Abolishing Campus Police at UC Santa Barbara

Gary Fouse

 Hat tip Daily Nexus, The College Fix, and Legal Insurrection

We haven't written much about the University of California at Santa Barbara since 2014 when a feminist studies professor named Mireille Miller-Young stole a pro-life poster from a couple of young ladies on campus and made headlines and bad press for her employers. But now the little rascals are out in force at UCSB (which stands for UC Skate Board). The latest bit of insanity is now demanding that the campus police be abolished. And don't think it's just students. No Sir, there are also demands from some of the witch doctors at UCSB (aka professors) that the campus be polizeirein (which in German means cleansed of cops).

                                                      "Polizeirein! I like thatMy Stormtroopers can keep the campus safe."

Here is the report from The College Fix.

And here is a more positive review by the local campus newspaper, The Daily Nexus.

I have informed the Nexus in the reader thread that the National Lawyers Guild, mentioned in the article as being present, was founded in the 1930s as a legal arm of the Communist Party USA. They are still around, supporting any cause that is anti-US. They can be recognized by their lime green caps.

Just think: If there are no campus cops at UCSB, who will come to the rescue the next time some professor steals a poster from some poor girl?

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