Buck up me Hearty’s.............

Stolen from Voting American.

Can we vote our way out of this come November? I do not think we can but that will not stop me from doing my part come November. 

Where are my manners, I almost forgot. Post by AFVet.

Thanks to samiam60 for NOT closing up shop over at Voting American.

FYI, if your name is in PURPLE, that mean you are special and have arrived. Where? How the heck should I know?

Come what may, I stand with my fellow patriots. PatriotUSA 


 Buck up me Hearty’s…..AMERICA RISING

Buck up me Hearty’s………

By AFVet
Sounds like a line from a pirate movie right ?
Well, I think it applies to the Patriots, the Christians, and the Conservatives that are being overwhelmed by the tactics that the left is using to destroy our attempts to take this Country back from 100 years of plotting, manipulating, and nefarious procedures to eradicate anyone that would try to re-inject the Principles that this Country was founded upon into the society.
Voter I.D. ? Not needed.
Voter fraud, never happened, so they say.
Let one of US stand up and voice our opinion and we are ridiculed by the press and the imbeciles that have the press in their pocket.

Racism is the battle cry of the left against the right.

It is a shallow statement, and they know it.
But they are louder than we are, and they don’t have to make sense as their followers are mostly just drones and sycophants

The theme of Voting American will always reside in the hearts and the minds of true Patriots.

The recent response to it’s potential demise inspired this commentary.
Our mission is not complete.
We cannot give up now my Patriotic Friends.
We are too close to at least a small victory to begin to remove the cancer that Washington has inflicted on this Country.
We are more informed now than we have been in many years because we love this Nation and want to see Her survive.

We want to see Her once again be the Shining City on the Hill.

shining city on a hill

The call to arms will come in November,

will you respond ?

I guess the left would call us pirates, so be it !


Buck up me Hearty’s,…….Yo Ho !

AFVet is an Air Force Vietnam Veteran and American Patriot Pirate

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