Wolverines from Oz

This one is a bit personal.

I have several friends in Australia and these are friendships that have been built over time through social media and through here. There is no need to say anything else. Australia would be on my very short list of places to consider for a move, a place to bail out to, as so to say. No, I am not going any place YET nor can the liberalistas get rid of me that easily. Scotland might be another destination and there is one in Europe. As fluid as things are becoming for me here in the hinterlands of Poverty With A View, otherwise known as Central POORegon, bum FOOK Egypt, middle of nowhere, splatsville, you just never know and neither do I, come to think of it. Going off onto the siding here, back to the mainline. Sorry about that.

Those who I do know from Australia are true, straight and stalwart. They are LOYAL, HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY, MORAL and stand by their friends which includes me. They are patriots to the core and would think nothing of standing in harms way with you or to save you and yours. They love freedom, cannot stand illegal immigration in any way, are fierce warriors to their core, know the dangers all to well from Islam and sharia law. All too well do they know of Islam and now, so do their many more Aussies know about the horror show that is Islam.

The post is from the Treehouse and I will let this stand on it's own as these brave heroes stood against this monster fueled from and by the bowels of Islam.

Thanks to Nick and Gary for carrying the water for me here as I try to put all the nuts and bolts back on the engine, getting said engine hitting on all 8 cylinders. Last year has just been a bit on the hellish side. PatriotUSA


Wolverine Blood – Incredible Bravery – All The Australian Hostages Made Simultaneous Break For Exits To End Siege…

~ Brave and Brilliant Strategy ~

 (Via Telegraph) AS HIS eyes started to close around 2am today, the hostages inside Lindt Cafe in Martin Place realised this may be their best chance to escape their armed captor.

After 17 hours, fake sheik Man Haron Monis began to nod off when the 12 remaining hostages staged what in police parlance is a “bomb burst”. They all ran together for the exit.

In those vital last seconds, Monis “came too and realised what was going on,” sources close to the siege have revealed to The Daily Telegraph.

With his shotgun already in his hands, he began shooting. Continue reading

Source is here.

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