You can forget about Democracy in Israel

Recently, the shill for "the Atlantic", Jeffrey Goldberg, has been moaning about the rising power of Sefardi and Russian Jews in Israel, as well as settlers and everyone else he doesn't personally approve of.
Since the leftist media can't really go out in the open, and say their version of Democracy is one where every group that isn't them, falls in line with their beliefs, they instead attack others as un-Democratic, or a danger to Democracy.

The very term, 'Democracy', has been sullied beyond recognition already (more on that in a future article), but I'd like to cover a different angle here, which is that Israel could not possibly be Democratic in the near future.
Sure, it may be called Democratic, like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the deceased Republic of Iraq, or the Islamic republic of Iran, but it won't actually be run in an honest way.

That is because of a multitude of social reasons, three of which I will touch on here briefly:
First, we're dealing with incompatible cultures living inside Israel. Secular, European Jews have very different values than North African and Middle Eastern Jews. Furthermore, being Jews, they detest each other, rather than try to find common grounds. The same can be said about Ashkenazi and Sefardi orthodox Jews, the former of which were held to a 'racism' public trial over segregation in a class-room. As usual, racism is a one-way street, and all Jews of darker skin are exempt from being called on it. Sefardi Jews, while wearing the mantle of the victim, are intolerant of Ashkenazim, spreading myths about them not being 'real Jews', and the later, along with the Russian ones, are possibly equally intolerant. How do you suppose they feel about the Ethiopian Jews?
Then there are the religious settlers, who, after the shameful deportation from Gush Katiff, and other actions of the Israeli government, deeply mistrust everyone outside their own ranks, enough that some of them call for secession, and a founding of a separate state - Judea.

Second, Israel has been so broad minded about who it's going to take in and feed, with money it doesn't have, that it has unwittingly accepted non-Jews into its borders - and I'm not even mentioning the Muslims, but rather all the Slavs and Africans. The children of the first group tend to pass their quiet afternoons by spray-painting swastikas on synagogues; the later are fine with just stealing, raping, and murdering - either one another, or, well, you know, someone that happened to be on the street at the time.
Russians and Ukrainians have every right in the world to be antisemitic bastards, but not in Israel. It is one thing to blame the Jews for you being a lazy, drunken crook; it's a completely different thing to do it while mooching off his country.
The condescending leftist autocracy perhaps thinks they can be 'integrated', but to what exactly? a crumbling vision of world-peace and understanding, which would take place somewhere between the Jordan river, and all the spots that the same autocracies do not inhabit? For all their fervor about taking in illegal African immigrants, none of those immigrants make it past the gates of Kochav Yair, or Neve Savion. Rather, they take over poor neighborhoods, which are usually inhabited by the same dark-skinned Jews these autocracies despise.

Third, and last, millennia of exile have taken their toll on Jewish mentality, shaping it into an inferiority-superiority complex that can barely ever see reality in a balanced, factual, mild, or at least unhysterical means.
It can be understandable, considering persecutions, pogroms, and the holocaust, but it nonetheless does not help forge a society of mutual understanding.
Because in their mind, Jews have come to believe that the very survival of their people depends on their personal actions, which is a lot of responsibility for any one man. Thus you get plenty of Israelis who believe they are the Messiah, but many more who do so in a private, inconspicuous way, by sticking to their opinions as if they were holding onto the ark of the covenant, as it was dragged out of the temple by the invading armies of Nebuchadnezzar.
The bi-product of being so sure of one's own beliefs, is a lack of tolerance for someone else's - on a personal basis. That means Jews have a serious problem accepting one of their own as a leader, because they don't think another Jew is more fit to rule than them do. It is a poisonous mixture of envy, insecurity, and lack of respect.
The one exempt from that rule is the blind devotion of flocks to their rabbis, yet this is as useful in a Democracy as the blind devotion of Mac users to Apple - a single Rabbi would be too hated by the devout followers of competing 'brands', to unite them all under the same banner.

Add to that the constant threat of destruction brought by the incessant, seditious machinations of the islamic jihad - from within, and without - the absurd, unreasonable demands of western powers, and a growing sense of isolation, and what you get is an almost assured fall into tyranny.

Democracy can only be upheld in societies where there is a wide enough consensus to hold together rival sections and groups. When the fabric of society is stretched too thin by the petty squabbling of too many groups, none of which is willing to compromise in the name of a shared goal, it is only natural for Democracy to dissolve, and for one stronger party to take control (only to be challenged by others, wash-rinse-and-repeat).

If Israelis cannot act with wisdom, responsibility, and loyalty - to something bigger than their own ethnic, religious, or ideological group - their sovereign state is doomed. Like the Seleucid empire it had once broken free from, a weak, divided, isolated Israel would eventually be put out of its misery by the powerful external forces that seek its destruction.

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