Co-exist courtesy of the 2nd Amendment

I found this when I visited a very cool, informative Counter-Jihadist site, 1389 blog. This site has been added to the blogroll here so check it out. Now on to this really nice version of the infamous, disgusting co-exist sticker. There are links to follow in case you want to find out more. I wish someone was actually making this sticker as it would be one I would put on my rig. There is no co-existancing with islam and sharia law.

Co-exist courtesy of the 2nd Amendment

Here is the disgusting original sticker:

This next one is an improvement:

Now, here is the 2nd Amendment version:

Try enlarging this to get a better look it it.

Here are links to the sites that had more on this great 'sticker.'

Hat tip: 1389 Blog

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