The Daily Catch for 4-27-2011: obama's foreign policy, obama proud to be back home in Kenya, muslims praying on Italy's streets, EDL and more..

Here is The Daily Catch for 4-27-2011. 

Please read top post for IMPORTANT information concering Vlad Tepes  and what has happened to his YouTube channel. A big hat tip to Vlad Tepes as many of the videos I use in TDC are from his site.

First two videos are from the EDL site

  • As previously announced, the English Defence League are coming to Blackpool!

    Our national campaign against the spread of radical Islam brings us to the seaside town made infamous by the gruesome murder of Charlene Downes.

    Charlene disappeared in 2003, and evidence emerged that her body had been put through a mincing machine in a Blackpool kebab shop identified by police as one of a number of takeaways in the town considered to be a sexual exploitation “honey pot”.

    Lancashire police botched the investigation into Charlene’s murder, and paid the two defendants nearly £250,000 each in “compensation”.

    Today, the kebab shop is still open, and it is thought that over 60 Blackpool school girls have been the victims of grooming or sexual abuse by Muslim takeaway owners and workers.

    The English Defence League, along with Casuals United, will continue to support the Downes family's fight for justice.

    We will continue to expose the hatred and intolerance that radical Islam is spreading in our country.

    We will speak out against Muslim sex gangs, against the politicians who cover them up, and against the religious scripture that does so much to inspire them.

    We DO NOT want this hatred in our country. And we ARE NOT afraid to make a stand against it.

    The English Defence League invites one and all to attend our demonstration against radical Islam on Saturday 28th May in Blackpool.

Tommy Robinson has been arrested once again.

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Unknown said...

What comes to my mind when I think about Iranian expansion is Hezbollah, IRCS, support of terrorism, and a staunch opposing view towards America. Ahmedinijad is easily one of the more pressing threats America faces for the near to midterm as Iran expands its presence in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Cuba.