ICNA Training Guide Revealed

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Clarion Project and Discover the Networks

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is an organization linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. They are heavily involved in spreading propaganda to the public to the effect that Islam is a peaceful religion and no threat to America. In 2010, they brought their show to Yorba Linda, California with a charity dinner (aren't they all?) featuring Amir Abdul Malik Ali and Siraj Wahhaj, two well-known radicals. The only difference between the two is that Wahhaj is still masquerading as a moderate to non-Muslims while Ali has no such pretenses. The above event led to a protest, at which I was present and spoke. Unfortunately, a few dozen people also showed up who chose to scream at the attendees as they arrived at a different part of the site. CAIR produced a video that distorted the facts and unfairly labeled one of the speakers, local politician Deb Pauly, as an extremist.

Now, courtesy of the Clarion Project, we have one of ICNA's own publications, intended for their own training, which spills the beans on many of the questions surrounding Islam, such as jihad and deception. Below you can access the entire document. It is long and much of it not pertinent to our discussion, but the writer, Ryan Mauro, points out the pages you should go to. They are very revealing.


One other thing that this document reveals is that Islam is not merely a religion. It is also a political ideology. As the document further reveals, it is a totalitarian political ideology in nature.As you can see from the references to the kufr (non-believers), they don't look kindly on those who don't share their fate.

All of which is why we must ensure that the ICNAs of this country never realize their dream of establishing an Islamic caliphate here. ICNA's propaganda must be countered at every turn.

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