Finally! back and will have new posts tonight

A profile in courage(and no, it is not about myself.)

This past week has brutal in a couple of ways.

I had to help a friend get his wife set up with hospice as she is in the last stages of MS and now, it seems ALS that was being masked by the severity of her MS. Have been over at their home everyday the past week after work, helping with whatever they need assistance with. Really tough on my friend and she has been a total trooper over the years of suffering through this nasty ordeal.

Couple this with work and I have had no spare time for PC. That makes me very grumpy but I finally have some time to myself and my friend's are all set with hospice and just dealing with the end that we all know is coming. Seems I am at a stage in my life that a lot of the people I know are very ill and passing away. It is a hard thing to be part of but I have been blessed to witness many acts of kindness and incredible courage in the face of terrible odds. There is no price on this and to be honest, I would not trade what I have learned from these people for anything.

Back later tonight.

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