Let's Blame the Jews, a Pat Condell Video

Trust our good friend Pat to once again tell it like it is:
"So, if you really believe that Jews are evil manipulators, with their fingers in everyone's pie, or if you really believe that some sinister Jewish cabal is controlling you from above like a marionette, then please don't tell me about it - tell a doctor...
but maybe not a Jewish one."

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Anonymous said...


As an American Military Veteran, father, and husband, I want to thank you for your efforts and time to educate the world on the real threats we face today. I am with you 100% and will continue to pray for you, your family and friends, and for us all. The world can sometimes be a cruel and deadly place, but freedom and security are really never free, and must sometimes be fought to the death for ourselves, our children's future, and for those that can't fight. God Bless you and all of Humanity, for we will need it in the bloody and violent days to come.

Dave (MS, USA)

PatriotUSA said...


The fact that you have dropped in to PC is partially what keeps me going. The other part is being one of the canaries in the coal mine, sounding the alarm. Indeed, we face very violent and bloody days down the road. I appreciate your very kind, true and telling words.

Hope you become a regular here and God Bless you and yours. I know where I stand it it is right next to Patriots like you.