Light posting the next few days: Why?

Posting will be light as I actually got selected to interview with another agency that works strictly with Seniors and the Disabled.

This is the only type of position I will consider going back to full time for, as it will kill me physically but it is a chance to really help people who are coping with serious health, income and life challenges. I have the experience, professionally and from the personal side.

This will be totally in the Lord's hands. I can only do so much on my own and it is all from Him in the first place.

Prayers are always appreciated!!

This was a total shocker to me. They had 166 applications, pulled 48 of those and are interviewing SIX for the position. There is just one position open in the town where we live. The interview process is a nasty affair, all day, before several 'panels' and I dislike these immensely. Interview is on the 2nd, later this week.

I have a lot of research to do as this position is directly tied in with the rapidly changing health care field here in this state. I will need to come up with some good questions for the panel interviewing me. So, I will have little time for posts as I need to study a state bill that was passed in regard to Coordinated Care Organizations which is being implemented starting August 1st, this week. These CCO's will be a large part of how Medical and Medicaid care is to be handled by the new CCO's.

If I can and have the time, I will toss up a few posts but it is not a priority for the above reason.

Thanks for understanding and back when I have the time to focus on PC, which will later this week.


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