CAIR and Hamas

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Paul J


It's the magic word. The magic question. Ask a representative from CAIR if they will condemn Hamas, and watch the tap dance. It is the question that they cannot and will not answer.

The below video was produced by Paul J.


Hamas is a designated terrorist organization by the US State Department. CAIR cannot come out and publicly say they support Hamas. On the other hand, if a CAIR representative says they do condemn Hamas, then they have betrayed their ally. That is why you get the evasive answers you see on this video. The official party line is that CAIR condemns terrorism "in all its forms" (which in their view includes when the US and Israel fight back against the terrorists). They also make reference to their opposition to violence against "innocent civilians". That's because they have their own definition as to who is "innocent" and which civilians are innocent. To be sure, there are forms of violence which CAIR does not condemn, and again, they have their own definitions. To CAIR, anything that Hamas does against Israel is not going to be condemned.

At any rate, asking CAIR if they support or condemn Hamas is like throwing Kryptonite at Superman.

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