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Having had this site since 2008, there have been many times I have felt like shutting the damn house down and calling it quits. So many times. So when I got the email that samiam60 was going to close up shop at Voting American, I was very upset and at first did not know what to do. By the comments so were a lot of other people. So I turned to prayer as I usually do for everything and in the end, Voting American has NOT been closed down and samiam60 has come back to the front lines. I think a coupe of other bloggers stepped and helped out to simplify things perhaps. I had been reading the posts there but just started dropping a comment or two a few weeks ago.

At risk of being mocked, ridiculed and made fun of, I will share what I experienced when I was praying for Voting American and samiam60. Whatever anyone wants to toss at me for sharing this, good ahead. All I can say is bring and whatever you attempt to throw at me is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered through for me and you.

Below this is the latest post from Voting American.

My comment and it is two combined into one here:
"I was up all night praying for you and others, sami. I do not sleep much and live at the foot of the cross quite a bit. So pleased, so pleased and not so much for me but for you and what bring, say, express for so many who cannot or will not but share the same moral, convictions that you do.
Thank YOU and thanks to the others who helped sami come back to the front line. I will share this tonight when I get home from work.

Partiots who love their country, Republic, want it back and are willing to do any and everything to bring back AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM!!
Thank Samiam60, thank you.
Sami, At one point about, it was about 2:00- 3:00 AM PST and I was outside, praying and watching the the distant lightning, rolls of thunder when what I can only say with all certainty was vision of a cursor over the delete button. The cursor kept going over the delete button and then slid off, back and forth this went for what seemed like a long time but I did not keep track. A cross slowly came into view and blurred itself over the delete button until the delete button had vanished into the cross. As this all faded I was drenched in sweat and it was a nice cool night 53 degrees. I have been a Christian since 1983 and am just a very simple man, fiercely dedicated to my prayer times. At times, Jesus takes me to other places through the power only He has. This was one of them. I consider it an HONOR to stand in the gap for you, and others. What me and so many others are called to do.

Some may mock this or not believe it and that is their choice. Jesus chose me long ago and the reasons become increasingly clear as I get older and closer to being called home."  

Sorry about the post looking a bit weird but going from Wordpress to Blogger is never works well for me. I know, I know I should switch it all over to WP but way beyond my patience level. PatriotUSA


America's Fading Glory

As many of you know I came very close to shutting down this Voting American Blog.  Had it not been for the encouragement of my Patriot Friends across the internet Voting American would have faded into the abyss of Apathy.
It is incredibly disheartening to watch as this once great country succumbs to the will of those who would ‘Fundamentally Transform’ her into a Socialist Government dependency State. A place where the ‘Land of the Free’ would become the land of the Government Slave.
I spent a great deal of time over the past few days scouring over some of the over 800 articles here at Voting American and came across this eye opening commentary submitted by Loopyloo on February 10, 2012:

Government intimidation is getting stronger everyday. The bullying is outrageous and the implication that those who speak up for their country and their faith are somehow anti-American or wish for the destruction of the country is so far from the truth, that if it weren’t being said by those who do wish to destroy the country, it would be hard to believe. But that is a tactic of those who follow the Alinsky path. Accuse others of doing what you are doing in order to divert attention from your own actions.

God bless and watch over all those willing to stand and speak up for this country. God bless all those who want to restore the principles that this country was founded on. God bless all those who understand the Christian foundations that our Constitution was established on. God bless those who understand the freedoms we have and the cost of those who have fought and died to save them. God bless everyone who is willing to stand for what is right. If we do not stand now, we may never have the opportunity again, and we will have given away this country to those who hate her. 

God bless American and may she remain standing as the greatest country on the face of the earth.

After reading that commentary from Loopyloo and reading all the words of encouragement coming from my Patriot Friends I could no longer even consider the option of shutting down this Voting American site.



I am just a simple every day American who loves his Country and the Freedoms it affords us all


I am also an  American who is Free to Speak without Fear


Free to Worship in my own way


Free to Stand for what I think right


Free to Oppose what I believe wrong


Free to Choose those who shall Govern my Country


This Heritage of Freedom I Pledge to Uphold!


Source is here.

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