The Daily catch Videos for 4-24-2011: Multiculturalism, One tough German lady and much more

The Daily Catch

Here is The Daily Catch for 4-24-2011. Warning for graphic violence in some of the videos below. islam is a violent ideology and it is NOT a religion.

Let's start off with some Allen West!

This next one is the one that is very graphic. Intro below is straight from Vlad Tepes as it was sent to VT.

The Situation in North Caucasus is getting more severe.
Dagestani youths now support the savages (wahhabiti pigs)

In the video below, Dagestani Mujahadeen shamelessly show the torture of police officers (The Police is the only thing which keep “Secularism” in N. Caucasian republics) In the end of the video , they even showed the pictures of other police members which will be killed (this need to be shown to the Government of Russia, they need to protect those people): *Very graphic video: especially after 3:08 they show the executions of the police members. Most of them are Muslims… but at least they fought against Islamists. Rest In Peace*

IslamDin: Mujahideen operations in Kabarda... by Iraq_2012

Crash course on CAIR:

If hatred is not allowed in this world then why has islam and sharia law
not been banned yet?

Do not eat before you watch this one. This is our future being brainwashed.

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