Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue: Two years into the obama nightmare

From China Confidential

Snapshot of the first two years obama nightmare
By Confidential Reporter

And so it goes.

Two years into the odious Obama Presidency, it is clear that America's first Muslim-born and most left-wing-ever President has effectively served, ironically, as an agent of reactionary organized Islam and the clerical fascist creed with which the religion has become practically synonymous since 9/11--a global plague commonly referred to as Islamism, or radical Islam, or right-wing political Islam.

Americans who voted for Barack Hussein Obama naively assumed that they were electing an appealing, multicultural/mixed race statesman who identified and was seen as an African-American--a prominent member of the black community capable of unifying and inspiring the nation. In fact, the voters who chose the Democrat Obama over his Republican opponent, John McCain, elected a cunning, Third World-American demagogue--a master of political deception and disinformation who is enthralled by the Islamist tidal wave that threatens to overwhelm and destroy democracies everywhere.

Consider some of Obama's so-called accomplishments (apart from the phony stimulus and the incredibly unpopular and seemingly unconstitutional health bill):

He has appeased and attempted to actually align with nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran.

He has intervened in the burqa wars--on the side of the barabaric burqa backers.

He has elevated a religion, Islam, which he was born into and practiced and studied as a child in Indonesia, to the level of a superpower by addressing and apologizing to "the Muslim world"--an inherently Islamist concept.

He has downgraded the war on Islamist terror to the level of a law enforcement challenge, complete with civilian court trials for captured enemy, alien combatants and a bureaucratic ban on appropriate, logical language, such as Islam, Islamism, radical Islam, etc.

He has obsessively squeezed and pressured Israel, a staunch American ally, and the only democracy in the backward Middle East, to withdraw to clearly indefensible borders--the infamous "Auschwitz lines," in the words of the late, great, and distinctly dovish Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban--in order to make possible the creation of an inherently irredentist Palestinian Arab state almost certain to be ruled by Iran's Islamist proxy, Hamas (barring regime change in Iran, which the Obama administration opposes).

He has warned Israel against attacking Iran's nuclear/missile sites.

He has embraced Turkey's crypto-Islamist government by overtly supporting its bid for European Union membership (even though the U.S. is not an EU member and has no standing in the issue) and tacitly supported Turkey's tilt towards Iran and away from Turkey's traditional ally, Israel.

He has emboldened and encouraged Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood--the organization that spawned Al Qaeda and associated Hitlerian groups.

He has covertly supported Jordan's Islamist opposition--a branch of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood--in order to pressure Jordan's King Abdullah to visit Iran and to refrain from criticizing the Islamist regime--a move meant to further frighten Israel.

He has physically bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, a country with no human or civil rights.

He has spoken out in support of the Ground Zero mosque project.

He has been embarrassingly slow to condemn Muslim terrorists in Russia, and has refused to speak out in support of persecuted and oppressed minorities in Muslim lands and Western victims of Islamist terror, including America's own Molly Norris.

He has continued America's stupid, cynical, pre-9/11 policy of attempting to contain China's rise by covertly supporting Islamist separatists seeking to dismember the country.

We can look for more of the same or even worse to come from this traitor, liar and appeaser that we  
we are stuck with as potus.

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