Did you people even notice? I am thinking not!

I gave you all a couple of days and all of you have failed. 

Shame, shame, shame.

Do anyone notice.................... NO and it is time to get the big hammer out.

This is almost enough for me to throw a psychotic episode and ask my family what that is like. It is uglier than hillary (the skank) clinton. Once I lose it and go over the edge, AJ is the only one around.
The Mrs. and my kids would not claim me unless their lives depended on it and they would probably think at least twice before coming to an accord to claim me back. So I have a bad temper and suffer from permagrump.

A really outstanding lady and friend is now a contributor here on the Corner. She was gracious enough to put up a couple of posts, taking time out of her crazed, hectic life to do this.

We are talking about the one and only LadyRaven, known here and to you as Andrea. Yes, you boneheads that person. The one who does Whiskey In A Jar, and has other sites, Operation You Tube "Islamism Smackdown", Quoth The Raven. She has deep roots as a counterjihadist and RIGHT minded person.

Did anyone else notice?  Apparently not and all of you lazy slaggards have failed the exam that I just posted up here earlier in the week.

I hope she does not send out the hounds after all you who slighted her and could not even say hello to her or notice a new contributor. Spoiled is what you are and just because I ALWAYS do a post for a new contributor does NOT get you wahoos off the hook. It is always my fault.

Now I have to apologize to Andrea for your shameful behavior and rule #1 here is it is NEVER PatriotUSA's fault, never. Just like home or at work, I always end up doing everything and maybe that is why I have permagrump, ya think?

My apologies Andrea, and may I offer you a most gracious and grateful welcome to Patriot's Corner.

I would give no quarter or mercy to those who snubbed you so badly. Now I have to deal with the cranky editor who is mad because he has only gotten two walks today.

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Andrea said...

NO apologies necessary friend - we all have lives. Don't we? I have spent the last 24 hours helping another friend get on twitter - she is a dog rescuerer - it is time con..sum..ing. And in the meantime the "skanks" in Senate try to bust our chops and Tom Coburn donates to a Dem and ones head swirls with - is this world for realz??? Well, back to the gstone for me........

PatriotUSA said...

I thought to have a bit of snarky fun and I did drop the ball a bit about you.

Just the pain I am battling as you know about what I am fighting on an 24/7 basis.

Good for you helping out this person.

We are living a nightmare, I fear for our country.

Nick said...

I did notice that Andrea had written a couple of posts when I opened up the "blogger" window, and when I clicked on her name to see the "blogger profile" it actually opened my own (not hers).

A minor software issue there, it appears; easily resolved I'd expect.

So welcome to Andrea, and I hope you're making some headway with your pain medication situation yourself.

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks Nick,

I will take you off the no no bad dog list. Heh!

Look for a loong email late tonight for you to catch up. I have to head for work now.

Thanks again for all you do here!