The real barack hussein obama: On Obama's Black Nationalism

I have three straight days of meetings at work regarding budget cuts and proposals. Needless to say that these next three days will be extremely stressful and quite possibly the end of the program I have administered for the last eight months. I can only fight and prove the worth of this program but the job placements achieved solely due to my program, but it just may not matter to the bean counters. I also have to try to save the jobs of my three assistants who are the sole wage earners for their respective families. One has a disabled husband and the other two guys have been out of work for almost three years through no fault of their own. Yes, the economy is sure 'improving' here in POORegon, the most regressive, progressive state in the union. I apologize for the window below for this editorial but please read it as it is outstanding!

Posts will be a bit scant but I will do what I can.

This is an excellent editorial from the Washington Times by Jeffery T. Kunher. Below the editorial are links to related stories. Obama skipping an Easter message was no accident and completely thought out and planned.

Here is what Reagan had to say about Easter and Passover:

"The first Muslim-born (according to Islamic law, assuming his biological father was Barack Obama, Sr.)-and-reared American President (he practiced and studied Islam during his Indonesian childhood while living with his Indonesian Muslim stepfather) has made appeasement of overseas political Islam the centerpiece of an utterly failed foreign policy in parallel with an odious "outreach" to organized/political Islam at home that has effectively elevated Islamist myths and lies to the level of accepted truth (by liberal media and liberal educators/indoctrinators)."

Hat tip to China Confidential

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