The speech the first muslim potus did not give: Guest post plus an update from PatriotUSA

This is a guest post and the individual prefers to remain anonymous. As always, I will honor that.

The speech the mullah in the White House, the first muslim potus should have had the balls to give but of course we know that he does not have any balls nor did he give anything close to the 'speech' you will read below.

Just an update for all five and half of you loyal readers of Patriot's Corner:

We are all aware of the terrible F5 tornado(s)that leveled almost one half of Joplin, Missouri this past Sunday. These were very severe in nature with multiple vortexes and funnels. I studied Meteorology in college and I missed my true calling as a severe weather meteorologist and storm tracker so i know quite a bit about severe weather and did an extensive internship on severe weather prediction and storm tracking. This was long before computers were commonplace and forecasts mostly came over the teletype machines and an Alden map machine.

I got a call from a very dear friend's Mom in Arizona that my friend(her son)had been killed in Joplin while back there visiting his grandmother this past Sunday by the tornado(s) in Joplin. His grandmother was also killed and her house completely destroyed. They found my friend's car over 3,000 feet away from where his grandmother's used to stand, and she had lived for 68 years. So, I am a very down about this news as this is one more death of my fast dwindling supply of very good and close friends. This plus not having the extra computer right now is almost too much. I may need to take a complete break until we get our other computer back later this week. To top it off my boss at work is gone until June 15th and I have to attend a whole slew of meetings with big wigs and other top dogs from the numerous government agencies we work with. I will post up what feeds I can and my apologies for maybe being a bit scarce. Just have lost too many friends. I know many of you can relate and understand.


The speech President Obama did not choose to give

Here’s the president’s speech we didn’t hear (but wish we had), notifying us of the successful elimination of the monster Osama bin Laden:

“My fellow Americans, this day marks the extermination of a leading Muslim terrorist we have long sought, the Muslim terrorist whose announced goal, whose mission, imparted to his Muslim terrorist followers, was to kill Americans — always, in all ways — whether individually, by a barbaric ritualistic beheading, as in the case of Daniel Pearl, or by mass murder, as in the case of flying hijacked airliners into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

“Our president on that horrific day, George W. Bush, declared that we now were at war with such as they, whether they be active perpetrators or planners or supporters of robot-like fanatics doing what they do in the name of an ancient and once-honorable religious belief, now corrupted in many quarters by such as they by a fanaticism all too common in human history.

“It was President Bush who set in motion the intelligence-gathering machinery enabling our brave troops, in this case a select team of the remarkable NavySEALs, to track the monster to his lair in Pakistan and eliminate him, in the process gaining much valuable intelligence enabling further tracking of the fanatics’ infrastructure.

“That war against terror is and will be ongoing: This nation, whether it be under my presidency or that of any other person, of whatever political party, will stand for freedom against tyrants and their tyranny, no matter their ideology or politics or proclaimed religious belief. Terrorists who attack us cannot hide from us; sooner or later they will suffer the same fate as bin Laden.

“God bless America, and God bless our brave men and women, in uniform or not, wherever, whenever, however, they serve the cause of freedom, the cause of protecting America from those who hate us, who would harm us, because we are who we are — freedom-loving Americans.”

It is a short speech we didn’t hear — about 300 words.

And most importantly in this speech is what we didn’t hear. Neither the subjective nor the objective case of the first-person pronoun (“I” and “me”, respectively), appears. First, because the “I” and the “me” had absolutely nothing to do with the achievement, other than giving the order to attack. (As a genuinely brave commander in World War II observed, “It’s easy to give the order to ‘attack!’ when you’re not the one doing the attacking.”)

The speech we did hear, redolent of the first-person pronoun, was given by a person who seems to think that, in all cases, he really is the first person. Meanwhile, President Obama’s peculiar attorney general, Eric Holder, under the approval, if not the direct instruction, of President Obama, still pursues prosecution — that is, persecution — of the CIA operatives who made possible acquiring the information enabling the Navy SEALs to track the monster to his lair and exterminate him.

Extraordinary, this man who is president of the U.S. — but perhaps not “extraordinary” in the way that both he and his liberal-left idolaters seem to think.

Meanwhile, it has been an exhausting workweek for this president, who requires frequent parties and trips to relax from the burden of a job he wanted and apparently wants to continue for another term, witness his giving the go-ahead to exterminate bin Ladin, since he couldn’t dare not doing so.

(For his refusal would have guaranteed a sound trouncing at the polls, since knowledge of the monster’s whereabouts would leak, given the number of persons in the chain of command necessarily aware of that intelligence.)

A recent party, at the White House this time, rather than a $35,000-per-plate fundraiser at a billionaire’s house in San Francisco for his liberal-left oligarch idolaters, is to “celebrate poetry.” And the “poetry” we the people are “celebrating” at “the people’s house”? Why it’s none other than a famous “poet,” whose name escapes me momentarily, whose poetic form is termed, I believe, “rapping” or hop-hip or hip-hop or something — whatever such flattering noise is (or is not). Whatever it is (or is not), the president and first lady are said to be huge fans.

And this rapping or hopping and hipping or whatever, by, presumably, what is called a “hipper” or “hopper” or “rapper” (this last sounds almost ominous — like the nomenclature assigned to a poisonous insect or reptile of some sort: “Watch out for the rappers when you enter the jungle!”) is a very famous person indeed, apparently, to the president and the first lady, a “poet” whose fame in part is derivative of calling for the celebratory murder of policemen and President George W. Bush.

Goodness! What an extraordinary chief executive of the United States of America we elected! Extraordinary indeed!

But skeptics of all political persuasions might well exclaim, echoing that incomparable actress of the 1930s, Mae West, when an admirer gushed over her diamond necklace, “Goodness! What a beautiful necklace!” “Honey,” Mae West replied in a line only she could deliver in the way she delivered it, “goodness had nothin’ to do with it.”

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1389 said...

I've been asking the same question about Obama for a very long time...

PatriotUSA said...

Myself as well...long before he was elected to the most powerful office in the world. Only to embarrass us, stab our allies in the back and be a complete stain in and on our history.

He is disgusting.