New book and sites on Patriot's Corner: The Martyr's Prize, The Hizb ut-Tahrir Watch, The Institute For Jihadi Research

If you scroll down the left hand sidebar you find a new book, The Martyr's Prize I just set up a link to. The book is EXCELLENT and the author, Brooks William Kelley was kind enough to send a signed copy to me to read. As I am not done with the book yet, I do not want to spoil this for you. So far, the book is outstanding. Not perfect but this is his first title and he published it himself. The book is selling extremely well on Amazon and I can tell you the ONLY reason I have had to put it down is my battle with severe, chronic pain and sheer exhaustion. If you order a copy you will not be disappointed, trust me on this one.

Next, a couple of new sites by Bo Perrin. These are as follows and you will find links to his sites on the right hand sidebar. Bo's excellent and well researched sites are; The Hizb ut-Tahrir Watch and The Institute For Jihadi Research. Please check out both of these sites. You find a lot of very useful information that you can refer to and use as references. I recently posted two letters that Mr. Perrin had written. Both were well done and I have let Mr. Perrin know that his posts are always welcome here at Patriot's Corner.


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