We are sitting on a powder keg

Cross posting this from TexasFred and this is just the truth.

Nothing more, nothing less and nothing has been distorted here in this post. It is a long one but please read it all the way through.

Our Republic stands at a crossroad and it has already been a long, hot summer. We are polarized like never before and the fuse has been lit. Will we be able to put out the fuse before it hits the powder kegs and blows up  or will we be blown up into anarchy like we have never witnessed before?

I leave it to Fred to to do what he does best.

PLEASE read the comments on the post as there are many from those in LE who back up with their own experiences, what went down in Dallas.

Here is just one of them from The Right Handed Cowboy who I know and is a stand up gentleman and about as honest as they come:

"First off Fred, excellent post, you very objective. 

Secondly, as you know I spent 28 years as a Police Officer, doing an 7 year stretch working narcotics with the DEA task force in McAllen, Texas, Hidalgo Texas, located right in the middle of drug corridor here in South Texas. We had our hands full to say the. Least, so I understand what the Dallas Officer was up against. 

In the type of situation which the officer found himself in the first place was DANGEROUS from the get go. Apparently thee foot pursuit was close to or within the violators neighborhood. The officer was in a bad spot, not knowing neighborhood, exhausted and not knowing if help was close by or not.
The very moment that the OFFICER felt like he was losing control of situation, the fight, he knew within himself that he had to make a decision; a decision he had to make and little time to make the decision. How much time did he have? About the time it takes you to blink your eyes, just a Milli second. 

The Officer knew that his window was closing, he made the right decision, unfortunately he had to take a life. He did not go to work that day thinking “Well who can I shoot and kill today?”
That thought is not in his mind, but it is SOMETHING, that is embedded into your training.
Can you just picture running with 50 pounds of added weight, you are running with the radio mic in one hand your calling your direction, your are checking your surroundings, all of this while chasing a bad guy, then the fight, your winded, your soaked in sweat, you begging to fade out, you know if the bad guy gets your weapon your dead, now it’s life threatening your life, you do what you have to do. Unfortunately the bad guy is DEAD, but you went home. Job well done. 

Unless you have been there in his shoes, then no one can criticize, that’s up to the Shooting team and DA….

It’s the longest week of your life waiting for the grand jury’s NO-Bill.

You know my story, so I will say no more, but trust me it’s a long week. 

As a former Police Officer and Former Chief It’s Appreciated how you presented the post, just the truth, if you speak the truth, the facts will support the incident, period. 

This Officer should be cleared, no doubt."
Are we all racists and hate mongers? I think not!

To those past and present in Law Enforcement; Thank you from one very ragged and angry PatriotUSA


Dallas officer fatally shoots man after foot chase 
By TexasFred

DALLAS — Extra officers, some in riot gear, were called out Tuesday evening to calm a crowd after a police officer fatally shot a man after a foot chase in southeast Dallas.

The victim, identified by Dallas Police Chief David Brown as James Harper, was shot after leading police Officer Brian Rowden on a chase that went over three fences near the 5300 block of Bourquin Street.

Brown said Rowden was exhausted and in fear for his life when he shot Harper.

Harper, who was not armed, had a long arrest record, which Brown read at a news conference about four hours after the 5 p.m. shooting. 

There will be *some* that read the following commentary and will believe it to be racist, but rest assured, every word that will be posted in this commentary is TRUE and ACCURATE and has nothing to do with being racist, and has everything to do with what is really going on in neighborhoods all over this nation.

Yesterday, in a neighborhood near Fair Park, an area of Dallas Texas, a KNOWN drug dealer was shot and killed by a Dallas Police Officer.

This incident sparked a near riot as what was estimated to be a crowd of 350 people came out in immediate protest to the actions of the Dallas Police and their Officers as word spread through this neighborhood like ‘wildfire’.

All of the local television stations were carrying LIVE reports, they had helicopters in the air and at least 2 or 3 camera teams and reporters on the ground, and as this story was seen by Dallas locals, many streamed into the area to offer support to the residents and to take a stand against the Dallas Police Department.

Neighbors told police the house was a drug house, he said.

After the shooting, TV helicopters showed a crowd forming around crime scene tape. The Dallas Police Department reported on Twitter that response teams from seven substations had been summoned to the scene for traffic and crowd control.

I have to congratulate the Dallas Police for their professionalism in the handling of this incident, one that seriously could have developed into a full blown riot. The Dallas Officers performed in the manner they were trained to do, once again proving that training and professionalism are as much a part of the job as any other aspect.

Pay attention to this particular line, “Neighbors told police the house was a drug house”, it plays into the rest of my commentary.

At the news conference, Brown said a 911 caller said that a black man with his hands tied behind him was being dragged into the house by five or six Latin males. Three officers went to the house. They found no Latin males and nothing to suggest a kidnapping had occurred. Also, the phone number given to police went to a person who did not speak English and knew nothing about the matter.

It may have been a bogus call, possibly made by drug rivals, Brown said.

This entire incident was likely started by a *how to eliminate the competition with one simple phone call* scam. Bootleggers used this scam back in the days of Capone and Prohibition, drug dealers; from street level all the way up to Cartel level, use it today.

The officers knocked on the door, Brown said. They heard scurrying inside and glass being broken. When they entered, they saw a handgun on a table, Brown said.

And this is when the mayhem began, setting off a chain of events that resulted in the death of James Harper.

Harper ran out with Rowden in pursuit. They went down an alley and over three fences, and Harper fought with Rowden at each fence.

At the third fence, Brown said, Rowden “became fatigued and was losing the fight.” He said the officer “was out of energy and clinging to Mr. Harper who was beating on him.”

If you have never engaged in a foot pursuit, in 96° temperatures, in full dress, while wearing a full Police gun rig AND a ballistic vest, the nuance of the situation Officer Rowden found himself facing may escape you.

All gear combined, an Officer carries at least 40 pounds of additional weight around his chest and midsection with the equipment he carries on any given day.

Some Officers carry more equipment than others, but know this; the physical requirements placed on an Officer on the street are stringent. That is why you see mostly young and fit officers on patrol, you don’t tend to gain weight and lose your fitness until you move up to a supervisory position. :P

Seriously, street cops have to be in tip-top condition to perform the duties they are required to perform, but even then, fatigue can set in.

According to the chief, Harper told the officer, “You’re going to have to kill me.”

Well, OK – BANG!

In fear of his life and having no cover close, Rowden pulled out his weapon and shot Harper.

He said the officer, who had been beaten and “kicked in the chest pretty aggressively,” did not require hospitalization.

Brown explained in detail how an officer is hampered during a fight because he or she can use only one arm while keeping the weapon from the other person.

“We cannot lose a fight with a gun on our hip,” Brown said.

Pay attention folks, Chief Brown is doing something that all the folks in this particular neighborhood have a real problem with understanding; Chief Brown is telling the truth!

Brown said it appeared that Harper was shot in the stomach and a hand, but that an autopsy would be conducted.

According to *the people* of this particular neighborhood, Harper was fleeing the Police and was shot in the back, MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD, as he stood there with his hands in the air.

By now I am sure you’re wondering why I said *some* that read the following commentary will believe it to be racist. I guess I forgot to mention that the deceased is a Black man and that those turning out to challenge the Dallas Police we Black individuals and that the neighborhood in question is a blighted ghetto where Police aren’t welcome.

Let me say this; as many of you know, I am Administrator for a site called The Thin Blue Line – Coast to Coast. I have members from all over the United States, most are Officers or families of Officers. I have the opportunity to talk to Officers from ALL levels of Law Enforcement on a daily basis; street cops, supervisors, Chiefs of Police, County Sheriffs and Deputies as well as an assortment of State Officers, Troopers and the like.

I garner a great amount of information from my various Police contacts and it has been my personal, on the street observation, coupled with the observations and opinions of my Officer friends that leads me to make this next statement.

There is MORE racial division in this nation today than at any time since the 1960’s and 70’s. There is more racial tension than I can remember in many years.

Black neighborhoods all over this nation are veritable powder kegs, one spark away from blowing up and causing rioting like that after the Rodney King affair.

For some reason, the Black communities seem to believe that they are being *picked on* and targeted by Police simply because they are Black. The also seem to believe that the Black population in prison is SO high simply because the Police and Judges only want to lock up Black people.

What these people fail to see is that more crimes are committed by Blacks, with more Blacks caught and jailed FOR those crimes simply because of the overwhelming number OF Blacks that are involved in criminal activities.

Blacks, as a whole, are frustrated; the election of Barack Hussein Obama was supposed to make being Black a great thing, Obama was going to be the fulfillment of a dream as Blacks were handed the keys to the Kingdom and allowed to run wild.

It just didn’t work out that way.

Now, Blacks, as a whole, seem to be looking for a fight, looking for a reason to be offended, looking for a reason to take it to the street as they wreak havoc by breaking, burning, looting and destroying anything they can.

The Black Panthers have no problem with showing up ARMED, openly armed, and crying *KILL THE WHITE MAN*. It was reported yesterday, during the LIVE reports on TV, there were many in the crowd that came out to stand against the Dallas PD that were carrying weapons, openly and obviously armed.

I do NOT exaggerate when I say; yesterday was as close as you will ever come to having a riot, an exhibition of full blown anarchy, and not actually seeing it occur.

My sources tell me that Black crime is UP tremendously this summer, Black on Black crime is way up as well, but if a Black criminal, engaged in some form of illegal activity threatens the life of a Police Officer and said Officer is forced to shoot, the cry from the neighborhood is one of RACIST COPS. Never mind that the Officer involved may well have been Black himself.

It appears to me, through personal observation and from comments from friends, neighbors and relatives that ARE Officers of the Law that many in the Black community are spoiling for a fight and that just ONE WORD said the wrong way could be the trigger to a catastrophic event.

Desperation, and a sense of entitlement runs rampant in some Black communities right now, and until such time as those feelings are laid to rest, we, as a people, Black and White, as well as our Police and Firefighters, are in a dangerous position because of these Obama supporting anarchists and trouble makers. We must all remain vigilant and be prepared to address any possible scenario that may arise.

To the Black folks that are so upset about the number of young Black men that have been recently shot by the Dallas PD; when these young men stop being hoodlums, drug dealers, gang members and criminals, they won’t be placing themselves in a position to be shot by the Police.

If for some reason you find my words to be racist and offensive, know this; THE TRUTH IS NOT HATE SPEECH. I have spoken nothing but the truth in this post!

This house was a known DRUG HOUSE, the person shot was a KNOWN drug dealer, yet the neighborhood came out to support HIM!

Figure that one out…

Original source is here

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3 Comments - Share Yours!:

TexasFred said...

THANK YOU! I worked hard on that post, and I mean and believe every word of it, but you know, NOW I am once again geting the *TexasFred is a racist* crap in emails, and some police HATE comments that will NEVER show on the blog!

Findalis said...

I wonder how fast the riots will be when Welfare and Food Stamps are eliminated? Add to that free housing and we might finally see Detroit burn to the ground, Chicago going up in smoke and NYC finally going dark.

It will be interesting to say less.

If I hear the excuse: "My ancestors were slaves." One more time I'll explode.

My ancestors were slaves a numerous times in the past. I should sue Egypt for one slavery. (Read your bible for that one.) Iraq for the Babylonian slavery. Rome for that slavery. Every European and Muslim nation for the discrimination of the last 2000 years.

Boy my people could get very rich. In fact we should get the majority of the world's wealth.

You can now call me a racist, I really don't give a damn!

PatriotUSA said...

Sadly to be expected and this is precisely what you are talking about in the post.

I HAD some now EX-friends who hated all LE, military etc. and were the first to accuse them and their supporters of being racists and bigots. Even when the LE folks were clearly in the right and had to use deadly force, they were racists and 'wrong.'

I am sure some of those emails are dripping with hate.

What will they say when one in blue saves their sorry asses? Will they still hate LE? Some of them will and how sad we are where are today in the USA.

These losers make me very mad. F--k them!