"Get the %$*#@ Jews Out of My Pool"

Gary Fouse, Fousesquawk

Shangri-la Hotel, Santa Monica, California

Here's a "heartwarming" story-not out of Nazi Germany, when Jews were prohibited from using public swimming pools- but from Santa Monica, California in 2010, where a hotel owner reportedly objected to Jews using the hotel swimming pool.


This is unacceptable. It heartens back not only to Nazi Germany, but the days of Jim Crow in the American South, when blacks were not allowed to use public swimming pools. There was also a time in my own childhood when Jews in Los Angeles were kept out of certain golf clubs; thus, they had to create their own (Hillcrest Golf Course). We thought we had left these days behind us.

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PatriotUSA said...

A disgusting as this is it proves without any doubts that Anti-semitism is alive, well and growing, even here in the States.

'Those days' are sadly not behind us and have become more rampant fueled by the growth of radical islamic hatred of all things Jewish and the vilification of Israel at every turn.

The current administration has done NOTHING to stop this and everything to pour gasoline on this fire of hatred.