Some Comic Relief

With all this crap going on about Syria, I thought that some of you might be able to use a laugh … or three.

At time point 00:17:10 you will actually get to hear this man play what can only be called a genuine rarity … namely, a complete song.

Anybody with a decent ear will notice that Borge was a superbly trained classical pianist of great depth and serious ability. Be that as it may, perhaps a tiny fraction of his audiences ever heard a song played all the way through. Goodness knows that I didn't get to. Such was the humorous nature of this journeyman comedian. Enjoy.

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cee anon said...

Thanks for the laugh.
True, Borge is classically trained and quite accomplished; what a treat to see/hear him actually play a complete piece.
I missed you on SBPDL, am pleased to find you here, Zenster.
I, too, decamped from that site in search of a blog that addressed more global concerns, specifically the threat of creeping Islam.
Formerly known as nameispointless.

Zenster said...

ILEYNE: I missed you on SBPDL, am pleased to find you here, Zenster.

You are most welcome to Patriot's Corner and a global perspective is quite on the menu at this site.

Please permit me to suggest perusing the 1389 Blog for widely varied content as well. I am a contributing author there also.

I look forward to your comments at both sites!

PatriotUSA said...


I would shirking my manners and slightly warped to the far conservative morals if I did not thank you for dropping by PC and of course we must keep the Zenster happy and thank him for such fine posts and essays.

While I do not have the knack that Zenster does for writing, I am perhaps more rabid and and unpredictable, hence more 'charming'. I am the old dog who started PC and appreciate every visitor, and I mean every one. Thank you for visit and hope you will return.

Perhaps the biggest thanks must go to Ozark Guru for helping me and PC since 2008. Without his steady hand, program knowledge and his knowing when to keep me out of trouble, this site would be nothing. Oh heck, and another thanks to ALL the contributors here. We do not anyone getting all butt hurt now, do we. Hmmm on second thought?

cee anon said...

Thanks, Zenster and Patriot. I lurk all genuinely conservative blogs, had quite let this one slip from mental bookmark consciousness. Am pleased I found it again.
Z, thanks for the referral; I'll take a look. AmRen, my usual haunt can be a bit over-moderated and stuffy.
Patriot, your rhetorical style is fine. Don't vex yourself for a minute that it is not.
"I am perhaps more rabid and and unpredictable, hence more 'charming."
Zenster is not charming? Dang, I find him a prince among men; at his best when edgy. These are the times that try mens' souls, and alas, we are losing the battle for our souls. It's time to be edgy and more.
You don't have to be charming on my account.

PatriotUSA said...


Thanks so much for the compliments and Zenster is a very good guy and yes, is at his best when edgy and he is a deep consummate thinker. One of the MOST intelligent individuals I have ever met in my life.

I am not charming for anyone anymore, I am just myself and a getting a bit nastier, meaner as I get older. Would not have it any other way. The other way just has not gotten me anywhere except taken advantage of.