A day to remember

A day that will live in infamy
I still remember the day when I heard about an airplane crashing into the world trade center. It didn't occur to me that the 'plane' would turn out to be an airliner full of passengers, and even less did I expect to see the towers collapse two hours later.

But those things happened, and not in some scary Tom Clancy book. The perpetrators of this attack have committed these horrible atrocities in the name of an ideology that was whitewashed so many times, it is almost impossible to speak of it in the western world, without being branded a racist-bigot 'enemy of the state'.
And while for a time, the 'war on terror' went on, putting fear into the hearts of the enemies of America (and the west), all that has changed with the election of a president that preferred a 'soft power' approach, which is easily translated to a 'no power' approach.
Osama Bin Laden might be dead, but the ideology that fueled his hatred is more powerful than ever.

A direct connection
11 years later, on the very same date, Al Qaeda struck again, and while commemorating a date that goes well back into the history of islamic conquests (the Battle of Vienna comes to mind) was only a partial reason for the timing of the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens, and three other Americans, there is no denying that September 11th has become a rallying call for terrorists, and islamic forces in general: after all, it denotes the single victory that they had over the west in the past 4 centuries or so.
Is it any wonder they plan to march on Washington on this very day?

The cause to both attacks was a lack of deterrence. After allowing the Al Qaeda attacks in Riyadh (1995), the U.S embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (1998), and on the  USS Cole (2000) to go unanswered, then-president Bill Clinton effectively created the image of America as a paper tiger - a term that is thrown around regularly by muslim leaders, both Sunni and Shiite (particularly by Iran).
The brazen Benghazi attack was encouraged by a weak foreign policy that abandoned American allies throughout the middle east. In such an atmosphere, Al Qaeda was sure it could get away with abducting an American ambassador - and it was right, even if the abduction attempt itself went awry.

September 11th. might have served as a wake-up call for hundreds of thousands around the globe, but even 12 years after the attack, we find ourselves without new towers, and without the resolve to combat the hateful ideology that inspired this murderous attack on innocent people - islam.
When a faction desires - for whatever reason - to fight you, believe they can defeat you, and are willing to pay the price of challenging you, the only option that remains is to crush their will to fight. Islam fills heads with imaginary grievances to avenge, and promises of infinite wealth to claim in the afterlife, on a daily basis. It cannot be deterred by threats of sporadic strikes, or by marines digging wells to win "hearts and minds".

Therefore, on this day, let us remember the noble sacrifice of so many, and never forget why they lost their lives. The cultural war with islam and its corrupted allies is far from over.

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PatriotUSA said...

Thank you Hermitlion for remembering.

HermitLion said...

Anytime, my friend :)