Patriot's Corner has joined Troopathon 2011 as a member of the "The Anti-Jihadists"

I am very proud to announce that Patriot's Corner has once again joined Troopathon for 2011. Below you will find information on Troopathon 2011 and how you can help our troops with a donation or goods. The idea is to get as much in donations or by sending care packages to our troops.

On the upper right hand side bar you will find a link to Troopathon. The team that Patriot's Corner is part of is "The Anti-Jihadists". You can donate some funds or a care package, either way works great and that is up to you. I know times are tough and the economy is barely improving in my opinion, but please, let us all help and give what we can.

Here is a video preview: "Remember Their Sacrifice"

Here is the team that Patriot's Corner is a member of:

The Anti-Jihadists

* Jihad Watch
* Creeping Sharia
* Cao's Blog
* Atlas Shrugs
* Facing Islam
* Patriots Corner
* Islam Today Oregon
* Watson37
* Newstime NZ

I am honored to be included on team with so many fine blogs.
If you want to sign up your site or blog here is the contact information:

Joining the competition is easy. Simply e-mail MAF Blogger Danny: (danny@moveamericaforward.org) to get placed on a team and obtain the correct link to the care packages. Then promote Troopathon on your page and encourage your readers to donate! You can join the competition anytime!

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