Herman Cain is smokin' hot! This is America, not amerika

Here is Herman Cain's latest ad. 

Now is the time for action!

"Chief of Staff Mark Block talks about Herman Cain's Presidential Campaign and urges people to act because together we can elect Herman Cain!"

Why all the uproar over this ad? Mark Block is smoking a cigarette! Good for you Mark Block and Herman Cain.

Wow, that is so wrong, so evil, so not politically correct?

Got a problem with this? Too stinking bad. This is still America, not amerika, not the United Union of Communist States. While the LSM, union goons, far left traitors like obama, soros, moore and others of such ilk bond lovingly with the OWS losers, look the other way as drug use, rapes and other crimes go unpunished, these alinskyites are all bent over a spot that shows a CONSERVATIVE speaking the truth, smoking a cigarette. Did not the first muslim illegal alien potus smoke cigarettes not too long ago? Has he quit? Who cares and so what.

Hide the children and kill your televisions. Better burn those Bibles and other evil books. While we are at it, better collect and destroy all our guns.

Think I will watch this a few more times but first let me get a cigar, my whiskey and check my guns. Never know when there will be a knock on my door.....

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