Update on "A perfect example of white washing islam."

In a very recent post I posted an article by Vijay Kumar in regard to an article that had been written about islam. My post was "A perfect example of white washing islam" and it included Vijay's response to the article in the newspaper. The individual mentioned in this article posted several comments asking ME to take down my post, almost begging me to do so. I said I would consider doing so but stated nothing more. Why this individual asked me and sent her comments here rather than to Mr.Kumar, is not what I would have done and not how I would have handled this. I would have gone right to the source if I had issues with someone. Vijay Kumar wrote a beautiful response to this individual and I am posting this second article by Vijay here. Vijay Kumar answers all challenges posed by this individual, point by point and backs each and every one of them up. As I have mentioned before, I wish Vijay Kumar was running for office here in my home state. This is a man who gets it about islam, sharia law. He refuses to back down or take a dhimmi stupid seat on the islam express to sharia law and a global islamic caliphate. I also happen to be on the same page with Mr. Kumar as far as his other positions. Call me what you want and it is not about hatred for muslims, not at all. It is about islam, sharia law and the complete and total threat to our Republic from islam.

I have never said anything bad about this individual on a personal level and I do not plan on doing so. My issues are with islam, sharia law and how it is portrayed in the MSM, including the newspaper article that started all this. I am sick and tired of islam getting a free pass and being made out to be something that it is not. I have personally been attacked through comments, emails, phone calls, letters, on a few sites for my stand on islam and sharia law. Those who know me through here or personally know how I feel about these issues, the attacks,the threats from islam and sharia law that we, as a country are facing.

So here is my answer and it is no. I suggest this individual take any further issues they may have with all of this directly with Vijay Kumar. Whether I publish any further comments from this individual remains to be seen. I like Vijay Kumar and will continue to support him. If you have a problem with that then I guess that is YOUR problem. islam and sharia law are what this is all about and that is a problem I cannot be silent about.

Lena Khan Comes Back (Sort Of) For More
By Vijay Kumar

Lena Khan has posted a reply of sorts to my earlier blog article "Lena Khan is a source for the Muslim Brotherhood"—but she didn't post it here on my blog. She posted to another blog that had reposted my article.

I'm not sure why she didn't want to confront me directly, and only wanted to talk about me to someone else, but to be entirely fair to her, I'm going to post her response here, and reply to it, point-by-point. Her post is indented and in italics:

Everyone has the freedom for their views, but it is unfortunate that people just go off of information without checking it. Thus far, I have found dozens of supposed statements from Islam that Vijay Kumar has cited, which are not from Muslim sources and Muslims deem to be fabricated.

I've been hearing this same kind of dodge for decades. It elicits a yawn. Note that she admits that I have cited my statements, and though she claims to have found "dozens" that are somehow flawed, she doesn't cite a single one. I don't wonder why.

Further, the thing I can speak on most in this article is the lies therein. I have never received any money from MAS, and I challenge Mr. Kumar to prove it.

The problem, Ms. Khan, is that I never once said you received money from MAS. The word "money" never once appears anywhere in my article. I said, accurately and correctly—as you admit below—that you received funding from MAS. There is a distinct difference between "money" and "funding," recognized in every dictionary and in the law. If you don't know the difference, that's your problem, not mine. I suggest you look up the difference before you start making accusations like the following:

Instead, he has just made up lies, and has no information to prove it.

Publicly impugning my integrity with reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of your statements is an adventurous thing to do, Ms. Khan.

I could provide even all my bank accounts for the past few years, and he would find nothing from MAS. In fact, MAS once gave me a check, which I returned and never cashed.

Thank you for confessing that you accepted a check from MAS, which is a form of funding, exactly as defined by Black's Law Dictionary: "A sum of money or other liquid assets set apart for a specific purpose." Whether you cashed it or not is immaterial. A check is a draft, an order to the bank, an "unconditional promise to pay." What you did or didn't do with it doesn't alter the fact that you accepted a form of funding from MAS—exactly as I wrote that you did.

In fact, it's not entirely unusual in "seeding" a project to get an agreed source of funding solely as a selling point to entice more funding—then to return the base amount once it's served its purpose. It's still funding.

You can pretend all the "arms length" purity from MAS you want to pretend by the fact of not having cashed their check, but I don't think anyone reading this is stupid or naive enough to believe that any organization like MAS—which is a non-profit corporation organized under section 501(c)(3) of the United States tax code—just spontaneously writes a check to someone with whom they have no relationship or common interest. And you accepted the check, didn't you.

Freedom of speech is a principle here, but we are also a nation of honor, where we don't just take lies as truth and at least have the good sense to form our opinions off of accurate information.

Good. You've given the accurate information: you had a relationship with MAS in which they wrote you a check, and you accepted their check. But it goes even deeper than that, doesn't it?

I wonder why you don't mention that an Associate Producer on one of your films, "A Land Called Paradise," was Murad Aldin Amayreh. Is it because Amayreh himself helped set up the MAS Media Foundation (MMF) between 2006 and 2008? That's right on his own bio page.

If Vijay did his research he would also know that I did not ever work for MAS, and the fact that MAS has one of my films listed on their pages was incorrect since I did not take their money.

If you had done your research you'd know that the MAS Media Foundation—which your friend Amayreh helped establish—has not one, but two of your films on its "Videos" page, under the heading, "MMF GRANT VIDEOS." Here's a screen shot that proves it:

So here's the problem now as I see it: you've just accused the MAS Media Foundation—a division of the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation called the Muslim American Society—of grant fraud, since they are publicly promoting two of your films as having been funded by MMF grants, and you insist that your films weren't funded by them. That's an ugly allegation to make against your friends, Ms. Khan. Have you reported this to IRS?

This article is libel, and yet people spread it around like fact.

Are you talking about your article?

One with decency, after knowing that these claims were not substantiated, would either substantiate them themselves or have the courtesy to take them down.

I just substantiated my claims completely. Now you can demonstrate your courtesy by apologizing for calling me a liar.

This sort of honor and dignity is what is American, not spreading falsehoods.

Thanks for the civics lesson.

Now that you're done lecturing us all on "honor and dignity," would you care to comment on your friend Murad Aldin Amayreh's "friends" pages, which include links to "Jews Exposed" (a.k.a. Israel has no right to exist), glorifications of Hamas and Hitler and Hezbollah, and a page that labels America and Israel as "terrorists"?

Do you agree with those sentiments, Ms. Khan?

Vijay Kumar

Original article can be found here

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