The role of mosques in the establishment of islamic political doctrine

The mosque is central to the spread of islam and shariah law. Many mosques as terrorist training centers or at the very least they are hotbeds of hard line, inflammatory, radically fueled speeches and messages. It is very common for a mosque to have one service for the dhimmi stooges who visit a service or have converted to islam. This is the service that is whitewashed, sanitized and made to look and sound like islam is such a peaceful ideology. The later service will have the firestorm from hell in it and the tone gets quite violent.

British barrister Gavin Boby has launched a new program called “Mosque Busters” at his Law and Freedom Foundation website. Mr. Boby is ready to wage all fees(go Pro bono) to any council that might be considering letting a mosque move in. This is all about stopping mosques from being approved by the local planning commissions before they are approved or started on. Great idea and stalwart man!

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The Central Role of Mosques in Islamic Political Doctrine
By Baron Bodissey

As Dymphna mentioned last week, British barrister Gavin Boby has launched a new program called “Mosque Busters” at his Law and Freedom Foundation website.

His specialty is planning law, and he is willing to work pro bono to help ordinary citizens demonstrate to their local councils that the building of a mosque or an Islamic center is actually in violation of British law. Mosques play a central role in the propagation of Islamic political doctrine, which incites behavior that is illegal under British criminal law and human rights law. Local councils are therefore legally exposed if they approve the building of a mosque, and Mosque Busters will help citizens make councilors aware of their vulnerability under the law.

Citizens need to check in with their local councils regularly to find out if a request for planning permission for a mosque has been filed. This is public information, and councils are legally required to supply it upon request. If you learn that such an application has been filed in your locality, contact the Law and Freedom Foundation .

Below the jump is Mr. Boby’s latest video with advice and information on how to stop the building of mosques in local communities in the UK. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for posting this video:
Interview with Gavin Boby, Mosque Busters, June 17 2011

There is a donation button his website so that those who can afford it may contribute to his worthy efforts.

Original post is here from Gates Of Vienna.

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