Support Vlad Tepes!! Vlad Tepes Youtube channel taken down

This is just pure intolerance by the far left and the nazis who rule YT. While radical pro-islamic/muslim channels are allowed to prosper and multiply on YT, those channels that speak the rtuth about islam, sharia law and the violence that they spawn are routinely attacked, suspended or completely shut down. Below you will find commentary from Vlad Tepes and a link to his 'B channel on YouTube. Please go to this other channel and subscribe while you can. Vlad Tepes had alot of time, effort and money invested in his YT channel and for lack of another word, this totally sucks.


Vlad Tepes Youtube channel has been shut down.

Commentary and where you can find Vlad Tepe's other channels.

"As youtube has seen fit to take down my video channel, one I had worked daily on for three years and invested more time, effort and indeed money in than I care to think about at this time, I now have to chase down many of the more important videos and re embed them here.

I have a ‘B’ Channel on youtube I would ask all to subscribe to called, ‘bankorandotcom’ and I will use that till they remove it, as well as a channel I created on a server I rent which is at http://www.bankoran.com

Please feel free to peruse the videos there. I try and put the ones youtube won’t allow, as well as ones over 15 minutes and ones I think are critically important at that site.

However the staggering loss of the main channel I used at youtube is no small matter. I had over 800 videos and 3000 subscribers to that channel and it was a great way to get information out to the general counter jihad. If I posted a great video it had a real chance of going ‘viral’ and bringing that many people more to an understanding of what we face.

The counter jihad may be moving past that stage though. The public in Europe at this point seems to be realizing that they have been horribly betrayed by their own governments and the same might be true in the US and we will know about Canada May 2nd.

This next stage may be more a question of people coming together to know what they can actually do about it. I think people like Pastor Jones and others, perhaps Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and a list of other people who may appear in the near future can lead the way to a new roots rule since trusting the political elites, at least in this particular moment of history, has failed in a big big way.

I think its critical that people in the US for example, look at Dearborn and ask themselves if this is the future they want for their country. A total exemption for Islam from basic constitutional law. Canada already has that thanks to the ‘Human Rights Commissions’ etc.

John Robson, one of my favourite journalists in Canada, gave a fantastic speech on what a constitution should look like no matter where you live and what makes a good one and a bad one. I’ll see if I can find it. It was on my youtube channel but I may still have it somewhere and will upload it if I can find it."

Please be sure to visit and subscribe to Vlad's other channels that are noted above.

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