And this is a bad thing.. I think not!

Where I live, I know my taxes and yours go to fund public abortions through providers like Planned Parenthood. POORegon is well on it's way to becoming one of the states to be a model for the rest of the nation under the umbrella of ' health insurance for all'. The state of POORegon has been pro-murder, choice,  pro-baby killing for decades. 

What a shame this is taking place in my home state. I am , always been and will always will be against the murder of the unborn, period.

From Fox News.


Mississippi to become only state without abortion clinic?

JACKSON, Mississippi – Mississippi soon could become the only U.S. state without an abortion clinic as a new law takes effect this weekend. Critics say it would force women in one of the country's poorest states to drive hours to obtain a constitutionally protected procedure or carry unwanted pregnancies to term.

Top officials say limiting abortions is exactly what they have in mind. 

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant says he wants Mississippi to be "abortion-free." The law takes effect Sunday.

Abortion rights supporters have sued, asking a judge to temporarily block the law from taking effect. So far, that hasn't happened. 

The law requires anyone performing abortions at the state's only clinic to be a doctor with privileges to admit patients to a local hospital. Such privileges can be difficult to obtain, and the clinic contends the mandate is designed to put it out of business. A clinic spokeswoman, Betty Thompson, has said the two physicians who do abortions there travel to the clinic from other states. 

Michelle Movahed of the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights is one of the attorneys representing the clinic. She said Friday that several states -- including Mississippi, Kansas and Oklahoma -- have tried in the past few years to chip away at access to abortion. 

"One of the things that has really been surprising about Mississippi is how open the legislators and elected officials have been about their intentions," Movahed said. "They're not even pretending it's about public safety. They're openly saying they're using this law to try to shut down the last abortion provider in the state.

"Religious-affiliated hospitals might not grant admitting privileges to those who perform elective abortions, while other hospitals might not grant them to out-of-state physicians who travel to work at the clinic, Jackson Women's Health Organization. As of Friday, the final business day before the new law takes effect, physicians at the clinic had applied for admitting privileges but hadn't received them. 

Supporters of the new law said they believe it will be safer for a woman who develops complications if the same doctor who does an abortion at a clinic can accompany her to a hospital rather than handing her case over to another physician. The clinic says the admitting privileges are not medically necessary as complications from abortion are rare. 

Outside the clinic in the state capital one day last week, at least a dozen people from a local church sang hymns and prayed for an end to abortion. Among them was 51-year-old Patricia Frazier, who showed off a rubber model of a fetus at about 12 weeks' development -- about the length of a grown woman's index finger. "This is all about money. They want your money," Frazier said, nodding toward the clinic. 

The state Health Department website shows 2,297 abortions, listed as "induced terminations," were performed in Mississippi in 2010, the most recent year for which statistics were available. The vast majority of those -- 2,251 -- were performed on Mississippi residents. The site does not specify how many were done at the clinic and how many were done in other offices or hospitals. 

Clinic operators say almost all the abortions in the state are done in their building.

Original source is here.

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Persecution Update 1 July 2012

Update: Kuwait leader rejects death sentence
House church baptism disrupted by raid in China
Attacks on Christians in Odisha, India
War brings additional trials for Syrian believers

Persecution Update keeps you informed of what is going on in our world concerning persecuted Christians. (Info from Voice of the Martyrs Canada.) Download entire Quicktime movies for showing to your group or church from swordandspirit.com, the Human Rights page.

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John Lee Hooker: Long Boogie Live in Montreal 1980 and rare vintage video

John Lee Hooker (May he rest in peace!) was one of the finest bluesmen I was blessed with seeing live numerous times, too many to count.

Here are two excellent videos one from 1980, with a nice long boogie. The next one is some very decent vintage footage of JLH from 1960-1984.

John Lee Hooker - Long Boogie Live in Montreal 1980 


John Lee Hooker - Rare Live (1960 - 1984)

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Bye Bye Blues: Muddy Waters, Memphis Slim, Willy Dixon, Otis Spann

It Does NOT get any better than this; Out the door for a bit........

Enjoy with a ceegar, a nice cold brew or just a strong cup o' joe.

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Whipping Post: Allman Bros live Fillmore East 1970

Whipping Post: Allman Brothers 1970 live

I do not like most live videos or recording save for a some Grateful Dead and a handful of others.

Taking a break to try and take AJ for a very slow walkies as he and I are stir carzy.

This is an exception and Allman Brothers, saw them live several times and this was back when Duane Allman was still alive and in the lead with Gregg.

Superb video and enjoy!

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Only in the age of Obama: New Black Panthers race warfare

If white people went a rant like this the goons from eric holders and the DOJ would hunt us down. But a bunch of thugs like the nbp do it, well, it is just fine. I do not care who you are, what color your skin is. This is wrong!

These thusgs and race baiters need to be arrested for PAST and present threats. Remember what they threatened George Zimmerman with and put a bounty on him.

From Bluegrass Pundit

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A righteous black man: Col Allen West

Yep, running way behind and not feeling all that great but what else is new. It could always be worse but on a day like today, I really wonder.  Not sure how much I got left tonight after this past week. Damn liquor store was out of Uncle Ezra so I am into a bit of Tangle Ridge tonight. Decent Canadian whiskey, a bit sweet, has a bit of sherry in it, and is a real steal compared to others that sell for much more and are truly mediocre, at best. Enough of the snivel and drivel train.

I like Col. Allen West and I know some folks do not. That is your opinion and you have a right to it. No problems there at all, fine by me. West speaks for many of us and while no politician or any one is perfect, he has much going for him. Skin color does not matter to me as I have stated so many times.

West is, in a few words borrowed from a comment on the post below over on TLR,  is a righteous man. A BLACK Conservative who is not afraid to call out The Black Congressional Caucus for what they truly have become; a bunch of far left liberal progressives who want to keep their constituents on the plantation system and are acting like spoiled brats. So they walked out on the vote to hold eric (race baiter) holder in contempt. Remember, this is NOT about race or skin color, people. It is ALL about skin color and race to these poor excuses for politicians who walked out on the vote to hold eric holder in contempt.

Allen West, you take those foolish plantation owners down!

From The Last Refuge


Color Of Skin – Not Content Of Character – It’s An ObamaNation
Sorry about this! Should have had a warning
WASHINGTON DC - The Congressional Black Caucus plans to walk off the House floor during tomorrow’s votes to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress, according to a letter being circulated among members of Congress.

“We adamantly oppose this partisan attack and refuse to participate in any vote that would tarnish the image of Congress or of an attorney general who has done nothing but work tirelessly to protect the rights of the American people. We must reflect upon why we are elected to this body and choose now to stand up for justice,” the CBC members wrote in a copy of the letter obtained by POLITICO. “We call upon all members of Congress to stand with us during a press conference on the Capitol Building steps during this appalling series of votes to discuss our nation’s most significant priority — creating jobs. At this critically important time in our nation, we must work as colleagues rather than political enemies.”

In particular, CBC members are hoping to garner support for their move from members of other minority and liberal groups, including Hispanics, Asians and the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  (read more)

Original source is here.

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Obama to be featured on new currency

Thanks to FOTM.

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Murfreesboro School Board Denial

Gary Fouse

In response to the accusations brought forth by Eric Allen Bell, the Murfreesboro School Board has issued the below statement in regards to communications with the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.


Statement concerning student religious activities
June 27, 2012
A few concerned residents contacted Rutherford County Schools on June 27, 2012, after hearing a discussion on a Nashville radio station. No one from the school district heard the radio program directly and so exactly what was said cannot be confirmed.

However, the discussion apparently referenced students practicing religious activities at school with an accusation that the school district allowed some students but not others to exercise their religious rights.  Apparently, there also was a claim that the district had received a list of demands for Muslim students from the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.

Rutherford County Schools is releasing this statement to hopefully address rumors concerning this topic.

First, the school district is not aware of anyone receiving any written communication directly from the Islamic Center. However, several principals have reported they received an e-mail from a person named Eric Bell that accuses the school district of receiving and disseminating information from the Islamic Center. Mr. Bell’s email does include an attached informational document from the Islamic Center. But again, this document was not received directly from the Islamic Center; it came from Mr. Bell.

However, the school district routinely receives informational literature about religions from various groups, including Christian, Jewish and legal organizations. Students of all religions are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights by practicing religious activities or participating in religious clubs at school as long as those activities are student-initiated.

 Below is the text of an e-mail reportedly sent to the school  board by Abdulrahman Kattih (mosque organizer) 

From: Abdoulrahman Kattih (E-mail address deleted)
 Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 11:54 PM
 To: Angel McCloud
 Subject: Follow up on the flyer

Dear Mrs. McCloud

 We spoke a couple of weeks ago about sending you an informative newsletter to
 distribute to the principles in the Rutherford county schools to tell them about
 the Muslim students in the area, the newsletter has some information to help
better understand and deal with the Muslim students.
We estimate that there are over 300 Muslim students in the county and we are
 looking forward to working with the Rutherford county Board of education to help; integrate them better and be understood better in the schools they attend.

We are hoping to forward the attached flyer to the principles and ask if they
 may share with the teacher when needed. We will be delighted to provide printed
 copies if needed.

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions.

 Abdou Kattih
 (phone number deleted)

Unconstitutional Official Acts

This was sent to me by a friend from over at Restore The Republic. RTR is a damn fine site but a word of caution about entering that site; there are A LOT of Ron Paul supporters over at RTR and depending on where you are politically, you may just get attacked and MUST be willing to stand your ground and take some shots. I refuse to get into pissing contests online and just share what I do here, over on RTR and FreedomTorch. The vast majority of these very decent folks are willing to listen and allow you to speak. They may not always agree with what I or you might have to say but one things for sure, these two sites ARE NOT for statists, liberals or progressives who believe in all things warm, fuzzy, rainbows, political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism.  Let me know if these links do not work. I am a member of both these sites.

Thanks to Bob for sending this to me!


Unconstitutional Official Acts

16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256:

  The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be In agreement. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail. This is succinctly stated as follows:

    The General rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it's enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.

    Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it.....

    A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the lend, it is superseded thereby.

    No one Is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.

Jon Roland:

Strictly speaking, an unconstitutional statute is not a "law", and should not be called a "law", even if it is sustained by a court, for a finding that a statute or other official act is constitutional does not make it so, or confer any authority to anyone to enforce it.

All citizens and legal residents of the United States, by their presence on the territory of the United States, are subject to the militia duty, the duty of the social compact that creates the society, which requires that each, alone and in concert with others, not only obey the Constitution and constitutional official acts, but help enforce them, if necessary, at the risk of one's life.

Any unconstitutional act of an official will at least be a violation of the oath of that official to execute the duties of his office, and therefore grounds for his removal from office. No official immunity or privileges of rank or position survive the commission of unlawful acts. If it violates the rights of individuals, it is also likely to be a crime, and the militia duty obligates anyone aware of such a violation to investigate it, gather evidence for a prosecution, make an arrest, and if necessary, seek an indictment from a grand jury, and if one is obtained, prosecute the offender in a court of law.

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The Price of European Immigration: Fjordman

"In the end, the historian Uhrskov Jensen fears that only a massive traumatic event or a major shock to the system can change the direction the Western world is currently headed and reestablish reasonable and sensible immigration policies that are in line with the long-term interests of the European majority population."


There are those who will state that the United States is a far cry from europistan, and in so many ways we are. American exceptionalism  is perhaps one of the major differences between the USA and euopistan. That exceptionalism is now seriously at risk and fast disappearing into our rear-view mirror. The policies of the statist liberals and progressives has done serious and perhaps irreparable harm, to our good and fine republic.

Fjordman, who I will stand up for, and what he has to say about what has gone in europistan and how Europe, became europistan thanks to very liberal, progressive policies, especially when one delves into the subject of immigration.

No limits, laws that were not enforced, a falling native birth rate and the exploding muslim, asian, immigrant population in Europe has changed that continent into europistan.

We are almost there. If liberals and progressives are allowed by the American people to remain in control of national politics and our foreign policies, then we are a doomed country. What do you plan to do about this and how will YOU vote in November?

 You know where I stand and I will not give in or go down without a fight. PatriotUSA


The Price of European Immigration

By Fjordman

In his 2008 book Et Delt Folk (“A Nation Divided”), The Danish historian and writer Morten Uhrskov Jensen carefully went through publicly available sources. He demonstrated that the opening up of his country for mass immigration was arranged by just part of the population, sometimes in the face of considerable popular opposition.

Roughly speaking, those representing the political and media establishment and the upper classes were in favor of open borders, whereas those from the lower classes were often opposed. This divide is viewed by those from the upper segments of society as caused mainly by racism, prejudice, ignorance and xenophobia.

Since the educated classes enjoyed a virtual hegemony over public debate, they were able to define all opposition as hate and intolerance, exemplified by people such as Pia Kj√¶rsgaard of the Danish People’s Party. The well-to-do themselves rarely lived in areas with many immigrants and could afford to move, at least for a while, if that was needed. They focused on the abstract and allegedly humanitarian aspects of mass migration.

Immigrants are simply referred to as “new countrymen,” who as if by magic always seem to enrich the natives with their presence. In Denmark, multiculturalists have successfully managed to establish the neologism nydansker or “new Danes,” a vibrant new breed of people currently displacing the tired and boring “old Danes.”

For poorer people, immigration was a concrete issue, as immigrants moved into their neighborhoods and went to school with their children. To put it bluntly, for those with money, globalization initially meant that they could travel on holidays to exotic lands and treat the world as their playground. For those who were less well off, it meant that the entire world suddenly moved into their street and took over their children’s local playground.

When the Titanic during her maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean struck an iceberg just before midnight on 14 April 1912, the first people who could see the water pouring in were the third-class passengers who happened to be situated closest to the waterline. Meanwhile, the richest passengers at the top were drinking fine cognac long after the ship had started sinking. They didn’t realize what was going on for quite some time, because they were further removed from the physical problem. The poor passengers still unfortunately suffered the highest fatality rates, because the wealthy benefited from having privileged access to the lifeboats.

We see the same phenomenon on display today, on a much larger scale. Having Islamophobia in Europe today is just as rational as having icebergophobia on board the Titanic in 1912.
Uhrskov Jensen in 2012 published another book, Indvandringens Pris (“The Price of Immigration”) about how much money non-European mass immigration costs his native Denmark. His conclusion is that this cost is great in terms of welfare payments and rising crime combined with declining efficiency and technological innovation.

He shows through carefully researched statistics that only certain Asian immigrants are able to keep up with northern Europeans in the educational system. A few skilled immigrants from India or elsewhere can compete, but mainly those from East Asia: Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and to some extent Vietnamese. All other non-Western immigrants show lower levels of skill and competence than Europeans, many of them a lot lower.

It should be mentioned here that these numbers correlate quite well with average IQ, where a few other Asians can compete with Europeans, but primarily East Asians. Other ethnic groups cannot do so. Although it has become taboo to say this in the modern Western world, it is well-documented fact that IQ correlates well with economic level, for individuals as well as for nations. The scholar Charles Murray has written much about this.

Read the complete article here at Front Page.

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Storm clouds on the horizon: Obamacare, young and old will suffer

I have been reading over many articles, posts etc. the last three and half hours on the SCOTUS upholding obamacare. I am no legal scholar so I will not even try to go there on this. 

obamacare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and should have been struck down.

Below you will find what I think makes this all relevant and into the proper perspective of WHY obama and his traitorous administration must be removed from power.

The short and long term implications are gloomy, at best. Supercell storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.

From Alan Caruba's most excellent site, Warning Signs.


What Just Happened to the Rule of Law? 
By Alan Caruba

Following the Obamacare decision, The Heartland Institute’s Maureen Martin, a Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs, said, “Today’s decision will go down in infamy. It marks the moment when we all lost our freedom because the Supreme Court drew a road map to guide those dedicated to imposing a totalitarian, statist government on the American people.”

A Heartland colleague, Peter Ferrara, a member of the bar of the Supreme Court and a Senior Fellow for Entitlement and Budget Policy, said “The Supreme Court of the United States just endorsed the most fundamental dishonesty of our politics today. The President intimidated Chief Justice John Roberts like Hugo Chavez intimidates the Venezuelan Supreme Court. The rule of law is now dead. The American people have only one more chance now to save their country.” Heartland is a non-profit, free market think tank.

A lot of Americans may begin to feel like the Jews who lived in Nazi Germany. On September 15, 1935, the Nazi government passed the Nuremberg laws. They were intended to make life in Germany so unpleasant that it would force them to emigrate. Those who could escaped what would later materialize as the Holocaust, the deliberate extermination of all the Jews of Europe. One of them was Albert Einstein who found sanctuary in the United States.

To give you a taste of what it was like, the Reichstag’s Nuremburg laws prohibited marriage between Jews and Aryan Germans. Intercourse between Jews and “subjects of German or kindred blood” was forbidden. Jews were forbidden to fly the Reich and national flag. It did not take long for Jewish teachers, lawyers, and physicians to be stripped of their right to work.

What does that have to do with Obamacare? Americans who could rely on the political system to moderate and even reduce taxation now know that the December 28, 2012 Supreme Court has ruled that Congress may tax anything, including behavior. Americans no longer are free to determine what they wish to purchase or not. Either they follow the dictate of the federal government or they will be fined.

Obamacare has now transformed the United States into a police state.

Twenty-seven U.S. States joined together to oppose Obamacare and they and the other twenty-three now know that they are no longer separate and sovereign republics, but must yield to the federal government’s demand that they create “exchanges” where health insurance must be purchased.

Arizona has already discovered that the federal government will not permit its law enforcement authorities to participate in protecting its border with Mexico despite the havoc illegal immigration has wreaked on that State. Other States have encountered the same response.

America’s older generation, covered by Medicare, will discover that panels of bureaucrats will determine the extent of the health care they can receive. They will discover as those in England’s health system that the wait to be admitted to a hospital can result in death.

The younger generation will suffer as well. As Paul T. Conway, the president of Generation Opportunity, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that seeks to mobilize young adults who are dissatisfied with the status quo to create a better future for themselves, has said:

“President Obama’s health care law stands as one of the largest tax increases in American history. It will be paid by young Americans whose dreams and plans for the future have already been derailed by failed policies that have denied their access to full-time, meaningful jobs in their chosen career paths.”

“Young Americans,” said Conway, “know they will pay the true costs of President Obama’s legislation—over a trillion dollars more in federal spending, more waste and fraud, increased American debt, and the inability to keep or choose healthcare plans that best suit their needs as individuals.”

Young, old, and all other Americans will wake now to an America that they have not known, nor ever conceived could exist; a nation in which the rule of law no longer is a guarantee of the Constitution’s limits and separation of powers.

Original source is here.

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Bad day for legal Americans: We are now Eurotrash USA

This will not be a long post or rant. I am not in favor of obamacare and never have been. Forcing Americans to have buy insurance or pay a penalty in a travesty of immense consequences that will really begin to unfold. The time until our country is swept into the dustbin of history, when we fall into being a second or third world country has has been dramatically shortened.

Think about a couple of thoughts here. One, obama, the FIRST muslim, illegal alien potus first gives back door amnesty to well over one million PLUS illegal aliens, two, obamacare survives the SCOTUS. Now how many illegal aliens will benefit from this, taking advantage of sucking away our taxes dollars paid by legal citizens of the USA to support all these illegals who will get away with voting for liberal, horrible liberal, progressive candidates, using up more of our social services, greatly weakening our once great country. I could go on about many more problems with this decision but am leaving this one to others who are have more time to rip this decision to shreds like it needs to be.

I leave you with this statement by Justice John Roberts. Make note of what is in red.

"The Affordable Care Act is constitutional in part and unconstitutional in part  The individual mandate cannot be upheld as an exercise of Congress's power under the Commerce Clause," Roberts wrote. "That Clause authorizes Congress to regulate interstate commerce, not to order individuals to engage it. In this case, however, it is reasonable to construe what Congress has done as increasing taxes on those who have a certain amount of income, but choose to go without health insurance. Such legislation is within Congress's power to tax." Roberts stressed that the decision does not speak to the merits of the law. "We do not consider whether the act embodies sound policies. That judgment is entrusted to the nation's elected leaders," he said. 

Just one reason to now ensure that obama and his evil henchmen must be removed from office by election or impeachment. I am now 100% convinced we will have a second revolution. If it is in my lifetime, you all already know which side I WILL stand with. 
Locked and loaded my friends, locked and loaded.

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Rory - I'm Leaving

I've come across a youtube channel that has loads of great recordings of Rory Gallagher, there are quite a few bootlegs on there, so even if you're already a fan and think you've heard it all, you're going to find a few new tracks. Like this one, from a bootleg from Ripley's Music Hall in Philadelphia, apparently - 1982. Check out those photos - the guy's done a good job.

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Rory Gallagher - Fly Off The Handle

Just found a clip of Rory playing in Paris in March 1980. A great song, Rory's on form, and it's a good video.

And just to top that off, if that's even possible, here's a fantastic video of "Bullfrog Blues". If you can sit and watch that and not be a big grinning idiot at the end, there's something far wrong with you! Rory's really going for it.

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The Murfreesboro Mosque Issue Heats Up

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Mosque Confidential.com for the below-referenced leaked documents.

As the on-going storm over construction of a 53,000 sq ft mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee continues, the local school board is now on the hot spot. Below is a document reportedly sent by the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to the Murfreesboro School Board with guidelines on how teachers should treat Muslim students.


The above document was initially leaked by documentary film maker Eric Allen Bell via the below article:


Just in the past few days, Bell also discussed this document with a major Nashville morning talk show and sent the "teacher's guide" to all the local media. It was mostly ignored. However, one DJ, Michael DelGiorno, read the document over the radio.

When conservative media began calling the school board for comment, the board reportedly denied having received any such document. Bell then released an e-mail showing that the school board was in contact with their attorney and the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro itself by phone and by e-mail.  DelGiorno read the e-mail on the air and posted it on his Facebook page.
Photo: Letter from ICM to Rutherford Co School Board attorney


As of today the school  board is being inundated with e-mails from angry parents objecting to the special privileges for Muslim students. This evening, the board is understandably in an emergency session.

The entire 5-page document sent to the school board will be posted next month by the paper with the largest circulation in the area of the Islamic Center.

Bulletin of the Persecution of Christians

Bulletin of the Persecution of Christians

May 10 - June 26, 2012
May 10, 2012
Syria (h/t JihadWatch)
Gunmen Thursday expelled all Christian families from the village of Qustul al-Burg in the rural province of Hama in central Syria.
May 11, 2012
Indonesia (hat tip JihadWatch)
Another Christian house of worship has been sealed off in Aceh Singkil district, bringing the total since last week to 17 and marking a new low for religious intolerance in the staunchly Muslim province, a rights group said on Wednesday.
Agusta Mukhtar, a spokesman for the group Pro-Democracy People, said it was regrettable that the local authorities had sealed off the buildings following a protest on April 30 by hard-line groups including the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), which oppose the buildings.
May 18, 2012
Macedonia (h/t thereligionofpeace)
There is an escalation of violence by the Muslims against the Christians in Skopje. At a huge demonstration, Muslims chant "Death to Christians."
May 23, 2012
The eviction of a Christian congregation from a private villa used for worship gatherings for the past seven years has some observers speculating whether Kuwait's Islamist politicians are beginning to actively target non-Muslim groups.
Jordan (h/t thereligionofpeace)
The Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank on Wednesday fired a Christian employee because she refused to wear a scarf to cover her hair as part of uniform for female staff, its spokeswoman said.
May 25, 2012
Germany (translation by IslamInEurope)
An Afghan man claimed he was attacked at a refugee asylum center for having converted to Christianity. He killed a Somali who he said tried to kill him with a knife.
"Unknown arsonists" set fire to a Catholic church. The surveillance films show two men taking advantage of the temporary absence of the security guard. In those moments, the attackers threw petrol and other flammable material at the front door, then set it on fire. Fortunately, the guard came back in time to stop the fire to spreading: the entire building structure is made of wood.
May 27, 2012
France (h/t to JihadWatch)
As Fr. Roger Barthes began to celebrate mass, four youths, aged 14 to 18, broke into the Church of St. Joseph, before launching handfuls of pebbles at 150 faithful present at the service. Immediately, men began pursuing the young troublemakers, but in vain. They managed to vanish into thin air, heading towards the city La Conte.
May 28, 2012
Zanzibar (ht/ thereligionofpeace)
Members of the Islamic revival group (UAMSHO) in Zanzibar, who on Saturday burnt churches and vehicles, yesterday torched three bars as police arrested seven of them in a major operation to bring the situation under control. More HERE. http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSL5E8GR1HB20120527?irpc=932

Zanzibar Commissioner of Police, Mussa Ali told journalists yesterday that they had arrested seven members of the group and two of their leaders. He said they are still hunting for the group's top leaders namely Sheikh Farid Hadi and his Assistant Amir Azzan Khalid.
June 3, 2012
A suicide bomber crashed the gate of a church compound in this northern Nigerian city this morning, killing himself and at least 10 others and leaving more than 30 injured, according to eyewitnesses and officials. Update HERE.
June 4, 2012
Pakistan (hat tip to JihadWatch)
anPolice investigators in Narowal are siding with men accused of gang-raping a 13-year-old Christian girl and then torturing her family and killing her two unborn cousins, say the girl's family.

Though FIRs of both incidents have been registered, the police have already declared one of the three accused, a retired inspector's son, innocent in the rape case. In the case for causing two stillbirths, the police are not arresting the accused even though a judge cancelled their interim bails.
Tunsia (translation by Raymond Ibrahim)
Liberal talk show host Tawfiq Okasha recently appeared on "Egypt Today," airing a video of Muslims slicing off a young man's head off for the crime of apostasy -- in this instance, the crime of converting to Christianity and refusing to renounce it.
During the beheading, the background speaker chants a number of Muslim prayers and supplications, mostly condemning Christianity, which, because of the Trinity, is referred to as a polytheistic faith: "Let Allah be avenged on the polytheist apostate"; "Allah empower your religion, make it victorious against the polytheists"; "Allah, defeat the infidels at the hands of the Muslims," and "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger."
June 5, 2012
The number of violations of Christians' religious rights in Indonesia reached 40 in the first five months of the year, nearly two-thirds the amount of anti-Christian actions in all of last year, according to the Jakarta Christian Communication Forum.
June 6, 2012
Christians in a village in Punjab Province are fighting to save their decades-old graveyard from being converted into farmland by a retired army colonel.
June 7, 2012
Christian women from Faisalabad were on their way back home after attending the funeral service of their relative when their van was stopped by traffic police near the railway level crossing at Pir Mahal.

The driver, Shahbaz Masih (also a Christian) was abused by the traffic officer and later sent to jail for protesting an illegal fine. The Christian women passengers were badly tortured by the police, and police tried to snatch the camera of a local TV reporter for covering their manhandling and baton charging.
June 8, 2012
Authorities in Iran this week ordered the closure of a church in the capital, Tehran, amid a government campaign to crack down on the few recognized churches offering Farsi-speaking services, according to a human rights group.
June 9, 2012
Saudi Arabia (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
Thirty-five Ethiopian Christians will remain in jail in Jeddah. They were arrested in December 2011 when they were caught praying in a private home. On Thursday, International Christian Concern (ICC), a US-based Christian rights group, appealed for their release, noting contradictions in Saudi claims.
Local authorities in fact refuse to acknowledge that the 29 women and 6 men were imprisoned for religious reasons. What is known is that they have been beaten, subjected to interrogations and strip searches.
June 10, 2012
An Islamic extremist ran a car full of explosives at a Pentecostal church in this Plateau state city this morning, killing at least two Christians and injuring more than 40 others, military and police officials said. Update here. http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/eradicating-christianity-campaign-turns-in-new-kill-count
Egypt (h/t to JihadWatch)
Clashes broke out Saturday between Muslim and Coptic students in the Assiut University women's dorms after a Coptic student reportedly proselytized Christianity to Muslim students, leaving 12 students and supervisors injured.
June 12, 2012
Police have refused to arrest Muslims accused of causing the miscarriage of twin girls by beating their mother, even though a judge cancelled the suspects' interim bails, according to the woman's husband.
June 14, 2012
Syria (h/t to JihadWatch)
The Christian minority in Syria is facing a growing threat and thousands are being forced to flee their homes as they face harassment and discrimination from radial Islamist factions of the opposition.

At least 9,000 Christians from the western Syrian city of Qusayr were forced to seek refuge after an ultimatum from a local military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba, Fides news agency reports. In the latest outburst of violence a Christian man was shot dead by a sniper in Qusayr, which neighbors the restive city of Homs.
Tanzanian Christians were seeking justice Thursday, June 14, after hundreds of supporters of a separatist Islamic group burned two church buildings in the East African nation's semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar. Last month's clashes were the latest in a series of attacks that saw dozens of churches destroyed in recent years, Christians and activists said.
A hasty, inadequate renovation of a church building that Salafi Muslims largely gutted a year ago has left the congregation with staggering debt from additional repairs, church members said.
June 17, 2012
Palestinian Authority TV chose to rebroadcast a program featuring a little girl reciting a hate poem targeting Jews and Christians as "inferior and smaller, more cowardly and despised." It was broadcast in May and again this month.
Iran (h/t to thereligionofpeace)
It has been 130 days since five Christian coverts were arrested in Shiraz and there has been no word on their situation since.
Aid workers searched for bodies Monday among charred vehicles and destroyed market stalls after a trio of church bombings sparked reprisal killings in northern Nigeria, officials said. The Nigerian Red Cross said the death toll had more than doubled, to 50 people.

A radical Islamist sect on Monday claimed responsibility for Sunday's suicide attacks at two churches in the city of Zaria and another in the city of Kaduna that left 21 people dead, according to an initial count.
June 19, 2012
A mob of about 300 men vandalized a store that was being used for a church service by dozens of Bethel Christians in Aceh on Sunday. The mob wrecked the first floor of the store located in the Pasar Peunayong village of the Kuta Alam subdistrict in Banda Aceh. The assailants broke windows and did damage to some furniture.
A convert from Islam is back in Sudan fighting to recover his family after his in-laws compelled his wife to claim she was Muslim and divorce him. A Sudanese court automatically granted her custody of their two sons and forbade him to see them, he said. He fears that if he persists in his legal battle, he faces the threat of being accused of "apostasy," or leaving Islam.
June 20, 2012 Nigeria
A Christian leader in Nigeria has information that says the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram plans to declare holy war on Southern Nigeria and might use food poisoning to kill as many people as possible.
June 26, 2012
(h/t to JihadWatch)
Muslims in the village of Basra in Alexandria, Egypt, surrounded the local Coptic church, St. Lyons, during divine liturgy, "demanding that visiting Copts leave the church before the completion of prayers, and threatening to burn down the church if their demand was not met."

Produced by politicalislam.com
Publisher: Bill Warner; Edited by Asma Marwan

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Taking a hint from BC over at I'm 41: Who cares, it's soccer

BC had a post up a while back and NO, I am not going to go look for It. The post had to do with yawn, ho hum soccer, and no, I do not care about futbol or soccer. Nick, sorry if this offends you a bit.

One bad ass ball!
This is the United Sates Of America and we are a melting pot of all different nationalities. That stated, this is land of baseball, football (real), basketball, billiards (pool, for those of you you might not recognize that big word) and my favorite, bowling.

Yes, you read that right! Get over it already.

After trying over 20 different bowling balls(they were not horribly spendy like today), I settled on two balls (snarky comments welcome), a Columbia 300 Yellow Dot for more finish and hook on oily, slick lanes and a Manhattan Rubber snot green booger ball for when the lanes really dried out and the 300 hooked so deep it was into Mexico or Salt Lake City. For you snot nosed babies who might read this, the lanes were actaually made of hardwoods back then and synthetic lanes were just evolving. We kept our own scores at first on paper sheets. We drank A LOT of beer and had two beer frames a game. After league games we bowled for money and we seldom lost. Leaving the house with $150.00 in cash was not unusual. No one got pissy if you smoked and cigars were very prevalent.

Long before my body became an orthopedic wrecking wreck, I was a very  hard core kegler. 100-150 games (lines, no NOT that kind, seriously!) a week was normal for me and my friends. I worked at three different bowling alleys and got to bowl all the lines I wanted for free. For over two years ole' Patriot carried a 212 average with several 800's for three lines or games. 600 plus series were rather common amongst the group I hung out with. My highest series was 876 but I never rolled a 300. Got damn close one night and rolled a 299. Left a SOLID 8 pin on the last roll. Then I wrecked my right shoulder in a furniture mill due to a safety switch not correctly wired  and about 14 years later had to give bowling up. Left shoulder is trashy due to over compensation of doing what the right could no longer handle after eight serious right shoulder surgeries. My ending average was 187 when the pain just became too great.

To heck with soccer and take it back to europistan where they have caved in to islam, msulims for  banning certain symbols and uniforms that offend the brainwashed masses of islam. 
Spain beat Portugal 4-2 on penalties to reach Euro 2012 final. Seriously, who cares?


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Colin Hay

A couple of songs by Colin Hay, who's written some really great songs over the years.

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Cold Chisel

All the way from Australia ... Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel

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After the SCOTUS on SB1070: Boys to be sent back to Mexico

I have been following this story for quite some time. I have purposely held off posting anything about this sad state of affairs as I was waiting for the ruling an Arizona's line in sad, incredibly awesome State Bill 1070You can search  the archives here to find my 100% support for Arizona SB1070

Arizona was forced to pass this bill because the federal government refused to enforce laws that have been on the books since the 1940's to keep illegal aliens OUT of our country. I am still reading numerous articles and opinions on what the Supreme Court's ruling will mean. The fact that almost immediately certain agencies will REFUSE to work with Arizona on the portions of 1070 that were not struck down is disgusting and just further pandering for the Hsipanic illegal alien vote. If you cannot see this or do not get this, there is no help or solace for you, your liberal, progressive, regressive, 'enlightened' train wreck of thoughts. Our country is being sold out to political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism.

Back to article from last week's local fish wrapper here in Central POORegon. Read this article and get mad, very mad. This is the Department Of Human Services idea of good plan and settlement for two young boys who have known little stability or common abundance in their short lives. Now they will be returned to their 'father' in Mexico. He was deported for beating Mom up.

"The boys' biological mother, 23-year-old Melissa Ihrig, is currently housed at the Jefferson County Jail for violating her parole and is awaiting trial on charges of distributing methamphetamine to minors. Their father, Faustino Sanchez-Valerio, 27, was deported to Mexico in 2010 after pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault."

This is just the tip of that proverbial iceberg of dual parental neglect, drug addiction and the nasty, dark lifestyle that comes with this way of life. For these two boys, it was not living at all. The father has been deported, was violent against the boy's mother and mom is in prison. Great role models here, don't you think? Now the State Of Oregon DHS may have already shipped these poor boys off to a 'uncertain' fate with dad in Mexico.

These boys were in a good, stable home and they do not want to be with 'dad.' Who can really blame them and this is what the hell is wrong wrong with our country? Just a snapshot of a much larger picture that has gone totally bad.

The victims are the two boys and shame on the State of Oregon, shame, shame shame!

From The Bend Bulletin.

Shylo and Michael Walker and their adopted son Eli, 4, sitting on Michael's lap, play with their two foster children at their home.
              Shylo and Michael Walker and their adopted son Eli, 4, sitting on Michael's lap, play with their two foster children at their home.

Foster boys will be sent to Mexico

Crooked River Ranch couple must yield custody to the father, judge rules

The two brothers at the center of an adoption fight will be sent to Mexico next week.
Shylo and Michael Walker, the boys' foster parents, hoped to prevent their return to their biological father, who was deported to Mexico after pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge in 2010.

“I'm just heartbroken. I'm devastated right now,” Shylo Walker said. “I can't imagine them leaving, and only giving us five days' notice is not very considerate.”

The Walkers, who live in Crooked River Ranch, have fostered the boys since September 2010, and said they had obviously suffered neglect at the hands of their biological parents.

The boys' mother, Melissa Ihrig, is in the Jefferson County jail awaiting trial on a slew of drug-related charges. She is likely to be sent to prison for several years, and had agreed to an open adoption with the Walkers.

But the Oregon Department of Human Services, which seeks to reunite biological families whenever possible, tracked down the boys' father, Faustino Sanchez-Valerio, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. He first expressed interest in getting custody of his sons about eight months ago, and began having weekly phone calls with the boys.

In previous interviews, the Walkers and Ihrig's attorney said Sanchez-Valerio had not parented the boys before his deportation. One of the boys refers to him as “that man.” When the Walkers discovered their foster sons, both U.S. citizens, might be sent to live with their biological father in a foreign country, culture and language, they decided to seek adoption.

But this week, at what the Walkers and their attorney, Angela Lee, were told would simply be a status hearing, that plan was foiled.

Shylo Walker said Lee, who did not return a call for comment, was under the impression it was a hearing “to basically schedule a date and time for an official hearing in July.” The hearing took place at the Jefferson County Circuit Court before Judge Daniel Ahern. Instead of scheduling another hearing, Walker said, Ahern signed a final order to send the boys to Mexico to live with their father.
Ahern did not return a call for comment.

Walker learned of the decision Thursday morning when the boys' court-appointed special advocate came to their home.

The advocate, she said, believed the boys would be sent to Mexico sometime between July 15 and Aug. 15. But when Walker checked her voice mail on Thursday, she had a message from DHS.
“They said they're taking the boys on Tuesday,” she said through tears.

In previous interviews, Oregon DHS officials said they take great pains to ensure an out-of-country home will be safe for the children. They conduct site visits and are in touch with local social service agencies that will keep an eye out for the boys.

On Thursday, DHS spokesman Gene Evans said the reunification in Mexico would indeed take place in the coming week.

Evans said reunifications vary in the amount of time they take. Sometimes, he said, transfers take place the same day the judge signs the order. Other times it may take longer.

“It's going to depend in every case on the children, and those transitions are really based on what works for them,” he said. “In many cases, when that plan is set up the transition begins before their actual physical transition takes place. There are often people working with the children to get them ready for the move and all the preparation is done, so once the judge makes the decision for the physical transfer ... they're ready to go.”

Once the boys are placed with their biological father, DHS' responsibility will end. Evans said the state may go back to court to close the Oregon case.

“The custody, the care, it all reverts to the parent,” he said. “The state steps out of it.”

Original source is here.

Read more on this story:
A foster family's  fight for adoption.


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