Another Senseless Murder of a Police Officer

Gary Fouse

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                                                Keith Boyer

Yesterday, Whittier Police (outside Los Angeles) lost one of their police officers in a shooting that also wounded another officer. ABC News has the details.


The shooter is Michael Christoper Mejia (26), gang member, ex-con, and just recently released from prison.

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He could have been there longer except a judge refused to double his last sentence for car theft based on his previous conviction for armed robbery as he could have. Instead of giving Mejia 4 years, the judge gave him two. Part of the "reasoning" as I understand it is that Mejia's first conviction was violent, but the second (car theft) was not.

Mejia is not an illegal alien; he is a US citizen.

Armed robbery, car theft and multiple probation violations. Yet, due to California law AB 109 and the state's preoccupation for relieving jail overcrowding as mandated by the courts, people like Mejia are not kept behind bars. Instead, they are are turned back onto our streets.

Now we have Officer Boyer and another person dead and Officer Patrick Hazel in the hospital.

I just don't get it. I just don't get California's insane policies. I just don't get the liberal mindset that produces tragedies like this.

Omar Abdel Rahman Dies

Gary Fouse

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Omar Abdel Rahman Dies

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Omar Abdel Rahman

Omar Abdel Rahman, the so-called Blind Sheikh, has died in a federal prison in North Carolina, where he was serving a life sentence for his role in a conspiracy to blow up New York City landmarks.


Here is more on the so-called Blind Sheikh courtesy of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.


This man was a dangerous radical when he was living in the Middle East. Somehow he was admitted to our shores where he repaid our hospitality by trying to murder Americans. His radical bent was never a secret. Yet, in 1992, he was hosted at the Islamic Center of Orange County by none other than famed "moderate" imam Muzammil Siddiqi, who translated the Blind Sheikh's guest sermon.


It gets worse. In 2012, I attended an open town hall on sharia law at the above mosque. The panel was a who's who of useful idiots including disgraced ex-LASD sheriff Lee Baca (now on trial for corruption), Democratic congresswomen Maxine Waters, Loretta Sanchez and Judy Chu, the US Attorney for Los Angeles, Andre Birotte Jr. and LAPD's chief of counter terror, Michael Downing. Everybody agreed that sharia law was no threat to the US and was I compatible with the US Constitution. When I brought the 1992 visit to the mosque by Abdel Rahman to Downing's attention after the event concluded, his response was: "Well, Gary, you know some people change over time."

This is what we are up against.

How Many, Mr Ayloush?

Gary Fouse

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CAIR's Hussam Ayloush

I recall vividly attending a town hall on violent extremism held at the Islamic Center of Orange County in January 2015. Hussam Ayloush, the Southern California director of CAIR, stated that by the government's own statistics "some twenty"American Muslims had gone to join ISIS. (He, of course. must have been omitting those the FBI stopped trying to leave the country.) He then asked why nobody was talking about the "thousands of American Jewish men who have gone to join the Israeli Defense Force killing the people of Gaza".

Of course, Ayloush's numbers were false at the time and have only grown since he made the comment. He did not include those arrested attempting to leave the US. (He also failed to note that we know of not one American Muslim who has gone to Syria or Iraq to fight against ISIS.) The entire issue is relevant given the controversy over President Trump's travel ban against citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. Many of Ayloush's ilk are asking, "How many Americans have been killed in the US by people coming from those countries?"

If you want to be technical, the answer may well be zero so far. I will not attempt here to research and find every single case to refute that argument though I can cite one honor killing by an Iraqi man in the San Diego area who murdered his wife and tried to blame an Islamophobic intruder.

I could also point out that Libya, another country on the Trump list, is where four Americans were murdered during the attack on the Benghazi consulate.

However, I think the most important rebuttal would be to remind the reader of how many Muslims, either refugees, immigrants, converts, American citizens, or home-grown have been charged with terror plots/attempting to join ISIS or other terror organizations.

According to the Washington Post, 108 people have been charged with ISIS related plots. A total of 58 have been convicted. Keep in mind that ISIS is one of the newest terror organizations as compared to Al Qaeda.


"Federal prosecutors have charged 108 men and women around the country in connection with the Islamic State. So far, 58 have been convicted." 

Apparently, that study does not include the Somalia-based terror organization, Al Shabaab. Several US-based Somalis have been charged with plotting to aid or join Al Shabaab, and several have successfully returned to Somalia to link up with them. Though national origin is generally not listed here, I would guess that several have as their national origin the 7 countries on Trump's travel ban. I would also wager that those from Minnesota are of Somali origin since that state has the nation's largest Somali population.

In the below article, 72 convicted of terror charges in the US are identified as originating from the 7 countries on the travel ban.


In addition, do you remember that recent knife attack at Ohio State University? The attacker was of Somali origin. Fortunately, none of the stabbing victims died.

Do these numbers represent a majority of US-based Muslims? Of course not. They don't have to. One man killed 49 people in a gay night club in Orlando. One married couple (the wife came into the US from Pakistan on a fiance visa) killed 14 in San Bernardino. Nineteen hijackers killed almost 3,000 on 9-11. The list goes on and on. The common thread was motive-jihad.

The University of California Needs an Overhaul

Gary Fouse

This article first appeared in New English Review
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Wednesday night's riot at the University of California at Berkeley, which forced cancellation of yet another speaking appearance by conservative gay pundit Milo Yiannopoulos, is the final straw. It is now self-evident that the entire University of California administration from its president, Janet Napolitano down to its chancellors needs to be overhauled and replaced.

The UC system is far from being the only American university that has fallen into disrepair, but it may be the worst. To be fair, things were bad when Napolitano took over as president after screwing up the Department of Homeland Security, but under her weak leadership things have gone from terrible to worse.

This past year, I concluded an 18-year-career teaching English as a second language part-time in the UC Irvine Extension, of which I have nothing negative to say. During the past decade, however, I did have a few criticisms of the main campus administration, chiefly for their refusal to address the problem of anti-semitism on campus. That continues to be a problem system wide (as well as nation-wide). While Jewish college students across the nation continue to face anti-semitism and bullying at the hands of the pro-Palestinian crowd, the UC system has accumulated more than its share of complaints. Swastika's have appeared on several UC campuses and pro-Israel events have been disrupted by the brown shirts of Students for Justice in Palestine. In spite of numerous complaints from Jewish students and supporting groups like the AMCHA Initiative, Napolitano and her chancellors either deny the allegations or make cosmetic fixes, which solve nothing. Last year, after much work and struggle by the above groups and in the face of strong opposition, the UC regents passed a revised Statement of Principles Against Intolerance, which specifically addressed anti-semitism. It has proved to be nothing more than a scrap of paper sitting in their files.

In addition, the thuggish elements among the students-aided by professional outside agitators, have made a mockery of free speech when it comes to conservative points of view. What rules on the UC campuses are speech codes and silly notions of trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, and goofy new pronouns in place of traditional English words like she or he. If America's adversaries wanted to turn out an entire generation of uneducated and sniveling Americans, they could not have done any better than our current crop of educators.

Into all this mix arrived a previously obscure young man named Milo Yiannopoulos. A conservative gay man from Britain who works as a Breitbart educator, Yiannopoulos came up with a brilliant marketing shtick called "The Most Dangerous Faggot" tour as he travels from one university campus to another, usually sponsored by the College Republicans. His specialty is poking fun at political correctness as he insults one special interest group after another. Milo is now a rock star thanks to the anarchists and sensitive cupcakes of academia who do everything in their power to shut down his events. Prior to last night's riot at UCB, his appearance at UC Davis had to be cancelled at the last minute. (Just two weeks ago, while speaking at the University of Washington, one leftist from the "Industrial Workers of the World" decided to attack a pro-Trump/Yiannopoulos supporter during a mass protest outside the auditorium. He chose the wrong victim and wound up in the hospital with a gunshot wound. The shooter, who claimed self defense is as yet uncharged.) UCLA has now cancelled Yiannopoulos' Thursday night appearance. The term, "heckler's veto" is no longer sufficient to describe what is happening now. Free speech in our universities is a thing of the past.

It would be comforting to think that the governor, Jerry Brown, and the adults in California would step in and kick the whole bunch of UC leaders out, but then again, we are talking about Jerry Brown and California here. Help is hardly on the way. As it is, UCB Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, under fire for irregularities, is on his way out awaiting the naming of a successor. He has proven to be a feckless chancellor even having an escape hatch built into his office in case of student protests. No doubt he used it last night. In fact, no arrests have even been reported. Napolitano is now battling cancer. While I wish her a speedy recovery, this is an opportune time for her to declare victory and leave. The University of California, like so many other institutions of higher learning, is in bad shape. Unfortunately, changing a culture that has been building since the 1960s will take a long time. President Trump is now talking about taking federal funding away from UCB. I hope he does. Only when the money dries up will these people get the message that the party is coming to an end.