUE religions have been conquered by islam, period. The Muslim Brotherhood has an agenda, a plan and is willing to wait this conflict out. Islam has been waging war on the rest of the world for almost 1500 years.

No administration has done more to assist islam and the implementation of islamic sharia law in the United States than the obama administration. The list is too long and extremely depressing to post it all up here.

"Our leaders want American citizens to be unaware of the “Civilization Jihad”. They would prefer that we regard Islam as just another religion, like Presbyterianism or Buddhism. They don’t want us to know that Islam is a totalitarian political ideology with a primitive religious component. Our awareness would upset their petrodollar-funded applecart." (Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna).

Send this to all you know even if you know they disagree with this or it will offend them. Islam is dangerous and extremely offensive to me and to many others.

"Take the course — you owe it to yourself, and to your children, and to your grandchildren." (Baron Bodissey).

Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within 
Frank Gaffney and The Center For Security Policy

Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 1: The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 2: 'Civilization Jihad' in America

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 3: Influence Operations Against Conservatives & the GOP

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 4: Suhail Khan, A Case Study in Influence Operations

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 5: The Organizations Islamists Are Using to Subvert the Right

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 6: Electing Islamist Republicans

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 7: Advancing the Islamists' Agendas

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 8: Team Obama the Islamists

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 9: Team Obama & the Islamist Agenda

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 10: What's To Be Done?

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Weed eradication and earth day: an Oregon FAIRIE tale

Another earth day has been thankfully cremated and the ashes flushed down the FULL flush toilet that uses 3.5 gallons of water a flush. If it ain't broke, don't fix it or mess with it. So we don't!

This is a recounting of what happens when those who are oh so politically correct, so perfect in their lives, all they strive to do because they have partaken of the kool aid, allowed themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that the sky is falling from globull warming, anything that is related to the Constitution, capitalism, the FREEDOM to keep and bear arms, that most white people are inherently evil, and of course that all of the above makes them all experts on what is best for the rest of us. I am really sorry I do not have a good cell phone with a decent camera for incidents such as this one.

On Saturday, the 21st I thought I would get an early jump on the weeds that we (I) have to contend with on OUR property. My wife and I have an agreement that has worked for many years. She keeps up the inside of our home and I take care of the outside of the home and our vehicles. We both pitch in and help each other out and I do not mind housework except that I have been totally banned from having anything to do with the laundry and I mean anything. My wife issued a lifetime ban about 20 years ago when I accidentally tossed four brand new made in Ireland, handmade wool and cotton sweaters into the dryer on high heat for way too long. I had washed them just fine but they came out of the dryer a wee bit small, like in shrank down to the size to fit a barbie doll. I will carry the scars to my grave. Oh well...back to the 21st.

Weed control to me is making this as easy as possible on all parties concerned which means myself. Having worked in the citrus groves starting at age 10, I received an excellent education on pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, how to best use and apply these chemicals. My friends and myself would often be responsible for spraying the citrus trees and keeping the lanes between the rows of trees weed free. We set, filled and lit smudge pots and wind generators when the temperature nosed below 38 degrees. Having worked in the timber industry as a logger and as a wildland hotshot firefighter, I was always around or working with these chemicals. It is just part and parcel for me to use them at home which has never been a problem until this past Saturday, the 21st.

The day was pleasantly warm with no breeze. In other words perfect for spraying. I filled the tank sprayer with a custom blend of several herbicides that I had developed over the years, threw on my nasty cut off shorts, equally nasty tank top (these are clothes that are so nasty and threadbare, that they should be burned and do not think the Mrs. has not tried), straw cowboy hat, a nice big Pardon Cameroon cedar wrapped cigar and strolled out front to lay waste to the weeds. I sprayed down the side yard and back along the alley without any problems at all. Had a nice conversation with the folks who manage the apartments behind our house and sprayed the weeds in their gravel area just because I am such a nice guy. Time to refill the sprayer, grab another cigar, a cold IPA (OK two, three or maybe it was four IPA's) and take care of the parking strip weeds.

I had just got about half way done and I sensed, yes sensed a presence instead of hearing anything or anyone. I turned around towards the street and was looking straight into a Toyota Prius hatchback full of earth day happy celebrants, oblivious to all but those who who were babbling goreisms, praising the one who lied, bribed his way into the White House, riding a unicorn named Chicago. Around here, this entire weekend is devoted to events built around the fallacy of earth day and extremist environmentalism. There is the rare, occasional event that does some good like cleaning up all the trash left by a pro illegal alien rally plus a 'fair' where these illegal alien lawbreakers can go to get information on how to obtain free healthcare and social services courtesy of our taxes. Damn hybrids and electric cars make hardly any noise so they can sneak up on you, like this Prius did to me. I sensed trouble and was not disappointed. I actually just want to be left alone but I have always attracted 'attention' of some sort my entire life. I should have known and Mom was right, again.

The conversation went something like this: (My answers, thoughts and responses are in purple.) We (not I but We) could not help noticing you are spraying native vegetation close to the street, which is publicly owned, you know by the taxpayers, which includes me and my friends here. I looked inside the Prius and saw three pretty hairy women and a little wimpy, scrawny dude who had a bunch of tattoos and way too many piercings. One side of his head had been shaved, the other side had four or five long, stringy lengths of hair, two of which had tiny 'long live Trayvon Martin' buttons attached to the hair. Ya know, Trayvon Martin is dead and so is one side of your brain but I bet you knew this already? They all shot me nasty, cold stares and their bodies all stiffened at once. Maybe you should choose friends who smell better. Know what a razor and soap is and how to use it? They acted like they did not hear me.

This one surely is a beauty, compared to what??
The 'women' were all adorned with obama 2012, pro-choice, narl, peta, and similarly themed pins. Two of them were wearing code pinko tank tops and the other one had on a top that said "Israel is the problem". The anti- Israel one had little pink bows done up in her ARMPIT hair. That is just plain weird to me and not practicing personal hygiene is bad enough but little pink ribbons there? Luckily my mind did NOT wonder about other excessively hairy areas, ewwww. Yep, this was not going to go well for them.

You are standing on MY property and why is it any of your business what I am doing on my property? Would you please step away from me and be sure it is downwind while you are at it. That is a very rude thing to say. You are extremely rude bothering me about what I am doing on MY property and you all stopped here on your own. Not my fault. You seem to have a problem with natural, strong, confident women, am I correct? No, you are not and I have a problem with anyone who decides to be 'natural', has way more hair than my dog and smells much worse than he does after he rolls in something dead. Am I correct and by the way, I am spraying herbicides on weeds that if allowed to grow to maturity will have multiple thorns on them and spread everywhere. The state has this particular weed listed as invasive and as a nuisance.

My cigar had gone out which totally hacked me off so I pulled out my Zippo and lit it again, making sure the smoke 'accidentally' got blown inside the car. The other two 'females' got out of the car, quite upset about the cigar smoke. I was actually surprised they could smell the cigar smoke over themselves and yes, the stench was that nasty. I made sure that I stayed on our property.

You should NEVER smoke around chemicals the wisp o' man yelled and then he sneered at me. We are on our way to the celebration down in the canyon to honor and for the protection of mother earth. (His direct words.) Maybe you should rethink what you are doing to the native vegetation and how what you do relates to everyone else. No, I do not need to rethink much of anything except why I am wasting my time on the likes of you four earth muffins, and how typical it is for losers like you to stop and harass other people who are quietly going about their lives. What is in the sprayer, if we can ask and did you know there are other methods to combat unwanted native vegetation? I already told you what is in the tank sprayer and what other methods might one consider? They all seemed really pleased at this 'opening' to 'help' me out. Well, there are newspapers you can place on top of the weeds, I mean uh native vegetation, to smother them out or you can rent out a herd of goats to eat them or pull them out by hand or what WE think is the best idea, let your parking strip revert back to nature, you know become natural.

Amazing! Like I had not given any of these thought? Actually, no because they are all stupid and would cause more problems. The newspapers, bad idea as the wind is always blowing here and are you all going to pick up all those newspapers that blow around and over into the park across the street? Herd of goats? These particular weeds can be very dangerous to any livestock that might eat them and a herd of goats for a strip of property maybe seven feet wide and 100 feet long? No goats here but goats can be successfully used for vegetation control especially when it comes to Blackberry vines and Poison Oak on much larger areas. I actually knew a couple many years ago that raised goats, Nubian goats and rented them out for vegetation removal. Goatman and Goatwoman and they were hoedads. That is another story. Pull them out by hand? I have a very shot back and shoulders. Maybe you four would like to come pull these weeds for me? They never did answer me back on that one and no shocker there. I doubt any of these tree huggin', earth loving morons has ever done an HONEST day of work in their red, collective lives. I asked them to seriously think about this as they would be helping mother earth they seem so worried about. Your last suggestion in regard to letting the strip revert back to nature and be natural? No way, and you four are a horrible example for letting things go back to nature or go natural. In addition, if these weeds are allowed to grow, the thorns these weeds WILL produce, will break off and cause many flat tires on bicycles, scooters and other such rigs. I grew up calling these weeds 'Bull Thorns'. Allowing these WEEDS to grow unchallenged, go natural would be almost as evil if you four were allowed to reproduce. Better yet maybe you all should kill yourselves for the good of the planet. Now that would be doing US ALL and the poor earth a favor. 

Those comments really ticked off these four earth muffins quite badly. Wisp o' man started coming towards me and and I raised the sprayer wand just inches away from his face and I dared him to grow a pair. I also got a good look at his tattoos and they were not well done at all. Of course he backed down and all four of them started swearing at me, yelling that white males are what is wrong with our country, and that obama must serve another term and it did not matter how he got elected. Hmmm, wonder where that comment came from, White House talking points, jeremiah 'damn the USA' wright, al 'the racebaiter' sharpton, from all of them? At least they got into the car and left me alone but not for long.

I finished up spraying the parking strip, our other gravel areas and was rinsing out the sprayer tank when a police car showed up and pulled into our driveway. Two officers got out with wisp o' man and the female muffin thingy that was wearing the shirt which proclaimed Israel was and is the problem. I noticed ALL the cruiser windows were down and neither officer got close to the hairy bitch or wisp o' man. I could smell them from five or six feet away from me. The two policemen were very polite and just wanted to ask me a few questions about my so called 'threat(s). I explained the entire affair to them but not without the two tree huggers interrupting me on several occasions and calling me a racist liar. When I was finished I asked the two cops if there was any possibility of me being able to press charges against these stupid morons for TRESPASSING onto private property and for harassment. We do have NO TRESPASSING SIGNS on all sides of our fence that are exposed to the streets, alley and right of way for utility access. The two hippies were stunned and the silence was beautiful, just beautiful. wisp o man and ms. stink bush asked to be taken back to the celebration which the officers complied with. The officers did return that evening to let me know that I could file trespassing charges against them which I am considering. They had advised the four fairies to stay away from us, off our property. It turns out that these four did not even live here. They had come over from Eugene, a city over in the valley where old hippies and freaks go to die. I know all about Eugene, Berserkley of the north, as we lived in that area for over 20 years. They are also members of several different environmental groups. You know the type, the ones that file lawsuit after lawsuit to stop as many logging sales or any other project that might provide jobs, as possible and that is just for starters.

A few thoughts here on the above and beyond. It is not too hard to see that since obama became the first muslim illegal alien potus, our country has been and continues to be altered in many ways, and none of them are for the better. From the NBPP, OWS, down to a small group like the one that harassed me on my own property, these commie, socialist people are feeling emboldened and it is like there is NO ONE to stop them or so it seems except you and me. They have the permission, backing of obama, the democrats, and are openly supported by socialists, communists, radical islam and radical muslims. The lame Stream Media, the drive by media, whatever you want to call them, are now corrupt beyond what any of us could have imagined. obama, elected not because of his qualifications or experience but on the color of his skin. All his records are sealed, his education, travel and health records, all sealed right after he slithered into the highest office in the land. He refuses to release these records and for good reason(s). He knows that what is contained in them will prove that he is not legally eligible to be potus, that his education and life are nothing more than lies and fabrications of the far left who hate our country, just like obama was raised and trained to hate the United States. This person, who this country was so enamored with back in 2008, that they foolishly and BLINDLY elected him to be president, has had one scandal after another, has run up more debt, and is trying to run our country into the ground so he can become defacto potus for life or dictator. obama refuses to acknowledge and govern by the law of our land, the Constitution. He has made it very clear that he will circumvent the Constitution ever chance he gets. This is from someone who 'taught' Constitutional law yet knows nothing about our Constitution. His entire life is a one giant lie and losers like the four that bothered me want to give him four more years? You think it will stop with just one more term? Look what it took to stop Hitler and that is where we are headed.

I need to close with a word of support about those who are in Law enforcement. Most of the police, sheriffs, highway patrol officers I have met in my life (and there have been a lot!) have been pretty decent people. Yes, there are a few that are young, snot nosed punks who get hung up on a power trip and abuse the authority and power given to them. I have been abused and roughed up by some of them. There were a few times I got what I deserved and times when I did not. Those who serve in LE on the streets, highways, on those remote roads where backup may not arrive in time, often have a tough, thankless job. They never know which shift may end up being their last, never again walking through their front door to be greeted by their loved ones. I know there are those of you who dislike any and all who serve in LE and that is your opinion and your right. I have a few friends that in all honesty have had just one bad experience after another with the police. Some counties here in Central Oregon only have two or three deputies to patrol a huge area where meth labs and crime are rampant. The number of LE officers killed in the line of duty has alarmingly gone up and this number tragically continues to rise. Just my thoughts and it is time to bring this one to closure. I can hardly wait for earth day next year. Maybe the four fairies will come back for round two? One can only hope and next time who knows what might be in the tank sprayer?

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The Hollywood pledge video

If any of you have had a chance to witness this appalling piece of mindlessness:
Here's someone putting it into a better context:

On the good side, if you read the comments under the 'pledge' video, you could see that many people still have a working brain, that isn't buying the lies Hollywood tries to force-feed the world.

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Having a tough go of it due to pain

The last two plus days have pushed me to the edge due to horrific pain. I went straight from work to urgent care and my primary care doc met me there. 

Even he was alarmed at how haggered and worn down I look. A call was made to my pain doc and I will see him tomorrow. So I have promised my family and docs that I will make it a priority to get more rest and generally take BETTER care of myself. My wife, bless her heart really goes out of her way to watch out for me. 

My docs are working together on switching up my meds a bit and I will be going back to extended time release pain meds. I may or may not be able to wrangle up some posts the rest of this week. This chronic pain stuff just tears me down all the way. Problem with me is I refuse to give in and that sets me up for worse pain, a most vicious cycle. Think I would learn to handle this better after dealing with this for over 30 years now. Prayers would be appreciated and I will return as soon as I can get a handle on this situation. Damn, damn, damn........I so truly hate this.

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Multiculturalism in Action

American music & English musicians. Multiculturalism does work - sometimes!

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The World Runs on Oil; Hating it is Irrational

Darn it, earth day or rather the fleecing and enslavement of the free day is over. We had a rather large gathering yesterday and I actually had to run to the store for some more grillins' for the BBQ. Last thing one wants to have happen is run out of food when you invite folks over.
In honor of it being earth day yesterday, I walked to the store about half a mile away. I saved some gas and kept some deadly carbon, fossil fuel based emissions out of the global air supply. I made up for my transgression when I got to the store. I purchased a very large pack of nice Top Sirloin steaks and few other types of meats and then asked for DOUBLE plastic bags to make sure everything got home safe and secure. Yep, I bought evil, greenhouse producing beef, asked FOR double evil, plastic bags made from oil products. Good thing I asked for plastic bags as the package of steaks leaked a bit and if that had been a paper bag, it would have soaked through and broken. Had it been a cloth bag it would have been soaked in blood. Sometimes I want paper, sometimes I want plastic or we use the cloth grocery bags and I WANT TO DECIDE to have the choice. Not some moronic, idiotic city or county government like the city of Portland, San Francisco or even more liberally deranged and myopic Multnomah County.

Here is a great editorial that Confidential Reporter, from Foreign Confidential had up yesterday in honor of earth day.

Sorry to all you greenies, earth muffins and those who are oh so politically correct out there, but this is an oil driven and supported global economy that we live in. Oil and fossil fuels are not going away (except maybe here in the U.S.A and there are plenty of other countries that will buy and use our coal, oil, natural gas even if we are too STUPID to use them ourselves!) and it is really a shame that we do not use every bit of our own natural resources that we have available.

Confidential Reporter at his best and do not count on me walking to the store again.

The World Runs on Oil; Hating it is Irrational

 A Foreign Confidential™ Editorial for Earth Day 2012

Dateline USA…. The Democrats' decades-old hatred of oil--they seem to despise the "fossil fuel" regardless of how or where it is produced or who produces it--is fundamentally irrational, politically unwise--ordinary Americans are pro-production and apparently appreciate that the current increase in domestic output is happening in spite and not because of the party in power--and inherently threatening to America's national security and well being owing to the importance of oil to the nation's economy.

Contrary to that which nearly all Democrats from President Obama on down would have you believe, the crude reality (pun intended) is that the world runs on oil and will continue to run on oil for at least the next 20 years. There are no presently available or soon-to-be available substitutes for gasoline and diesel, which are made by refining crude oil, to meet global needs for motor transport fuel. (Similarly, there are no substitutes for coal and nuclear energy for producing baseload, as opposed to intermittent, electricity, without which our society would cease to exist.)

Portlanders reacting to announcement
of a new oil refinery

Yes, we can use more natural gas, especially to fuel municipal vehicles, assuming the transportation and environmental hurdles can be overcome (the threat to water supplies from gas fracking is formidable) along with more electric cars and trucks (although these, as indicated, are really coal and nuclear vehicles) … and, yes, it's also true that emerging technologies for biomass-derived, drop-in diesel and gasoline may make marginal contributions toward reducing dependence on their non-renewable counterparts (just as woody biomass-derived bio-coal and industrial wood pellets suitable for co-firing with coal may help cut its use in coal-burning power stations and steel plants, assuming feedstock sustainability issues can be addressed in order to preserve precious forest resources and to avoid using farmland to grow inedible energy crops instead of food for a hungry planet). But oil and petrochemicals--products that make modern civilization possible--will continue to be vitally important for the foreseeable future. There is no escaping this; nor should there be, because it turns out that there is enough oil to go around for everyone. Nobody needs to die for oil; no oil wars need to be planned or waged.

Running into Oil

In fact, the world is running into oil and not out of it, as alleged by the oil shortage propagandists--an unholy alliance that includes Big Oil companies, aiming to control the transition from relatively scarce and inexpensive conventional oil resources to more plentiful and costlier heavy crude and oil sands resources, and extreme environmentalists, seeking to cripple and eventually end all oil production for climate change/global warming reasons, regardless of the pain and suffering caused by high gasoline and diesel prices that affect practically all economic activities, from the cost of growing and transporting food crops to the cost of commuting to work. You say we can't drill our way into an era of energy independence and affordable gasoline prices? Simply Google heavy oil, heavy crude, oil, Enhanced Recovery Oil (EOR), etc. The truth is hiding in plain sight--on US Government and other authoritative websites. (Foreign Confidential™ has been a rather lonely voice in pointing this out.)

Unfortunately, energy independence and affordability don't necessarily go hand in hand. In principle, high oil prices could trigger a truly historic oil boom--we could be self-sufficient in crude just by squeezing new oil from old fields using commercially proven and available EOR methods--but we could still end up exporting much or even most of the end products of the boom because of a lack of oil refineries and pipelines. (High oil prices also make inefficient and nonexistent alternative energy sources more attractive.) More important, high is a relative concept. What may be high to a domestic, independent oil producer is not necessarily high enough to attract a multinational (American-in-name-only) energy behemoth.

The same holds true for the terms profitable and economical. Domestic onshore EOR and heavy crude development is clearly economical yet apparently not economical enough--producing the resources isn't profitable enough--for publicly traded multinationals whose business models and stock market valuations depend on the exploitation of giant conventional oil fields, both onshore and offshore. Which is why the oil that the nation needs has been and is likely to remain in the ground unless something dramatic, something really radical, is done to both produce and refine it with the national interest in mind.

The Case for a National Oil Company

One such "something"-- a solution that so-called progressives should long ago have embraced, dating to the the first energy crisis during the Carter administration, and that Republicans are certain to reject on account of their fanatic opposition to non-defense-related arms and programs of the federal government--would be the creation of a national oil company, or NOC, that would be charged with developing domestic resources, exclusively, with a focus on EOR and heavy crude. (Nationalizing energy is too radical to even consider in the United States absent a catastrophic national emergency, such as a devastating nuclear or biological attack on the U.S. homeland or a complete collapse of the financial system.) National--meaning, state-controlled--oil companies hold about 75% of the world's oil and gas reserves. The case for an American NOC, which could directly and indirectly create millions of well paying, permanent jobs, has never been greater, except, that is, for the period during President Obama's first few months in office, at the height of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, when he missed the opportunity to most meaningfully stimulate the economy by spurring the development of neglected natural resources and arguably blew the chance to become the leader the country so clearly yearned to see in the White House and that many voters, including some disaffected Republicans, following the disastrous, country-and-party-ruining Bush years, believed they had elected--namely, a new FDR.

Foreign Confidential™ intends to make the case for an American NOC in the coming months, along with the alternative case for a national energy policy that would for the first time seriously support private-sector domestic oil output, in the context of an overall policy that would encourage the development of natural resources--America's real wealth--while still striving to protect the environment and preserve the country's awesome wilderness areas for future generations. Our view is that energy independence and the economic strength that can come from massive but responsible domestic oil development are essential both for the much needed formulation and conduct of a smarter, more effective foreign policy--one that would result in far fewer foreign interventions and finally produce the peace dividend that should have materialized at the end of the Cold War--and for laying the foundations for establishing a historic, new era of long-term prosperity marked by major advances in environmental protection and public health.

All of which should at least theoretically be of some interest to independents and true progressives.

Copyright © 2012 Foreign Confidential™  Original source is here.
Shared on this blog for educational purposes under the Fair Use Doctrine.

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23 years ago today.........

OK, here is a picture of me and the Mrs. 23 years ago. Posting will be light today as it is our anniversary. 

I am very, very blessed to have found a lady who who is beautiful, talented and most importantly, one who can put up with a rascal and reprobate such as myself. 

I will have a post or two up late tonight. One will be with an earth day theme and no, I have not gone green or turned into some carbon counting earth muffin, vegan loser who forgot what personal hygiene really means. I had a run in with some locals who should be up in Portland or over in Eugene they were so politically correct, brainwashed and they smelled really nasty. 

Be back later on tonight.

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Sharia Workshop at Loyola Marymount University

Gary Fouse


L-R in front: Tariq Ramadan, Sayyid Mustafa al Qazwini, Amir Hussain at podium, Muzammil Siddiqi, unidentified

On April 18, I attended a day-long Shariah workshop at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles), which was hosted by the Shura Council of Southern California. The event consisted of a series of panels conducted by several Islamic leaders. In addition, there were attorneys, Christian and Jewish clerics who spoke. Tariq Ramadan, who spoke the previous evening in Anaheim, was also there and was also called upon for a short impromptu speech. The principal host was imam Muzammil Siddiqi, of the Islamic Center of Southern California. (I have already posted aspects of that day which I felt deserved their own separate posting.) The themes of the day were to present Sharia to non-Muslims, demonstrate that it is in conformance with our laws,  show the relationship between religion and American law, and complain about Islamophobia. Throughout the day, there were many references to the Republican Party, as well as specific Republican figures.

After welcoming remarks from Siddiqi, in which he spoke about "myths" surrounding Sharia and Islamophobia",  Jamal Badawi, executive board member of the Fiqh Council spoke on "The essence of Sharia". Badawi is another one of those Muslim leaders who was sent the Freedom Pledge letter  by Former Muslims United asking them to sign a pledge that Muslim apostates in the US not be harmed. (He never signed it or responded.) He spoke from an outline that explained Sharia, Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), sources of Sharia, its objectives (protect life, property, mind, family, wealth and faith), and misconceptions about Sharia, specifically its perceived harshness.

Next followed a panel discussion moderated by Naeem Baig, executive director of the Council for Social Justice, Islamic Circle of North America. The panelists were   Ameena Qazi, Deputy Executive Director of CAIR in Los Angeles, who spoke on the origin of anti-Sharia bills and its affect on America, Badawi, and UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, who spoke about Sharia hysteria and its impact on democracy (his words, not mine).

Qazi spoke about the two dozen or so states that have attempted to pass anti-Sharia legislation into their state laws and called it "paranoia'. She referred to "the right-wing", conservative Republicans and Christian evangelicals. She specifically mentioned Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Frank Gaffney, ACT for America, and attorney David Yerushalmi (who is involved in many of the state efforts to preclude any laws that would conflict with US law and the Constitution).

Bazian is a two-trick pony. One pony is named Israel, and the other is named Islamophobia. He tried to make a connection between Islamophobia and political campaigns-specifically Republican campaigns. He brought up the old story about Willie Horton, who was supposedly discovered by George Herbert Walker Bush's campaign adviser Lee Atwater. (Horton was actually discovered by the Democrats in the primary and used against Michael Dukakis before the Republicans ran the ad.) Continuing, Bazian brought up the film, "Obsession", which he stated was distributed in the battleground state of Ohio during the 2008 campaign of John McCain. He attributed the 2010 Republican electoral success, in part, to Islamophobia. He talked about how the Republican party has trouble "appealing to people of color" and how they "represent one segment of the population".  He also stated that "promoting racism is the norm, not the exception" and accused the Tea Party of attacking Muslims. And not to be completely partisan, he called out Harry Reid, who he said spoke out against the Ground Zero mosque in order to win re-election.

The next panel was on the Constitution and religion featuring Heather Weaver, staff attorney, ACLU-DC, Marcy Strauss, Professor, Loyola University Law School, Steve Rohde, ACLU-So. Calif President, and Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Executive Director of the Fiqh Council. The moderator was civil rights attorney Reem Salahi.

Rohde spoke about freedom of religion, separation of church and state from a historical point of view. Strauss spoke about the Establishment Clause. Weaver talked about "increased attacks on Muslims", profiling, being denied access to government buildings because of their dress, and all that stuff. She showed a video of Oklahoma politician Rex Duncan (Republican, of course) defending the effort to keep Sharia out of Oklahoma state law (to guffaws from the audience). During the Q and A, Rohde sounded off against Clarence Thomas, quoting Thomas as claiming that each state had the right to establish its own state religion. He also made the statement that "fascism comes wrapped in a flag and a cross." Here again, we heard more references to the "religious right", the Republican party, and to the "danger of Christianity as a state religion".

Shah's topic was the influence of Islam on the founding fathers. Here we heard about John Locke, the British thinker who influenced the thinking of the founding fathers, such as Jefferson and his (Locke's) interest in Islam. It was during the Q and A, that I asked Shah about his relationship with Kind Hearts, an Islamic charity shut down by the FBI in 2006 for raising money for Hamas. In his answer, he made the statement,
"I condemn Hamas."

The moderator (Salahi) permitted two questions from the audience.

The next panel was on religious law in Abrahamaic faiths and featured as panelists Rabbi Elliot Dorff, who spoke on Jewish law in American life, Pastor Anna Olson, who spoke on Christian law in American history and Dr Siddiqi, who spoke on Islamic law and Muslims in America.The moderator was Peter Laarman, Executive Director of Progressive Christians Uniting. I would guess that the aim of this session was to draw a parallel between Canon Law, Jewish Halakhah law, and Shariah law.  In her presentation, Olson dragged on and on to the point that she lost her audience. I noticed two people in audience who had fallen asleep including Sherman Jackson, who was on the next panel.

Siddiqi, in his talk, tried to explain Sharia. He described it as comprehensive and that it "covers everything". He brought up the topic of how Muslims living in non-Muslim lands should live. According to Sidiiqi 1/3 of the world's Muslims live in non-Islamic countries. He pointed out that in the past, Muslims were told not to immigrate to non-Muslim lands since "they could not fulfill their Islamic duties". That debate is now over, according to Siddiqi, since so many Muslims have immigrated.

Siddiqi reiterated that Muslims are not trying to impose Sharia on non-Muslims. They are instructed to obey the laws where they live (as long as it doesn't conflict with their duty to God).

Here are some other notes I jotted down.

Non-Muslims in Muslim lands have full liberty.
Honor-killing is absolutely forbidden.
Certain things permitted in Islam are not allowed by US law. (For example, he cannot perform a marriage without a license and he cannot divorce a couple.)

During the break, I approached Siddiqi and asked him why he had not signed the Freedom Pledge letter sent to him by Former Muslims United. That conversation is repeated in this link.

Then, after some forgettable remarks by LMU President David Burcham, the final afternoon panel began, moderated by Amir Hussain, professor of theological studies at LMU. The theme was the role of religion and religious law in the public square. The panel consisted of Imam Sayyid Mustafa al-Qazwini, an Iranian-born Shi'ite cleric (Shura Council), Rabbi Reuven Firestone,  professor of medieval Judaism and Islam at Hebrew Union College, Dr Maher Hathout, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Dr. Sherman Jackson also known as Abdal Hakim Jackson, from the King Faisal Chair in Islamic Thought and Culture, University of Southern California, and once again, Marcy Strauss.

The only notable comments I wrote down were when Qazwini stated that Sharia fails under dictatorships, but is successful in a democracy (Which democracy would he give as an example?), and when Firestone stated that during the "Golden Age" in Spain, Jews were second-class citizens, but were treated better (by Muslims) than by Christians.

It was during this Q and A, that the audience members were finally able to get in some questions.

When called upon, I introduced myself, and  my question went like this:

"We have heard a lot of talk today about hate and intolerance, but there is an 800 pound gorilla in the back of the room, and its name is hate and intolerance. It is not the hate and intolerance that may or not be directed to you, but the hate and intolerance that is being carried out by Muslims against religious minorities in Muslim countries-people being killed and their places of worship destroyed-from the Coptic Christians in Egypt, to the Christians in Pakistan, the Jews in Yemen, the Baha'i in Iran, the Christians in Iraq and the Christians and animists in Sudan. In addition, Jews in Europe are now experiencing the worst anti-Semitism since the 1930s. It has gotten to the point where they cannot walk the streets wearing Jewish garb lest they be insulted, spat upon or assaulted. Yes, some of the perpetrators are neo-Nazis and skinheads, but the primary perpetrators are young, male Muslim immigrants.  'I am not attributing that to Muslims in America', I said. 'I don't hate Muslims and I don't know anyone in this room who does, but why do you never speak out against that hate and intolerance?"

Qazwini was the first to respond. He said there were two problems. First of all, most of these countries are not free countries, and for the past 8 decades, the Western superpowers, including the US, have supported these regimes. "Don't blame Islam", he said. "Don't blame it on Muslims."

Qazwini  also said that he has been active on the UC Irvine campus for 17 years and every Friday, he speaks out against this intolerance.

Jackson stated that it was a "false criteria". He also said, "Just because a problem persists, doesn't mean that Muslims are not speaking out. "Nobody is more concerned or affected by extremist interpretations than Muslims".

Hathout stated that he had just been involved in a Muslim conference on religious minorities (in Muslim countries). He also stated that "oppression of the majority will lead to oppression of the minority."

It was here that a lady told of her experience a year or so ago at UCLA when a speaker (Amir Abdel Malik Ali) led a Muslim Student Association Western regional audience in the pledge of allegiance-which turned out to be the Muslim Brotherhood pledge of allegiance.

It seemed as if only Hathout knew who Ali was. He described Ali as a fiery speaker with his own agenda.

Another audience member told of her involvement in February 2010 Yorba Linda protest against the speaking appearance of Amir Abdel Malik Ali and Siraj Wahhaj at a charity dinner held by the Islamic Center of North America. She told of the angry response she got from an organizer when community members tried to convince ICNA not to bring two questionable speakers into their community.

Since Ali had become the center of the debate, I raised my hand and was called upon by Qazwini. As I started to say, "I have engaged with Ali many times at UCI....", I was cut off by Hussain, who said, "We're not going to go there."

"He called on me," I replied.

Hussain then said, "I am exercising my prerogatives as moderator."

Once the event was over, I and some other non-Muslims stayed to exchange views and concerns with some of the Muslims-both speakers and audience members.

To sum up, I would say this: Shariah law was presented to us as the "path" to being a good Muslim. It contains rules governing behavior that revolve around treating others justly. Yet what was mostly left out was the part called hudud, which prescribes the punishments for transgressions. Adultery was mentioned, but stoning was not. We heard about the strict rules for conviction, if you will, the 4 witnesses, the confessions, the acts of mercy, the right of a murder victim's family to forgive the murderer. What nobody could or even tried to explain was why a woman would be stoned to death for adultery, or why an apostate would be subject to the death penalty.

That leads to the obvious question the reader would ask, "Why didn't you ask them?" Opportunity for questions was limited. In the morning, we were told that after each panel discussion, people could write down questions and send them up front. I was able to send two up front, but they were never read. Nobody else's was either. After the first two I sent up, I wrote out almost 10 more. Nobody collected them. After each morning discussion, we were told there was no time for questions. We were told that there would be time in the afternoon. I was told that myself by Shakeel Syed of the Shura Council when I complained about the lack of Q and A.

I missed the press conference, which took place during the final panel. Pity bcause I wanted to ask one of
the participants, Edina Lekovic, about her time as an editor with the UCLA Muslim Student newspaper al-Talib, which published an article in July 1999 praising Osama bin Laden.

This, of course, is part of the tactics. Set ground rules for Q and A. Call for written questions that they can screen. That, of course, cuts out follow-ups. Another tactic was demonstrated at the George Galloway event at UC Irvine a couple of years back. You came up to the microphone, asked your question then had to return to your seat before the question would be answered. Again, that cuts off follow-ups.

But it was well worth the time spent. I was able to meet Ramadan at the coffee table and ask him about his call for a moratorium on stoning. Others were able to make important points. This event was part of a nation-wide campaign to sell Sharia to the American public as a benign code of religious laws that threaten no one. Much of it is so, but there is still that part that has to be addressed (hudud). That is where they want to limit the debate. They know their talking points. They also know that their talking points will not hold up to  
real followups by knowledgeable questioners.

I assume that most, if not all, of the Muslims in the audience who came are decent people. One lady told me after the event that it is they who are most affected by extremism. I agree. My belief, however, is that the Muslim community in America is ill-served by its so-called leaders. As the reader will note from the links in this posts, many of the figures who spoke at this event have questionable histories.

These events are worth attending, but those going should insist on meaningful interchange and true Q and A.

COMING TUEDAY, APRIL 24: The Muslim Brotherhood in America (A 10-Part Course by Frank Gaffney)

COMING TUESDAY, APRIL 24 at http://muslimbrotherhoodinamerica.com

Have you wondered why, for over ten years -- despite countless man-years spent waiting in airport security lines, over a trillion dollars spent, the loss of thousands of lives in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and endless efforts to ensure that no offense is given to seemingly permanently aggrieved Islamist activists --we are no closer to victory in the so-called "war on terror" than we were on 9/11? The missing answer and its online location will be unveiled on Tuesday, April 24 in a new web-based, ten-part video course presented by Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy. 

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Persecution Update 22 April 2012

Kuwait leaders try to halt church construction, strengthen blasphemy laws Azerbaijan church building may soon be closed Algerian believer appeals prison sentence Update: Prisoner in Pakistan spends nights praying and singing Update: First murder conviction issued after 2008 massacre in Orissa, India Persecution Update keeps you informed of what is going on in our world concerning persecuted Christians. (Info from Voice of the Martyrs Canada.) Download entire Quicktime movies for showing to your group or church from swordandspirit.com, the Human Rights page. 

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Update #10 (Part 2) – The Trayvon Martin Shooting “DeeDee” Reveals The False “Truths”

UPDATED! April 22, 2012
Click on the link below( Update #11) for the most recent update by Sundancecracker from The Last Refuge on the Trayvon Martin shooting.


Earlier I mentioned two sites that had done a very credible job in researching and deconstructing the Trayvon Martin shooting case. This next post from The Last Refuge unravels the ONLY credible witness that the prosecuting team has or now,  perhaps had. Exposed to the truth the 'evidence that was constructed and manipulated' by Benjamin Crump, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the disgusting use of race, how it became race baiting and violent with the disgusting involvement of the new Black Panther Party by offering a bounty for George Zimmerman has been torn asunder, exposed as a prosecution that is very weak, and on very unstable footing.

Now it is time to get this breaking news out for all to read and share! 

The girlfriend or friend known as DeeDee is actually Daisha Brianne. 

Trayvon Martin's parents secured the legal services of attorney Benjamin Crump, who in turn concocted a tempest in a teacup as Sundancecracker puts this "he constructed and manipulated evidence to support the claims of Benjamin Crump and consequently Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton are manufactured. There wasn’t enough evidence there for the legal authorities to act, so they created a tempest in a teacup media storm replete with false information to create their own evidence. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s very similar to the Tawana Brawley case with Al Sharpton, only this time its Benjamin Crump playing the role of Reverend Al." 

This post is way too long to post here in its entirety. Be sure to read Update #9 and Update #10 Part one. 

The Last Refuge, primarily Sundancecracker has done a masterful job from the very beginning of the Trayvon Martin Shooting. Please help out and make sure this gets out to as many sites, people as possible. 


 Update #10 (Part 2) – The Trayvon Martin Shooting “DeeDee” Reveals The False “Truths”…

To paraphrase Winston Churchill:
Benjamin Crump created a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is TRUTH.

All We Need To Do Is Ask DeeDee
Imagine if you will, a constructed narrative, designed with an intentional and hurried specific purpose, and replete with a hidden agenda.

If your ordinary mind can take you into the land of Machiavellian construct then you are a far better-minded cynic than I.

It is only when you are deep within that manipulative place you can begin to understand how challenging it is to get inside this riddle. It is like a basketball made of individual rubber bands intertwined to form a specific shape.

As you take apart the rubber bands the new shape takes on an entirely divergent form, and you realize what you once saw from a distance is not a basketball after all. Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump are master band weavers but what you are about to read will help you unlock the mystery.

I must take an authors liberty to thank many people here at the Last Refuge for providing literally hundreds of hours of painstaking research to carefully untangle the cyber enigma codes. And so we begin, again.

Only this time we begin the final analysis.

It is important prior to going any further in this thread that you have read Update #9 and Update #10 part 1 in their entirety. Trying to understand this thread post alone would be like trying to understand the US Constitution without first having read the Declaration of Independence. In addition the prior two segments contain over 200 sourced and referenced citations. In the interest of already cumbersome readability it would be impossible to duplicate all the citations into one digestible article.

From the outset of the Trayvon Martin shooting case two things have been consistent. First, the statements both recorded, written, and re-enacted by George Zimmerman; And Second, the Sanford Police account that after a two week investigation there was no cause for arrest. The constancy of these two points are factually irrefutable.

So what changed? Well, for one, the narrative and discoveries of the Trayvon contingent of attorneys and media specialists. And more importantly the climate that led to the change of prosecutorial determination officials amid relentless media and political pressure.

Despite these two substantive changes, one from an obviously, and expectedly, biased party in Team Trayvon; and the other from an optically worried political class, the facts or known truths have never changed from before March 5th. Those facts have remained constant.

Yet, George Zimmerman now sits in jail. So, if the facts of the case did not change since before he was cited with an affidavit for probable cause for arrest, then why is he now incarcerated?
Brutally short answer: Political fear, worry about riots and public reaction via racial animosity, and most worrisome of all “lies”; or in todays politically correct lingo “mistruths”.

Trayvon Martin was shot around 7:15pm on Sunday February 26th. His father, Tracy Martin, was notified shortly before 8am on Monday February 27th. He went to the police station and met with lead investigator for the Sanford Police Department, Detective Chris Serino on Tuesday February 28th, when he also heard the specifics of the Zimmerman account and listened to the 911 witness phone call. The now infamous phone call containing the background cries for help, which at that time he confirmed to police WERE NOT the voice sounds of Trayvon, his son. (Details available in Update 10 Part-1)

As a specific outcome from this debriefing, on the same date, February 28th, in the afternoon, Tracy Martin called his sister-in-law, Patricia Jones, herself an attorney, for help. She in turn contacted Tyrone Williams, another attorney, who knew how to contact Benjamin Crump from the law firm Parks and Crump. Parks and Crump both specialize in personal injury/wrongful death with an emphasis on civil rights cases.

Both Tyrone Williams and Patricia Jones reached out to Benjamin Crump who was in court in Tallahassee. The outcome from these contacts was Crump was put directly in contact with Tracy Martin to discuss the shooting on Wednesday February 29th.

On Wednesday February 29th Trayvons body was returned to Fort Lauderdale via funeral director Richard Kurtz. The viewing and visitation was held on Friday evening March 2nd, and a memorial service with interment the following day March 3rd. Through this timeline Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fuller age 46, had not left her North Miami home.

48 hours after being contacted by Tracy Martin, with no arrest of George Zimmerman yet made, Benjamin Crump decided to take the case. Crump enlisted the help of Sanford attorney Natalie Jackson, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, and Director of a Womans Trial Group on March 1st.
Together Jackson and Crump formulated a media strategy, and on Monday March 5th Jackson brought in Ryan Julison, a publicist who had worked with her on a number of high-profile cases. Julison pitched the story to a long list of media contacts.

Eventually, on Wednesday March 7th, Reuters published a story titled “Family of Florida Boy Killed by Neighborhood Watch Seeks Arrest.” The next day, March 8th, CBS News aired a segment on “This Morning,” and by 10 a.m. a crowd of reporters gathered at Natalie Jackson’s law office for a news conference with Ben Crump and Tracy Martin.

Benjamin Crump - Lead Attorney for Trayvon's parents, and Natalie Jackson
The team was now assembled the firestorm media blitz was about to begin.
In the same timeframe George Zimmerman was being questioned and investigated by Sanford Police and investigators. In addition to a 6 hour unrepresented questioning session the night of Sunday February 26th, the police followed up with a crime scene re-enactment with Zimmerman on Monday February 27th. Then, at the conclusion of the re-enactment three detectives grilled Zimmerman, again unrepresented, at police headquarters in their most thorough and hostile questioning. They told Zimmerman they didn’t believe him, and tried unsuccessfully to poke holes in his story.

George Zimmerman’s statements, explanations, outlines and narrated construction of events did not change from the initial night of interrogation, through the on scene crime re-enactment, and again during the third round of questioning at Sanford Police headquarters. He continued to repeat the same consistent structure of the events that led up to the shooting. In summary Zimmerman accounted as follows:

As has been reported, Zimmerman told police officials that he lost sight of Martin and went around a townhouse to see where he was. Then he claimed Martin confronted him and punched him in the face, breaking his nose, and knocking him down.

According to a Daily Beast’s source, Zimmerman told police that when he was on the ground, Martin straddled him, striking him, and then tried to smother him.

Zimmerman claimed that he yelled for help, and that various neighbors who peered out to see the fight from their backyards didn’t get involved. Zimmerman told officers he was so paralyzed by fear that he initially forgot he had a gun, but he said that after Martin noticed his 9mm pistol, Zimmerman pulled it out of his belt holder and fired one round, a hollow-point—the round that killed Martin. (*Note – The autopsy report on Martin has not yet been released.)

Zimmerman told police that Martin’s last words after the shooting were, “Okay, you got it.” He said the phrase twice, then turned and fell face-down on the ground.

(Martin’s father told reporters last month that police had told him his son’s last words were, “You got me.” Benjamin Crump, the family’s lawyer, said he doesn’t believe either account.)

Zimmerman told police he didn’t realize that Martin was seriously injured, and that he lunged to get on top of him after the teenager fell to the ground. Moments later, a police officer from Sanford arrived, placed him in handcuffs and took his gun.

Following the 10am March 8th strategically structured press conference outside Natalie Jackson’s law office with Ben Crump and Tracy Martin, the media interest picked up exponentially. Ryan Julison, the publicist, who pitched the media narrative had done a masterful job of drawing in the attention.

Unfortunately it was from those initial story line pitches that several wrongful conclusions were drawn. Most importantly inaccurate of them was that George Zimmerman was white and the shooting was racially motivated.

But the Julison, Crump, Jackson, Martin, Fulton team et al needed to bait the media hook, so they were not aggressively correcting the factual inaccuracies that eventually worked their way into the Institutional Main Stream Legacy Media narrative.

Pandora’s racial box was open and there was no going back now. By March 23rd the race-baiting narrative reached a boil over point when President Obama took to the Rose Garden podium and publicly stated if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin.

Four days after the Team Trayvon strategic press conference, on Monday March 12th, the Sanford police chief Bill Lee told reporters he lacked necessary probable cause to arrest Zimmerman. Bill Lee, the police chief, would also contend that under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, and even under common Self-Defense laws, police could not arrest Zimmerman without evidence to contradict his story. And there was no contradictory evidence found from the initial beginning of the investigation on February 26th through March 12th.

Immediately Reverend Al Sharpton took up Trayvon Martin’s cause on his MSNBC show, and was soon followed by Jesse Jackson and NAACP President Ben Jealous.

The forces to pressure the Police Department, and the prosecutor’s office into an arrest were all assembled. The only thing that was lacking was justifiable evidence to do it.

There was a slight sense of necessary desperation on the part of Team Trayvon. They had coordinated the local and national NAACP, there were on-line petitions, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Ben Jealous were all on board, but they needed heavier emotional artillery.

Enter Trayvon’s Mother, Sybrina Fulton. That Friday night March 16th Benjamin Crump arranged a meeting inside Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett’s office. Triplett invited Trayvon Martin’s parents and their entire legal team into his office to listen to each of the recorded 911 calls along with the original nonemergency call from George Zimmerman.

No-one was there to represent George Zimmerman’s interests, only Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, the legal team led by Parks and Crump, the media publicity team, and civil rights activists. Mayor Triplett played the calls on his computer.

“When we got to the cries for help, that was when Sybrina burst into tears,” recalled Natalie Jackson. “She said, ‘That’s Trayvon. That’s our son.’ She ran out of the room crying.” “The mayor himself started to cry,” Jackson said. “Everybody in the room was in tears.”
After playing the calls for Team Trayvon, Mayor Triplett overrode the prior decision of Police Chief Lee not to release the tapes, and instead publicly released the tapes to Martin, Fulton, Parks, Crump, Jackson, Julison et al for them to use in associated media coverage and releases.

Trayvon Martin's parents. Tracy Martin (Dad) left and Sabrina Fulton (Mom) center. Attorneys Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson (background)

These tapes, along with the emotional visual of a heavily promoted grieving mom in Sybrina Fulton, were blood in the water for the now frenzied media. This was Friday March 16th. Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton along with their attorneys went from TV station to TV station giving interviews all weekend. The message was simplified, the calls for an arrest increased:
We only want an arrest, all we want is an arrest, we simply want an arrest
The financial motivation began to visibly peak just above the surface for those in tune to the previous efforts in the Martin Lee Anderson case also coordinated by Parks and Crump along with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. $7.2 Million Motivations.

But still the factual evidence of the case had not changed and their was still no actual reason, or evidence to proceed with an arrest.

More heavier artillery was needed. They needed more substance to continue the pressure. More research and strategy considerations would reveal a new strategic manuever.

So accordingly on Sunday night March 18th Tracy Martin decided to investigate his son Trayvon’s cell phone use. As reported by Benjamin Crump it was on this night that Tracy discovered Trayvon had been on the phone with a girlfriend. The girlfriend was previously unknown to them, did not attend the funeral services, and yet apparently was on the phone with Trayvon for 400 minutes on the day he was shot.

Benjamin Crump coordinated a press conference for Tuesday March 20th at 11:30am EST. The results of that press conference outlined the substantive narrative that would be used from that point forward. This is where the Skittles and Tea originated. This is where 14-year-old Chad Green originated. Again, here is an excerpt of that transcribed press conference: (emphasis mine, with dates added for importance)

We took another step in this — what has been a daily journey for the past three and a half weeks.

Mr. Martin, on Sunday evening [March 18th], was working with his cell phone account, trying to figure out Trayvon’s password. And he looked on it, and he saw who the last person was that Trayvon Martin talked to while he was alive.

He called me late Sunday night [March 18th] and told me that he had called the young lady, and he told me, and I was just utterly shocked when he told me the time that they talked. They had talked all that day, about 400 minutes, starting that morning to the afternoon. Like many teenagers do, they talked on the phones.

And all his family and friends knew Trayvon would have his ear plugs in his ear and he would have his phone on the side of his pocket. It was no different that day. His father and mother talked about, a lot of times, they would wake up and he’ll be on the phone talking to his friends.

Well, what George Zimmerman said to the police about him being suspicious and up to no good is completely contradicted by this phone log, showing, all day, he was just talking to his friends. And in fact, he was talking to this young lady when he went to the 7-11 and when he came back from the 7-11.

I’m going to get into that in detail because her testimony, her testimony that is shown on these phone logs, connects the dots. Completely connects the dots of this whole thing.
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s really important to note, and you can follow along because we now have the 911 calls. And we have Zimmerman’s call to the phone, the police dispatcher. And you can follow audio, every account now. Never, in any account, other than George Zimmerman, this neighborhood association loose cannon, does anybody say that Trayvon Martin was up to no good, that he seemed high or anything and in fact.

This young lady details it completely, the tone of the conversation and the nature of the conversation, and what was happening the last minutes of his life. I will ask you — her parents does (ph) not in any way want to reveal her identity. She is a minor. Her parents are very worried about her. She is traumatized over this. This was her really, really close personal friend. They were dating.

And so it’s a situation where to know that you were the last person to talk to the young man who you thought was one of the most special people in the world to you, and know that he got killed moments after he was talking to you, is just riveting to this young lady.

In fact, she couldn’t even go to his wake she was so sick. Her mother had to take her to the hospital. She spent the night in the hospital. She is was one of the most special people in the world to you. And we all were teenagers, so we can imagine how that is when you think somebody’s really special, and you call it puppy love or whatever you want to call it. Then suddenly and tragically, this is taken away and you have, unfortunately, a first-hand account of it.

So I will ask you again on behalf of the family and on behalf of the young lady’s family if you would please respect their privacy. She is a minor.

[...] Now, details. That day Trayvon Martin, 17 years old, three weeks, weighed about 140 to 150 pounds soaking wet, as his mother says, and that’s with his shoes on, leaves to go to the store to get some snacks before the NBA all-star game is about to start. 

His little step-brother asked for him to bring some Skittles back and something to drink. He is talking to the young lady, as he walks to the store. The phone records show — you get copies of these phone records, they will show you the times the calls were made and how long he was on the phone. And it is without any doubt that he’s on the phone the entire time during the day. especially when he is going to that store and coming back. 

You will see that he goes to the store talking to her. And then when he comes back he’s talking to her. This is what she relays. And I’ll share with you some of the audio. We’re going to turn this over to the Department of Justice and their investigation because the family does not trust the Sanford Police Department in anything to do with the investigation.

She relays how he went to the store. When he came out from the store, he said it was starting to rain, he was going to try to make it home before it rained. Then he tells her it starts raining hard. He runs into the apartment complex and runs to the first building he sees to try to get out of the rain. He was trying to get shelter. So he tries to get out of the rain.
And unbeknownst to him, he is being watched. He is a kid trying to get home from the store and get out of the rain. That’s it. Nothing else. So, he stands under that apartment building for a few minutes, the rain kind of dies down. He then goes, and he has his hoodie on because it’s raining and he goes back to walking. And he goes back to talking to her again. You’ll see the phone calls when it came in at 6:54. He then says, I think this dude is following me. And she talks about how he kind of slows down and he’s trying to look in the car like, I think this dude is following me. And she tells him, baby, be careful, just run home. She tells him that. 

[...] This young lady connects the dots. She connects the dots. She completely blows Zimmerman’s absurd defense claim out of the water. She says that Trayvon says he’s going to try to lose him. He’s running trying to lose him. He tells her, I think I lost him. So, he’s walking and then she says that he says very simply, oh, he’s right behind me. He’s right behind me again. And so she says “run.” He says, I’m not going to run. I’m going to walk fast. At that point, she says Trayvon — she hears Trayvon say, why are you following me.
She hears the other boy say, what are you doing around here. And again, Trayvon says, why are you following me. And that’s when she says again he said, what are you doing around here. Trayvon is pushed. The reason she concludes, because his voice changes like something interrupted his speech.

Then the other thing, she believes the earplug fell out of his ear. She can hear faint noises but no longer has the contact. She hears an altercation going and she says, then suddenly, somebody must have hit the phone and it went out because that’s the last she hears.
[...] Arrest George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin in cold blood today. Arrest this killer. He killed this child in cold blood. Right now, he is free as a jay bird, he’s allowed to go and come as he please while Trayvon Martin is in a grave.

Do you sense the urgency, weight, and importance that Crump is placing on this “girlfriend”? He identified her as “DeeDee”, an alias, then proceeded to state she had sworn a testimonial, then a sworn statement.

Essentially Benjamin Crump based the entire construct of the Trayvon narrative of events squarely on the shoulders of “DeeDee“.

Before proceeding it is highly important that you pay attention to the dates and times associated with this Press Conference, and with the content outlined within the substance of the press conference. Tracy Martin “discovered the phone records” late Sunday evening the 18th, he called Crump “very late” that night. The press conference was Tuesday morning March 20th at 11:30am. There was only one day, Monday the 19th, between the discovery and the conference.

Monday, March 19th a school day.  Benjamin Crump would have needed to talk to, interview, and retrieve a testimonial from a 15-year-old girlfriend, described as was one of the most special people in the world to Trayvon.   She was in Fort Lauderdale, Crump was in Sanford, Florida.

She was filled with “puppy love” and “traumatized beyond anything anyone could imagine”. So devastated she had to be taken to the hospital and could not even attend the visitation or funeral. So special that Trayvon and DeeDee spent 400 minutes, or 6 hours and 40 minutes on the phone with her on one day, Sunday February 26th, the day he was shot.  His last day alive.

Their relationship was “so special” that after hearing the event unfold on the phone she did nothing. She never called Trayvon again, she never called Mom or Dad worried, she never spoke to anyone about it, nothing.   How is it possible they were so especially close that Tracy didn’t even know who she was.  No-one did.  Not Tracy, not Sybrina, not no-one.

She was so important to Trayvon yet she refused to cooperate, or talk to police, or give sworn statements to states attorneys or police, even when offered representation. From March 20th until sometime after April 4th, she refused to cooperate; then, when she did give a statement, she would only give it to Federal authorities. Does that part make sense to you?

Oh, it gets worse. But more on that in a moment. For now just understand how important to the narrative DeeDee actually is.

Fast Forward. Thursday March 22nd, yet there was still no cause for arrest, nothing of substantive verifiable evidence had changed. DeeDee still refusing to be interviewed by investigators, and the media interest was boiling.

Subsequently, on March 22nd driven by the relentless 24/7 media blitz of Family Attorney’s Parks and Crump, along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP applying pressure, the Sanford city commission voted “no confidence” in Police Chief Lee by 3-2 margin.

The police the chief Bill Lee announced his temporary 21resignation of the case. Lee told a news conference that while he stood by the Sanford Police Department, he was stepping aside to remove any possibility of distraction caused by him.
“It is apparent that my involvement in this matter is overshadowing the process,” he said. “I do this in the hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to the city, which has been in turmoil for several weeks.”
Some news agencies even began to sell the story and report that Sanford’s lead investigator, Chris Serino, wanted Zimmerman charged with manslaughter that night but Wolfinger’s office put a stop to it. 

The city of Sanford issued a statement saying that is completely not true.
Police did that night prepare an incident report that lists “manslaughter” as the possible crime being investigated, but in every case in which an officer prepares an incident report, he or she fills in that spot with some crime and statute number to allow the agency to properly report crime statistics to the FBI.

Three weeks ago, on Monday April 2nd, during an exclusive interview with the Sentinel, Police Chief Lee disclosed certain details of the investigation and during that session, attended by Detective Serino and others, Serino said his investigation turned up no reliable evidence that cast doubt on Zimmerman’s account – that he had acted in self-defense.
“The best evidence we have is the testimony of George Zimmerman, and he says the decedent was the primary aggressor in the whole event,” Serino told the Sentinel March 16. “Everything I have is adding up to what he says.””
So it would be prudent for the media and Trayvon supporters to stop with whole “The lead investigator wanted to charge him but it was shuffled under the rug” narrative. It really only further diminishes the search for truth in this case.

And yet Zimmerman was arrested and charged by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey with Second Degree Murder. They got their arrest. Or as Crump would say, they got to “first base”.

Getting to “Second Base” or “financial scoring position” requires them to get passed the immunity hearing. If Zimmerman successfully argues the immunity hearing and the Judge finds self-defense was reasonably warranted, then the entire case is wiped out and Zimmerman will be released.
Throughout the horrible story of Trayvon Martin there have been two paralleling goals. From the Trayvon family they sought truth, and from the Trayvon Family Attorneys they sought justice. But not the type of justice you would assume.

Benjamin Crump esq was seeking monetary justice. Wrongful Death type financial justice.
Initially, I believe, Benjamin Crump was contacted because Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton just wanted honest answers. However, the motivation behind Parks and Crump, while it may contain some semblence of this objective, is more aptly framed around financial interests, and a broader, social/financial justice. This provides them prestige and influence under racially driven civil rights type auspices. Legal civil-rights credibility.

Tracy Martin, and Sybrina Fulton became, perhaps unwitting, tools toward the end goals of a much larger objective. Tracy and Sybrina stood to gain success in their original goal of knowlege, and then Crump added another benefit, while not initially considered, of financial reward.
Yet, the factual evidence stood in their way of both goals.

On one hand you see distraught parents forced to face the reality of a troubled teenage son, and simultaneously faced with guilt from complicit failure as parents to provide Tryavon the internal moral compass and value system to succeed. Defining him as a victim helped avoid confronting the mirror.

On the other hand you have a self-defense claim from Zimmerman which would not only wipe out any chance for Parks and Crump to achieve Financial Justice, but such an outcome would also place the guilt burden back upon an absentee Mother and Father in accepting the failure to develop a moral compass within their son.

Enter Florida’s immunity statute.
The law: Statute 776.032 Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.—
(1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.

(2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.
(3) The court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, compensation for loss of income, and all expenses incurred by the defendant in defense of any civil action brought by a plaintiff if the court finds that the defendant is immune from prosecution as provided in subsection (1).

So under section “2″ an arrest implies “probable cause”, but the hurdle of immunity still needs to be overcome. Once the process of arrest is established they then need to get beyond the immunity hearing. Once passed the immunity hearing a civil action is possible. For the purpose of “monetary justice” it only takes an arrest (first base), winning the immunity hearing (second base), and then on to trial; a subsequent conviction is not necessary

Without an arrest that leads to trial, there is no implied probable cause, which could lead to Compensatory and punitive damages for wrongful death. They need an arrest and subsequent trial. They DO NOT need a conviction to achieve PAYDAY.

Remember this specific point as you contemplate the Crump strategy.

Again, the problem lay with factual evidence not leading to arrest. So media evidence was needed. Media evidence need not be real, it merely needs to appear to be real.

On Monday March 12th the absence of evidence was again noted by investigators. By Friday night March 16th the 911 calls became a media strategy to manufacture the framing for an arrest.
But, the investigators had already determined the 911 calls did not contradict Zimmerman, to the contrary when added to the eye-witness accounts they supported Zimmerman’s explanation of events.

Crump needed something else to change the arrest narrative in their direction.
That something became “DeeDee”, Trayvon’s “girlfriend” and she became an audio-witness. Again it is important to review the CNN Transcript from Crumps Press Conference disclosing DeeDee.
There is only ONE problem. Crumps framing is FAKE.

Does “DeeDee” exist? Yes. and, despite the scrubbing of her on-line social identity we were able to trace her steps.

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