ISIS Supporters in the US

Gary Fouse

Yesterday, it was an ISIS sympathizer who took hostages and killed two in a Sydney cafe. It's just a matter of time before a similar attack happens here.


Every Western country, and I include Australia in that group, has a number of its citizens or residents fighting with ISIS in Iraq and Syria. In some cases, it is a number in the dozens. With other countries, it may be in the hundreds, such as the UK and France. ISIS has already sent out the call to its sympathizers in the West that they should attack in their home countries whenever they can as lone wolves. It has happened in Canada and other countries. I expect in the coming year, we will experience several such attacks in the US. The FBI has been doing a good job of stopping several of them before they could attack. Some, however, are going to slip through the net. Most of the people we need to worry about are ones we allowed to enter this country from parts of the world where Islamic violence and intolerance are running rampant. Some are native-born converts to Islam. The common thread, however, always comes back to Islam notwithstanding the never ending claims that this all has nothing to do with Islam. It is a claim that has become laughable. Not discussing these truths in the name of political correctness will not protect us from terrorism.

Secure borders anyone?

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